LitExtension Recent Migration Review 2024: Why To Use Recent Data Migration?

In this post, we have featured LitExtension Recent Migration Review which includes detailed insights into LitExtension. So let’s dive in.

In today’s environment, re-platforming has got to be one of the most vital decisions that you have to make while doing an online business. Then here  Recent Migration LitExtension made a spot. Recent Migration is a process to select, transform, and extract data, and transfer it from one storage of computer to another. It is a key feature to implement it in any system, upgrade and consolidate and free up the humans from taking up any tedious task. This helps you in covering the path from hosting assistance to self-hosting assistance. 

Its functions and features had aided a lot worldwide for the online stocks to grow and reach heights.  With a support team full of zeal, and enthusiasm, and up-graded technology, LitExtension is thriving at its finest to bring satisfaction to all the users. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Recent Migration is a service offered by LitExtension which basically targets to help the users to send their data from source store to target store without any efforts. When a your Target Store is ready to go live, you still should keep a Source Store data backup after delete it. Try Recent Migration service of LitExtension yourself.

From presently onwards, you’re able to perform Recent Data Migration at free of a toll and do it like for unbounded numbers of time. So, let’s get started to know more about data migration and LitExtension. 

LitExtension Recent Migration Review

LitExtension Recent Migration Review 2024: Why To Use Recent Data Migration?

LitExtension Recent Migration: Overview                                                                                         

Movement may be a straightforward handle when conducted through the LitExtension movement arrangement. Other than exchanging critical information like clients, items, etc, we offer other relocation administrations so merely can begin offering on your unused store as before as long as conceivable!

 LitExtension Overview

LitExtension is known for enduring a rich- quality service and utilizing cost-effective and working efficiently. It grows out to be as transparent as water. It is daunting to even think of moving more than 4000 products from one cart to another, but with LitExtension it becomes wholly possible. With the support of LitExtension, everything can be at ease provided with the team to support and help and make any changes as per choice and convenience.

 Data Migration occurs for a variety of reasons:-                                                   

1) Replacements for storage

2) Getting servers

3) Upgrading and maintaining

4) Migrating and recovery

You get at ease if you are able to migrate a variety of products in different languages, as that work is easily done by Recent Data Migration. It is highly recommended as it can shout out to many e-commerce sites to choose the transfer process from. It has a super-duper and excellent service. 

Steps for Recent Data Transfer

1) All you need to do is to log in to your account on the LitExtension website.

2) Now, carefully select the substances you have got to exchange from your records of movement.

3) Click on the button of Recent Transfer and chase the strides you followed at the time of setting up on the complete process.

Hence, by following these easy strides you come to know how easy the Data Transfers works. So. Stop bothering and get over with your fresh website and do not miss out on any data and be prepared for going live on your official new website. 


1) Custom Fields and services

These are the fields that do not exist in your platform core. Therefore, this feature is designed to change your custom fields if in the case in your cart the database has been changed. We are here to provide you with full customization of services in order to make your migration process easier and specific in your case. We will be helping you to migrate your dump database, and transfer your data to CSV, and even help you to download your shopping cart.

Custom-Fields- LitExtension

2) Updates are Awesome

It is here to acknowledge you with the difference between fields of data that you will source in your stores and target stores to find the difference between both after the process of transfer. If any changes and differences have to be made it will automatically update its performance in your store making it look better and optimizing.

Custom-Fields- LitExtension - Smart Update

3) Setting passwords

You can easily transfer your custom password from the existing platform of e-commerce to the new one. Hence, it comes very handily as the person need not have to set new passwords or login into making a new account as you can visit your new site with the old password also. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

4) Subscription for Migrating Data

On stores like Shopify and WooCommerce, you can have your subscription data with the help of services provided to transfer your data from current stores to other platforms, you have shifted onto.

Custom-Fields- LitExtension - My Migration

5) Migration is New

It has a great service support platform that helps you in migrating all your fresh brands, forms, and services that ought to be appearing at your source store if you are switching on to another store or platform.

Custom-Fields- LitExtension - Migration New

6) Redirects 301

These URLs are here to help you in transferring your products from one site to another. Your SEO ranking will always be preserved as the old URLs will always be saved in your stores for the target. Customization of it will be done by our team in order to have 100%  of your store of sources the structure for URL.

7) DNS and switching domains

It is always a curiosity to know how many products or customers are there in your current store. With this service of LitExtension, you can easily acknowledge how to check up on the counts of entities you have in your chain. 

Custom-Fields- LitExtension - Migration Completed

LitExtension Recent Migration: Features  

1) Time Saver

It is highly enjoyable when you know that something is making your work easier. Recent migration LitExtension does the same for you. It is best known for saving your time and money. As you are not required to start the full migration process right from the beginning and can easily add up the fresh data manually.

LitExtension - Uptime

2) 24/7

It is bagged by the dedicated support of 24 hours into 7 days. It is like a cheerful companion to you on whom you can always count on. The staff is cooperative, attentive, and responsive too.  They provide you an option for a live chat too.

3) Money guarantee back

Isn’t it amazing? To know that your money is safe and you can avail and get to gather more information about their services with zero risks involved. It gets you the time to think and understand that they are delivering the same thing you are expecting.

4) Free Migrations

They took no extra fee for this. Without any headache, you can have the reliability that your store can go live and fresh with no data to be left behind.

LitExtension - High Security

5) Uptime is 100%

Your store has the chance to receive everything normally. New orders and users always come handy. During the migration you can keep your business growing, hence, no sales are being lost.

LitExtension - Shopping Cart Migration

6) Support

The best thing to have is that it does not affect your old data and when migrating it also does not affect your new and fresh store. Also, you are able to use their recent data migration to any of the carts you wish to use.



Why do you require this service?

Let’s invade that you’ve got fair wrapped up a full transfer with the LitExtension information transfer device. Amid the method, we still have your source store dynamic ordinarily to guarantee the benefits do not affect your deals or trade execution. After the transfer, you may require a few times to set up your newly migrated store.

Whereas you’re active while having this, your old chain will still get modern substances, modern orders from customers. After wrapping up the setup, you have got to exchange the information recently brought about in your ancient store to your unused store and that’s where our Recent Data Movement comes for assistance.

Recent Data Movement with some exciting Updates

LitExtension has been obtained and caught on the desires of clients after the Data Transfer goes in pace for a stipulated time. Hence, we chose to form a few adjustments. Presently, LitExtension gives you boundless later transfers without charge inside 3 months of complete movement.

Setting your Target Store

For a migration process to go on, you need to have Target Store already in advance. At each platform, the process to install is very different at each platform. There where LitExtension makes its presence as it offers you to save your time and for the newbie also, having no technical knowledge, it comes very handy.

In just one-service, it will be taken care of by our experts delivering the best migration right starting from setting it up till getting up to your Target Store.

Backing up your Source Store                                                                  

After the relocation with LitExtension, information on your source store will remain unaltered sometime recently. We were duplicating them from one shopping cart to another. Be that as it may, it’s prescribed to back up everything sometime recently you perform any major changes. Strategies to spare your information depend on the stage you’re using.

Data Migration

Even after or through the process of migration, LitExtension still keeps your source store dynamic regularly to guarantee the benefit doesn’t influence your deals or trade execution. In this manner, your store will still get modern orders, clients, and modern items all through the information exchange or when you’re arranging your modern store after the movement. After wrapping up the setup, you’ve got to exchange the information recently caused in your ancient store to your modern store as well and that’s when our Recent Data Transfer comes in helpful. You’ll perform later information movement with LitExtension for free and boundless times inside 3 months after the beginning relocation.

The switching domain is also an easy aspect and you can always change it when transferring to a new store after you have completed your migration at your shopping cart. It is okay to be confused with these terms like DNS and domains if you are new to E-commerce but with lit extension, all these can be so easy and reliable offering at just one single fee.

Migrating with your store

In this take up an example, say Shopify. Steps you need to incur while migrating the store with lit extension.

1) Login into the LitExtension website and you can have the account by logging into your Facebook or the Google account.

2) On the screen, at the Top button click the Migration button to create the new page.                                      

3) Into the blank space put the URL of the store of Shopify and select the Cart type as Shopify Source. At that point, take after the wizard instruction or instructional exercise video to urge your API information and password, at that point, furnish them within the form.

4) For configuring your migration, click onto the next button. You’ll select either all of them together or as it were certain information.

5) For having more transfer possibilities just expand yourself to more additional options.

6) This is the last step with which you can proceed with the Demo movement to see in the event that everything works as you anticipated some time recently acquiring the total movement otherwise you can skip the demo with a click.

Is the price worth it? 

The price will be one of the top concerns if you are a small chain owner. Hence, it is amazing to believe that you will get exactly what you are paying for and expecting to get. Hence, the transfer pricing for a LitExtension comes at $19 with a stipulated time of approximately one hour. 

Recent Data Transfer can be utilized for complementary and unlimited times inside 3 months after full transfer.

Note: the full extra substances are less than 10% of the full number of substances in your introductory migration.

LitExtension Recent Migration: Pros and Cons

This aids you to gather the idea to choose it or not. It helps in decision-making. So, let’s move along and know the advantages and disadvantages of Recent Data Migration

LitExtension Pros

1) Accessibility

The accessibility is at par with your complete database and providing the best options to choose from any e-commerce site and getting your migration process complete.

2) It is best known for its customer support

3) It has 100% uptime.

4) Staff is available for help 24 hours by 7 days. 

5) Re-migration is free of cost. 

6) 30-days money guaranteed back

7) Have 100+ supported carts

8) Keep your data safe

9) Good value for the money.

10) Customization is dynamic. 

LitExtension Cons

1) Some issues to run the platform sometimes. 

2) Flexibility is less due to codebase

LitExtension Recent Migration Pricing 

Recent Migration at Litextension starts at $19. After migrating completely you can enjoy it for free for about 3 months. 


LitExtension Recent Migration Reviews & Testimonials


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FAQs on LitExtension Recent Migration

👉After the migration is it possible to operate Recent Migration?

Under the following condition, LitExtension supports migrations that are unlimited and recent after having a complete migration:- Inside 3 months, you are offered 100% unhindered and free Recent Data Migration from the primary full migration with the condition that the overall extra substance is less than 10% of initial migration entities. After 3 months of completing the primary full relocation, your recent information is more than 10% of the entire substances merely originally and the fetched will be measured based on the sum of substances merely adding more to the consequence.

👉 Can Source Store be deleted after migration?

After migrating all your data successfully and you are wishing to delete your Source Store, it is not profound to erase any substances from your source store. When the relocation handle completes, your Source Store still operates and proceeds to get modern information. You without a doubt got to overhaul this unused information, subsequently, you ought to keep your Source Store for utilization. You are always advised to keep your Source Store data in back-up even if you delete it after going live with your Target Store.

👉With LitExtension how many migrations can be performed?

As you know, the LitExtensionis is only known for transferring your data from one platform to various platforms. Hence, with the amazing feature of lit extension, you can have an unlimited number of re-migrations and like the cherry on the cake, your recent data migrations are also free of cost.

Conclusion: LitExtension Recent Migration Review 2024

LitExtension has been exceedingly experienced in shopping cart movement for a long time. Next to OpenCart and WooCommerce, We as of now back information movement for over 90 most prevalent stages. LitExtension has effectively relocated more than 140.000 stores for over 40.000 clients so distant. With each and each movement extending, we have gotten positive input from our clients, which turns into extraordinary support for us to keep creating our movement administrations.

More to this they are known for securing your data. When you are re-platforming your data is kept saved using several security policies. To gear up your store as an online platform business is much easier and accessible with LitExtension. It is available and accessible for both the agencies and merchants. It requires absolutely no coding. Delivering the topmost accuracy with the minimal involvement of human beings is the best shot given by recent migration lit extension. It provides you immense options to choose from in order to migrate your services.

 It supports more than 100 E-commerce platforms. Isn’t it the best thing you can get for your online business? Getting more than amazing options to choose from is by far a good thing. Worldwide it has more than 50,000 customers providing you approximately 98% customer satisfaction and has more than 1,50,000 integrated stores for migration.

Hence, it grows to be the no.1 provider for shopping cart delivering thousands of successful projects.

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