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This product clearly explains who visited your website or landing page. Lead generation is a difficult business. How do you know if someone is really interested in what you have?

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(Updated) Leadfeeder Review 2021: Check Out Try 7-Days Free Trial Here

Detailed Leadfeeder Review

Leadfeeder is an intuitive website visitor tracking software designed to help businesses to increase Thier sales and marketing ROI (Return On Investment).

With trusted companies such as Cision, Eventbrite, and Capacent, this tool provides The number of lead generation, automatic reporting, scoring, and lead filtering capabilities.

With this system, companies can automatically Generate their potential Leads based on their preferred criteria. This can be browsing behavior, demographics, geography or a source.

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Then they are split into streams that you and your sales team can later analyze in more detail. These make it easier to find and secure potential customers when they visit your website.

Plus, you can integrate your sales and marketing data so you can find new prospects and easily track your existing customers.

It also uses data from Google Analytics, CRM and email marketing tools to provide the best possible visitor tracking information on your site.

Users can also choose to enhance their workflow-enhancing capabilities by combining them with solutions such as Zoho CRM, WebCRM, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.

How Does Leadfeeder Work?

The provider offers chat and e-mail support to answer all your questions quickly. In addition, they provide free training to create opportunities and sales tactics for all users.

You can see potential customers seven days a week who visited your site and did not contact you.

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Up to 100 potential customers. In addition, you can view important company information such as location, region, number of employees, LinkedIn page, and contact information.

You can also see what a company was looking for before you access your website. This is important to understand your purchase intent.

The app notifies you by email when a key manager visits your website to track it. If a company does not interest you, you can hide it so that it does not occupy valuable quota space.

Overview of Leadfeeder Features

  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Email notifications
  • Email marketing integration
  • Automatic lead sync with CRM
  • Browsing behavior tracking
  • Automatic reporting
  • Behavioral intelligence
  • Customizable lead filtering
  • Collaboration tools
  • CRM integration

What Can We Do with This Sales Tracking Data?

One of the biggest risks associated with this kind of data is the lack of an action plan to use the data supply.

The data is intriguing, but you need the plan and the resource to use it effectively to generate leads.

The world is your oyster in terms of options, but to start with ten, here are some ideas for you:

Leadfeeder review - smart plan

  • Use the notification service, which sends email notifications when a particular company visits the site.
  • Integrate this data into your more traditional marketing, for example by using contacts for a personalized mailing.
  • Create custom filters that relate to your sales strategy, such as: For example, by location, industry or company name.
  • Analyze your data to see the evolution of visitor behavior in terms of frequency and number of pages visited.

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  • Identify the key pages on your site that indicate a specific intent to sell, such as a product page or a price page.
  • Identify the companies that interact with your site based on the campaigns you’re running, especially campaigns.
  • Integrate sales data into your existing CRM package (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho, PipeDrive).

Detailed Key Features Of Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a web application that improves your business intelligence by integrating your sales and marketing data.

Leadfeeder review - benifits

1.Connect with Google Analytics

Leadfeeder is a Top Rated application for Google Analytics and provides a great way to generate free sales opportunities. To get started, just go to Google Analytics for your business

2.30 Days Free Leads

Leadfeeder Goes back 30 days and collects historical data so you can get detailed information immediately. This is one of the benefits of using Google Analytics to generate opportunities. You can use a wealth of information.

3.LinkedIn Connection

The lead feeder tells you who is connected to a visiting company so that you can start a conversation with them.

4.Automatic lead score

Your most promising prospects are automatically on the list of potential customers so you can focus on them.

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5.MailChimp Integration

After you send an email, you can monitor what the recipients are doing on your site and then talk to them about this behavioral intelligence.

6.Personal e-mail notifications

When certain companies visit your site, you will be notified by e-mail so you can track at the right time.

7.Leads to your CRM

You can connect Leadfeeder to your CRM and relax as the app automatically sends new visits to your sales channel.

8.Free users

Add as many users as you need, and use Leadfeeder’s lead management tools to help your business avoid online shoppers.

9.Powerful search

In Leadfeeder, search for a company and look at your entire browsing history to get a complete picture of what interests you.

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10.Versatile filtering

Build and save powerful feeds, such as: For example, companies from a particular country, an AdWords campaign, or a specific website.

11.Faster results

The application updates your list of potential customers around the clock, seven days a week, so you know that a business is interested in you before you pass it on to your competitor.

12. See the people of MailChimp

When you send an e-mail to a person with MailChimp and Leadfeeder, the click will display what that person has done on your site.

13.CRM integrations

If you have an agreement in your CRM and are wondering when to track, Leadfeeder will let you know when it’s back.

14.Priority support and training.

The vendor’s marketing and sales team is always ready to help you achieve your goals, and Premium is your priority

Leadfeeder review - service

16.Powerful filtering

All companies or visits are not interesting. Therefore, you can filter the results for useful sources only from the most important tracks.

17.Cooperation Tools

If your sales reps are only responsible for specific regions or products, the application facilitates the assignment of relevant potential customers.

Pros and Cons


  • Website traffic by a company.
  • Website traffic by location.
  • Website traffic by duration.
  • Alerting departments in various ways.
  • Easy to install


  • Can’t get actual visitor information
  • Price is a bit high compared

Pricing Policy

Fortunately, you can try a 14-day free trial with Leadfeeder. It may be short, but it is sufficient to analyze its properties. You also do not need a credit card to start.

It should be noted that all Leadfeeder users can access the same functions. Everything we have reviewed, regardless of your pay package.

The only difference is the number of potential customers your account can support. Here are the Leadfeeder review details and prices:

Leadfeeder Pricing Plans:

  • 200 UNIQUE COMPANIES $59 per month
  • 400 UNIQUE COMPANIES $99 per month
  • 1000 UNIQUE COMPANIES $169 per month
  • 3000 UNIQUE COMPANIES $299 per month

Leadfeeder offers several enterprise pricing options depending on the features you need. Check out the details, and select a suitable plan for your business:

  • 200 unique companies – $59 per month
  • 400 unique companies – $99 per month
  • 1000 unique companies – $169 per month
  • 3000 unique companies – $299 per month
  • Premium features

Leadfeeder review - pricing

All plans include the same set of features:

  • Faster results
  • MailChimp people view
  • CRM integrations
  • Visit details
  • Priority support and training
  • LinkedIn connection
  • Powerful filtering
  • Collaboration tools

Free features

  • Chat and email support
  • Free training
  • 7 days’ leads
  • Company details
  • See keywords
  • View Feeds
  • Email alerts
  • Hide companies

Lead Feeder integrations

Leadfeeder integrated with five platforms: Zoho, Pipedrive, WebCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

If you want to benefit from bidirectional integration, it’s best to continue with WebCRM or Pipedrive. Your visitor can view your company’s CRM data from their device while continuously accessing your valuable information.

Leadfeeder review - reviews

In e-mail marketing, Leadfeeder integrates with MailChimp to provide accurate information on how potential customers respond to their e-mail. It handles Its e-mails very well throughout the process: opening, reading, clicking on links and the corresponding actions on his website.

These are solid integrations that I have to admit, but they are very limited. However, the company is promising to introduce Leadfeeder review of further services in the future.

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Conclusion: Leadfeeder Review 2021|(Read Full Summary)

Leadfeeder Is one of the Best tracking software. The search function Of Leadfeeder allows Their users to search for browsing history With the Help Of company, and From specific companies, users can also save filters for traffic, countries, AdWords campaigns or web pages.

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