⚖️Top 10 Legal Affiliate Program To Make Money In 2024⚖️

In this post, we will provide the list of Top 10 Legal Affiliate Programs 2024, lets get started!

Have you ever thought about making some extra money by sharing products you believe in?

That’s exactly what I did with a legal affiliate program. It’s like telling your friends about a great movie, but in this case, you’re sharing info about legal services.

I found this amazing way to earn by simply connecting people to legal help they might need, and I couldn’t wait to share my journey.

Whether you’re a blogger, a social media influencer, or just someone looking to add more to their income, this could be a game-changer for you.

Let me walk you through how I got started, what I love about it, and why you might want to consider it too. Trust me, it’s simpler than you think and it could open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Legal Affiliate Program

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What is a Legal Affiliate Program?

A legal affiliate program is a structured agreement between a merchant (or product/service provider) and an affiliate (an individual or company) that allows the affiliate to earn commissions or rewards for marketing and selling the merchant’s products or services.

This program operates within the framework of applicable laws and regulations, ensuring that all promotional activities and disclosures meet legal standards.

The goal of a legal affiliate program is not only to drive sales and generate revenue but also to build trust among consumers by promoting transparency and fair practices.

This approach benefits both the merchants, by extending their reach and enhancing their reputation, and the affiliates, by providing them with a legitimate and ethical way to earn income through their promotional efforts.

Top 10 Legal Affiliate Program 2024

The finest legal affiliate programs provide everything from legal paperwork and online lawyer consultations to attorney-specific business management tools.

Whether you are interested, review the following list of the top ten legal affiliate programs and see if there is a method for you to utilize them.

1. Law Depot

Customers can access hundreds of forms and legal contracts from Law Depot to expedite and simplify legal procedures.

  • Commission: 30%
  • Cookie: 365 days

Customers can access hundreds of forms and legal contracts from Law Depot to expedite and simplify legal procedures.

Included in the categories are estate documents, real estate, finance, business, and family.

Law Depot affiliate: Legal Affiliate Program

There are numerous document kinds within each category. Customers can discover prenuptial agreements and child travel consent documents, for example, in the family section.

Real estate documents include leases, eviction notices, quitclaims, and more.

The affiliate program is managed internally. Affiliates have access to banners and links with a high rate of conversion that they may use to advertise the items, as well as comprehensive reporting tools and personalized help from the affiliate manager.

Law Depot Should Be Promoted: 

Cookie length and commission rate are both exceptional. Several legal forms are available from this company to make things easier for customers.

2. Legal Zoom

It is a legal document company that provides business documents, wills, trusts, and intellectual property documents.

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie: 30 days

Legal Zoom is a provider of legal documents for business creation, trusts and wills, and intellectual property.

This organization also offers legal plans that enable clients to interact directly with attorneys and receive answers to their inquiries.

Legal Zoom affiliate: Legal Affiliate Program

Legal Zoom’s affiliate program is managed by Pepperjam. After submitting an application, affiliates must wait five to seven days for a response regarding their acceptance.

This organization has no interest in coupon sites. Monthly payments are received by AHC or PayPal.

Why it’s Worth Promoting Legal Zoom: Affiliate marketers can earn higher commission rates if they recommend a lot of sales.

3. Oak View Law Group

Oak View Law Group specializes in assisting clients with credit card debt consolidation and settlement.

  • Commission: 12.5% per sale
  • Cookie: Unknown

Oak View Law Group specializes in assisting clients with credit card debt consolidation and settlement.

This organization also offers assistance with various legal matters, including company formation, will writing, bankruptcy, trusts, and defamation protection.

Oak View Law Group

This company administers its own affiliate program. Affiliates have access to robust reporting tools and marketing materials for use in product promotion.

This application is compatible with a variety of websites, excluding pornographic, pharmaceutical, and gambling sites.

Affiliates can select between two models for the affiliate program: a pay-per-lead model and a pay-per-sale model.

They are compensated for generating leads, with the exception of Vermont, Connecticut, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Why You Should Promote Oak View Law Group: This company offers two payment options and a reasonable commission rate. This business offers a wide range of legal services that can serve a diverse clientele.

4. Practice Panther

Law practices can automate their business processes using Practice Panther.

  • Commission: $100 per sign up
  • Cookie: Unknown

Practice Panther provides law firms with business automation tools. These solutions consist of software and calendar integrations, billing concerns, fundamental communications, and client relationship management.

The price ranges from $39 per month to $79 per month. Practice Panther provides free seven-day trials for all of its programs.

Practice Panther: Legal Affiliate Program

Affiliates who register for the program, which is managed internally, can begin advertising the plans 30 seconds after approval.

This company permits a variety of advertising techniques, including mass texting and social media, in addition to promoting the plans on affiliate websites.

Affiliates are given graphics, banners, and other promotional materials to help them market in the manner of their choosing.

Why You Should Promote Practice Panther: This organization stands out because its clients are law firms, not individuals in need of legal assistance. The $100 fixed rate commission is also reasonable.

5. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers users online legal assistance in a variety of areas, including a wide selection of legal documents and the option to speak with an attorney online.

  • Commission: unlisted
  • Cookie: 30 days

Rocket Lawyer offers users online legal assistance in a variety of areas, including a wide selection of legal documents and the option to speak with an attorney online.

This company handles divorce settlements, wills, quitclaim deeds, eviction notifications, lease agreements, and business contracts, among other legal matters.

Rocket Lawyer

The website has a pricing tab that shows compared fees for members and nonmembers in a variety of common situations.

Members receive free assistance for many of these issues, while others are subsidized. Rocket Lawyer offers a free 7-day trial of its services, however, the plan’s full fee is not stated on the website.

The affiliate program is managed internally.

Why it’s worth promoting Rocket Lawyer: While it does not list its commission rate, its website indicates that affiliates with a significant volume of sales can earn higher commissions.

This business has been highlighted in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and other notable publications.

6. Best Case Leads

Best Case Leads offers legal leads to attorneys, including coronavirus pandemic leads.

  • Commission: Unlisted
  • Cookie: Unknown

Best Case Leads offers legal leads to attorneys, including coronavirus pandemic leads. Interested companies or attorneys can access pricing information by entering their practice area and state into a search bar.

Best Case Leads

This company manages its own affiliate program and evaluates applications within five to seven business days. Affiliates are compensated for generating leads. 

In addition to traditional forms of marketing, they can use the company’s geo-targeting databases for local advertising. This organization does not partner with coupon websites.

Why You Should Promote Best Case Leads:

Best Case Leads gives beneficial business leads to law firms, however, the company does not provide pricing or commission rates, making it difficult to determine how much you could earn with these services.

7. Legal Nature

Legal Nature provides legal documents and products for individuals, landlords, and businesses.

  • Commission: 30%, recurring
  • Cookie: 90 days

Legal Nature provides legal services and papers to landlords, individuals, and businesses. Categories range from human resources and healthcare to estate planning, real estate, and marriage and divorce.

Legal Nature

Annual plan costs range from $84 and $499 per year. Apiece individual document costs between $35 and $79 each. ShareASale administers the affiliate program.

This company pays affiliates with monthly recurring commissions and has a high customer retention rate, so affiliates can earn a substantial residual income from each referral.

Why You Should Promote This Company: The commission rate and cookie duration are both generous, and the strong retention rate and recurring commissions make this an even better offer for affiliate marketers.

8. GA Divorce Online

Legal documents specific to divorce are offered by GA Divorce Online.

  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookie: Unknown

GA Divorce Online sells legal documents specific to divorce. Customers complete a questionnaire and purchase their documents. They receive their documents online immediately.

Then they can have a legal technician help complete the forms, or they can complete the forms themselves.

GA Divorce Online

Separation agreements cost as little as $39, while Georgia divorce agreements are prepared by a legal technologist for as much as $199.

One nice thing about the website is that it has a law guide tab that provides answers to a lot of legal questions regarding divorce in Georgia.

The affiliate program is run by the company itself. Affiliates are provided with text and banner links to place on their website.

Why You Should Promote GA Divorce Online: This business stands out since it carries just Georgia divorce-specific legal forms. Additionally, the commission rate is generous.

9. Bigle Legal

Bigle Legal sells software for automating legal documents.

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie: Unknown

Bigle Legal, a European company, sells legal document automation software. Services provided by the company can be resold by legal service providers or supplied as part of their services to their own clients.

The monthly cost of the program ranges from €49 to €59, depending on whether clients pay annually or monthly.

This company also provides a free 30-day trial period for individuals interested in evaluating the DIY program prior to purchasing.

Bigle Legal

The affiliate program is managed internally, and the corporation typically replies to new applications within three to five business days.

Affiliates get access to marketing items, technical support, and training software to assist consumers in their long-term use of the primary software.

Why You Need to Advertise Bigle Legal: The commission rate is excellent, and the trial period could assist in converting customers.

10. MyCorporation

With a white-label scheme and an affiliate referral network, MyCorporation tackles the legal aspects of business formation.

  • Commission: Unlisted
  • Cookie: Unknown

With a white-label scheme and an affiliate referral network, MyCorporation tackles the legal aspects of business formation.

This company allows CPAs, legal advisors, and accountants to participate in its white label program, as well as affiliate marketers and website owners to participate in its referral network.


Affiliate marketers can earn money on a variety of items sold by MyCorporation’s parent company, Deluxe, through the referral program.

These goods include MyCorporation, Deluxe business services, Deluxe business products, free logos, Checks Unlimited, and more.

Affiliate programs are run in-house.

Why You Should Promote MyCorporation: Affiliates can advertise many items in addition to MyCorporation’s business creation services, albeit the company does not disclose its affiliate commission rate or cookie duration.


👍How do I know if an affiliate program is legal?

To determine the legality of an affiliate program, ensure it adheres to relevant advertising and marketing laws in your jurisdiction, including disclosure requirements set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States. Research the company's reputation, read the program's terms and conditions carefully, and consult legal advice if necessary.

❓Are there specific laws that govern affiliate marketing?

Yes, affiliate marketing is subject to various laws and regulations, which can vary by country. In the United States, the FTC provides guidelines on affiliate marketing, emphasizing transparency and clear disclosure of affiliate relationships.

👀Can I promote any product or service through affiliate marketing?

While you can promote many products or services through affiliate marketing, it's crucial to choose products or services that are legal, ethical, and align with your audience's interests. Promoting questionable or illegal products can result in legal issues and damage your credibility.

🤷‍♀️Can I participate in an affiliate program from another country?

Yes, you can participate in affiliate programs from other countries, but you must comply with the legal requirements of both the country where the program is based and your country of residence.

👉What are the consequences of participating in an illegal affiliate program?

Participating in an illegal affiliate program can lead to severe consequences, including legal penalties, fines, and damage to your reputation. It can also lead to being banned from participating in reputable affiliate programs in the future.

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Conclusion: Legal Affiliate Program 2024

Legal affiliate programs offer a valuable opportunity for publishers and content creators to monetize their platforms while promoting products and services they believe in.

However, the success of these programs hinges not only on the potential earnings but also on the adherence to ethical standards and legal requirements.

By choosing to participate in affiliate programs that align with your values and comply with the law, you can ensure a sustainable and trustworthy relationship with your audience.

Furthermore, by strategically selecting partners and using transparent marketing practices, you can maximize your earnings potential and contribute to a healthy, honest digital marketing ecosystem.

Remember, the key to a successful legal affiliate program lies in the balance between profitability, compliance, and ethical engagement.

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