LastPass Review 2021: Is This Password Manager Safe To Use?

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Form Fills


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Spots Weak Passwords
  • Works On Any Device
  • Handy Browser Plug-in
  • Free Version is great
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Amazing UI across platforms
  • tore all of you and your family's passwords across all your devices without sacrificing security
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Generate strong passwords
  • Store digital records


  • Limited Password sharing without subscription
  • Password change can be tedious

LastPass is too simple to even consider suggesting. Its free-form gives limitless secret word stockpiling (however, just on one gadget type), while Premium supporters get a couple of additional treats.

Price:$ 3

A few years back, I was looking for an excellent software that could keep and align all my passwords. I was fortunate to find a platform like LastPass, which helped me with password-related problems. LastPass is one of the many software presents on the internet today for password protection. 

According to me, for an avid user of this very well structured and streamlined software, this software has a variety of uses, and the most important of them is this software remembers your passwords, and you never have to enter the password to get into your account again after that. There are lots of positive reviews for LastPass. Many users really felt secure using LastPass.

Hence let us dive into the LastPass Review and see the complete review of LastPass in this article.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

LastPass is a type of software that LogMeIn provides. To differentiate between its users’ personal and professional lives, LastPass provides different kinds of very useful plans, namely; Personal plans and Business plans for its users.

LastPass is one of the best password protection software available on the internet today, if you are a premium member of this software it is technically impossible to leak your password or to get into your vault to check your private information, moreover, it also allows the person to share his or her private information whenever there is a case of emergency and the person can also work on this software with minimum lags.

One of the major crimes committed in today’s world is cybercrimes. This software helps its customers prevent these cybercrimes. This software does not allow users to enter the auto-credentials in any of the apps that people use while they are using LastPass. There are many great features of this app.

It’s not difficult to use, from arrangement to secret phrase the board, yet tragically, its free account has lost a great deal of utility with the freshest variant of LastPass.

Additionally, the 2015 security break raises some warnings. Be that as it may, LastPass took care of it all around ok to be as deserving of another opportunity.

LastPass Review in Detail

Lastpass Overview- Lastpass Review

LastPass Highlights: 

LastPass has countless highlights set up; all planned considering some kind of safety point. In all, LastPass has the accompanying highlights (Features) and alternatives:

  • Privately put away expert secret phrase
  • Secret key autofill
  • Secret phrase altering
  • Secrets phrase generator
  • Secrets phrase strength examining
  • Store and autofill web structures (monetary data, addresses, and different kinds of regular web structures)
  • Open using any program, program module, or versatile applications
  • Secure note-taking
  • Secure secret phrase and note sharing
  • SMS account recuperation
  • Frail or copy personal critical alarms
  • Programmed copy secret phrase evacuation
  • Converging with program saved passwords
  • Limit login to indicate nations
  • Advanced heritage sharing
  • Secret phrase or site looking


Password Generator:

This is one of the many essential features of the LastPass as whenever a user joins LastPass or changes the password; it prompts the user to make a strong password, it prompts the user to make the user use all the specific characters that can be used, it also provides with the options like Easy to Read or Easy To Use. To effectively use this tool, you should always use specific login from the vault.

Password Replay and Capture:

Whenever you enter a secure website, the software of LastPass always gives a notification to save the credentials, so this login can also be shifted to a new folder, and you also have the option to never save the password for that particular website.

Multi-Factor Authentication;

Multi-Factor Authentication is a vital feature of this software. It is available for premium users as this feature adds another level to the security of the user as it adds the feature of fingerprint on the smartphone or any other related device to secure the password even more strongly.

Encrypted File Storage:

This is another feature that is only available for people who have premium plans. This feature can get an additional 1 GB of storage space to store aur sensitive information like passwords and security numbers.

Emergency Access:

This feature is one of the best features this app software allows as this feature allows any one of your trusted people to gain access to your account in an emergency; if you want them to join, you will have to send a request to that particular person to allow him or her to join your vault.

Sharing Center:

This software allows us to share the password and all the sensitive information stored in the vault very easily. This feature also tells us whether the person with whom you have shared all the passwords and information has accepted our share request or not. The best thing about this feature is that you can also share the password with the other users, and they would still have access to the account, and all but the password of the account would be hidden from them

You can share the account with multiple users if you have a premium account and share the password with only one if you have a free account.

Security Challenge:

Security Challenge is the type of monitor in which the monitor examines the strength of the password that the user sets; this feature also highlights the password if it is a weak one and hints us to change the password and convert it into a strong one, it also shows a relative score to tell us that how strong a password has been, this tool can help us from getting our accounts hacked due to weak passwords and along with this, this tool also provides us with adequate information as to how can you convert a weak password into a strong password and moreover how to make arrangements and adjustments with it.

LastPass Mobile Apps

In the recent past, the people of LastPass have also developed a mobile version of this software which actually very closely resembles the computer version of this software; the most unusual and interesting thing about this app is that this app has a FaceID for itself and has to be used by the owner of the phone itself as other things or systems would not unlock the app , you can find other features like emergency access, password generator and security challenges in the dashboard that itself opens whenever you open the app and the most positive thing is that this works as well as in the mobile version as it does in the laptop version.

Other Features: 

  • Shared Folders, secure notes, advanced settings:

On the off chance that you truly need to get more out of your secret word administrator, LastPass benefits have extra choices. A paid record accompanies 1 GB of extra room, making it a good area to store and share a predetermined number of significant documents.

You can utilize the Sharing Center to impart documents to different records; however, this is an element just accessible as a component of the Family plan.

Anybody can utilize Secure Notes, in any case, which can be utilized to hold secure data you can’t actually recollect yourself (like wifi passwords). Also, you can impart your notes to other people, despite the fact that they will require a LastPass record to acknowledge the offer.

Other Features-Secure

Past that, there’s an abundance of little ways you can control LastPass in the high-level settings, accessible just from the Vault. For instance, you can more readily get your record utilizing two-factor confirmation.

LastPass incorporates with the entirety of the accompanying multifaceted authenticators:

  • LastPass Authenticator
  • Google Authenticator
  • Toopher
  • Pair
  • Transakt
  • Lattice
  • YubiKey
  • Unique mark/Smart Card:
  • Sesame
  • Salesforce Authenticator

You can likewise make other fascinating security changes, as to forbid logins from Tor organizations, set different gadgets running LastPass to log off naturally when you sign in to another gadget, and surprisingly let LastPass know when a few URLs have the equivalent login data (a decent method to autofill sites with various login pages).

Ease To Use :

This is the best software that I used whenever I thrived for password protection, and believe me that this software never disappointed me and fulfilled all my demands, so in my opinion, it was the easiest software you could purchase if you wanted to fulfill all the password related problems and be sure about your password’s security. But for the satisfaction of you guys, let us dive into another segment of the LastPass Review; that is how this platform is so straightforward to use.

One of the important things is to sync your passwords to your mobile phone whenever you want it. This software is just perfect in that it works in various websites simultaneously over time to help you navigate across all tabs, and this also helps to bring all the options like notepad, addresses, and passwords in different menu options across the website and the most important thing are

It works in the same efficient way across all browsers like Google, macOS, Linux, Ryzen, and Opera.

It is also very important and very easy to import data. You don’t have to bother around checking about all the features present on the software to find how you can import data. The most necessary thing around is that all this work can be done very easily with extremely negligible or no lags as this software is designed to work across all the tabs efficiently without getting hanged even a single time.

But yes, it is very important and worthy to mention that all the app’s security features are not at all easy to handle. Still, the setup of this process is relatively easy, and both types of people who are either having an expert hand at computers or even if they are pretty newbies can handle this software be it in the app or be it in mobile very easily.

Customer Support:
As you have come to know from the above article about the proficiency of this software in all the password-related problems, so now let us dive into another segment of the  LastPass Review that is the customer support. This software provides us with excellent options when it comes to asking questions regarding the software.

It is actually a simple task to get in touch with the software and the technology team as most of the liberties and the priority of the team of LastPass is to maintain and clear the concerns of all the premium customers.

The customer support is pretty excellent and when I went to their website, I was amazed to see that there were a large number of guidance videos that guided all the people who were new to this software and helped them to solve all their problems. The FAQs available are also quite brilliant and always end up solving all issues.

But they do not have excellent customer support because they do not have a calling option to clear your doubts. Hence can only be contacted through email support.

LastPass Pricing:

LastPass has a variety of plans, be it paid or be it free, the bills are generally billed annually after a thirty-day trial, but there is no refund policy, there is a free version which includes features like password autofill, password generator, and the most important one to one password sharing.

Whereas the premium plan includes many other new features like emergency access, multiple authentication processes, the password can also be shared with more than one person and even provides more than a GB of data to transfer the files into another login also.

There is a plan further, also called the Business Plan, which is usually devised for major businesses; it also provides a one-time password that can be logged in over twelve hundred times.

Now, as you know that there are three types of plans, namely, LastPass Free Version, LastPass Premium Plan, LastPass Families Plan.

LastPass free version is a completely free version and costs  $0
LastPass premium version costs around $3 per month
LastPass families version costs around $4 per month

Lastpass pricing plans- lastpass review

LastPass Business Pricing 

LastPass offers a scope of plans focused on organizations. There are four alternatives going from $3 to $8 per client, contingent upon the number of clients you have, the kind of multifaceted choices you need, and the revealing choices you want. LastPass’s business estimating offers a great deal of adaptability. 

Lastpass business pricing plans- lastpass password manager review

The business estimating isn’t awful; however, LastPass comes up short on the highlights and incorporations of administrations like Zoho Vault.

We like the multifaceted choices with “LastPass authenticator,” SSO alternatives, and details. Nonetheless, Zoho actually wins with regard to reconciliation with outsider applications.

At the point when LastPass Was Hacked:

In 2015, LastPass was hacked. Fortunately, LastPass was impending about the hack, telling its clients immediately, in contrast to NordVPN (read our NordVPN audit).

The cyber attackers had the option to access and take information in the LastPass cloud; however, they didn’t get to any delicate data. Due to the zero-information model, no vaults were undermined.

All things considered, it’s excessively dangerous. In 2019, Google started cautioning clients about a LastPass phishing plan, as well. Task Zero, Google’s security examination group, discovered a weakness where LastPass could release a client’s secret phrase through an obsolete store. This weakness was, fortunately, fixed quickly by LastPass.

Fixing hacking problem - Lastpass Review

What’s significant here isn’t that LastPass was hacked, yet how it reacted to the security penetrate. As per search volume, LastPass is the most popular secret word chief around. That implies it has a major objective on its back. The hack, given the volume of clients, comes as little shock.

It’s critical to recall how mainstream LastPass is when making a decision about its security engineering. LastPass can’t absolutely forestall an assault on its workers.

All things considered, it has taken the entirety of the legitimate measures to guarantee that if there is a cyberattack, no touchy information is delivered. We saw that in the 2015 break.

How To Sign-in into LastPass?

The sign-in into this software is very easy and can easily be completed in a few steps and you can use this software easily, so the first step is to click the icon of this software in your toolbar in the web browser. After this, you have to enter the username and the master password and then click login.

Now if you have a premium account in this software, you will have to complete all steps of multi-factor authentication if this is enabled in your account as this software will prompt you to complete all steps before the login.

After all these steps you are finally logged in to your account in this software and now you have to click onto the search bar so that you can move to your desired site.

Now sometimes, the LastPass icon is not available in your toolbar, in that case, you have to install the LastPass web browser extension, it helps us to automatically login into our sites as this extension is equipped with a feature of auto-filled credentials.

In addition to all this, you can manually select a username and password from any of the ones that are available to us from our vault, and then finally in the toolbar on the website

Of this software, you can find the inactive icon.

Is LastPass Secure?

Now, after this lengthy review of this software, you know that this software is superb in handling password-related problems and specializes in security-related issues. Now, this software provides us with multiple features like LastPass Security, Multiple Authentication, Emergency Address, Encrypted File Storage, and many other features just for the security of our essential password.

It is pretty well known that if you are a premium member of this software, it is very impossible to detect your password and get into your vault to see your private information.

As for the premium members, it provides them with an additional GB of data to store the very private and essential information and you can also transfer all the necessary information into a different account of login, so which makes it nearly impossible to leak into any person’s vault.

The software of LastPass has been equipped with the highest security that is possible for software in the case of laptop or mobile; this app also provides us with an option called one-time password or OTP, which is a type of password that can be used for only one time to access into your account, this is very useful when you are to log out of our account in a highly dangerous or an emergency place.

Let’s take an overview of this software. You can say that this software is among the best available on the internet because this server takes all things into considerations like security.

If you are in an emergency, then you can hand over our private account that contains all the very important and sensitive information to anyone who you trust, this software also provides us with a one time password that helps us to login into our account that to only for once, this fantastic software also has a mobile app that works nearly as perfect as the original application in our laptop.

This app also provides a security challenge that helps us to check whether our password is up to the mark or not and also tells us where our loopholes are and how you can set a password that is more strong.

For the people who have taken the premium subscription for the usage of this software, the app also provides you with multi-factor authentication, which includes a fingerprint touch from the owner to unlock the device and also gives us with encrypted file storage that helps the people to provide an extra GB of storage so that the people can store their private files and messages.

This also provides us with namely two more features, namely Password Generator and Password Capture; password generator includes an alarm that tells us that if the password you have set for our account is enough and it also makes sure that you had taken into consideration all the special characters that were required when you were to set a password for our account, whereas the password capture sends us a notification whenever you fill our credentials in it and also allows us to transfer all the files to another login or if you want you can delete them also.

Pros & Cons of LastPass Reviews


  • It does not let us set a weak password
  • Can share the password with a person in case of emergency
  • Provides multiple logins
  • The account can be shifted to another login immediately
  • Information can be shared with a person without any hassle.
  • Provides some extra space to store information if required.
  • It can fill auto-credentials once you log in for another time.


  • No phone number to call to clear any problems.
  • Not a good customer service for the free users
  • No multiple authentications for free users.

Quick Links:

FAQs On LastPass:

Is the LastPass free version any good?

LastPass Free password manager is undoubtedly one of the best password managers available to users for free. However, it doesn’t include advanced 2FA, secure cloud storage, and emergency access in the free version. It is still a good option if you want good password management free of charge.

What are the features that are not available to the customers having a free version?

There are only a couple of features that are not available to the free users, namely multiple authentications and encrypted file storage wherein the software provides a touchpad to maintain extreme privacy, and you get an extra GB to store your extra files, respectively.

Is LastPass legitimate?

Yes, it is the most legitimate password protection software across the internet. Even for free users, it has several features that help to enhance the security of the password. Still, yes, there are some premium features like multiple authentications and advanced password encryption.

How can you enhance the security of our password using this software?

Although if you are avid users of this software, it is quite possible that you know that our password technically cannot be leaked, if apart from this some customers are actually apprehensive about the safety of their password, they can upgrade their account to a premium account which provides very important and useful features with the most important of them being Multiple Authentications, this feature is actually the most important one as this provides us with a fingerprint scan which only opens once the owner uses it.

Is this software user-friendly?

Yes, this software is actually very user-friendly as this software is designed in such a way that it can work across platforms and across websites without creating even a little bit of hassle, this software is designed in such a way that it has no lags even the clients are using it continuously for a very long period of time, so in short you can work on this software for long periods of time without having to worry about any lags.

Is the mobile app as efficient as the computer application?

Yes, actually it is very difficult to find software that has both of its apps whether on a laptop or on mobile working the same efficiently, but this software is one of them. The software team of this software has made the mobile version of the app so beautifully that even that app does not hang or even lag whenever we are using it for a long time.

Conclusion: Is LastPass Safe, Secure and Any Good? LastPass Review 2021

Well, this is the best software you can get across the internet for your password protection; this software has both mobile and laptop versions that too work equally well. LastPass software provides you with multiple features which in turn help to increase the protection of your vault, and this software does not even let us make a weak password.

However, there is no phone number to call directly on. You can email them whenever you have a query; they have excellent customer support, which helps the customer solve all its problems.

It has multiple important features like Security, Sharing Center, Mobile Apps, and many other features, but its premium features contain important features like Multi Authentications and Advanced Password Encryptions; this software also provides its customers with a variety of plan that too at very affordable costs and also has terrific customer support especially for the premium users.

In short, if you are looking for a password-protected software, you should go with the LastPass software as this is the most trusted software available on the internet.


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