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Ease of use
Value for money
24x7 Support


  • Supports Parallel Execution
  • Awesome Cross Browser Testing Cloud Tool for all QA activities
  • Selenium Test Automation on Online Desktop Android and iOS Mobile Browsers
  • Cross Browser Testing On Desktop And Mobile Browsers
  • Testing Locally Hosted Pages
  • Geo Location Testing
  • Integrated Debugging
  • Live Interactive Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Responsive Testing With A Single Click
  • Automated Screenshots API
  • Unlimited Responsive Testing
  • Unlimited Web Automation with Selenium


  • No Hierarchical View
  • No Parameterized Testing
  • More pricing options needed
  • No WordPress plugin

LambdaTest helps you perform live interactive and automated cross browser testing on 2000+ real browsers and operating systems online, LambdaTest is been trusted by 375,000+ users across the internet and It's not just about infrastructure, you get a whole range of complimentary features that will make your cross browser testing experience smoother and help you ship products faster.

Price:$ 15


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Looking for LambdaTest Review, I got you covered today.

Struggling to test your website in all browsers and operating systems?

With so many browsers out there, how do you know if your website will work for everyone?

Your site is up. That’s the easy part. Now it’s time to make sure that all of your content, images, and links are compatible with the latest browser updates and that your site still looks good across a range of devices.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility. LambdaTest does the heavy lifting for you, running tests in real browsers and on real devices to ensure that your site will work well for everyone.

🚀Bottom Line Upfront : What is Lambda Test Tool?

Perform Live Interactive and Automated Cross Browser Testing on 2000+ Real Browsers and Operating Systems Online With LambdaTest, You can choose from a wide range of Windows and Mac operating systems, along with all legacy and latest browsers. Also test your website or web app on latest mobile browsers with Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Integrate LambdaTest with your favorite tools like Asana, Bitbucket, Slack, Trello & many more. With LambdaTest you can save yourself manually from managing bugs and tasks.

Lambdat Test g2 reviews

In this post I will do the detailed LambdaTest Review and I will share latest LambdaTest coupon codes that will help you save 25% on their annual plans.

LambdaTest Review 2021: In-depth Features & Details

Lambdatest reviews On Capterra


About LambdaTest Reviews & Product Details

LambdaTest is an online browser compatibility testing tool which performs browser compatibility testing of different web apps on all latest mobile and desktop browsers running on real machines.

Lambda test is a cross-browser testing cloud which allows developers and testers to perform cross-browser testing on 2000+ real browsers and operating system online in varying screen resolution. 

lambda test reviews lambda test reviews

Lambda Test Review- Free Cross Browser Testing Tool

All remote browsers come with pre-installed RIA software and developer tools. You can also record the testing session during real-time browser compatibility session.

What is browser compatibility?

Browser compatibility is a manner in which a web page look different in different browsers as different browsers read the website code differently. It means the web page may appear differently to users using different browsers. For example, chrome will render a webpage or website differently than Firefox or internet explorer. It is important to ensure that your web page incompatible with various browsers as not all users or visitors use the same browser.

Most commonly used browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, opera mini and many mobile platforms. To avoid relying on browser specific behavior such as expecting it to detect a content type or encode it without specific instructions, there are some steps you can follow to avoid unexpected browser functions.

Top features of LambdaTest Review:

**Some of LambdaTest’s key features are:
1. Selenium Web Testing Automation,
2. Selenium Grid for Mobile Web-Automation Testing, and
3. Continuous Testing with Continuous Integration Tools (e.g., Jenkins, Circle CI, GitLab CI).**

4.For faster go to market launch, use parallel testing.
5.You can scroll sync two viewports at the same time in LT Browser App – but only for screenshots and not for interactive testing.
6. LT API is for continuous testing in a browser.

Lambdatest integrations

Test on latest desktop browsers

You can choose from a wide range of Windows and Mac operating systems and all the latest browsers. You can perform cross-browser compatibility testing on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari and Yandex on supported Mac and Windows devices along with your desired resolution.

Lambda Test Review- Different Browser Testing


Scalable Selenium Grid build for speed

Drastically reduce your build times and speed up your go to market. Run your selenium automated tests in parallel on our on-demand scalable selenium infrastructure and cut down on your build times multiple folds. Run tons of tests at once. Develop, test, and deliver faster every time with selenium automation testing.

Lambda Test Review- Automation Analysis

Test on variety of mobile devices

Ensure that your website/ web application is cross-browser compatible with all mobile devices. You can choose from a wide list of iPhones, iPads on different iOS versions. Test on android phones like Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, One Plus, HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo, Vivo on latest android versions and different browsers.

Faster automated screenshots 

There is no need to test for each combination manually as you get full paged screenshots within seconds. With Lambda Tunnel, you can also take screenshots of your locally hosted website to perform cross-browser compatibility testing.

Lambda Test Review- Automated Screenshots

Check responsiveness on all browsers : 

Lambdatest browser

With LambdaTest, you can test for responsiveness of your website or web application by just a single click across different screen sizes and see how your website responds accordingly. With our Secure Shell Tunnel, you can also test the responsiveness of your locally hosted websites.

Seamless collaboration & technique

Log issues instantly during test sessions and collaborate with your team through our in-built issue tracking tool. You can create, view, edit, and assign issues to team members.

Testing locally hosted pages

Test your locally hosted or privately hosted pages on LambdaTest cloud platform for cross-browser compatibility. Through Lambda Tunnel you can establish a secure shell tunnel with LambdaTest servers and test your locally hosted pages on browser environment of your choice.

Lambda Test Review- Testing Locally Hosted Pages

Debug with native developer tools

Our integrated developer tools help you debug your website or web application on our virtual machines while performing cross-browser compatibility testing. You can use developer tools on our desktop browsers, Android and iOS mobile browsers, tablets, iPads. No installation required we provide pre-installed developer tools just like real devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility of your website.

lambda test discount coupons lambda test discount coupons

Smart visual regression testing

Perform smart visual regression testing on your layouts and identify bugs with a single click. Make sure that your layout iterations are free of visual deviations that may be introduced in new builds. No longer will tricky issues related to icon size, padding, color, layout, text, element’s position, etc. will escape your sight.

Resolution display testing

Test your website across different screen resolutions ranging from 800×600 to 2560×1440 for cross-browser compatibility. No need to hassle through launching sessions again, you can change screen resolution in the mid of a session by just selecting the required resolution and your browser will be resized as per the selected one.

Lambda Test Review- Browser Testing

Geolocation Testing : LambdaTest Review

lambdatest browser issues

With this feature through lambda tunnel you can test from a different location around the world to look for local dependent check out processes, search results, language changes, pop-ups and lot more.

LambaTest Inbuilt issue tracker

With LambdaTest inbuilt issue tracker, you can manage your bugs directly from LambdaTest platform while performing cross-browser compatibility testing. You can assign, track, export to PDF, share bugs and take a complete control using our inbuilt issue tracker. It is easy and flexible to use.

Integration and single click bug logging

Lambdatest integrations testing

With a single click, push bugs in your choice of project management or communication tools, directly from LambdaTest platform. Integrate with JIRA, Asana, Slack, Trello, BitBucket, GitLab, GitHub, Clubhouse, VSTS, BugHerd, Mantis, and many more.

Can you trust LambdaTest? LambdaTest Review

Lambdatest customers

San Francisco-based LambdaTest, which operates a cloud-based testing platform for developers, said on Wednesday it has raised $6 million (Rs 44.2 crore at current exchange rates) in fresh funding. Source Credits: Techcircle

Lambdatest funding news

Lambdatest branding news

Lambdatest news

LambdaTest on Dailyherald

Languages used & framework

Lambda Test Review- language Supported




  • JUnit
  • TestNG


  • Protractor
  • Nightwatch
  • WD
  • WebDriverIO
  • Cucumber


  • NUnit
  • MSTest
  • SpecFlow


  • RSpec
  • Test::Unit


  • Behat+Mink
  • PHPUnit

CI Tools:-

  • GOCD

What does a Browser do ?

A web browser is similar to a translator. Well, this is based on the fact that a web browser has the ability to take a written document in HTML language and change into a well-formatted web page that users understand. Generally, if there was no translation guideline, web browsers would be useless. This is what makes browser compatibility possible.

Steps to follow for browser compatibility

1)Write good and clean HTML:

While your site may appear correctly in some browsers even if your HTML is not valid, there’s no guarantee that it will appear correctly in all browsers – or in all future browsers. The best way to make sure that your page looks the same in all browsers is to write your page using valid HTML and CSS, and then test it in as many browsers as possible. Clean, valid HTML is a good insurance policy,  and using CSS separates presentation from content, and can help pages render and load faster.

2)Specify Character Encoding:

To help browsers render the text on your page, you should always specify an encoding for your document. This encoding should appear at the top of the document or frame as some browsers won’t recognize charset declarations that appear deep in the document. In addition, you should make sure that your web server is not sending conflicting HTTP headers. 

3)Checking accessibility

Not all users may have JavaScript enabled in their browsers. In addition, technologies such as Flash and ActiveX may not render well or at all in every browser. You can use flash or other rich media, and test your site in a text-only browser such as Lynx. As a bonus, providing text-only alternatives to rich-media content and functionality will make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site, and also make your site more accessible to users who use alternative technologies such as screen readers.

4) Test your site in many browsers as possible

Once you’ve created your web design, you should review your site’s appearance and functionality on multiple browsers to make sure that all your visitors are getting the experience you worked so hard to design. Ideally, you should start testing as early in your site development process as possible. Different browsers – and even different versions of the same browser – can see your site differently. 

One such site is LambdaTest where you can easily check and compare your website in different browsers at the same time and along with live testing it has many other cool features. It will surely act as a boon for the website or webpage. 

Lambdatest facebook reviews

Why compatibility is important:

Making sure your site is compatible with as many browsers as possible basically widens your reach. This consequently increases your leads. A good web designer can help you develop a website that is browser compatible.

The All-New LambdaTest Chrome Extension


You can use the LambdaTest Chrome Extension to do live-interactive and automated cross-browser testing of websites and web apps across 2000+ real browsers and operating systems. It is fast, easy to install, and you can save time by launching the website in the live test environment.

With the new Chrome extension, you can test your website or app live on multiple browsers and operating systems. You don’t have to enter the URL for testing, it automatically fetches it.


To test a website or web app, you can take screenshots. You can do this by selecting the browser and operating system combinations. This will help you find cross-browser issues more easily because you will have many screenshots of many browsers and operating systems.


You can select a configuration over and over again if you want. Just use the Favorite tab to do it. This makes it easier than having to go through all of the configurations every time. For example, you could choose your favorite browser and OS combination, or maybe your family members’ favorite combinations too. Then when you want to test something, just click on that Favorites tab and launch with that configuration right away.

favorite lambdatest

Now Run Your Cypress Tests On LambdaTest

In their continuous endeavor to empower the QA community, LambdatTest is  elated to bring Cypress framework support on LambdaTest automation testing cloud!!

Cypress is a framework for testing web pages. It is designed for modern web development and testing. Cypress was released in late 2017, as an alternative to the traditional Selenium Automation tool. This means that it runs on your browser instead of on a separate computer, which makes running tests much faster. Cypress currently supports all of the Chromium family browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

LambdaTest now has support for running Cypress. You can test the same thing in different browsers at the same time to make it faster.

Supported Browsers & Operating Systems

As a Cypress user, you may ask why choose LambdaTest when the built-in Cypress dashboard is so powerful? Imagine spending money on setting up your own Grid infrastructure that would require spending more money for maintenance. With local Grid infrastructure, you will never reach any of your goals.

lambdatest new features

LambdaTest provides three major benefits: scalability, reliability, and security. When using LambdaTest with Cypress CI on the cloud-based grid, you can perform cross browser testing at an unimaginable scale.

With this integration, LambdaTest has given you a way to reload tests quickly, use results consistently, and have less flakiness. They can also give you good control of tests and make the most of your tests by running them in parallel across different browser versions!

LambdaTest Integrates With QMetry

QMetry Lambdatest

LambdaTest now integrates with QMetry to help you test your website. This is easy to do. You first need to set up your QMetry account and project, and then just enter your LambdaTest username and access token in the project settings of QMetry in order for it to use LambdaTest’s Selenium Grid cloud for its tests.

You can integrate LambdaTest and QMetry to make the best of both worlds. The work that you do manually will be reduced. You will also have access to our exclusive features, such as test logs, issue tracker, video capture, automation logs, network logs, performance reports.

LambdaTest Integrates With TestingWhiz


You can use LambdaTest combined with TestingWhiz to do cross browser testing on your website or web app. First, log in to both websites. Then, configure your LambdaTest profile into the TestingWhiz platform. You will be able to go from there.

By using both TestingWhiz and LambdaTest, you can take advantage of everything that they can do. You will not need to do any manual work because they do it all for you. You will also be able to use their special features, like the test logs, issue tracker, video capture, automation logs, network logs, performance reports and many other things.

Pricing Plans: Lambda Test Discount Coupon  2021 25% Annually (Verified)

LambdaTest Review - Plans and Pricing

Support System for LambdaTest :

lambdatest support team

If you face any problem While performing online browser compatibility testing of your website or webpage application on lambda test 24*7 support from their tech experts are available. You can contact them by filling up the contract form, or via messaging app or through call. They have an amazing response team and will get back to you in no time.

LambdaTest Customers Testimonials & LambdaTest Twitter & Facebook Reviews

LambdaTest Review Lambdatest coupon codes

Lambdatest Recommendations & Reviews

Lambdatest Google testimonials

Quick Links:

BrowserStack vs Lambdatest

BrowserStack is one of many products that make it easier to test your app. It has a market share in the Application Testing category and has 25000+ customers in 59 countries.

LambdaTest is one of many products in the categories of Performance and Load Testing. It has a large market share in Application Testing and 500k+ customers in 50+ countries.

What are the different markets in which BrowserStack and LambdaTest compete against each other?

BrowserStack and LambdaTest are two companies that do the same thing. They both do Application Testing, Browser Testing, Mobile App Testing, Performance and Load Testing, Test Automation.

How does the market share of BrowserStack and LambdaTest compare in the Application Testing market?

In the Application Testing market, BrowserStack has 35.53% of the market share. That is more than LambdaTest’s 1.58%. It is first in our Market Share Ranking Index for the Application Testing category, while LambdaTest is 15th.

How many customers are acquired by BrowserStack and LambdaTest in the Application Testing segment?

BrowserStack has 25k+ customers for application testing. LambdaTest has 500k+ customers in the same category.

LambdaTest Reviews FAQ’s

😍What makes Lambda a time-saving approach?

It is easy to store everything in local server memory and the direct storage of data into the database without causing any hindrance in the performance. Also, testing here is very simple. However, the process can be made robust by integration testing with multiple vendors.

✅ What is the time limit for execution in Lambda when you perform DDOS?

The time limit is 300 seconds.

🔥Name a simple method to improve performance in AWS lambda?

Better security and better performance can be assured by utilizing Linux software RAID.

✅Do I need to update applications or upgrade to utilize LambdaTest virtual machines?

Not at all. You are not required to install any program, extension, or plugin or make any configuration changes of any kind. Simply log in to, boot the virtual machine using the launcher, and begin checking. That is the allure of the cloud. It has you up and running in no time.

✅Whose version of Windows are they running? Is it identical to the Windows desktop edition?

Microsoft Windows Desktop Editions licenses do not provide provision for remote device control. As a result, they use Windows Server editions and integrate the Desktop experience. It has the same experience as Windows desktop editions and uses desktop-optimized versions of Internet Explorer.

🔥 How long does LambdaTest take to add a new browser update after release?

When a new stable version of a browser is launched, they typically incorporate it into their platform within a week. Additionally, they monitor them before delivering them to consumers to ensure that the testing experience is optimal for all users.

🔥 Is it possible to modify browser settings by using LambdaTest?

You will have complete control of all browser parameters. Be aware, though, that you would need to re-configure the browser on each new session if you need very complex browser configurations.

🙄Does the remote explorer enable me to import and upload files?

You certainly will. You'd have full access to the update and upload functions. You may enter the Downloads folder through the File->Open file menu option or the Control+O keyboard shortcut. Bear in mind, though, that each downloaded file will be immediately deleted upon session termination.

🙄On remote desktops, will I be allowed to use keyboard shortcuts such as copy-paste?

You'd have complete control of all keyboard shortcuts. Individuals that use the same operating system on their local device and the virtual machine will encounter no issues. However, individuals who use Mac machines to access Windows VMs or Windows machines to access Mac VMs must exercise caution concerning OS-specific shortcuts. For instance, when operating on Mac OS, use the Control Key rather than the Command Key when copying and pasting.

✅ How much can I save with LambdaTest Coupon Codes & Promo codes?

With the LambdaTest discount code, you can get a good discount and you can save up to 30% on your purchase.

✅ What is the best valid LambdaTest discount that I can use?

With LambdaTest Save Upto 20% by subscribing to annual plans.

✅ Can I use more than one LambdaTest Coupons & Promo codes for my order?

LambdaTest only allows you to use one coupon or promo code per order. You can use the coupon that gets you the value and delivers the best savings.

✅ How many coupons are available for LambdaTest ?

At the moment we have listed 5+ LambdaTest coupons and deals. You can select the best offer as per your requirement and save BIG!

How much time it takes LamdaTest to add new browser version when it's released?

When there is a new stable version of a browser, they usually put it in their platform within a week. They also test it ourselves before giving it to customers so that the testing experience is good for everyone.

Would I be able to change browser settings?

You can change your browser settings on a website that you visit. You have full access to these settings. But be warned: if you have specific preferences, you will need to re-set them every time you come back.

I am not able to properly hear the sound in the virtual machine. What is happening?

For Chrome and Firefox, you can hear sounds on the computer. For mobile emulators and Internet Explorer, they currently do not have support to let you hear sounds. It is because of the way those browsers work. They are working to find a workaround though so stay tuned.

Why does my website load differently on LT Browser and Real time testing?

Using the real-time testing feature of LambdaTest can help you if the website has certain OS-level configuration requirements that do not get replicated on LT Browser.

LambdaTest Alternatives  & Competitors 2021

1) Sauce Labs

Saucelabs review

It could be called a company enterprises trust that delivers digital virtual conferences. People refer to it as one of the most trusted cloud testing platforms as more than 3 billion tests have been performed on this platform. It gives a complete round review of the consumer’s application journey.

It improves the levels and quality of their businesses by ensuring that the web and mobile apps look, carry the functioning, and perform the tasks exactly as they need to on every browser or any type of device. They help maximize profits, promote the growth of businesses by adopting new strategies, save their brand from an imperfect journey of using their apps, and always serve extra and better to the market.

Pricing: It has four pricing plans: the live testing-virtual machines that cost $19 per month, the live testing-Real devices that cost $49 per month, and the automated-Virtual cloud that costs $149 per month, and the automated-real devices that cost $399 per month. Also, if you need to buy the whole enterprise plan , you will directly need to contact Sauce Labs.

2) Perfecto


This platform seems to be a leader for cloud testing because it barely permits testing anywhere and on any device such as real macs, mobile phones, stimulators, and even emulators. Some of its extra and noticeable features include finding bugs, robust test filtering, false-negative filtering, and identify real issues. You can also integrate this platform with different tools. More features include BDD and codeless functioning and operations, bursting capabilities, and much more. It can be the one-stop way to achieve automation with Perfecto.

Pricing: Basically, it has figured out only two pricing plans: the automated desktop web that causes $300 per month. The other is automated web and mobile that costs $600 per month, and for enterprise plans in the case of big organizations teams, you can contact the vendor.

3) CrossBrowser Testing

 If you want to know how your website functions on chrome, FF, IOS, Android, and many such browsers, you can choose this platform. It provides live testing, automated testing, selenium testing, and automated testing. The way to build up your test coverage is indeed CrossBrowser Testing.

Crossbrowser testing

Pricing: Basically, it does not provide any pricing plans, so in case you want to opt for this plan, you can contact their customer service.

4) TestRail

This platform always becomes your right hand in tracking and managing your software testing efforts and managing your QA department. It is straightforward to create the test cases, manage the tests, and coordinate the whole testing process via its easy-to-use interface. It is even possible to track the statuses of individual tests, along with timely reports. Productivity is boosted with real-time insights provided by this platform, and the test management is efficient.


Pricing: It has four pricing plans, namely the Testrail professional cloud costing $34 for a year for a single user, the testrail professional server costing $351 per year per user, the testrail enterprise cloud costing $60 per user for a month, and the testrail enterprise server costing $2900 per year for per 5 users.

5) Browsershots

Browsershots is a popular and widely used cross-platform browser compatibility testing tool that provides you with many excellent features and customizations. Browsershots let you test your website for free. 


All you got to do is enter your URL with the selected test parameters and submit the request. Browsershots give you a wide range of customization options like Screen size, JavaScript status, Browser type, and OS. 

 It supports over 200 browser versions; some of the supported browsers include Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Epiphany, Lynx, Seamonkey, etc. Albeit it’s the most widely used testing tool, the disadvantage of browser shots is that it throws Time out error when you select several browsers at once and the time taken to display the result is too long.

Pricing :

  • Browsershots provides a free browser compatibility testing software.

6) Testcomplete

Testcomplete requires no additional configuration or setup to run tests across any natural environment. You can create UI tests easily with any programming language like Golang, Python, or JavaScript.  You can use testcomplete across any platform or web application. 

You can easily do automated UI tests using its Script-free Record and replay function without the hassle of choosing your programming languages. Testcomplete can run tests across more than 2050 natural remote test environments, 1000s of configuration in the cloud or locally.         


Write your code and run the test across any platform. It is compatible with web and mobile applications. You can run GUI tests across multiple environments parallelly to speed up your testing and speed up your tests across any CI/CD platforms. 

Pricing :

  • TestExecute – $650/ year. 
  • TestComplete Base – Starting at $6095.
  • TestComplete Pro –  Starting at $9479.

7) Ranorex studio

Ranorex Studio is perfect for beginners or those who don’t have deep knowledge of coding. It allows you to build and deploy instantly. It provides Codeless automation which is a bonus. It provides a user-friendly interface for developers who prefer working with programming languages with an IDE to build automation modules independently. 

Ranorex studio

It is the all-in-one automated test tool that provides Integrated DevOps plugins to test and analyze your code for automatic bug tracking and speeds up the testing process. 

It also provides compatibility to mobile and browser devices, writes your code,e and runs the test across any platform locally or in the cloud according to your convenience. You can also get in touch with their customer support at any time to resolve your issue. 

Pricing :

  • Studio license – $3590/user/year 
  • Enterprise license – $5990/ Single team working on the same project/year
  • Runtime license – $890/ Run tests on Additional machines/year.

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More Commonly Asked Questions on Lambda Test Review :

Is LambdaTest open source?

Free Cross Browser Testing Tool For Open Source.

Which cross browser testing tool is best?

Top cross browser testing tools in 2021 1) TestComplete.
3) QA Wolf.
4) LambdaTest.
5) Browsershots.
6) Turbo Browser Sandbox.
7) IE NetRenderer.

What is cross platform testing?

Cross-platform testing is when you make sure your app works on many different types of devices. Cross-platform testing is important, because your app will not be used on only one type of device.

Does LambdaTest use real devices?

Yes they do use real devices.

Would I need to install a software or extension to use LambdaTest virtual machines?

No, you do not need to install any software or extension or plugin. You just need to go on and open the virtual machine through the launcher. Then you can start testing without any configuration at all!

Is LambdaTest Legit ?

Yes it is 100% legit.

– Test your browser with the power of LambdaTest: it can automatically switch to another browser and test and inspect web pages, screen videos, images and other data. It can also generate a report of the results.

– You have the flexibility to run tests with or without a browser.

– You can choose which browsers you want to test, which tools you want to use for testing and how long the tests will run.

– With LambdaTest, you can build your own automation script by writing a Python script that does everything for you.

– Your automated scripts are self-contained so they won’t introduce bloat into your production websites, even if you have them in staging environments or on private servers.

– Live Interactive and Automated cross browser testing

– You can save time and money on costly maintenance for websites that don’t perform as you expect.

– Cross Browser testing support for over 2000 different browsers on all major platforms including: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, iOS and ChromeOS.

– Automated browser testing allows you to get website security testing done in seconds.

– The fully automated test will run as frequently as needed without having to set up or maintain an ongoing test environment.

How To Schedule A Screenshot Test Using LambdaTest Screenshot Scheduler

Take Screenshots Of Pages Behind Login Screen | Testing Behind Login | Screenshot Testing

Mobile First Approach and Testing – Push the boundaries

Conclusion: LambdaTest Review 2021 LambdaTest Discount Coupon July 2021

It is important to ensure that your web page incompatible with various browsers as not all users or visitors use the same browser. With Lambda anyone can easily make their web pages compatible with all browsers so their web pages work smoothly on all of the browsers in order to provide better user experience to your website visitors.

Is LambdaTest good?

LambdaTest is a good company because it lets you test your website on different browsers and even local sites. Promised features sometimes never appear. The price keeps changing.

What are your thoughts on this LambdaTest Reviews ? Have you used LambtaTest in past let me know in comments.


8 thoughts on “LambdaTest Review 2021 Top 5 Features & Pricing (Coupon Code 25% Off) Is LambdaTest Good?”

  1. LambdaTest is brilliant. The simplicity of testing locally hosted URLs over hundreds of browsers & operating systems without worrying about infrastructure issues has led me to deliver better softwares in the quickest way.

  2. Lambda test is a cross-browser testing cloud which allows developers and testers to perform cross-browser testing on 2000+ real browsers and operating system online in varying screen resolution.

    LambdaTest is an online service that provides cloud-based testing of your applications.

    It enables you to test and debug every functionality of your web and mobile app in real-time.

  3. LambdaTest assists you with performing live intelligent and robotized cross program testing on 2000+ genuine programs and working frameworks on the web, LambdaTest is been trusted by 375,000+ clients across the web and It’s not just about foundation, you get an entire scope of free highlights that will make your cross program testing experience smoother and help you transport items quicker.

  4. With LambdaTest, you can test for responsiveness of your site or web application by a solitary snap across various screen sizes and perceive how your site reacts appropriately. With our Secure Shell Tunnel, you can likewise test the responsiveness of your privately facilitated sites.

  5. I strongly pursue you to try out LambdaTest.
    Lambda Test is fantastic. It’s cross-browser, and device testing really minimizes frustration and gets in front of bug reports from clients.
    Its tunneling makes local development testing super straight forward.

  6. LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross browser testing platform that helps enterprises run web automation tests at scale (through parallel testing)
    The best thing I like about it is LambdaTest offers LT browser – a path-breaking developer-oriented tool that helps assess the responsiveness of your website. It eases the task of mobile testing as responsive tests can run against 50+ resolutions. You can also create unlimited custom devices.

  7. LambdaTest is a scalable cloud-based cross-browser testing cloud software solution. It is designed for users to perform automated and live interactive testing on more than 2,000 real browsers and operating systems online. It is suitable for an audience that includes digital marketing creative agencies, web design and development companies and internet-based businesses.

  8. LambdaTest offers a variety of features and tools equipped to handle even the most complicated processes. This includes ensuring websites and applications are functional and compatible across different platforms. It also provides users with the ability to deploy projects and test websites on multiple operating systems in different screen resolutions. Overall, it improves the testing experience, lessening headaches and stress for web development agencies.


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