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Today I am going to tell you about Kaptest Review, so stay tuned read our full detailed Kaptest Review to know more. Graduating from Nursing School is an amazing accomplishment and it’s halfway to becoming a Nurse. The other half, of course, is the NCLEX exam.

Everyone has a different experience than their care program. Some may feel completely prepared for the NCLEX, others may feel nervous and less prepared.

However, there are some excellent auditing programs, such as the NCLEX Kaplan Course, which aims to provide nursing graduates with the tools they need to succeed in NCLEX.


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kaptest Reviews 2023: Is It The Best Course To Buy ??

The important things first

So far, there were only one or two NCLEX revision options. But the NCLEX exams have come a long way since I attended the meetings in 2010.

The good news: It’s no longer a unique approach for everyone. You can find a program that meets your individual learning needs without spending $ 500.

The bad news: There are many possibilities and it is a bit confusing

To read the various options for NCLEX reviews, you must first decide what works best for you. You are neither your best friend nor your spouse or parents.

Would you like a content review and strategy to answer NCLEX questions? Do you need to know how the NCLEX works? Do you only want exercise questions? Would you like a short overview of the contents when answering questions?

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Are you someone who needs an exam personally, or are you someone who wants to have everything online? Do you use memory cards in your phone? Would you like an app to answer NCLEX questions on your phone or tablet?

Do not do what everybody says you have to do. Think about what you find most valuable and useful for your individual learning needs.

There should be no shame in your self-recognition game.

For The Traditionalist

Kaplan, Hurst, and ATI are the leading companies offering NCLEX recommendations with a very similar product and cost structure. In fact, after completing my degree in 2010, I completed Kaplan’s personal revision course.

Each course offers a large number of NCLEX-like questions with basic terms (minimal expectation in a review program), practice exams, and customer service. Everyone has their own money-back guarantee if they do not approve of them, with various restrictions.

Benefits of Kaplan, ATI, and Hurst: You have a proven track record of rigorous processes, personal and online review options, and mobile capabilities.

Disadvantages of Kaplan, ATI, and Hurst: The most expensive machines are machines that pass NCLEX that’s all

Kaplan was the NCLEX exam program I chose after graduation. There were not many options in 2010, and that’s exactly what all the graduates I knew chose. I personally took the exam for a week, using her program, strategies, and Q-Bank, and passed the NCLEX a month after graduating as a nurse in 75 questions in about 80 minutes. I’ve had good experiences, but since 2010, I think there have been many more viable options that have much more to offer.

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I heard similar things about every social networking program when I asked nurses about their opinions. Check out this post on my Instagram and this post on my Facebook page to read it yourself. Many liked these programs while others said they were awful and went out to buy something else.

To compare this to buying party dresses … Kaplan, ATI and Hurst are the $ 400 dresses that do their job, are a safe option and offer a classic look.

They bought it online, so you could not try it before you got engaged and spent a ton, but you were pretty sure it would work. They will still leave $ 100 in shoes and jewelry, and it’s kind of like a production. You will never wear a dress after that night.

Here Are Six Benefits You Can Take Advantage Of Kaptest Review:

1. 100% Pass And Warranty Prices
The Kaplan NCLEX Review Course is one of the best courses available to assist you with your tables. You will receive a 100% tuition reimbursement or a three-month free enrollment if you have not completed the NCLEX within six months of completing your nursing program. However, the Kaplan NCLEX program should provide you with the tools you need to succeed and pass the exam the first time.

2. Hours And Flexible Formats
Kaplan offers a variety of courses for every learning style, situation, and schedule. They offer an in-class course, an online course and a course at your own pace. Only the various options make Kaplan a superior option. Classes always take place at different times. For example, a live online course is offered from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm for full-time employees or during regular business hours.

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3. Strong Learning Environment
Some people may have difficulty learning at home or being distracted by the library. Regardless of your learning style, Kaplan requires a positive learning environment. Regardless of whether you sign up for the class or the online course, you can choose the right learning environment.

4. Promotes Positive Study
When preparing your NCLEX during the summer season, it may be difficult to stick to a curriculum and follow a curriculum. If you take a Kaplan NCLEX course, you are more likely to stay on course and follow your curriculum. Kaplan suggests answering 75 questions a day so you can get used to the NCLEX test style and increase your test consistency on the day of the exam.

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5. Questions And Distribution Of The Nclex Style
The Kaplan NCLEX exam course provides you with formatted test questions as you see the exam questions. Before the exam, I talked to many people who had attended a Kaplan NCLEX course. You can not say how well Kaplan prepared her for the NCLEX questions she saw in the exam. They said it was crazy to see how much Kaplan’s strategies had taught them – how to unravel the questions, eliminate the distractors and understand what the question poses to them, what helps the exam and helps them pass the exam. first shot.

6. Facilitate A Soft Transition
The transition from Nursing School questions to NCLEX-style questions may not be an easy task. During the last semester of the Nursing School, many programs use NCLEX-based critical thinking questions that are similar to those of the NCLEX exam. The Kaplan Review Course will help you learn more about answers to NCLEX style questions, teach you strategies, and show you a different way of thinking and dealing with these types of questions.

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Some Points To Remember

Graduation date: You graduated as a nurse for more than 6 months ago.

Location of the school: You completed your studies outside the United States of America.

School quality: Completion of a low-performing nursing school (NCLEX approval rate below 85%)

Repeat the test: If this is not your first attempt with NCLEX.

Detailed key Features: kaptest Review

1. Analysis of the relevant training
The Kaplan Decision Tree is an exclusive system from this training provider that teaches students how to analyze and analyze NCLEX questions. Kaplan recommends this strategy on the grounds that it can help students develop critical thinking strategies and significantly increase their chances of correctly answering questions. This strategy is more effective than practical questions because it teaches students to analyze each question in depth rather than just remember facts.

2. Number of exercise questions
Kaplan offers questionnaires with more than 3,000 practice questions for the NCLEX RN course and more than 1,000 questions for the NCLEX PN course. Although the above-mentioned decision tree program can better prepare students to analyze exam questions, it can be very helpful to answer these practical questions in order to acclimatize and prepare them for the exam.

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3. Free mobile application

Kaplan offers access to some of his NCLEX RN questions through a mobile app. This can be of great benefit to busy nursing students who want to include quick learning sessions in their diaries. The Qbank mobile app contains 180 exam questions with detailed explanations of the right answers and even allows you to create hands-on exams. It is rare to find another NCLEX prep program with such an application at such a low price, further increasing the value of the Kaplan program.

4. Diagnostic test
Kaplan is aware that not all students in the same fields are competent. They have therefore developed a diagnostic test that helps them to identify problems that require additional help. With this powerful tool, students can tailor their curriculum to focus on these conflicting points and spend less time in the sections where they know best. Kaplan even offers some of its diagnostic tests for free on its website.

NCLEX and much more

Now that I’ve been a nurse for eight years, I think back to the NCLEX preparation period and see how short-sighted I was. I was so focused on an exam, but my education had just begun.

Years later, when I look at the resources of Nursing Schools and prepare for NCLEX, I give priority to something that offers more. What programs are still useful after NCLEX when you need to review your skills or clinical knowledge? Does the Kaplan Bank Q help you? Or the basics of UWorld? Probably no. NCSBN has potential, but you lose access once your subscription is complete.

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The only NCLEX exam program I’ve seen that can prepare you for NCLEX and that will continue to help you prepare for your first job as a Registered Nurse is the NRSNG Academy. ,

It contains 10 condescending courses (Exam, Basics, Surgery, Interpretation, Electrocardiography, Heart Health, Mental Health, Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Pharmacology, Laboratory Values) and a preparatory program for NCLEX. You can even get a 7-day trial of the academy for just $ 1!

NRSNG Academy

Personally, I used the pharmacology course, the electrocardiogram, and the heart courses to deepen my understanding of certain heart problems as I worked in a heart surgery drug treatment center that was invaluable. I used the infusion cards when I was in neurocritical treatment and again the pharmacology course. There were so many Ah-Ha moments in each module that my understanding of the nursing knowledge was deepened.

Essentially, the NRSNG Academy provides access to your entire content library, questions about NRSNG Pro nursing practice (as described above), NCLEX simulation exams (SIMPLEX), and a flash memory card application.

If a question does not make sense, you can access the content and get more information. The content library contains image modules, audio files, quizzes, cheat sheets, videoconferences, card applications, case studies, text schemes, and transcripts.

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Try Academy for 7 days for just 1 USD. Then NRSNG Academy is a monthly subscription of 49 USD. After 9 months, you have permanent access to content and subsequent updates. This is definitely one of the most profitable options.

Once you’ve joined the group, you’ll have access to your private Facebook group for additional support and encouragement, which is responsible for the founder and nurse, Jon Haws, BSN nurse, RNRCC.

If you use the NRSNG Academy and the NCLEX does not exist, you will receive a money-back guarantee of $ 200.

Advantages of NRSNG Academy: It is a complete program to prepare NCLEX with a flash memory card application, SIMPLEX, a large set of questions that give the basic principles/difficulty of questions / the overall classification/ability to provide feedback is inexpensive and managed by Nurses personally. This is an extensive collection of content analysis that will help you develop as a nurse

Disadvantages of the NRSNG Academy: This is a newer program so few people have tried it. Everything is online and autonomous. There is no possibility of a personal exam. They always solve the problems in some minor UI issues.

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The NRSNG Academy is like the evening gown, which is a fraction of the cost of the others that brought you home and that you tried a few days before you committed yourself. He looked extraordinary and felt very well. You can use it again and again after the ball and continue to have a fabulous look.

The best ACT / SAT exam preparation courses

SAT and ACT only measure how much you can do for the exam. Of course, you should check your knowledge on this topic, but you should also get used to the test itself. Fortunately, science has shown that the best way to do both is to pass practical tests. Our best options include many authentic field tests and custom update modules that can help you further increase your score.

This Is How We Select The Best ACT / SAT Exam Preparation Courses

practice tests
Few people like to take exams. However, there is enough evidence that exercise and more is one of the best strategies for preparing for the SAT or ACT. On the one hand, participating in a test is one of the best ways to learn for a test. This method is called recovery practice.

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Attending an exam makes it easy to find and retrieve information on the exam day and is also the best way to learn and practice exam writing strategies. For this reason, we ask the candidates to propose practical tests. We also favored the programs that dedicated the program to a strategy discussion. Knowing how to pass the exam is as important as knowing what the exam is about.

Own pace
Between schoolwork, out-of-school activities, possibly part-time work, and social activities, an average high school student does not have much flexibility in terms of his or her timetable.

For this reason, we prefer programs where students can sign up for half an hour, eg At 11 pm, at the end of their homework or an hour or two at the weekend. If the program had an application for a tablet or smartphone, it is much better.

Although the individual relationship with teachers might interest some students (and parents) in a structured way, we did not want to assume that it was worthwhile (or possible) for all students.

Paul Weeks, ACT Executive Vice President, Customer Relations, has been accepted. “Exam preparation is a very individual undertaking and the best solution varies from student to student.”

Adaptation and evaluation
The SAT assesses reading comprehension, writing skills, English and math skills. ACT extends the mix to science. Few students need the same practice in all areas.

We wanted to maximize learning time and reduce boredom. That’s why we’ve focused on the competitors that allow personalization in the field of studying an individual.

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We also made sure that the programs give students the opportunity to assess their progress. Some programs included attractive panels that maintained a cumulative total number of test scores and student progress.

Our ideal site has monitored all of this and made recommendations for personalized lessons for this student.

To study
Many of our finalists used videos to help students assess. Some submitted text updates; others had games and vocabulary cards.

We looked at everything and focused on its logic, utility, and attractiveness: some videos had enthusiastic teachers; others seemed to have been turned around 1973 in a basement.

We also completed many questionnaires to find out if it was easy for the students to check their answers and determine why they were right or wrong.

The best options continually adapted their study recommendations to the questionnaires: Why Continue to Deepen Grammar When Algebra Is The Real Challenge?

The ACT Online Prep adaptive learning plan was a success. It has been constantly updated based on the test results. Barron’s and PrepScholar also performed well.

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  • Price range: $ 129 – $ 424
  • Instructors for online and live courses
  • Duration of study: 21 hours (RN) / 14 hours (PN) Lessons for live options
  • Course characteristics: Live lessons, video conferencing, questionnaire, practice tests, NCLEX RN content review eBook
  • Practical questions: 3.000+ (RN) / 1.000+ (PN)
  • Conducting the course: personally, live online or at your own pace

learning Material

  • More than 3,000 practice questions (NCLEX-RN exam)
  • Over 1000 practice questions (NCLEX-PN exam)
  • Video Course transfer
  • NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN manual for verifying the contents of an e-book
  • Diagnostic tests and preparation (NCLEX-RN examination)
  • Access to an online practice test bench (NCLEX-RN exam)

kaptest review - Customer Support

Student Customer Support

  • Customer service via e-mail and telephone
  • Access to Kaplan nursing trainers (personal and live)

Kaplan’s Prep Plus was my first choice as the best generic NCLEX book for the following reasons:


  • This is the only book that complies with NCLEX’s detailed NCLEX test plan.
  • It’s very easy to read.
  • No other book treats the strategy, scrutiny, and judgment of NCLEX.
  • The practical questions are very comprehensive and have the best foundations I’ve seen.


  • Disadvantages: Although the practice questions are excellent, they are less numerous than other books.

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The Best Preparation And Review Of NCLEX

Finally, there are many opportunities for NCLEX preparation courses and they are not all the same. You want to make sure you find the best combination of resources and support at a price that fits your budget.

Here are the 5 best NCLEX preparation courses you can consider to narrow down your options and prepare for the exam:

1. Kaplan

Kaplan is a reliable and recognizable name in exam preparation and a great option to help you learn for the NCLEX.


  • Training in the analysis of questions. Not only does Kaplan help you remember answers, but it also teaches you to break down and understand questions so that you can think through and develop a strategy for choosing the right answer.
  • Many practical questions. There are thousands of questions at Kaplan Bank.
  • Mobile application Learn on the go and access exercise questions with your phone or tablet.
  • Diagnostic Test This test identifies your strengths and weaknesses in the content of the test and helps you to target your studies.
  • Guarantee Pass If you take the exam within 6 months of graduation and fail after attending the Kaplan course, you may receive a 100% refund or three months of tuition. Registration.


The online live option gives you the opportunity to experience the classroom from the comfort of your home and costs $ 424.

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2. UWorld

UWorld is one of the most qualified preparation courses of experts and students. It is designed to provide a variety of sample questions that reflect this style and the difficulty of the questions asked in the exam. In this way, you can not only rate your knowledge but also familiarize yourself with the test style to avoid surprises on the day of the test.


  • Easy-to-use interface With the intuitive design you can easily navigate on the board. It also helps to make it almost identical to the NCLEX design, so everything looks familiar in testing.
  • Great set of questions. You can do as many tests as you want without worrying about repeating questions.
    Mobile application. Practice wherever you are. With the mobile app, you can access questions on your phone to get the most out of your downtime.
  • Detailed explanations UWorld not only tells you whether your answer is right or wrong but also gives you a justification so you can learn in the future and avoid mistakes.
  • Cover all topics. The UWorld preparatory course covers all important topics perfectly and avoids focusing too much on one thing.
  • Attention to the customer. In case of problems, you can quickly contact competent support who will give you answers.


UWorld offers a variety of price plans to help you build your budget. The cheapest option is $ 139 and offers 60-day access to self-rated Qbank. The most expensive package costs $ 249 and includes 360-day access and two self-assessments.

3. Hurst

kaptest review - Hurst

Hurst is one of the few companies that specialize in NCLEX, which means it has more specialized features.


  • Great set of questions. Access thousands of questions and the e-book.
  • Develop critical thinking skills. Your organized and strategic approach to revising the main content and developing critical thinking will help you answer difficult questions.
  • It focuses on testing strategies. Hurst offers specific strategies for the NCLEX exam.
  • Four retakes. You can take four different exams that follow the NCLEX model.
  • Support. Get help from nursing trainers to help you during the course.
  • Various learning opportunities. Choose between a live class, an online class or a webcast.


Live classroom instruction and the online live stream course both cost $399. The online class comes with 90-day access and costs $250.

Also Read:

Conclusion: kaptest Reviews 2023: Is It The Best Course?

I would recommend Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep Plus 2019 to anyone studying for NCLEX. If for some reason, you had to select a single NCLEX book and take the exam, I would choose this one.

BUT … depending on your situation you may need additional help. This will not offset the background of an inferior nursing school or inadequate nursing knowledge base.

Additional exercise questions from another book may also be a good idea.

I really think you should buy more NCLEX books with this book if you are in the following situations:


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