Ken Honda Mindvalley Masterclasses Review 2021: Should You Join It?

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My Money EQ by Ken Honda is one of the most famous quests offered by Mindvalley. The quest focuses on managing the variables which revolve around money and helps in releasing the fears related to money. The course provides many tools that connect the money with happiness. The author Ken Honda will not teach you how to make money or how to save money. He will show you the relationship between you and money. Ken Honda is known for his vast knowledge of building and managing the money matters for maintaining a better lifestyle. 

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About The Author of My Money EQ Masterclasses- Ken Honda

Ken Honda is one of the most recognizable guides and influential teacher of money related issues. He has written around 60 books into various languages. All his books are bestsellers, with about 9 million copies sold globally. Ken Honda belongs to Japan and also known as Jane Millionaire in his country. 

Mindvalley Ken Honda About


The author believes that building sustainable wealth is not an issue that should be highlighted, but Money IQ should be improved. This refers to the emotional thoughts that revolve around money.

In the Mindvalley Quest, Ken Honda shared his insights and techniques of mastering their own money and recovering the wounds of the money related issues. 

The Concept Of Gambler- According To Ken Honda Mindvalley Masterclasses

Nowadays, there is a considerable number of the population who comes under Gamblers. Taking risk in terms of money and dealing with uncertainty is something that should be avoided. That is, it’s not great to be a Gambler.

According to Ken Honda’s theory, Gamblers ought to experience failures. Its always exciting to win while playing games, but this also makes space for shortcomings anyhow. 

For overcoming this loss, Ken Honda discovered and built the quest. By taking the course My Money EQ, you can learn and execute the shortcomings of your losses so that your failures don’t outweigh your winning.

You will be able to learn about the archetypes of your money and how it affects your overall life. My money EQ will teach you how you can make money without focusing on what archetype you are.

Sessions For Retraining Of Brain by Scott W. Mills In Ken Honda Mindvalley Masterclasses

The quest is so exciting because, along with Ken Honda, you will learn from Scott W. Mills. He has a vast number of tools in his toolbox, which helps you release the negative vibes and maintain a positive mindset. Scott W. Mills is a well-known teacher and guide when it comes to anxieties and fears of loosing. He also interacts with the audience via Money EQ Tribe on Facebook.


Mindvalley What You learn- Ken Honda

Moreover, his energetic speaking skills have led to an enormous number of webinars and training sessions. During his session, Scott W. Mills implies so many techniques of retraining your brain, which help you to understand the teachings of Ken Honda. By his instructions, Scott W. Mills tries to convert your mind into a happy mood and find pleasant working strategies. All his tools help you to get relax and observe things with positivity.

 There are some of the videos and audios available for training your brain offered during the quest.

Let’s go through ten most used techniques which help you finding happy money with Scott W. Mills. These techniques mainly focus on how you can observe things in different ways when it comes to happy money.

  1. Adapting perspective shifts in your life is offered on day 1. 
  2. Feel positivity and appreciation around you offered on Day 5. 
  3. On Day 6th, find possibilities and work by scheduling tasks.
  4. For releasing stress and negative vibes, two sessions are offered n Day 9th. 
  5. Analyzing and releasing the pain of your family members is taught on the 10th day. 
  6. On the 11th day, you will be taught how to forgive.
  7. Finding new beliefs and implementing them in your life will be taught on the 12th day.
  8. The 13th day will teach you how to develop your skills and rebuild your personality.
  9. Analyzing what is non-profitable to you and implement how it can be changed to profit will be discovered on day 16th. 
  10. In the last session on day 19th, you will be taught to follow champions’ footsteps.

All these sessions are super exciting, which makes the whole quest amazing.

Discussed Topics In Ken Honda Mindvalley MasterClasses

The Money EQ is essentially a quest that focuses on having happy money. This refers to the money that is considered to be spending and achieving happiness. Few topics which are discussed during the quest are:

  1. The archetype of your money. 
  2. Analyzing and Implementing perspective that surrounds your money. 
  3. Realizing and fixing the issues that impact your money from the past.
  4. How you can avoid negativity around your money.
  5. How you can develop and move forward in your life with money-related aspects.
  6. How to increase wealth and have a happy life.

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Final Verdict: Ken Honda Mindvaelly Materclass Review 2021

Mindvalley masterclasses retrain your brain and help you overcome fear and anxiety. He will teach you how you can become a best friend with your money. 

The ken Honda Mindvalley masterclass is about building your relationship with money. It is explained that how your money EQ reflects your thoughts and your personality. 

Ken Honda’s Mindvalley masterclasses are a perfect guide for anyone who wants to raise their money EQ and want to pursue a better lifestyle in terms of wealth. 

Many people around the world already transformed their lifestyles by following the guidelines and techniques offered by ken Honda Mindvalley masterclasses. 

Based on personal experience, ken Honda tried to make the concept of big money EQ more simple. The money EQ can be defined as positive thoughts and emotions in terms of money. This is the exact point which Ken Honda Mindvalley masterclasses follows and described it as Happy Money. The money that you love the most should love you back.

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