LitExtension Vs Cart2Cart 2023: Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons)



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LitExtension has performed migrations for +150,000 stores and +50,000 customers around the world

Cart2Cart is a hugely popular name when it comes to shopping cart migration

  • Free demo migration and migration preview available
  • Expert team with experience of over 150,000 migrations
  • Unlimited Re-migrations for Free
  • Free unlimited demo migration
  • Expert team with experience of over 200,000 migrations
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • 30 Money-Back Guarantee
  • Migrate customers passwords
  • Migrate product SKUs
  • 30 Money-Back Guarantee available
  • Migrate customers passwords
  • Migrate product SKUs
  • Not highly popular as Cart2Cart
  • Better pricing options are expected
Ease of Use

LitExtension also offers a simple migration process. You can choose the source and target URLs, as well as what you want to migrate. The process is quick and easy, so it doesn't require any special skills.

Cart2Cart is easy to use. If you have a store, you might want to move the data in that store over to another. Cart2Cart will let you do this. You can copy data from one store and put it in another one by specifying the old shop’s url, plus the information about what you want in your new store.

Value For Money

Price: from $149 for 500 entities.

Price: $299 for 500 entities

Customer Support

LitExtension offers multiple options for self service in the form of documentation and video tutorials.

Reliable, round-the clock support over phone, email, chat and tickets with SLA.

In this post, we have featured LitExtension Vs Cart2Cart which includes detailed insights into of these platforms.

Are you keen to know which is better among LitExtension and Cart2Cart?

Nowadays, the e-commerce industry is providing numerous solutions for a single problem.

So, it became quite frustrating to choose a better option, and better choosing has become a big deal.

Here is a quick overview of LitExtension and Cart2Cart, which will help you choose which among these will be of better use to you.

Ecommerce is continually developing and at an ascending pace.

In 2019 alone, numerous marketing platforms have executed an ample range of feature advancements and updates as they try to surpass each other in an exceptionally competitive sector.

It is essential to know how they are different from each other and the key features of each of these.

Knowing the basic info about both these tools will help you understand better and know what importance each of these has in your business and how it will help you.

Bottom Line Upfront: Cart2Cart is a better shopping cart migration service than LitExtension in terms of features and pricing. Cart2Cart is a popular name for shopping cart migration.

They have been in the business long enough, offering many services for different stores. Many popular eCommerce platforms recommend Cart2Cart as a partner to help with migrations.

They offer dependable customer support and expert assistance to ensure that migrations are done well. If you are looking for a well-known company, you can choose Cart2Cart.

You can also use Cart2Cart to get the best results.

So, let us get started as we learn about both these tools and further know the importance and understand which serves our business better.

LitExtension Vs Cart2Cart: Overview

LitExtension Overview

LitExtension is an automated shopping cart transferring tool that helps you move all of your information and data, such as items you wish to purchase or sell, customers, orders placed, SEO URLs, passwords associated with your accounts, and other data, from one Ecommerce station to another.

They have over 11-year experience and put in a lot of effort to build trust in their customers by contributing the highest quality services.

Added to this, LitExtension acquired over 160,000+ successful transfers by transferring for over 60,000+ consumers worldwide, and they are presently assisting over 120+ supported carts.

LitExtension is considered to be the #1 platform in the sphere of Shopping Cart Migration.

They exclusively present you with the best cart migration tool and a dedicated focus on reliability, customer care and service, and maximum expertise. It was established in 2011.


LitExtension is considered one of the most advanced transfer tools for shopping carts; they ensure the transfers with full accuracy and proximity with the least involvement of mechanical support. It provides easy access to new beginners and requires no proficient coding skills.

It will complete your transfer within a few simple steps to meet your requirements.

Cart2Cart Overview

Cart2Cart is an automated transfer service tool for various shopping carts; it offers its service with the primary objective, which is to build easy shifts between numerous e-commerce platforms and to provide safe, secure transfers for the users.

By using this tool, you can shift and migrate various kinds of entities,  such as orders, products, reviews, categories, attributes, and other related information.

Cart2Cart provides access to transfer information among the 75+ shopping carts assisted and supported by Cart2Cart.

Instead, it’s the platform you take support from when you wish to transfer things from one cart to another. Regarding migrating, code and data are the two major complications.

Moving the data and code simultaneously from one holder to the other requires a lot of hard work and proficient skills. And that makes it costly and perilous work.

Cart2Cart -Overview

We may ask if Ecommerce systems provide such transfer services. They, indeed, do. Nevertheless, not every eCommerce platform provides this option; in fact, only a few do.

Often, users are left alone responsible for regulating their website transferring operations.

Taking all of these considerations into account, an e-commerce solutions company named MagneticOne conceived and produced Cart2Cart in 2009.

For 10 years, the platform has served internet entrepreneurs and speculators, relieving them from the challenges that come with site relocation.

CartCcart’s idea here is simply to automate the entire operation.

Key Features & Benefits

LitExtension Key Features

1. SEO URL Migration:

A site migration is a phrase widely preferred by SEO professionals to express any matter by which a website goes through significant modifications in sectors that notably impact search engine perceptibility.

LitExtension typically modifies them to the site’s location, platform, description, and design.

LitExtension - High Security

2. Target data removal:

Along with transferring and migrating the data, LitExtension also helps to remove or delete the desired data.

This can be considered one of the coolest features LitExtension provides, as you can alter and modify the data whenever necessary.

LitExtension - Uptime

3. Smart Update:

LitExtension has designed and included an intelligent update feature. This particular feature helps you get notified whenever there are specific updates and will automatically convey all the notifications.

LitExtension - Shopping Cart Migration

4. Free Demo Migration:

This particular feature was designed and implemented for new beginners and novice customers.

With the help of this “free demo migration” feature, you can acknowledge how the lit extension works and how it will help your work.

5. Customer Password Migration:

Customer password migration is an add-on feature implemented by a lit extension that helps users by allowing them to get access to transfer the passwords from their old website to the newer one.

Thus, this feature helps to log in to the new site without having to reset or create a new account.

Cart2Cart Key Features                                                                         

1. 24/7 Tech support and Assistance:

Cart2Cart provides its users the needed assistance and customer service around the clock. Cart2Cart readily offers services whenever you have technical issues or require guidance.

2. A broad range of Transferable entities:

Cart2Cart offers access to over 80+ shopping carts. It is considered to have the most comprehensive list of interchangeable and exchangeable entities.

Cart2Cart also provides some extra options or add-ons to improve the performance and precision of your shift.


3. 100% Current store uptime:

Cart2Cart has included this cool feature that allows users to sell even during migration without influencing the source store.

Uptime is a scale that quantifies the system’s authenticity; it is estimated to be the percent of the time the system has been functioning and active. 


4. Flexible pricing plan:

Cart2Cart offers a pliable and flexible pricing scheme that allows users to only pay for the goods they literally transfer.

You only need to specify the number of consumers, orders, and entities. The migration calculator will then estimate the amount of your transition, how much it will cost, and how long it will last.

5. Demo Migration:

Cart2Cart offers a demo migration for new users and can be executed for free. It is a complementary feature provided by Cart2Cart.

You are given a choice to subsidize your account after checking out the output of the demo migration and then execute the entire transfer.


LitExtension Vs Cart2Cart Features Comparison:

Smart Score

SmartScore is a scale that determines the grade of a particular entity or system; it is calculated and estimated based on some standard algorithms.

This provides the best measure of how skillfully and effectively a particular entity works and functions.

SmartScore is estimated using many elements such as consistency, proficiency, accuracy in assessing complications, key features, services offered, functionalities, etc.


LitExtension is considered to have an intelligent score of around 8.8, which is quite an excellent, bright score.


Cart2Cart is estimated to have an intelligent score of 8.3, and a brilliant score above 8 is considered suitable for grading companies.


Based on the intelligent score, LitExtension has a higher score than Cart2Cart. So, in relative terms, LitExtension is considered the best among both of them, regarding the bright score and grading of the company.

LitExtension Vs Cart2Cart: Pricing Model


LitExtension provides a quote-based pricing model; it charges you the most recent and updated price of that particular trade.

It offers services with one time or single payment process. It enables the users to use the transfer service by sible time purchase.

Pricing starts from a minimum of $59. However, the fee differs from product to product and is based on the customers, no.of products, and orders in your store.

litextension pricing
litextension pricing

LitExtension provides an all-in-one migration service at a start price of $129. It provides a 3-month guarantee for migration services.


Cart2Cart also provides pricing based on quote prices similar to LitExtension. It supplies the products and services at a specified and predetermined price or value.

The quoted price only applies for a specified period and cannot be changed once the customer accepts the deal.


Cart2Cart’s offer price starts from a minimum of $49. Cart2Cart costs a single-time charge of $49. It provides the migration service at a minimum charge of $69.

The seller can also provide the consumer with an estimation tool for precise and accurate price estimations.


Regarding pricing models, both platforms offer users reasonable and excellent plans. Pricing options vary from product to product; it depends on the type of package you choose and the kind of product you have ordered.

There is a wide range of pricing packages and options in LitExtension and Cart2Cart, which serve better migration services.



LitExtension also can integrate or merge and work along with some other eCommerce platforms. It also combines with several other shopping cart services to expand its functionality. Some of them are listed below.

LitExtension - Integration

  • Amazon Webstore
  • Etsy
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Prestashop
  • WP Online Store
  • Drupal Commerce


Cart2Cart also has access to combine and work with some eCommerce platform businesses. It was also featured by some eCommerce platforms. A few of them are listed below.

  • Shopify 
  • Wix
  • 3DCart
  • CS-Cart
  • X-cart
  • WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Shopware


LitExtension and Cart2Cart have access to integrate, join, and work with some of the best eCommerce platforms. So both of them can be considered to have good functionalities and features.

Available Devices


LitExtension is made available on several devices. Here is the list of devices that support LitExtension. 

  • Windows 
  • Linux 
  • Web-based 
  • Mac


Cart2Cart is supported in some specific devices. The devices which can have access to Cart2Cart are listed below.

  • Windows 
  • Mac
  • Web-based 

Verdict :

Though LitExtension and Cart2Cart provide some furnished features, they have limited access. Both of these tools can be supported only on some available devices and cannot be supported on mobile devices.

However, comparatively, LitExtension is considered a slightly better option than Cart2Cart, as it also has access to Linux devices and can be supported in Linux devices. 

Company Size


LitExtension was founded in 2011, and the company headquarters are in Vietnam. It is considered to have performed over 160,000 successful migrations. Over 120 other carts were supported by LitExtension.

Over 70 other carts were supported by LitExtension. The types of businesses and companies that LitExtension supports are given below. 

  • Small businesses
  • Medium business 
  • Large enterprises


Cart2Cart was started in 2009, and the company headquarters are in Ukraine. It has many teams working, with a team size of 32 per team.

Cart2Cart is estimated to have performed over 150,000 successful transfers.

It is estimated that Cart2cart supports over 85 carts.

Here are some of the business types that Cart2Cart offers its services for. They are 

  • Large enterprises 
  • Small businesses
  • Medium businesses 
  • Freelancers

Verdict :

LitExtension and Cart2Cart both provide services for various scales of business. However, Cart2Cart is considered to provide better than LitExtension.

Cart2Cart offers its services to freelancers and other higher-sized businesses, whereas LitExtension, in particular, 50% of our customers are agencies and freelancers.

So relatively Cart2Cart can be considered to be better.

Ease of Use


LitExtension is also considered one of the advanced solutions for cart migration. It ensures its users by providing the services with utmost accuracy and security.

If you go through the interface of LitExtension’s website, you will acknowledge that it has a simple interface that is easy to understand.

It does not require any proficient technical skills such as coding. You will simply need to follow the required steps and instructions it provides, and that is it.

Everything will be automatically set up, and your account will be controlled.


Cart2Cart is considered a migration tool which makes it simpler.

The primary implementation of Cart2Cart is to offer migration services to non-technical stores and to grant them easy access to perform the migration.

Thus, it provides a simple and direct interface that makes the transferring process a piece of cake, even for a newbie.

After the migration process, you must choose an insurance plan and launch an entire shift or transfer of your account.

These Insurance packages will allow you access to remigrate if you have any issues.


LitExtension and Cart2Cart provide exceptional services to their users with excellent features and packages.

Both provide a straightforward interface that allows practically any person to get their work done as soon as possible. Both provide their services with the highest security and precision.

Litextension Vs Cart2Cart: Pros and Cons

Pros of LitExtension

  • Provides a free demo migration which aids the customers in acknowledging how it will help them.
  • It contains fascinating features that build up functionality and compatibility.
  • Offers customers a data security plan to save their data from being lost.
  • Have the option to strip html tags.
  • Offers services starting from a low price.
  • Offers available support through emails, phones, live support, training, etc.
  • Offers around 9 additional migration options.

Cons of LitExtension

  • Does not offer a migration preview.
  • It can only be accessed in the English language.
  • Charges an additional fee for some custom fields. But most of them are free.

Pros of Cart2Cart

  • No need to have technical skills to operate this.
  • Can migrate even a large website without needing to download other software.
  • Can transfer the whole website data and other entities in one go.
  • It contains a pliable and interchangeable site migration structure.
  • Offers the highest security level.
  • Provides an inbuilt estimator that calculates your migration charges with accuracy and precision
  • Offers customer care and service round the clock.
  • Manages to migrate large portions of data and information within a short period.

 Cons of Cart2Cart

  • Recent data migration is offered at a higher cost.
  • The migration preview service is limited to specific shopping carts.
  • The initial procedure of setting up is quite complicated for new users.

Testimonials: LitExtension Vs Cart2Cart

LitExtension Customer Review 


Cart2Cart Customer Review 

Cart2Cart-Automated-Shopping- Testimonials

Quick Links:

LitExtension Vs Cart2Cart: FAQs

Are there any alternatives to these tools?

Nowadays eCommerce provides users with numerous platforms for single work. It is apparent that eCommerce is growing exponentially and has brought up many advancements in various systems. So if you are trying to find out if there are any alternatives for these tools, you need not worry anymore because several other eCommerce tools are readily available. Some of them are Constant Contact, Raise, Chatfuel, Tagalys, etc.

Are there any coupons to get a discount on LitExtension and Cart2Cart?

LitExtension and Cart2Cart do not provide any kind of coupons to get a discount. They do not have such schemes. However, both provide quote-based pricing where you can bid for the price and negotiate over a product if the seller agrees. Added to this, you can see that the pricing is quite reasonable and affordable.

Will the user's data be stored in their databases?

Both LitExtension and Cart2Cart require your account data and related details to get your migration process done, So regarding that, your data needs to be stored in their databases. However, they keep the account details and related data safe and secure and maintain it confidentially.

Conclusion: LitExtension Vs Cart2Cart 2023 : All–In–One Migration Service Comparison

Both LitExtension and Cart2Cart offer good services to their customers. 

However, Cart2Cart is a famous company for shopping cart migration. They have helped many stores to migrate their carts to different platforms.

Many eCommerce sites recommend Cart2Cart, and they offer good customer support, so your migration goes smoothly.

Cart2Cart is one of the best options if you are looking for a company with experience in this field, but LitExtension is also a newer player in the market.

However, when choosing the better among these two, you will need to try and check out the free demo migration offered by both to get an idea of which serves you the better.

LitExtension and Cart2Cart are both excellently serving their customers and meeting their requirements. So it is up to your decision which one you wish to choose.

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