12 Liquid Web Alternatives 2023– Find The Best Web Hosting Provider?

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LiquidWeb is one of the most robust web hosting providers available at the moment. Liquid Web competes with the likes of GoDaddy by amassing a massive number of managed hosting servers.

They provide services to millions of clients, consumers, and enterprises on a global scale. However, flex aside, Liquid Web needs an upgrade or at the very least a facelift due to the following flaws. –

  • Plans that are too expensive (as they mostly emphasize managed & cloud VPS servers over shared).
  • If you are from Asia or the Pacific, you will experience server delay because the majority of their servers are situated in the United States or Europe.
  • There are no email services that are bundled. If you want the service, you must purchase an add-on.

And for those reasons, you are no longer eligible. That is perfectly OK. Liquid Web is not appropriate for everyone.

However, if you’re ready to try something new and better, we’ve compiled a list of five intriguing possibilities for you to consider for Liquid Web Alternatives.

Let us begin.

12 Best LiquidWeb Alternatives in 2023

DreamHost is highly rated for its fast and reliable hosting.

Bluehost is a major name in web hosting, powering more than 2m websites.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Liquid Web Alternatives

To begin, managed hosting implies that some or all of your IT chores are handled for you.

However, what this entails in detail varies according to the supplier. While some providers just provide basic server maintenance and security updates, others will assist clients in optimizing their performance settings and troubleshooting difficulties with third-party software packages.

VPS, which stands for a virtual private server, is a web hosting service that sits amid shared and dedicated servers. As you can expect, VPS hosting is a compromise between the two extremes.

Through a technique called virtualization, customers share a physical server but get specialized computer capabilities. Due to the distinct settings, site owners have significantly more detailed control over the configuration of their virtual machines.

While backend developers, experienced site owners, and those familiar with secure shell access or the command line typically have no problem taking on additional responsibilities to save money, designers, small business owners

Those without technical experience frequently prefer to delegate those responsibilities to their hosting provider’s system administrators and experts — this is managed VPS hosting.

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost?

The cheapest VPS plans I suggest start at approximately $ 5 per month, while a medium tier of excellent solutions costs around $ 20 per month. While there are some free VPS hosting options available, they are rarely worth the hassle.

As you go up to the top-of-the-line, premium brands of web hosting services, you can expect monthly rates to exceed $ 50 or more.

These plans often include more processing capacity, cutting-edge technology, and a higher bar for managed services engagement. Ascertain that the price tag corresponds to the services you anticipate from the supplier.

Additionally, keep a watch out for add-on costs that may further increase the cost of your VPS. While the vast majority of shared hosting companies provide the first year of domain registration as a free incentive for new clients, this advantage is seldom extended to higher tiers of hosting.

This could add up to $ 15 or more per year, depending on the name you wish to register.

Is VPS Better Than Shared Hosting?

When evaluating hosting plans, a plethora of features and components are considered, ranging from performance and security requirements to budget constraints, technical expertise, and scalability.

While comparing shared vs. VPS hosting plans reveals some distinct distinctions, selecting which service is superior relies on the individual requirements of each website owner.

VPS hosting often includes increased storage and computing capacity, as well as high amounts of bandwidth or data transmission. By gaining further control over the software systems that serve your website to visitors, you can often squeeze out some additional speed and security benefits.

Scalability boosts the value of VPS plans and raises the bar for what you can do online.

However, such arrangements demand more effort to maintain and need a higher level of technical literacy to comprehend. Either you’ll need solid managed services and an exceptionally helpful host (thus this post), or you’ll need to quickly brush up on your command line abilities.

Managing a VPS environment also entails scaling up and down your resources, safeguarding your data, and improving page load speeds.

When it comes to simplicity and price, shared hosting wins hands down. Cheap web hosting plans with all the bells and whistles may be purchased for less than $ 5 per month, but VPS options often cost $5 or more per month (typically about $ 20).

12 Best LiquidWeb Alternatives in 2023

1. CloudWays:

 Cloudways Review

CloudWays is more well recognized as THE cloud hosting choice. There are several special options available, including WordPress, Magento, PHP, and even Laravel as a full-featured hosting platform for your website. Now, if you want applications, PHP is the way to go.

Major companies such as DigitalOcean and Vultr provide servers through CloudWays, which enables you to easily grow and modify your choices. Additionally, if anything goes wrong with CloudWays, you can easily escalate the issue to the parent providers.

2. Bigscoots:

bigscoot review Bigscoots’ team of technical specialists can assist you with everything you need. Their plans are succinct and swift in implementation.

In summary, Bigscoots is another option for the specialized demographic that enjoys performing several projects at a low per-project cost. For instance, you can include a charge of $ 1 per GB of storage in the total cost of your hosting server. This is ideal for enthusiasts with fluctuating requirements.

However, novices must demonstrate a high level of devotion. With shared hosting plans, you may have an account specialist oversee your service. The specialist will oversee the whole migration procedure and will install any extra knick-knacks that you desire.

3. Dreamhost:


What truly makes it worthwhile to recommend is its long-standing commitment to affordability. Not so cheap that you sacrifice quality, but with a commitment to the plan tier you choose.

Concerning pricing, you should be aware that each plan does not have a set price. It is entirely dependent on the intended purpose.

As a result, there is an hourly pricing model, which is excellent given how much functionality can vary on a cloud server. Additionally, we offer marketing, website management, custom web design, and SEO marketing. Yes, and at a cheap price.

4. MassiveGrid:

massivegrid review

MassiveGrid is a well-known cloud hosting brand. Due to the increasing convergence of AI with cloud computing, your PaaS or SaaS applications may be hosted here with high availability.

After a few weeks of testing, the WWOO MassiveGrid Review weighs the service’s advantages and disadvantages. However, in short, MassiveGrid provides a secure foundation for your website and the scalability necessary for future growth.

However, why is MassiveGrid on your mind? MassiveGrid is more technical than the majority of the other solutions on this list. Here, a common plan is permissible. However, cloud and software aficionados might reap the most benefits from their services.

5. BlueHost:

Bluehost overview

I’ve had Bluehost since time immemorial. In a nutshell, their primary focus is on WordPress. The servers are very well-optimized to run WordPress code and even provide managed services.

However, they also provide shared, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting services. What’s noteworthy is their focus on quality rather than quantity. Yes, you can get a dozen more features from a comparable competition.

However, how often will you need unrestricted bandwidth or SSH access to your server? The idea is that Bluehost delivers on its promises and is there to help you anytime you want support from their in-house WordPress specialists.

6. AccuWebHosting:

With seemingly limitless options, AccuWebHosting enables customers to customize their managed VPS hosting experience exactly to their liking.

The company’s VPS hosting services are available in Windows or Linux flavors, with several operating system versions to pick from.

Additionally, you may pick between conventional, cloud-based, or SSD-powered infrastructure for your VPS environment – all at relatively inexpensive prices.

entry-level VPS hosting plans utilize a nimble storage area network (SAN) that achieves similar performance to solid-state drives while adding flexibility and stability.

Self-managed support is enabled by default, but those who require additional assistance can upgrade to a very reasonably priced fully managed support package that includes proactive server monitoring and management, third-party application installation, and two hours of administrative time per month.

7. GoDaddy:


GoDaddy, one of the most well-known hosting firms in the world, assists over 19 million clients in growing their internet presence.

Initially renowned as the go-to domain name registrar, the firm has grown to provide a remarkably rich and diverse range of upmarket web hosting services over the years.

The company is intended for small business owners, whether they run an internet shop or just need a place for prospective consumers to gather information.

GoDaddy’s plans have the fewest resources and provide the least scalability. However, what you get demonstrates that nice things indeed do come in little packages.

The boutique-managed VPS plans offered by the firm provide either root or cPanel access, automatic backups, software upgrades, and uptime monitoring.

GoDaddy has spent more than two decades perfecting the art of customer support on a grand scale for first-time VPS customers looking for modest environments and plenty of hand-holding.

8. HostGator:

HostGator is a perfect choice for inexpensive managed VPS hosting services as one of the most renowned names in the web hosting market.

Because HostGator’s plans are not as well-equipped as those of some of the other companies on our list, the firm serves as a soft landing area for apprehensive site owners transitioning to their first VPS environment.

As your website increases in popularity or complexity, extra resources may be added with a few mouse clicks.

Customers that add cPanel to their account get HostGator’s completely managed support, which means the firm will make every attempt to resolve any problem or configuration request.

The organization will make changes to assist you in achieving PCI compliance, automating routine tasks, diagnosing slow servers, and fixing firewalls, script settings, or website issues.

9. SiteGround:


SiteGround is already one of my favorites for providing the greatest web hosting assistance, thanks to its custom-built software solutions and new technology.

The company overstaffs shifts and evaluates each employee’s responsiveness and helpfulness, which enables SiteGround to guarantee near-instant responses to phone calls and chats and 10 minutes or less for email tickets.

When it comes to managed hosting, SiteGround goes above and beyond many other providers in terms of assisting with the investigation of application-related difficulties and inquiries.

The organization automatically updates and patches software as they become available, while also safeguarding your environment from assaults, spam, and unwanted bot resource utilization.

SiteGround’s inclusion on the list should come as no surprise; our only criticism is that the company’s pricing is somewhat higher than those of rivals.

However, I am certain that the organization will make the investment worthwhile for every consumer who wishes to make one.

10. A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting’s managed VPS hosting is particularly attractive to developers and those seeking multi-core environments since it provides all clients with at least four virtualized processors, complete root access, and adequate high-performance computing capabilities.

Customers will retain complete control over their fully managed virtual private server, combining the best of both worlds.

When combined with the included cPanel and the enhanced Turbo Boost option (which guarantees 20 times quicker page loading), A2 Hosting is an excellent choice for people who appreciate the critical importance of web hosting performance.

Even better, A2 Hosting acts what it preaches by swooping in and resolving any difficulties before you discover them.

11. InMotion Hosting:

InMotion Hosting Review

Although managed hosting entails delegating boring technical tasks to the web hosting pros, you’ll still want to have some control over certain settings.

Control panels provide a more intuitive, graphical interface for navigating your hosting environment, avoiding the frightening depths of the command line interface. InMotion Hosting combines opulent managed services with cutting-edge technology and the wildly popular cPanel and WHM interfaces.

InMotion optimizes its virtual private server stack for performance using solid-state SSDs and a proprietary blend of CentOS and NGINX settings that give up to ten times the performance of rivals.

I especially like InMotion’s managed services for Launch Assist, which includes two hours of one-on-one time with a Tier 3 system administrator that can be used for site migrations, security configurations, hardware configurations, or a variety of other tasks.

12. Hostwinds:


Another wonderful alternative for site owners searching for significant growth potential and very adaptable resources, Hostwinds is a young and forward-thinking hosting company bursting with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer service.

There are four distinct types of Linux virtual private server environments available, as well as pre-built configurations for many of the internet’s most popular platforms.

With nightly backups, real-time server monitoring, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, Hostwinds guarantees an exceedingly uncommon 99.9999 percent uptime – covering all but around a half-second of possible downtime each week.

Apart from that, the company’s managed hosting services include troubleshooting loading issues, installing packages, doing virus checks, and configuring DNS and firewall solutions.

FAQ’s related to Liquid Web Alternatives

👌 Is Liquid Web legit?

Liquid Web is a managed web host that provides feature-rich plans, exceptional uptime, and excellent customer support, but its overall quality comes at a price.

👆 Is Liquid Web free?

Liquid Web provides feature-rich, hassle-free managed WordPress hosting. Depending on the plan selected, you may host between 10 and 200 WordPress sites on a 100 GB to 1 TB storage space. For the most current and accurate pricing information, please check Liquid Web's website.

🤝 What does Liquid Web do?

Liquid Online is a dedicated hosting business for web and cloud professionals like you. Businesses that are expanding and the designers, developers, and agencies who produce for them. That is our primary objective.

💁‍♂️ What is Liquid Web development?

The word liquid means that a Website should flow freely within the confines of the area allotted to it. If you are using a high-resolution display, you may need to adjust your browser somewhat, which the majority of people in such circumstances do.

🙋‍♂️ Should I use CloudWays?

CloudWays is a wonderful choice if you're seeking high performance on a budget, owing to their innovative cloud hosting model. You can host numerous websites with surprisingly high traffic with just the smallest DigitalOcean server (as long as you use page caching).

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Conclusion- Liquid Web Alternatives 2023

Without a doubt, Liquid Web is an excellent service for a large number of individuals. Numerous rivals cannot equal its enormous effect and performance statistics. However, this does not exclude you from going on your path.

There are always topics worth researching, particularly when it comes to cloud hosting. Cloud computing‘s primary selling point is its adaptability.

Consider this: each choice on this list comes with a 15 to the 45-day money-back guarantee. This implies that you may spend your time determining what works and what does not work for your specific circumstances.

Now that you have plausible alternatives in hand, why not let us know which ones most interest you in the comments section? I would recommend CloudWays. Have a great time hosting!

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