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LimeSpot is an eCommerce Conversion AI designed specifically to help online stores deliver a unique Upsell, Cross-sell & personalized experience and increase their revenue across different channels.

They have established themselves in the e-commerce industry with the help of 2 breakthrough tools for helping e-commerce businesses grow faster internally and across the masses. These are

  • LimeSpot Personalizer: In-store recommendations
  • LimeSpot Approach: Personalized email campaigns


Let us talk about LimeSpot Personalizer and go through a comprehensive review of this e-commerce tool including its features, prices, working and why you should try it out!

Personalizer by LimeSpot Discount Coupon Codes January 2023: Special Free Trial

Personalizer by LimeSpot Discount Coupon Codes


LimeSpot Personalizer is one of the most popular product recommendations tool designed specifically for Shopify and BigCommerce users, but can also be integrated with other leading e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Demandware and Magento.

Limespot personaliser review

The prime objective of this platform is to showcase the products your shoppers are most likely to buy using their patented AI. Using this tool effectively helps increase your revenue, conversions and basket size with razor-sharp accuracy in recommending products.

Another amazing thing about LimeSpot Personalizer is its pricing. The developers guarantee that all their services will be 100% free UNTIL LimeSpot drives more than 5x your monthly fee for a minimum period of two weeks.

Highlight features

LimeSpot has packaged Personalizer is a feature-rich product recommendation tool that offers all the right tools, options, customizations, analytics, insights and more, to make your e-commerce business better than ever.

Personalized Recommendations

Enhances the user experience, pleases present customers and attracts new ones, ultimately boosting conversions.

  • Home Page
  • Collection Page
  • Full-page Recommendations
  • Product Page
  • Cart Page
  • Blog, Search and Error Pages

Real-time Dashboard

LimeSpot provides all its registered users with a centralized dashboard that provides analytics, reporting tools and everything you need to keep track of your KPIs and how LimeSpot is helping you improve them.

LimeSpot review promo codes

Customize to fit your needs

LimeSpot has been designed to automatically adapt to your shop’s style and theme, and tailor-made at the same time, providing a built-in tool to customize the look of your Recommendation boxes.

LimeSpot promo codes for Shopify

  • Multiple Layouts: Carousel or Grid Layouts
  • Multiple Recommendation Boxes on every page
  • Product Recommendation Pages linked in Main Menu
  • Upsell and Cross-sell tools on the Cart page
  • A/B test Tool
  • Real-time Analytics

LimeSpot Driven Revenue vs. Total Revenue

review for LimeSpot with coupons


LimeSpot View to Purchase CTR vs. Standard CTR

LimeSpot couppons for Personalization


LimeSpot Driven Revenue vs. Total revenue per Visitor


LimeSpot Product View per Visitor

LimeSpot Driven average Order Size

  • Built-in Appearance (CSS) Customization

100% responsive on tablets and smartphones

  • Support for multiple e-commerce integrations like ShopPad Fablet, Mobile App and Storefront.
  • Out of the Sandbox and other major themes customized for Shopify owners
  • Multiple Websites coverage

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LimeSpot Personalizer has been designed to support integration to some of the most leading apps and extensions to your e-commerce platform.

  • Shopper Reviews

Add the option for users to post reviews and feedbacks so that you can analyze the Customer Satisfaction for your Upsell, Cross-sell, and all other LimeSpot-driven Targeted Recommendation boxes.

Current Integrations:, Shopify Product reviews,, Yotpo, Loox,

  • Loyalty Bonus Points

Display appealing rewards and bonus points your customers can earn when purchasing certain products to make your deals and offers more attractive within your upsell, cross-sell, and all other LimeSpot-driven targeted recommendation boxes.

Current Integrations: Loyalty Lion

  • Automated Follow-ups

Add LimeSpot-driven Targeted Recommendations into your follow-up emails after every purchase to turn your transactional emails into marketing opportunities.

Current Integrations: Spently

  • Mobile App & Storefront

Add LimeSpot-driven Targeted Recommendations to your Mobile App and/or Storefront to increase your customer interaction, time spent and sales.

Current Integrations: ShopPad Fablet

LimeSpot developer team gives you the option of integrating any of the above mentioned apps with your e-commerce platform by simply filling in and submitting an online available in the LimesSpot integrations section. Simply fill in the required fields (Name, email, company name, URL), choose your e-commerce platform, give a short description as to why you wish to integrate with LimeSpot and just submit. (Shown below)

Limespot integration pps

Facts & Figures

The numbers, facts and figures for any platform, brand, or business show the growth, success and credibility of the company. Here are some quick numbers that show the success of LimeSpot Personalizer.

review for LimeSpot with coupons

  • Increase revenue: by 28% on average
  • Increase Order Size: by 5.5% on average
  • LimeSpot Conversion holds an average profit of about 300% over standard Conversions
  • LimeSpot AI is making $27MM per month in average for their registered Shopify and BigCommerce store owners.

How does it work?

LimeSpot Personalizer works in 4 very basic and easy to understand steps. These advanced mechanisms make sure that everything you do with LimeSpot remains centralized and automated so that you don’t miss out on any valuable insights and recommendations regarding your business.

  • Popular Products and Trends

The most popular and trending products are extracted and promoted to matching personas on the basis of collective user behaviours.

  • Intelligent Related Items

Related and Similar recommendations for every item on the catalogue are rendered on the basis of Product similarities and relevance is infused and how users interact with them.

  • Cross-sell and Upsell tools

Shoppers are presented with manually-picked and auto-generated upsell and cross-sell recommendations on different store pages.

  • Personalized Product Picks

Products that best match the shopper’s context and persona are presented on the storefront and in emails.

Why should you use Limespot Personalizer?

LimeSpot is reputed name in the world of e-commerce and there are multiple reasons why one should choose LimeSpot over other rival platforms in the market.

  1. Over 1000 trusted customers from around the globe and across the e-commerce industry have given positive and favourable reviews for LimeSpot and have rated the app 5★. Rated #1 Product Recommendation App with 97% customer satisfaction.
  2. An all in one App covering Personalization for both sales and marketing channels:

Website Personalization

LimeSpot Personalizer coupons


Marketing Emails Personalization

Persoanlised email editor- LimeSpot


Analytics and reports

LimeSPot coupons with review


  1. 100% risk-free pricing structure aimed at helping your shop grow and succeed.
  2. All services will be 100% free UNTIL LimeSpot drives more than 5x your monthly fee.

Other important reasons for choosing LimeSpot Personalizer over others are:

  • Increase your revenue by 28% on average

Please existing customers, attract new ones to increase conversion rate & basket size with patented AI for razor-sharp accuracy in recommending products and ultimately Increase your revenue.

  • Optimize your performance with real-time analytics and A/B test tool

Analyze your performance and improve your conversion rates and trends using LimeSpot real-time analytics and A/B test tools.

  • Customization preview

Create, customize, and review the appearance in Preview mode and publish the changes when ready.


Plans & Pricing

Personalizer Limespot discount coupon reviews

LimeSpot offers one of the most unique pricing matrixes I have ever witnessed. Their plans have been distributed over a range of 4 different packages that offer a very unique proposition to all registered customers which I will mention after the pricing table.

review for Limespot with coupons codes

You can select from 4 separate packages for both Shopify and BigCommerce users.


  If driven less than

$_, you pay:

If driven between

$_ and $_, you pay:

If driven more than $_, you pay:
Shopify Basic Less than $50, you pay $0 per month Between

$50 and $500, you pay $10 per month

More than $500, you pay 2% of Personalizer-driven Revenue
Shopify Less than $125, you pay $0 per month Between

$125 and $1250, you pay $25 per month

More than $1250, you pay 2% of Personalizer-driven Revenue
Advanced Shopify Less than $250, you pay $0 per month Between

$250 and $2500, you pay $50 per month

More than $2500, you pay 2% of Personalizer-driven Revenue
Shopify Plus Less than $575, you pay $0 per month Between

$575 and $5750, you pay $115 per month

More than $5750, you pay 2% of Personalizer-driven Revenue


  If driven less than

$_, you pay:

If driven between

$_ and $_, you pay:

If driven more than $_, you pay:
BigCommerce Standard Less than $50, you pay $0 per month Between

$50 and $500, you pay $10 per month

More than $500, you pay 2% of Personalizer-driven Revenue
BigCommerce Plus Less than $125, you pay $0 per month Between

$125 and $1250, you pay $25 per month

More than $1250, you pay 2% of Personalizer-driven Revenue
BigCommerce Pro Less than $250, you pay $0 per month Between

$250 and $2500, you pay $50 per month

More than $2500, you pay 2% of Personalizer-driven Revenue
BigCommerce Enterprise Less than $575, you pay $0 per month Between

$575 and $5750, you pay $115 per month

More than $5750, you pay 2% of Personalizer-driven Revenue

The LimeSpot team claims that they will literally waive off your monthly fee if the platform drives less than 5 times your monthly subscription fee. This is a unique type of money back guarantee and clearly shows their confidence in their performance.

Each of the packages mentioned above further offers a 15-day trial version, which you can try to experiment with all the Personalizer tools for free to make sure if LimeSpot Personalizers works for your e-commerce store and if you should go for the paid package or not.

For more information regarding the packages, prices, terms and conditions and more, simply visit the LimeSpot official website or contact their technical support team.

Pros and Cons of LimeSpot


  • Expert On-boarding: A team of expert checks over and guides the complete on-boarding and set-up for your e-commerce store.
  • Visual Integration: It also ensures that all the LimeSpot components blend in well with the theme of your store.
  • A/B testing: Check out which configurations work well. Run multiple store configurations and check out which works well.
  • Seasonal Configurations: If you are looking for some great stores tailored for some specific seasons such as Christmas, you can get that theme for your store.
  • Report Insights: Get the full picture and complete insight of your store and map its performance.
  • Dedicated Support: A customer success manager is assigned for creating the easy product journey.


  • The app sometimes froze.

Conclusion: LimeSpot Personalizer Review with Discount Coupon Codes 2023

LimeSpot certainly helps you boost your business using any platform that you wish to. With various upsells, cross sells and creating product recommendations, it works suitable for any size of business.

It integrates seamlessly with all kinds of platforms such as Shopify, Yotpo, Spently, Loyalty Lion and various others. The company promises to increase your revenue by 70% and cart size up to 10%. The intelligent segmentation and advanced email campaign editor are the big positives.

To conclude, I would recommend using LimeSpot as your personalizer plugin for the E-commerce business. This was my detailed review for the LimeSpot. If you have used it earlier or after recommendation, leave a feedback for us in the comments box.

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