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Even though you want to change shopping carts, the idea of transferring all of your products, clients, and orders seems like a lot of work.

Spend less time worrying about technical issues by migrating your store in 3 easy steps using LitExtension.

What is LitExtension?

LitExtension free trial

The foremost expert in shopping cart migration is LitExtension. Over the previous ten years, LitExtension, which was founded in 2011, has successfully completed 150,000+ migrations for 50,000+ clients worldwide. Experts with extensive knowledge of eCommerce and shopping cart data migration make up the LitExtension team.

We give users the option to move their customers, orders, items, SEO URLs, passwords, and other data to the desired shopping cart together with all of the relevant data. LitExtension currently supports migration from more than 100 of the most popular shopping carts. By providing top-notch services, we make a concerted effort to earn our clients’ trust. Keeping consumers is simpler than constantly seeking new ones.

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LitExtension Features

The most impressive and practical features are found in LitExtension. LitExtension tries to improve its in-depth features and turn them into the best operating expertise migration site. Some of the significant and intriguing aspects of LitExtension are listed here.

Complete Automation

LitExtension is a totally automated website with little to no interference from humans. This presents work as clever and manageable.

Retention of ID

LitExtension ensures that everything that belonged to your domain on the prior site is fully migrated to the new site, including your ID RETENTION, which is akin to a world-beating achievement. Your input is not required for the safe and secure retention of your ID.

Free Trial

LitExtension doesn’t take you to the extent of it because it offers a free demo migration so you can quickly assess it and learn how it functions and what services it offers.

Migration of customer passwords

The migration from the old domain to the new domain is your password. Your password is safely sent, and you can continue working on the site of your choice as you normally would.

clever update

When it comes to the internet, updates, and upgrades are two crucial concepts to be aware of. You could occasionally forget to update the program you are even using during the frantic task.

High-End Data Security

The highest data security is provided by Litextension, which functions as a safe locker on which you can completely rely to keep your data safe.

A reliable platform for the displayed and unaltered safeguarded data. It contains a number of built-in features that keep all of your data secure. Client only needs their data to be adequately secured and maintained.

Does LitExtension offer a free trial? Is LitExtention Free?

LitExtension free trial

They do, indeed!

Simply select FREE Demo Transfer to test the results of the migration on a small number of data entities (up to 20 products, 20 orders, and 20 customers).

In particular, Demo Migration can be restarted indefinitely.

Please contact us using the following if you have any additional questions:

LitExtension Pricing


One-time Purchase: With this package, you will receive full professional support, fully automated migration services, and a three-month migration guarantee. The cost of this plan is $59

one-stop migration Service: This package costs $149. It goes without saying that this plan will give you some extra perks.

Further services include technical and personal assistance, end-to-end shopping cart migration, and migration assistant, which includes additional research, additional migration alternatives, and free re-migration. Results of the migration, assessments made prior to the migration, and setup of the Target shopping cart.

You also have the option of taking your time to consider whether making an investment in LitExtension is worthwhile. During the three-month free trial period, LitExtension supports unlimited migrations and re-migrations. Unbelievably, it offers complimentary support twice. In addition to these.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered. Nothing, in my opinion, should hinder you right now! You still have an option.

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Wrapping up

The most intelligent piece of software to date for data migration is definitely LitExtension. Even if the procedure was never simple, everyone can now execute the migration thanks to LitExtension. You won’t be able to do anything because of a group of technical specialists and an excellent customer support staff.

Despite using LitExtension’s rivals, many have claimed that they still prefer it because of its advantages. It is not only quick and effective but also very reasonably priced. A three-month free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee make LitExtension subscriptions very easy to obtain.

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