How to Leverage Your Brand’s Twitter Analytics to Discover Important Data

How to Leverage Your Brands Twitter Analytics to Discover Important Data

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Tweet your way to success — in 160 characters or less!

It’s actually 140 if you’re including a shortened URL, but did you ever wonder where that figure came from?  Why not two hundred or even three? Why just a mere 160?

Back in the 80’s, German researcher, Friedhelm Hildebrand, was one of the pioneers associated with the birth of texting. Sitting at his typewriter (yes, a typewriter) he continuously tapped out random sentences and questions finding them all to be near that specific number of characters, one-sixty.

Then he stated, “this is perfectly sufficient” and that figure was ultimately the basis for the limits initially set for texting, the current SMS amount and Twitter’s confine (in Twitter’s case it is 140, which is 160, minus the characters associated with hashtags and the @ of the recipient).

Twitter Analytics are somewhat similar to Friedhelm’s research, allowing the business user to closely examine the data, statistics and numbers that are associated with your tweets. Let’s take some advice from Mr. Hildebrand and do some research on our Twitter followers.

Launched in June of 2013, Twitter’s Analytic function is incorporated as a “dashboard” item that is accessed after logging into your account. Twitter advertises and categorizes this feature into three divisions:

  • Activity – measuring the engagement of your followers
  • Followers – finding the interest, location and demographics of your followers
  • Cards – how they drive clicks, app installs and re-tweets

The last “card” concept is more closely associated with advertising. Since we’re all on a tight budget and being analytical, let’s dig deeper into the other two features and see how we can best utilize them to discover important data about our followers.

Be Pro-Active and Get Active

A Tweet’s activity was once measured largely on the number of retweets and favorites that it generated, but with the new analytical tool, you are given additional insight through impressions data.

Viewing a month’s worth of Tweeting information inside the activity section, you can click onto a particular tweet and expand on how people are engaging with it. For example, with tweets containing links, you can see the location of those actual links and the same goes for hashtags.

Data Analysis

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Who is following who, where and why?

The Twitter followers component gives you insight on who, where and why — your followers are — who they are. You can chart them with a number of different variables, such as identifying their interests and finding their location.

Utilizing the “Interests” section, you can enter into other subsections showing “Most Unique” and “Top” interests. This will show businesses the topics and areas that followers are most interested in, especially given a specific brand.

Also, when given the location of your followers and considering the global reach of both Twitter and the internet, this could give you a valid reason for expansion across your state, to the other side of the country or around the world, that you might not know even existed.

While you may only have a hundred and forty characters or less, you have an abundance of valuable information and data at your fingertips to get the most out of your Twitter followers.

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