Keap Pricing (Previously Infusionsoft): How Much Does Keap Cost?

Looking for a detailed analysis of the Keap pricing plan, don’t worry, I got you covered.

Keap (fka Infusionsoft) is a customer experience management system that helps small businesses across various industries streamline sales and manage customers.

Users can segment contacts, and track interactions with them in order to send personalized messages based on when they opened or clicked an email – among other things!

What is Keap (Previously Infusionsoft)?


Want to learn more about Keap pricing and plans to see whether it’s the ideal sales and marketing platform for your company?

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, has maintained its reputation for offering the best customer service in the industry.

When it comes to Keap, you’ve come to the proper spot if you’re seeking a platform that provides you with an efficient chain of procedures that converts your product or service into money with no leaks.

Keap has solutions for automating your sales and marketing so you can build your business, whether you sell online courses, eBooks, memberships, or even physical things.

But how much does Keap set you back? Is Keap really worth it?

Continue reading for a comprehensive overview of Keap’s pricing, plans, and more.

Keap Pricing(Previously Infusionsoft): How Much does Keap Cost?


$79 per month for the Lite Keap pricing plan. For the first five months, you’ll pay $56 per month.

This Keap (fka Infusionsoft) plan is one of the most impressive examples of Keap’s market knowledge. The Keap Pricing is spot on with the exact capabilities that a platform that purports to give a complete integrated solution should have. The Lite Keap Pricing Plan includes the following features:

There are 500 contacts and only one user. Any extra user can be added for simply $30.

Tags and filters are included in the Contact Management system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in its entirety

This is a really effective email marketing method.

A lead capturing option is also provided to ensure that the majority of leads are converted into transactions.

Simple automation for jobs that you consider to be secondary. This will allow you to concentrate on your core product or service.

Keap assists you in scheduling appointments with your customers based on your schedule.

Keap also manages mobile appointments and business lines.

In addition, payment and invoicing are handled with exceptional quickness.

$169 per month for the Pro Keap pricing plan. For the first five months, you’ll pay $119 per month.

The Pro Keap (fka Infusionsoft) Pricing Plan is a step up from the Lite Keap Plan and is designed to help businesses expand. This Keap Plan adds more features to the mix in order to boost a company’s productivity.

It is the most popular of the three Keap Pricing plans. Here are a few other features:

  • This Keap Pricing Plan introduces landing pages, which aid in marketing.
  • Advanced Automations are also available for improved business efficiency.
  • For the first time, a full-fledged sales pipeline is available.
  • Personal level marketing can also use text message broadcast.
  • A/B testing of automated text messages Businesses’ new products is put to the test.
  • Checkout forms make it simple to sell.
  • Reporting on sales.
  • Pipeline Analytics is also available to assist the entrepreneur in better comprehending market dynamics.

$199 per month for the Max Keap pricing plan. For the first five months, you’ll pay $140 per month.

The Max Keap Pricing Plan is the platform’s final option, with all of its features exhausted. This is a step forward from Keap, which is currently a fully integrated system. All of the features of the other two pricing levels are included in this Keap package, plus the following:

  • 1-click upsells and cross-sells in the sales funnel
  • Promotional codes
  • Engagement analytics Marketing performance analytics

One Last Thought on Keap Pricing

Keap is an excellent alternative for controlling and automating your company’s sales and marketing. It’s a fantastic platform for many types of entrepreneurs, from course developers to physical goods sellers.

Remember that you may try Keap (fka Infusionsoft) for 14 days for free with no credit card necessary, so it’s an excellent opportunity to discover if it’s a suitable fit for your needs.

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