Leadbit Presents Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017: I am Going Let’s Meet

The world of Internet, blogging and digital marketing is dynamic. It’s rapidly growing and developing faster than anything else today. Considered obsolete a decade ago, today blogging and marketing is where the money actually lies. There are millions of companies, affiliates and startups popping into the scene from every corner of the globe every. We notice the rise of a new entrepreneur and influencer every second day of the week, either collaborating with or challenging the veterans.

These influencers are approaching just about every niche and industry you can imagine with an aim of making it big. This shows the importance for networks, affiliates, advertisers and publishers alike to meet in person under one roof, as and when possible.

Now that being said, I’m delighted and rather excited to inform you all that there’s one major affiliate conference coming our way this autumn. In past I have attended lot of conference like AWE Berlin 2017, RiseConf Hong Kong 2017.

Behold the “Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017

leadbit moscow conference

This event quite evidently from its name is going to be held in Moscow, Russia on September 28, 2017. The title sponsors for this event are going to be “stm” and Leadbit.

Event address: Moscow, 1st Zachatyevsky lane, bld. 4, Event-Hall “Info-Space”

The enthusiasm I am showing here is due the fact that I will be attending this tremendous event. This conference is going to be a living extravaganza and will be home to the leading personalities in the world of blogging, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO & SMO consultancy and a lot more.

Check out conference here and lets meet here : http://affiliateconf.com/

Powered by Leadbit group

Just like the previous event held on March 30 earlier this year, Leadbit is the event’s premium sponsor this time as well. For those of you who may not be familiar with this group, Leadbit is an affiliate network of highly professional and experienced affiliate managers skilled for websites and blogs set on different niches.

Websites and brands linked with Leadbit network services have experienced much success and boosted sales. They are the ones behind the success of advertising network MediaVenus, the FBilling mobile-focused affiliate network, the MostBet betting company and many more.

Leadbit have a base of numerous international webmasters that allow you to work with any kind of traffic from over 50+ countries spanning across Europe, Asia and CIS.

About the event

For 24 hours, this event in the capital city of Russia will be the home for the top affiliates and leading international affiliate networks from all over the world. Since this is going to be an International affair, the facilities being organized are to suffice the purpose from people from all regions and languages. The event organizers will be arranging a meet up and lounge area for speakers and sponsors. There will be panel discussions by international and reputed experts, influencers and marketers along with multilingual broadcasts with interpretation services.

There is an expansive list of global affiliate networks that are going to be a part of this conference. This list includes the likes of.

  • ClickDealer
  • MaxBounty
  • MundoMedia
  • Mobidea
  • Yeahmobi
  • Mobvista
  • Traffic Factory
  • Exoclick
  • TrafficJunky
  • Adsterra
  • Voluum
  • AdsBridge
  • Reporo
  • AdvertStar
  • Digital Rave
  • Cpamatica

And many more.

How much does the entry cost?

While normal human expectations would suggest you that the entry passes for such a grand scale event would easily cost something around thousands of dollars. But to my surprise, the entry fee for the Moscow Affiliate Conference is NIL. That’s right. $0!

They are offering free entry for everyone, especially to affiliates. They are weaving a friendly atmosphere with numerous pleasant facilities and benefits. Of course you will need to manage your own flight and accommodation, but the conference organizers do have resources in place if you need help getting a visa for coming into Russia.

My excitement

Being a Digital marketer and SEO consultant, this event is like a rock concert that I have dreamt of attending since I chose this as my full time profession. It’s honestly my privilege to be attending this event and standing toe to toe, conversing and clicking selfies with the leaders in affiliate and digital marketing. I’m proud that I have established myself to a level so I can be a part of such a grand event.

Vot i ya Moskva. HERE I COME!

Check out conference here and lets meet here : http://affiliateconf.com/

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