Listagram Review 2023: A Legit Lead Generation Software? (9 Stars)

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Gamification  is a term or technology which was once only limited to the gaming industry has now gradually become one of the latest and most important new technologies used to make online marketing campaigns more attractive and effective. It is gradually transforming business models by creating new ways to drive customer and employee loyalty by extending relationships and crafting longer-term engagement strategies.

The important things to understand here is how gamification in the marketing world is different from that used in the gaming industry and how it works. According to several industry experts, “Gamification leverages the motivations and desires that exist in all of us for community, feedback, achievement, and reward.”

Gamification empowers businesses to create true loyalty when it is effectively combined with the big data generated by user interactions and the latest research on motivation. Over the past 5 years, as social media has gained pace with developing internet technology, businesses have experienced an increase in engagement both internally and externally.

This has also facilitated numerous small yet keystone elements of the functioning of a successful online business like more website traffic, lower times for adoption and conversions from free trial to purchase, and reduction in onboarding time. In this post, we will give you a comprehensive guide about gamification, its importance and a detailed  Listagram Review 2023 one of the most popular lead capturing and gamification marketing tools. Let’s get started here.

Listgram Review 2023: A Legit Lead Capture Software

About Listagram

Listagram is a popular lead capture software and Email list building tool which has been specifically designed to help businesses increase opt-in conversion rates by turning opt-in forms into an interactive game. Businesses both small and large have been using Listagam to trigger the opt-in form using exit intent, timeout trigger, link or button click and you can set these according to which device a visitor is using. Higher email opt-in rates in less than 30 minutes.

Listagram Review- Gamify your newsletter signups


Listagram as software has been praised by experts and customers internationally as it only triggers on specific areas of your site by giving you the power to include/exclude URLs. Listagram is extremely easy to set up and use, works on any platform via a simple one-line install. It has been globally commended to out-perform traditional opt-in forms.

Highlight features

When it comes to lead capturing, Listagram is a name that is often recommended by industry experts to online businesses for effectively capturing leads and converting them into potential customers. The features and tools offered by Listagram are extremely easy to use for anyone and are suitable for businesses of all types and sizes, be it small, medium or large scale businesses.

Popup design

  • Stunning default themes
  • Fully customizable
  • Create your own custom theme
  • Upload your own graphics
  • Seasonal themes available

Listagram-Popup design

Advanced analytics

  • Get a full overview and metrics about the performance of your popups
  • Monitor cross-device conversion rates
  • See your top performing landing pages
  • Breakdown of your coupon and slice distribution
  • Break down metrics by days, weeks and months

Listagram-Advanced analytics

Settings and features

  • Leave intent and timeouts based trigger
  • Advanced triggers with links
  • Individual settings for desktop and mobile devices
  • Run multiple wheels on multiple domains and URLs
  • Urge customers to use a coupon with footer reminder
  • Full control of cookie durations
  • Advanced slice and coupon configuration

Works on any platform

  • Easy to install on all platforms
  • Install on custom sites
  • Easy to use after set up.
  • Easily deploy using Google Tag Manager and similar tools

Listagram Review- Platforms Supported

Listagram in numbers

The success and credibility of each and every software, application, and plugin in this world is defined by the facts and figures it garners over time. Keeping this point in mind, the credibility of Instagram can be defined by the fact that since its inception, the software has had over 27,400,000+ IMPRESSIONS, catered over 3,100,000+ EMAILS and delivered an AVERAGE CONVERSION RATE OF 11.4%

Listagram Review- Stats


Listagram seamlessly integrates with email automation tools, allowing you to synchronize your email subscribers automatically and setup automation to turn leads into customers.

  • MailChimp
  • Drip
  • Klaviyo
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign

Plans & Prices

Listagram is one of the most cost-effective paid services currently available in the market today. It offers three monthly subscription packages and one free package without any agreements to offer versatility to all types of customers.

One good thing about Listagram is that all of its packages offer you a 7-day trial when creating your account. After the end of this limited trial period, you will have to enter your credit card details and choose a plan. You can also cancel your service at any time and will never be charged again.

Listagram Review- Pricing Plans


Listagra currently offers 4 different packages, thus ensuring that their services are available and suitable for all types and scales of business. These 4 packages also include a free plan ideal for individual bloggers and small scale businesses.


Price: NA

  • 5,000 Wheel views
  • Listagram branding


Price: $29 per month

  • 25,000 Wheel views
  • Listagram branding


Price: $99 per month

  • 100,000 Wheel views
  • Listagram branding


Price: $299 per month

  • 500,000 Wheel views
  • Listagram branding

For more information and details regarding all Listagram packages and their features, simply jump online to their official website!



What is Gamification?

Gamification, in general, is a process for integrating game mechanics into various modules and projects to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. The advantage of Gamification is that it can be incorporated with anything that already exists, from your website to social media presence, day-to-day operations, customer engagement and more.

It is extremely important to understand that many common internet users mistake Gamification as the creation of games for business application, which is not at all true! Gamification is rather the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. The things that are commonly employed while gamifying a project include game design elements to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, flow, learning, crowdsourcing, employee recruitment and more. Rising demand for Combination.


The demand and use of Gamification is growing rapidly as more and more online businesses are popping into the internet world these days. Gamified marketing holds over traditional marketing and several types of research have revealed that it can generate 42% more leads and 66% more sales than the conventional marketing strategies. Using gamification in your marketing campaigns results in more impressions software or platforms that enable you to gamify your marketing can collect over 145K+ Emails, delivering an Average Conversion Rate of 12.7%

How to Install Listagram on Woocommerce or WordPress

How to Install Listagram on Shopify

Gamification has been widely applied in marketing. According to a major survey conducted by Forbes in 2013, over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies said they planned to use gamification for the purposes of marketing and customer retention. Gamification has also been widely incorporated in marketing campaigns and customer loyalty programs to strengthen the customer-brand relationship.

A popular example of a major brand using gamification is of Starbucks who in 2010 gave custom Foursquare badges to people who checked in at multiple locations. Along with that, the company also offered discounts to people who checked in at an individual store most frequently. These are small, easy but extremely effective strategies to retain existing customers and winning over new ones.  

Whether you are just learning about the power of gamification or have experienced implementing gamification in your own business, here is a quick guide showing you how gamification can change the complexion of your business and help grow your business and improve your life along with a quick review about Listagram,

Importance of Gamification

Gamification has been able to transform the way entrepreneurs and digital marketers do business as millions of companies from across the globe, regardless of size and stature, large and small are relying more and more on gamification. Their primary objective here is to help improve not just customer engagement, but in many cases even make their employees happier.

  • Increase Engagement And Conversion

Gamification can help improve sales because winning something even as small as a coupon, encourages them to want to use it. That small coupon or another freebie often plays a crucial role in getting potential customers to pull out their credit cards and buy.

Using gamification to amplify the social media effect is one of the best ways to quickly build a large fan base for your business. As humans, we love sharing content that is both valuable and entertaining.

  • Leverage The Power of Social Media

As a marketer, you can take advantage of specific plugins to run giveaways or share relevant quizzes with your audience.

If your target audience is digital nomads, for example, you could run a giveaway with 5 of the most popular items for world travelers. Or you could build a quiz suggesting “which country they should visit next.”

If you run an e-commerce site selling t-shirts, you could have your community signup to enter for a free custom shirt. The more they tweet, share and email the promotion the more chances they have to win.

  • Increase Motivation And Follow Through

Gamification can also help ensure a warm lead ends up completing the purchasing process on your store. Many times would be buyers simply get distracted with by a new browser tab or have their attention diverted elsewhere. By implementing an abandon cart sequence, preferably with some discount or other gifts, you can significantly improve the chances of that potential buyer following through with their purchase.

Gamification helps to use the power of psychology to give a slight nudge in the right direction often leading to incredible results.

  • Improve Employee And Customer Learning And Engagement

Of course, gamification doesn’t just apply to get more conversions and increasing sales. It can also be used to effectively impact other areas of your business as well.

Another major issue startup founders and CEO’s often face is getting their employees to complete those pesky “mandatory” training. While these training often does improve productivity and effectiveness overall, it’s often a struggle to get your team to “buy-in.”

By choosing education programs that gamify the process you can improve the likelihood of your employee follow through by using their own psychology in their favor. Even the best employees sometimes need a boost in the right direction.

  • Increase Brand Loyalty

Gamification can also be used to increase brand loyalty even in the most competitive of spaces. Here is a prominent example of a brand successfully using gamification to build customer loyalty come from two very unlikely places.

The US-based pizza company Domino’s was one of the first pizza chains to successfully implement gamification in their mobile and online app to order pizza. You open the app, choose your toppings and see your pizza being made virtually while you wait.

The app continues to guide you through the process as the pizza maker puts your pizza in the oven and even leaves the store for delivery. This small change saw Domino’s stock rise significantly and brought the struggling brand back to life almost overnight.

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Conclusion: Listagram Review 2023

It is extremely important to figure out why and how you should use lead generation software for your business. Choosing the right tool for capturing leads greatly depends on your demographic and how your users will react to the fortune wheel. Listagram as been received well by both critics and customers, with several businesses reporting that the highest converting users have averaged over 20% conversion on high traffic sites after using Listagram with an average of around 12-15% across all users. 



Listagram works well with almost all types of businesses but has shown the best results with eCommerce sites and blogs which collect email addresses from their visitors. The primary reason behind this is that both eCommerce merchants and eCommerce consumers are tired of seeing boring popups asking them to join someone’s newsletter which is not engaging and fun.

Listagram has also successfully satisfied customers with their after sale service. They boast of a super responsive support team who are available to help you get up and running with their service or even whenever you run into any problems. Their team is available for consulting 24*7 and can be reached via phone, email, online chat as well as through services like Skype. Though located in Norway under the GMT+1 time zone, they can still be reached outside business hours.

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