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LearnWorlds Pricing

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LearnWorlds is a powerful, easy-to-use, and reliable online training platform for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises. It is an all-in-one, fully customizable, white-label solution that can be utilized to train employees and partners, educate customers, or simply create and sell online courses.

Out of 10


  • Affordable prices
  • Access to a video library
  • Mobile & Tablet Ready
  • Language Customization
  • Branding & Theme editor
  • The interactive content is very impressive


  • Not instant help on cheaper plans
  • Some users report a few glitches in the typing feature


Price: $ 29

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on LearnWorlds Pricing 2024! If you’re ready to create and sell online courses, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we will explore the intricacies of LearnWorlds’ pricing structure, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your online course platform.

LearnWorlds offers a range of pricing options designed to cater to the diverse needs of course creators.

The cost of it can vary depending on factors such as the number of students, customization level, and additional features you need for your online courses.

By the end of this guide, you will be equipped with the insights you need to navigate LearnWorlds’ pricing landscape with confidence.

LearnWorlds Free Plan

If you’re unclear which package is right for you, LearnWorlds provides a 30-day free trial for each. Without providing any payment card information, you may test the full capabilities of each plan during this no-obligation free trial.

Except for the Starter plan, there are no transaction fees. On the Starter plan, a $ 5 charge will be assessed for each course sold.

Bear this in mind while you examine the Starter. Due to the transaction cost and feature limits, the Pro Trainer may be a better alternative for all but the most complete learners.

LearnWorlds Pricing LearnWorlds 30 days free trial

Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced user, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the risk-free 30-day trial.

It will provide you with access to all of LearnWorlds’ capabilities while assisting you in becoming acquainted with their user interface.

During this period, you’ll get an understanding of which features you’re using and which you’re not. This information will aid you in selecting the best plan for you after the 30-day free trial.

The following are some of the fundamental features offered in LearnWorlds’ free plan –

1. Ad Campaign Tracking:

Monitor and evaluate the performance of your Facebook and AdWords (a.k.a. Google Ads) advertising campaigns to expand your sales base.

2. Learner Information:

Learner profiles provide information about their activities and course completions. Additionally, you may access learner analytics, which tracks student activity and progress during a course.

3. Accessibility:

Students may access educational materials via their mobile devices. Together with your site’s built-in social networking capability, this mobile accessibility ensures that your students may engage with information anywhere and at any time.

4. Create and Bundle Material:

Upload and create a variety of materials, including films (in a video library), quizzes, assignments, and examinations. Each plan enables you to package and sell content. Additionally, you may produce coupons to give potential consumers savings.

5. Online Store:

The logo, look & feel, and layout of the site may all be changed to reflect your business. You may use a custom domain or subdomain. LearnWorlds provides over 400 templates to help you get started. They are completely customizable using their web page builder or through the use of custom CSS.

Your school’s language may be Dutch, Italian, Greek, French, Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

LearnWorlds Pricing Plans:

LearnWorlds offers three distinct price options, each with its own set of features. Additionally, we will assist you appropriately so that you may choose the most appropriate plan for your needs.

It is a well-known online course platform with a large number of developers. Additionally, LearnWorlds offers a popular and user-friendly price approach.

Additionally, it provides a variety of price options, including a free one, making it the perfect platform for creators to begin their online course development adventure.

LearnWorlds programs are very affordable and value for money for anybody interested in embarking on an online course adventure and launching their first online course.

LearnWorlds Pricing

The finest feature of LearnWorlds is that they give a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the platform, you can quickly request a refund.

(i) Learning Centre Plan:

The Learning Center plan costs $ 299 per month in case paid monthly or else $ 249 per month in case paid annually.

This includes a lot of advanced features such as a 30-day money-back guarantee, API integration, bulk student upload, 2-hour premium onboarding, single sign-on SSO, customer insights, interactive videos, no transaction fee, 20 admins, and a lot more.

Listed below are many of the most advantageous elements of the LearnWorlds Learning Centre Plan:

1. Support:

With the Learner Center package, LearnWorlds provides 24/7 email assistance.

2. Mobile Application:

LearnWorlds can design and supply an official mobile app for your school on both iOS and Android smartphones. This increases your brand’s trust and enables you to contact learners regardless of their location.

3. The number of contributors:

Your school may have up to twenty donors. Each contributor may be assigned a profile as an administrator or teacher. This determines whether they can just publish and update the material or whether they can control settings and view the site’s statistics.

4. Bulk Student Uploads:

The Learning Center plan, which is intended for big online schools, allows you to build and upload numerous student profiles. Additionally, you may send mass invites to prospective customers.

5. Create Interactive Videos:

Create educational films that are interactive. These may involve the addition of titles, points, photos, quizzes, links, and illustrations. By adding customizable popup text frames to films, you may apply accents to accentuating phrases.

(ii) Pro Trainer:

In the Pro Trainer Plan, which costs $ 99 per month if paid monthly and $ 79 per month if paid yearly, you get all the features of the starting plan without any transaction fees, five administrators, limitless courses, and landing pages, as well as a comprehensive website builder with a blog.

Additionally, subscriptions and memberships, installments, a completely customized course player, a fully customizable payment page, personalized certificates, live classes and webinars via Zoom, onboarding calls, 24 /7 priority email support, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee are included.

Among the most advantageous elements of the LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan are the following:

1. Support:

LearnWorlds provides a modest boost in support for the Pro Trainer plan when compared to the less expensive Starter plan. They provide email help 24 hours a day.

2. A number of contributors:

Increase the number of administrators or lecturers to a maximum of five.

3. Payment Plans:

Create payment arrangements for courses through subscription. Daily, weekly, and monthly are just a few of the terms available. This increases your passive revenue, particularly if your site is densely packed with high-quality material.

4. Digital Certificates:

Create and distribute digital certificates to learners who have finished a prescribed course. Digital certificates may be customized to incorporate information such as the course title, date, CPE (continuous professional education) credits, and student name. Automatically provide certificates upon successful completion of an online examination.

5. No Transaction Fees:

There are no transaction fees associated with the purchase of courses or materials. This enables free memberships to be offered as part of a promotional effort.

The only charges that apply are those imposed by third-party payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe.

(iii) Starter Plan:

This plan begins at $ 29 per month for monthly payments and $ 24 per month for yearly payments for the Starter plan, which includes one administrator, custom domains, unlimited paid courses, a three-page builder, and community development.

Additionally, you will get a free SSL certificate, 24-hour email support, basic integrations, discount codes, four payment methods, a $ 5 charge per course sale, and a host of other advanced features.

You will also receive an 80-day money-back guarantee.

The LearnWorlds Starter Plan includes the following significant features:

1. Support:

LearnWorlds provides email assistance to customers on the Starter plan 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They do not provide telephone assistance.

2. Online Store:

Three pages are allotted to your online school. This will feature a home page, a course catalog, and a student login page.

3. Administrators:

The Starter plan allows one administrator to access it. As a result, if you are a content or course makers team, you will need to choose one of the other programs.

4. Transaction Fees:

The applicable transaction charge is one of the most important disadvantages of the Starter plan. LearnWorlds charges a $ 5 fee for each course sold.

Due to this transaction cost, you should usually avoid selling a course for less than $ 5. Additionally, the Starter package precludes you from delivering free courses.

Which of These LearnWorlds Pricing Plans Should I Choose?

We’ll look at which users each plan is best suited for below. This will aid you in selecting a LearnWorlds package for the first time. Take note that LearnWorlds allows you to move between programs if you so want.

1. Learning Center Plan:

The Learning Center is a huge online school or institution’s strategy. The creators will almost certainly already have a sizable content collection or will acquire one in the not-too-distant future.

The plan has a maximum capacity of twenty administrators or teachers. You may issue mass invites to prospective learners and accept bulk enrollment applications.

One of my favorite elements of the Learning Center plan is LearnWorlds’ assistance in establishing your school’s mobile app. This is an additional cost, but it enables you to engage with your learners much more easily.

2. Pro Trainer Plan:

Our preferred plan is the Pro Trainer. From novice users with a few months’ experience to producers giving a professional learning service, there is something for everyone.

The Pro Trainer includes a variety of tools for building web pages and other types of content. You may collaborate with other users by adding up to five administrators/instructors.

The Pro Trainer enables you to provide many payment options for classes. Additionally, you may provide free courses, which enables you to give a free membership as part of a marketing campaign.

Provide learners with certificates of completion when they achieve specific goals, further enhancing the professionalism of your online school. Due to the absence of transaction costs, this is a feasible solution for really growing your audience.

3. Starter Plan:

This plan is appropriate for those who are new to online education. The Starter plan provides an excellent foundation for learning how to create and advertise online courses.

I would suggest upgrading from the Starter package if course enrollments begin to increase. The $ 5 transaction charge erodes the Starter plan’s sustainability.

Is LearnWords Worth The Price?

Yes, LearnWorlds is definitely worth the price. Here are a few reasons that we like about LearnWorlds that make it one of the best platforms in the market and prove its worth –

1. Resume Learning Button:

The vast majority of your participants are going to have very busy schedules and often transfer between devices. That is why the ability to resume learning is critical.

This enables participants to continue their studies (continuing education) from where they left off, avoiding the need for them to spend time poring through your lectures and modules.

They may retrace their steps and continue poring through the content regardless of when they last visited their gadget or picked anything up off their laptop.

2. Student Progress:

It’s simple to keep track of your student’s performance throughout the semester. This enables the identification of pupils who may want a little additional assistance and incentive.

Additionally, as more students enroll in your program, you will begin to identify areas where applicants are more likely to have difficulties. While this has piqued your attention, you are well-placed to identify the necessary modifications.

3. Magic Authoring:

Regardless of what you are doing in your online education, you may begin to make alterations. You do not need to utilize the ‘editor’ that has been approved.

Rather than that, just click on the magic button to begin the process of modifying the circumstance. Isn’t that simple?

4. Multiple Instructors:

Are you interested in collaborating with other online educators or company owners? If that is the case, then there is no problem at all!! You may invite other instructors to provide classes via your school (pro trainer program) and divide the revenue.

If mathematics is not your best subject, you may also calculate the profit split using LearnWorlds’ sophisticated analytics software.

5. Private courses:

Additionally, you might create and launch courses that are exclusively accessible to individuals who have been invited. This is content that is not readily accessible to the general audience.

Does this simplify the process of connecting with a select set of clients — maybe as an incentive for long-term learners? Or as a technique to entice customers to purchase further items?

6. LearnWorlds supports several languages:

You may tailor your software to support a variety of languages (keep yourself updated because more languages will be added in the future). Additionally, you may create your own translation!

7. Built-in Affiliate Management:

Increase money by having affiliates promote and sell your program with LearnWorlds’ affiliate and fee-tracking service. Numerous tools, such as tracking clicks, leads, and affiliate sales, are available here.

Additionally, you might conduct surveys to ascertain your affiliate network’s effectiveness and develop specific compensation rates to reward your best collaborators.

8. Conversion Pixels:

With LearnWorlds, embedding and using tracking pixels becomes a breeze. This is advantageous for establishing targeted audiences for remarketing and/or retargeting campaigns on sites such as Google Adwords and Facebook.

9. Customized Emails:

You may create your welcome and program fulfillment messages, as well as send learners specific customized notes.

Additionally, filters such as registration, completion, and voucher redemption may be utilized to personalize the content. There are other more, but we are not going to list them all here.

10. Drip content:

This is an excellent technique to engage and retain students in your course. You drip-feed your lessons or courses to your visitors to maximize retention.

Additionally, you might send automatic message reminders to students who are not always on top of their work.

FAQs On LearnWorlds Pricing 2024:

❗️ Are there any additional costs associated with purchasing a course at LearnWorlds?

The Starter plan requires a one-time payment of $ 5 for each student enrolled. For higher-end programs, this transaction cost is waived. You just pay the membership fee every month.

🔀 Can I switch plans or cancel at any time at LearnWorlds?

Yes, you may change or cancel your plan at any time. You may do so by canceling your subscription before your current subscription's renewal date. Therefore, if you're on a month-to-month contract, cancel or modify your plan before the start of the next month.

🧾 Is VAT included in the pricing plans of LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds quotes all rates exclusive of VAT. If you are an EU client, VAT will be charged to your bill unless you supply a valid EU VAT number.

💳 Do you need a credit card to start the free trial at LearnWorlds?

No, a credit card is not required to begin the free trial. All that is required is an email address and a school name.

🤔 Do LearnWorlds offer a free trial?

Yes, LearnWorlds does provide a 30-day risk-free trial period. When registering for the free trial, all you need to do is provide your email address and the name of your institution (for the subdomain). There is no need to provide credit card information.

💰 Do LearnWorlds have a free plan?

No, LearnWorlds does not provide a complimentary plan. They do, however, offer a risk-free 30-day trial.

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Conclusion: LearnWorlds Pricing 2024

LearnWorlds is one of the greatest and most ideal platforms for getting started with your digital course at a digital school. Additionally, it aids in the expansion of your audience and company.

Its plans enable you to create online courses, sell them, and make money online at a very affordable price.

We’ve included thorough information on LearnWorld’s price plans and all of its features in this post. So that you may choose the Best LearnWorlds package at the best price for your specific needs.

Its’ price is inexpensive and pocket-friendly, and as a digital marketer with access to these many essential tools, I would suggest LearnWorlds to anybody interested in starting online course production and launching their first course.

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