Limespot Personalizer Review 2023 Ecommerce Plugins (Increase ROI by 300%)

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E-commerce is one of the profitable and trending business nowadays. Anyone can easily start with e-commerce in order to earn good amount of money. When you start your online store you need to provide a better user experience so that your customers can explore all the products easily.

Do you want to deliver personalized products recommendation, cross-sells, upsells and better user experience? If yes, then you are at right place. As here we are going to introduce a conversion platform that will help you in turning your shoppers into your buyers.

Here comes Limespot- A powerful e-commerce conversion AI that can help you in increasing your revenue by offering personalized experience right across all the channels.

In this post, we have featured Limespot Review that includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

Limespot Personalizer Review 2023: Best E-Commerce Plugin for Online Stores

About Limespot?

Limespot is a powerful e-commerce conversion AI that can help online stores in increasing their revenue by delivering personalized user experience right across different channels. With this platform, you can turn your visitors right into your potential customers.

You can easily provide in-order store recommendation to your users in order to get more sales and conversions. Just showcase the products your shoppers are most likely to buy. You can easily increase your revenue, conversion and basket size as well.

Limespot personaliser review

This tool also offers personalized email campaigns offered by AI. You can simply extend your personalized experience to all of your marketing campaigns. You can engage customers and sell directly from emails.

As Limespot says you can easily increase your revenue by 28% on average. Just optimize your performance right with real-time analytics and A/B testing tool. This platform has more than 90% customers satisfaction and it has more than 1000+ reviews.


Key Features


  • Personalized Email Campaigns:

Here this tool offers AI powered personalized email campaigns. With the help of this feature, anyone can easily extend the personalized experience right to your marketing campaigns. Just engage more customers and start selling directly from your emails.

Persoanlised email editor- LimeSpot


  • Automatic Segmentation:

Just approach your store’s data right to automatically segments your shoppers right into meaningful groups at certain stages of their shopping experience.  Like on the basis of customers, first time buyers, high spenders and then it target to them at the right time.

Personalizer by limespot


  • Unique Messaging:

Combining the automatic segmentation right with the power of personalized recommendation will help deliver the right product to your shoppers at the right time when it is needed the most.


  • Advanced Templates Designer:

Here this platform generally understands your products and your shoppers, so that you can easily create marketing campaigns personalized right for each customers in your marketing emails and newsletter.

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  • Analytics & Dashboard:

In this feature all the campaigns results and recipients reactions are tracked and also intelligently processed in order to simply present a multi-dimensional view right on each campaigns and its performance.

LimeSPot coupons with review



  • Find Popular Products & Trends:

This tool can easily extract all most popular and trending products right from the collective user behaviors and promoted running in order to simply match different personas of your customers.


  • Intelligent Related Terms:

Here all of the product similarities and relevance will be infused with how your users are interacting to simply offer related and similar recommendation right for every item on the catalog.


  • Cross-sell & Upsell Tools:

Now you can manually pick and auto generate upsells and cross sell recommendations as well. And these will be presented to shoppers right on different stores.


  • Real-time Analytics:

In this platform the Limespot dashboard generally provides analytics and reporting tools that will help you to track your KPIs and how LimeSpot is helping you to improve your sales and conversion.

LimeSpot dashboard


How Limespot Works?

The working of this platform is very simple and straightforward. This platform generally extract products attributes and then they deliver real-time personalized recommendations right to each online visitors.

  • Reach Exactly The Right People:

Limespot  will use your store’s data to automatically segment your shoppers right into meaningful groups at some the certain stages of their shopping experience. After that they will segment customers, first time buyers, high spenders and more after that it target them at the right time.


  • Intelligent Recommendation Powered Data:

The best part about this tool is that it will analyze each shopper’s behaviours and purchase history as well. And then they start curating the right products for each individual based right on their demographics, interests along with the behaviour patterns.


  • Different Message For Each Shoppers:

This platform generally combine automatic segmentation right with the power of personalized recommendations will deliver the right product to your shoppers easily. That will definitely result in the highest email marketing conversion rates.


  • Analytics and Management:

With the help of this feature you can see the campaign results and recipients reactions and track them. And after that it processed to present a multi-dimensional view right on each campaign and its performance as well.


Pricing Plans

The pricing plans offered by Limespot very simple and straightforward. Their adaptive pricing is based right on your Platform Plan  along with the Additional Revenue that Personalizer drives right for you.

The best part about Limespot  is that it offers 15 Days Free Trial for you. And somehow you are not getting results from this tool then your money will be refunded.

Here Limespot  platform offers two pricing plans for its two products:

  • Limespot Personalizer

Personalizer Limespot discount coupon reviews


For Shopify

  1. You will pay 0$/Month, if this tool helps you in driving less than $125.
  2. You will $25/Month, If this tool helps you in driving between $125 and $1250.
  3. You will pay 2 (Of Personalizer-Driven Revenue) if they drive more than 1250.




  • Limespot Approach

For Limespot  Approach you don’t need to pay a flat monthly fees right for all of your subscribes. Here right with its adaptive pricing you need to simply pay for the number of emails that you send per month.

Limespot approach pricing plans

With Limespot Approach you are getting 500 email per month along with unlimited number of subscribers. All you need to pay is for the emails that you send.

The first 500 Emails/Per Month is free but the price will increase if you send more than 500 email. Like here we are going to calculate its pricing:

For sending 10000 emails you need to pay estimated cost $15.00 right on the average of $1.500 for 1000 mails and that’s quite impressive about this tool.

pricing for limespot approach




What is Personalizer-driven revenue?

Generally Personalizer-driven revenue is the portion of your online store’s revenue that is generated by LimeSpot Personalizer recommendations right on your website.

review for Limespot with coupons codes




This tool generally integrates and connect with the apps of your choice. Just enjoy the added value feature and simply increase your web-store performance.  You can just find out the perfect integrations for your business easily on the basis of various categories.

  • Shopper Reviews

Add the option for users to post reviews and feedbacks so that you can analyze the Customer Satisfaction for your Upsell, Cross-sell, and all other LimeSpot-driven Targeted Recommendation boxes.

Current Integrations:, Shopify Product reviews,, Yotpo, Loox,

  • Loyalty Bonus Points

Display appealing rewards and bonus points your customers can earn when purchasing certain products to make your deals and offers more attractive within your upsell, cross-sell, and all other LimeSpot-driven targeted recommendation boxes.

Current Integrations: Loyalty Lion

  • Automated Follow-ups

Add LimeSpot-driven Targeted Recommendations into your follow-up emails after every purchase to turn your transactional emails into marketing opportunities.

Current Integrations: Spently

  • Mobile App & Storefront

Add LimeSpot-driven Targeted Recommendations to your Mobile App and/or Storefront to increase your customer interaction, time spent and sales.

Current Integrations: ShopPad Fablet

LimeSpot developer team gives you the option of integrating any of the above mentioned apps with your e-commerce platform by simply filling in and submitting an online available in the LimesSpot integrations section. Simply fill in the required fields (Name, email, company name, URL), choose your e-commerce platform, give a short description as to why you wish to integrate with LimeSpot and just submit. (Shown below)

Limespot integration pps


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Conclusion: Is Limespot Ecommerce Plugins Worth Your Money? Limespot Detailed Reviews 2023 

Limespot is one of the reliable  ecommerce conversion AI that will definitely help online stores to simply increase your revenue simply by delivering a unique personalized experience.

You can easily boost your online store conversion by 200% and turn your visitors into  customers easily. The best part about this tool is that it offers 15 Days Free Trial for you so that you can easily get familiar with this platform.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your review about Limespot right in the comment section below. If you like the post, then give us a moment to share this post on social media channels of your choice like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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