Live Composer Review 2023 Should You Go for Live Composer?

A person with no knowledge on developing can’t unleash the power of WP. He must learn how things are done with the coding languages. But it is easily said than done. Learning a programming language and having the full grip of it is not at all an easy task.But now, it has become easier than before. You can completely customize a page or create one out of nothing. Many tools are available to do that. Actually, none of them is perfect and will disappoint in at least a single way.

Live Composer Review

Recently, I came across a plugin called Live Composer. I found it worth sharing. You can find more about it in my review here

Live Composer review homepage

What is Live Composer?

watch this promotional video by Live Composer


Live Composer is a front- end page creating plugin developed by CodeCanyon. Front- end means you don’t have to work from admin panel and visit the page often to feel the change. Instead, every change can be seen with each edit.This one is compatible with any WP themes, be it free or premium. Countless options (modules as they call it) are available for customization.With this, creating good looking modern pages is no longer like climbing a hill to you.

Let’s look into its features now.

Over 30 Modules to Add Elements

Modules are the elements that can be used to put on the page. As you can see in the image, there are some unique items come with this plugin.Using one is easy. Just select any and drag to the area where you want to show it. After the drag and drop, it’s time to edit the item. You can change margins, padding, font, size and everything as a whole.

Live Composer review modules

You don’t have to go back to the back- end at least a single time. Everything can be done through the front- end content page.

Styling options will drop your jaw for sure. CodeCanyon has presented every feature in an awesome way. Seeing the options tab itself makes your mind happy.

Be happier by creating a page using their spellbind features spread under Posts, Post Templates, and Elements.

Compatible with Any Theme

If you are a product seller, you may choose this plugin to build a single page. For this purpose, you should definitely be ready to ruin all the design you made so far.As a Live Composer user, you don’t have to worry. This plugin is compatible with any theme. Create a page and publish it. The landing page works on the basis of LC plugin while the rest of the site works as earlier.

WooCommerce is a widely used tool to create eCommerce sites on WordPress. If you are using it, give me a treat. Why because LC is capable of creating and publishing product pages for WooCommerce.

A Complete Website can be built with Live Composer

Live Composer review website builder

Yeah, you heard it right. If you want to have entirely different and elegant designs for your pages, building the whole website with LC will be ideal.With the jaw- dropping modules and styling options, you will get stunning pages at the end of the day.

Or you can create a single page to showcase your product or attract subscribers. For that purpose too, LC is more than enough.

Highly Responsive
Live composer review responsive

Responsiveness is an important topic of concern nowadays. Among the internet users, more than half are accessing it via small screens. That’s why we have to take care of responsiveness. Live Composer plugin creates only responsible themes. CodeCanyon developers have taken great effort to satisfy their customers regarding this. You can access it through smartphones, pc and tablets.

So, enjoy mobile leads you get on the LC page.

Availability of Interactive Tutorials

Maybe you are not familiar with page builders. So, a learning curve can increase the quality of lead pages you will be creating. It is more convenient to publish pages after learning.

Watch this tutorial by Live Composer


That’s why Live Composer team gives you some interactive tutorials using which you can learn to develop a breathtaking page. From basic things to advanced techniques, everything is described in tutorials. Most of them are video tutorials.

Works Well with Custom Post Types
Live Composer review customer testimonial

Custom post types are significant if you are not just a blogger. As an entrepreneur, you should put client’s’ feedbacks, portfolio etc. on your blog. Custom post types can be used for this purpose.

The important post types are portfolio, testimonial, gallery and staff. Some other items are also available which are supported by Live Composer plugin.

Plugin Update and Support

Updates are inevitable for a WordPress plugin. WP is being updated to higher version every now and then. So, in order to be compatible with it, plugins need to be updated regularly. Live Composer plugin team knows this fact.

Support is much needed as this one is a paid plugin. If you face any issue in using LC, you can contact to their support right away. And also, on the CodeCanyon website, many people asked doubts via comments. To my surprise, all of them have solved.

Restriction of User Access

For a membership site, user access should be restricted. We have to give top priority to the members than the newcomers. So the access to specific content needs to be restricted.

It is possible to restrict a specific set of people from accessing a page created by this plugin. By this way, you can give premium content to your registered members.

Affordable Price
Live composer review price

When it comes to price, Live Composer is not at all expensive. You can buy the plugin only by spending a fee as low as $28. There is another package also with the price of $149. The two packages differ with a large difference.
Live composer review price

Decide wisely and then buy.


Should You Go for Live Composer?

Live composer review

You should only if you want to generate more leads and sales. CodeCanyon is a team of developers having enough experience on what they are doing. So you will not feel like your money is lost, I am very sure about that.For every entrepreneur, this tool will be a great addition. Download Live Composer now to earn more by spending less.

Here are some testimonials by their client

Live Composer review customer testimonial


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