KDSpy Vs Publisher Rocket 2022 Which is right for you?

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As an author, Amazon is the best place to sell your books. If you want to be successful, you need to be on Amazon. However, it is very competitive these days. You will need to write a great story, have an amazing cover and use a good keyword research tool to set your book apart from the competition–whether it is for Kindle keywords, competition analysis or Amazon ads.

There are a few tools that can help you figure out how to market a successful book. These tools can help with idea generation, market research, and more.

Two popular options are Publisher Rocket and KDSpy. In this article, we’ll compare them side-by-side and find out which is the best option for you.

Publisher Rocket vs KDSpy: Breaking It Down

KDSpy Vs Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket and KDSpy are similar in some ways, but they also differ in certain ways. For example, Publisher Rocket is downloadable software, while KDSpy is a browser extension. To make a decision about which one to buy, you should consider the following categories:

  • Keyword and Category Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Price
  • Ease of use

Ease of Use :

KDSpy is a browser extension that takes you to Amazon, where it will help you research bestseller rankings in all Kindle categories. It’s easy to use – once you’re on the book or author page you’re interested in, just click one button and KDSpy does the rest.

Publisher Rocket is software that you download onto your computer. You input specific keywords that Publisher Rocket will use to gather intel about books that match those keywords. It has a nice interface and graphics, so if looks matter to you, you’ll love Publisher Rocket… but like so many things, it’s not perfect.

Searching Capability :

KDSpy gathers data from Amazon stores in the USA (Amazon.com), UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, France and India. If you want to know about sales in other countries, then KDSpy is a good tool for you to use.

Publisher Rocket only gathers data from Amazon.com – it doesn’t include information about sales in other countries.

Tracking sales over time

KDSpy has a feature that lets you track sales data over time. This can be helpful to see how well a book launch does. For instance, if you are following an author, this can tell you if their launch strategies are working or not.

Publisher Rocket does not have this feature.

Keyword suggestions

KDSpy has a system of red, orange, and green lights to help you see how popular keywords are. This is valuable information for anyone running ads, because the price for keyword ads is based on how popular the keywords are.

Publisher Rocket has a robust keyword search function that allows you to download lists of keywords easily. It also provides data about the popularity of keywords, but uses percentages rather than traffic lights.

Pricing :

KDSpy charges $97 for a lifetime membership that includes free updates. However, the website often offers discounts for referrals, so it may be worth considering if you have friends who are also authors. This week, KDSpy is offering a 7-day trial for free. Plus, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Publisher Rocket charges $97 for a lifetime membership with free updates. However, they plan to move to a monthly subscription model in the near future. This could make the service more or less appealing to you, depending on your budget and needs.

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Final Thoughts on KDSpy Vs Publisher Rocket

Both of these tools are good for research. In fact, you can get more information by using them together. Publisher Rocket has some features that KD Spy doesn’t have. One is the ability to search for specific keywords for advertising, including book titles, author names, and ASINs.

KD Spy has some great features, including a browser extension and access to software. However, I think that it would be better if it was an add-on to software instead of the entire product. I find that a lot of browser extensions can be clunky and if your browser closes, you lose all your work. In addition, Spy’s competition analysis is great but it would benefit from a stronger keyword research tool.

If you want the most features to help you market your book, choose Publisher Rocket. If you want the least expensive option, choose KDSpy.

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