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A logo has the power to present the idea behind a product with just an image. It is the only way to implant your existence in the audience’s mind and so nobody leaves this part unattended. As an owner to a company even you should be searching for ‘The One’ quality logo which gets to represent you. But till date most of us have been unable to hire a logo creating expert to craft a high graphic logo out of designs that we aspire. With the idea to eliminate these constraints Laughingbird Software launched it’s The Logo Creator, that allows you to create Photoshop quality images by using its vast collection of creative templates.

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The logo creator even provides you with the license to sell what you create, so you can sell the images you create and make money out of it.


  • Logos For Your Website
  • Page Header
  • Custom Blog Graphic Design
  • Video Overlay Watermarks
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • This Logo Maker is Very Easy To
  • Use Just drag And Drop Than Simple
  • Edit It The Way You Like It


  • The only thing that could use some improving is the logo browsing feature – it takes a while to find my logos sometimes.

The Logo Creator review homepage

Turn your idea into logo

Watch this video by Marc Sylvester to know how you can create a logo

Loaded with bunches of logos, ‘The Logo Creator’ will surely manage to inspire great ideas within you. All of the preloaded logos are configured with software that are modifiable. So just add your creativity with its vibrant and sassy designs to produce your own logo with an experts touch. This way you can also customize the text of your existing logo by substituting it in the text placeholders or, you can change the design using only the original layout as a guide.

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The logo creator sample

The Logo Creator empowers you to create a logo even from scratch. It comes in several editions, which are a collection of pre designed logos and images that can be included in any custom design. The best part is that you can even import your own images and work on them with the provided tools. But due to the enormous amount of PNG and JPG files this application turns heavy and takes a while to load. After it has been installed it can still take you about an hour to launch it the first time due to its 34MB size.

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Designing options

Design Business Cards

The Logo Creator business cards

The Logo Creator   Character


The Logo Creator Character


The Logo Creator   Facebook timeline


The Logo Creator facebook timeline The Logo Creator Logo Maker AND Graphics Creator

More than just a logo creator

The logo creator review features

With The Logo Creator’s element setter option you can create professional quality logos without going much into technical details. Although the brand name insists on handling logo as its speciality, it has much more to offer. With this extensive tool you can splice photographs, create web banners, and test colour schemes for web page layouts. If you already have a logo then you can add a touch up to improvise on its graphic quality. As you learn more about it you will be able to create web graphics, podcast albums, page headers, Facebook timeline images, and all kinds of graphics for your website, blog or social network group. Overall, it is an excellent package and surely way more than just Logo design software.

Easy to handle

The logo creator review easy to use

All the technical stuffs that you have so far found in Word or Photoshop based documents will finally come to rest. The Logo Creator will serve as an online personal facility with which you can scale, change character spacing and line spacing, as well as change font from pre selected fonts available with the software package, or can even use fonts that are pre installed on your own computer.

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Watch this video by Marc Sylvester, check out how easy it is to create a 3D- Logo

After adding a template or uploading an image of your choice you can rotate an object to any angle, add shadow effects, outline items, or even play with the amount of transparency with which the image should finally appear. Just think about the background colours that you can add and as you grow in practice you will also be able to control group/ungroup, lock, and hide layers within.

Version 6.8

With the latest 6.8 version of The Logo Creator you even get to change the height and width of an object independently, copy and paste images from Photoshop onto the canvas, duplicate selected elements with keyboard shortcuts and, create business cards and upload them to the print shop directly.


The logo creator review interface

Though you may find it sluggish during the entire downloading and launching phase, but your troubles won’t go in vain. The options available under ‘The Logo Creator’ are very flexible and intuitive. If you wish to populate options for images, then all you need to do is click on the image, and similarly you can see the options for texts by simply clicking on them. On top of it the software is preloaded with tutorials and hints that show you how to create logos that you have always fantasized.


Templates & Logo elements

The logo creator review templates

The first step to any work is the most difficult and time consuming. Just so that you don’t miss out on any more time the software comes preloaded with about 200 creative templates. You can easily browse through these options to create logos in abundance and choose the best ones.

Other than templates ‘The Logo Creator’ offers more than 300 different logo elements, including: Stars, letters, Shapes, characters, shadows, Backgrounds and much more. So that it is easier on your part, you can just drag and drop any of those elements onto the canvas and create more cool graphics.

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After you have worked on a couple of these logos you can save them as templates for your next job. This way you not only get to create your own logos but instead you can enter a new series of businesses as a logo maker. You also get to save your works in different formats and sizes ranging through JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, transparent options, as well as in quarter sizes, thumbnail size and full size.

Laughingbird Logocreator Addons

Laughingbird Logocreator Addons


The logo creator price

From the moment I downloaded ‘The Logo Creator’ to the moment I was finished designing my first logo, the entire package was more than what I bargained for. As a layman everything seemed excellent to me because not only it provided me options to begin with but also options to further grow my ideas. Each individual edition of The Logo Creator is currently running at $29.95, and it’s well worth the price. The options available with some of these editions may be restricted by simplicity, but their overall capabilities are entirely limited to your creativity and imagination.

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