Keeper Security VS Lastpass 2022: Which is the better password managing Tool?

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Keeper Security

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Keeper Security website is one of the most secure and commonly used websites by many top companies to save their data from hacking and theft.

LastPass is too simple to even consider suggesting. Its free-form gives limitless secret word stockpiling (however, just on one gadget type), while Premium supporters get a couple of additional treats.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) app compatibility.
  • Biometric logins (Touch ID and Face ID).
  • One-time SMS codes.
  • Autofill every password
  • Profiles for online shopping.
  • Audit your passwords.
  • Exceptionally strong security
  • User-friendly interfaces with fingerprint and facial recogni
  • It syncs across all our devices.
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Spots Weak Passwords
  • Works On Any Device
  • Some users report buggy or inconvenient form-filling experie
  • Minimal free plan offers little value
  • Limited Password sharing without subscription
  • Password change can be tedious
Ease of Use

It has an intuitive user interface for computers, smartphones and tablets that can be deployed rapidly with no upfront equipment or installation costs.

It is easy to set up and launch but the installation can be tedious.

Value For Money

Keeper Security is slightly expensive as compared to LastPass but offers good value for money.

LastPass Premium is worth the cost, which is cheaper than most subscription apps, if only for the option of multi-factor security. And having the option to store all of your passwords across all of your devices is preferable to storing them only on one device.

Customer Support

Keeper Security has 24/7 Customer support available which is always ready to solve the queries of the user. Along with this, the website also has many support articles present in the FAQs section.

LastPass website also has 24/7 customer support available which helps its users in solving their problems. This website has many unique features to solve the queries of the user

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In this article, we have shared the Keeper Security vs LastPass comparison with features, pros, and cons & pricing comparison.

Keeper Security and Lastpass are both one of the best Password managing tools. Both these tools are used widely by many companies to protect their data.

It’s very important these days to protect your data. Data breaching and hacking are most common these days. So you need to protect your data at any cost.

But, the question comes, how can we choose between both? Keeper Security or Lastpass. This depends on the needs of the user. In this article, we are going to compare these awesome password managing websites, along with their features, pricing, and much more.

Till you reach the end of this article, we are sure that you will be able to choose between both the websites without any difficulty. So let’s get started.

Overview: Keeper Security vs LastPass

Keeper Security:

Keeper Unlimited- Keeper Security vs LastPass


Keeper Security is a simple and easy-to-use password manager website which allows the user to store their essential passwords with just a click.

This website is currently being held and managed privately and was found in the year 2011. Since then, this website has achieved many things.

The app version of this website is available on Google Play Store and App Store. It has more than 10 million downloads and an average rating of more than four, which is genuinely remarkable.

This website automatically creates solid and complex passwords for its users and stores them, making sure that the user’s data is protected from hackers and identity theft.

This website offers many excellent features to its users, like auto filling passwords, Web Vault access, Browser extension access, 24/7 Customer support, and much more.

The pricing features of the website are also very enthusiastic and cheap. The website has a free version and a Pro version. The free version is free of cost, and the Pro version has five plans within it.


Lastpass Overview-Keeper Security vs LastPass

LastPass is a fantastic Password managing website as it helps the user’s to store and secure their digital life at their fingertips with complete security.

LastPass was established in the year 2008, and it went all perfect for the first few years. After that, its competitor, Keeper Security, was found. LastPass is currently available in more than six languages.

This website also automatically generates strong passwords for the users and uses the feature of auto-filling passwords and personal details, saving the time of customers.

This website offers many excellent features like Dark Web Monitoring, sharing of passwords, store records, creating strong & complex passwords, and keeping them efficiently.

The pricing plans of this website have three main plans. These are Free, Personal and Family. You can choose any of the plans according to your requirements.

Common Features:

  • Two Factor Authentication:

According to this feature, the websites ensure that users’ data is protected by giving them double Security. Users can link their Email or Phone numbers for account recovery.

Keeper Security:

Keeper Unlimited Features-Keeper Security vs LastPass


This website uses the technology of two Factor Authentication so that users can recover their accounts with ease. This website also uses the technology of Time Based One Time Passwords making it easier for the user for account recovery.


LastPass also uses the technology of two Factor Authentication so that the users could easily link an additional email or number so that they could easily access their account even after forgetting their master password.


Keeper Security is better in this feature as it is also equipped with Time Based One Time Passwords (TOTPs), increasing the Security of the customers.

  • Higher Compatibility:

This feature states that the app or its browser Extension can be used on any device, whether it is any smartphone, software, or browser. Users can enjoy the benefits of the website everywhere.

Keeper Security:

Keeper Security is compatible with almost all of the Browsers, mobile devices, and Operating systems. Its browser Extension also fills the details automatically like credit card details, address, and much more.


LastPass is also highly compatible with many of the Browsers, mobile devices, and Operating systems. Users can access their personal information by auto-syncing.


LastPass is better in this comparison as it is compatible even with Microsoft Edge Legacy, SeaMonkey, and Mozilla, which aren’t compatible to be used with Keeper Security.

  • Self Destruct:

This feature means that whenever someone puts the wrong password five times, the website automatically destroys the account. Still, the user can restore his account within 30 days.

Keeper Security:

Keeper Security has a self destruct function which doesn’t allow anyone to hack or have access to a user’s account. This feature protects the user’s data from hacking and theft.


LastPass also has a feature of Self destruct, and this function enhances the Security of the user. The user’s data is protected and can even be restored by the user if someone destructed it.


Keeper Security is better in this feature as it can quickly restore the data of an individual in just a matter of a few clicks. 

Unique Features:

Keeper Security:

Keeper security numbers

The special features of Keeper Security are:-

  • Emergency Access:

Keeper Security provides an excellent feature of emergency Access which allows the user to add up to 5 emergency contacts which will be able to access the passwords and data of the user in case of any emergency or death.

  • Security Keys:

Keeper security provides its users with FIDO compatible U2F security keys. These keys provide an easy and convenient way for the users to perform the process of Two Factor Authentication without manually entering the 6-digit code. If any platform doesn’t support the Security key, they can choose other 2FA methods.

  • Key Storage:

Keeper Security has an excellent feature of storing the keys of the user like Personal key and Storage keys, and these keys are Encrypted fully to secure the user’s data quickly. It keeps the user’s master password into Security keys, and these keys even can’t be accessed by the Keeper Security employees.

  • More Uptime:

Keeper Security’s servers are up almost every time. This website is hosted by AWS, and it also ensures that it provides its users an uptime of 99.99%. As soon as one of the servers goes down, the other one immediately takes up the tasks of the user, ensuring that no delay is given.

  • Vault Transfer:

Keeper security provides an excellent feature to its user. It is that they allow the users to quickly transfer their vaults from one account to another. One can move their vaults, only if the account in which they have to move is synchronized in the plan.

  • Encrypted Messaging:

This website provides an excellent feature of encrypted messaging. If you text someone, those messages are encrypted end-to-end, i.e., only both the users could have access to those chats, and no other third-party app could have access to those chats.

  • Full Integration with SSO:

This website has full Integration with the SSO (Single Sign-On). This technology automatically authenticates and redirects the users into their vaults using one of the SSO identity providers. This website also offers a fully cloud based solution along with Zero Knowledge security provider and the latest technology Security protocols.

  • Market’s Number 1:

Keeper Security is one of the most trusted and commonly used websites or apps for managing passwords at any level. This website also has the most prolonged standing in SOC2, and it also has an ISO certification in its industry.

  • Flexibility:

If we talk about flexibility, Keeper Security always remains at first. Keeper security fits in almost every size of the enterprise. It also creates an overall organizational Structure helping the admins of the organization. Its customizable role-based permissions enhance the working of a business.


The unique features offered by LastPass are as follows:-

  • Profile for Online Shopping:

This website creates a profile for online shopping for its users so that they don’t need to enter their details of credit card, address, name, etc., every time. This saves time for the users, and they can quickly fill up their information in just a few clicks.

  • Dark Web Monitoring:

The website also has the feature of Dark Web monitoring which allows the user to secure his data from the dark Web. Users can secure any particular data, and if the information is being compromised, the website sends an alert to the user along with the details of the website, which is breaching their data. This makes the user to take action instantly.

  • Auditing Passwords:

LastPass also provides its users with a LastPass Security Challenge, which informs the users to find their passwords are weak, strong, duplicate, or old. After getting access to this information, the user can make the changes and secure his data in a better way.

Customer Support:

Keeper Security:

Keeper Security has 24/7 Customer support available which is always ready to solve the queries of the user. Along with this, the website also has many support articles present in the FAQs section.

Keeper Security provides many ways to its users in contacting customer support. Users can contact the customer support by the methods of E-mail, Live chat, and even by Phone too.

This website ensures that there is no delay given to the customers. Every time, one of the members of the support team is always available to help the users of the website.


The LastPass website also has a 24/7 customer support available which helps its users in solving their problems. This website has many unique features to solve the queries of the user.

The website uses the features of FAQs and Customer support to solve the queries and contact its users. Users can use E-mail, Live Chat, and ticket options to get support.

The ticket feature is an excellent feature that the website provides. Users can put up their Questions on the website, and the support will automatically receive the question and answer them.


Keeper Security:

keeper security free vs pro features


Keeper Security is equipped with one of the latest and most robust technologies of Encrypting and Decrypting the data. It is the duty of the website to ensure that the user’s data is protected.

Keeper Security uses a Zero Knowledge security provider, which means that the user has complete control over his data Encryption and Decryption.

The website also uses AES 256-BIT Encryption which is one of the strongest and latest methods of Encrypting the user’s data. Its key is very secure to protect the classified data of the user.

The website also uses the latest technology Security keys, and these keys are highly secured. The user’s master password is secured at a higher level so that no one except the user could access his master password.


Business Pricing Security - Lastpass Review

LastPass takes the protection of user’s data as its highest priority. It has an aim to achieve a higher level of security to challenge the latest technology.

LastPass is also equipped with a Zero Knowledge security provider, which ensures that the user only has access to his data. Not even the website employees can have access to the data of the user.

It also uses the methods of AES 256-BIT ENCRYPTION which encrypts the user’s data from end to end so that the data is protected from hacking and identity theft.

The website also has the feature of submitting a Security report if you have a doubt that your account is vulnerable. You can easily submit your information through BugCrowd.



Keeper Security:

Personal & Family plans- Keeper Security Free vs Pro


Keeper Security has two main pricing options. First comes the free version, which is totally free of cost, and it offers some basic features of the website. Next is the Pro version of the website. The Pro version offers many unique features to its users. It has five plans.

These are:-

  • Personal Plan-

It costs 2.91$ per month and 35$ per year. Its plus bundle costs 4.87$ per month and 58.47$ per year.

  • Family Plan-

This plan costs 6.24$ per month and 75$ per year. Its plus bundle costs 8.62$ and 103.48$ per year.

  • Student Plan-

Students get a 50% off on the Keeper Unlimited Plan.

  • Business Plan-

This plan costs 3.75$ per month and 45$ when billed annually.

  • Enterprise Plan-

This plan allows the user to choose their plan according to the members of their enterprise.


Pricing strategy - Lastpass Review

LastPass has mainly got three pricing plans. These plans are available at a very low price as compared to other websites. These plans are:-

  • Free Plan-

As stated in its name, this plan is totally free of cost, and it offers some basic features of the website.

  • Premium Plan-

This plan costs 3$ per month and offers some like advanced Security features and much more.

  • Family Plan-

This plan costs 4$ per month and is suitable for families to secure their passwords. They get access to a maximum of 6 accounts.

Lastpass pricing plans- lastpass review

  • MFA Plan-

This is the Multi-Factor Authentication plan. This plan costs 3$ per month.

  • Teams Plan-

This plan costs 4$ per month and is suitable for a business with a team of 50 or less.

  • Enterprise Plan-

This plan costs 6$ per month and is suitable for large enterprises to handle their passwords easily.

Pros & Cons:


  • Keeper Security

      • It is highly compatible with all the devices. 
      • It has a simple and user-friendly interface.
      • It has a feature of two Factor Authentication.
      • It also provides reliability and Security to the data of the users.
      • It can also be used to synchronize all your devices.
  • LastPass

    • It saves all the user’s passwords and the user’s time.
    • One can create strong passwords with ease.
    • It also allows Dark Web monitoring.
    • You can easily share access without sharing passwords.
    • It also saves data for online shopping.


  • Keeper Security:

      • It has many pre-formatted fields to add files.
      • It doesn’t ask to save passwords every time.
      • The automatic web filling sometimes just pops up, annoying the user.
  • LastPass:

    • You can’t copy-paste the passwords from shared folders to your personal vault.
    • They need to improve their user log options.
    • They need to improve their vault when someone accesses it via Desktop.

Ease of Use:

This feature gives us an idea of how easy it is for the users to enjoy and secure the features of this website. User’s don’t require any special knowledge of coding or any other thing; they can simply understand the working by the interface of the website.

  • Keeper Security:

Keeper Security is totally easy to use. Users can create strong and complex passwords, store them, share passwords and folders, log in to websites, access vaults, and much more with very ease.

  • LastPass:

Like Keeper Security, LastPass also has a simple and user-friendly interface. Users can also enjoy the features of LastPass with very ease. This website also has an easy process to set up, and it makes the work easier for its users.

Use Keeper Security if:

  • If you want to have access to more Security.
  • If you want to have access to a wide range of plans
  • If you need less time in contacting the Support.
  • If you have to share your records and passwords with ease.
  • If you want to have easy access to the website using your mobile or iOS.

Use LastPass if:

  • If you want to have access to the Security Dashboard.
  • If you want to have access to Dark Web monitoring.
  • If you want to store some notes with complete Security.
  • If you want to receive a higher compatibility of devices.

Customer Reviews

Keeper Security:

Keeper Unlimited Customer reviews

FAQs on KeeperSecurity vs LastPass

🔥How can we restore our LastPass master password?

There are many methods by which one can restore his LastPass master password. Users must remember that LastPass customer support cannot help in resetting the master password as they have no access to it. There are many ways in which a user can recover his account. These ways are:- You can recover your account if you have facial or fingerprint recognition in your LastPass mobile app. LastPass allows you to set up Security Questions that help in recovering your account. LastPass also allows you to set up recovery mail and numbers to recover your account.

💥 How can we register a Security Key with Keeper Security?

Pubikey is one of the most advanced hardware devices, which is based on the FIDO security key. To use Security Key, follow the steps: Login to your Web Vault. After logging in, go to settings. Keep in mind that you must also have added two Factor Authentication enabled on your account. To select an additional two Factor Authentication, tap on Edit two Factor Authentication then you can add your Two Factor Authentication method. After adding, you can quickly turn on the Security Key on your account.

✔How can we use the LastPass View my Cases portal?

One can easily have access to LastPass View my Cases portal. After submitting a case to the Customer Service, you will receive a code in your mail to determine your case number. If you want to check your case details, simply go on to the View my Cases portal. Enter the case number which you received in your Verification mail. Enter the Email address where you received your mail, then complete the CAPTCHA. Then you will be able to view the details of your cases.

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Conclusion: Which One To Choose? Keeper Security vs LastPass

If you have reached till here, then you have indeed made your choice. Keeper Security is a lot better than LastPass in many perspectives.

Though LastPass has lower pricing, it still fails to provide many unique features which Keeper Security delivers with high quality.

Keeper Security is pretty much affordable and reliable. Its ease of use and high Compatibility allows the user to have access to the website easily. 


It has excellent and responsive customer support, due to which Keeper Security is one of the best Password managing websites available on the internet.

So, I would suggest you use the Keeper Security Website as the website doesn’t have any problems or glitches, and it also offers a free trial to its users.

You can have a try at both the websites so that you could have a choice yourself. The free trials will allow you to have access to the paid features before purchasing the paid one.


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