Best Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress 2023(Verified)

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Most of the time streaming live video is not as simple a pressing a button. There are many ways to do that task through apps like Periscope or even you use the Facebook app but that’s for casual and Candid video, mostly.

If you are willing to live steam a higher quality video like its home as your WordPress site then you will need a unique set of need that really based on what exactly your stream will contain.

Video Game

Live streaming video games is really a big business. You have got an option like, and built-in streaming on the current gen consoles and one option is  YouTube Gaming. Mostly the game streaming mainly needs many less specific setups like other kinds as here you are going for the gameplay. It’s all just a PC, microphone along with descent webcam in order to accomplish this task.


Like the gaming, if here you are willing to live stream vlogs or simply talking about the stuff that works for you. Here the Periscope and Facebook App will work. However, if you are not using external software along with hardware like camera, mic and lights then your video will be of low quality and there it will appear more casual and amateur.

Now the thing is that its really important what kind of show you are mainly going to stream all you need to know how to record it and simply get it into your post or pages. Here in this post, we have compiled the list of Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress. Check out the complete list here.

List of Best Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress [Software]

1) Wirecast

Wirecast- Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress

This one is the really best option you have got in the market in every kind of live streaming. As it has many features and options and you will be really amazed by its features and facilities no matter what you need. It really all included you can live stream anywhere as it allows overlays along with many screen orientation and the configuration, separate audio along with video tracks right in the stream graphics.

Here this software will cost you nearly $695 to $995 and as you can see the price it’s not for everyone. You will also get a free trial if you can simply deal with the video and audio watermarks.

2) Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live - Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress

Ecamm Live is another low budget alternative for the Wirecast and really it’s a steal at price $29.95. Here this software is fully featured but it mainly works with the solo steams. It also integrates with YouTube Live along with Facebook Live too. And here you can also overlay with your test and graphics you want.

The down part of this software is you cannot do the multiple audio/video streams as it is only good for the solo videos or simply nay of the screencasts and tutorial you do.

3) Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software- Live Streaming Softawres

No doubt this one is an open-source live streaming option so called OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. This software is totally free and really it has an incredibly active community right behind it.

Basically, it’s not a polished and a commercial product like the Wirecast but here something says about this tool is, it is fully-featured and supported. And it doesn’t matter whether you are into the video games streaming. Solo streaming or any of the multichannel stream here OBS will work best for you. The downside of the tool is you may spend more fiddling right with more options in order get it working than others. The best part is that its totally free so just give it a try.

4) Xsplit Broadcaster / Gamecaster

XSplit - Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress

Here this software is pretty cool. As the name suggests its split right into two major products called Gamecaster and the Broadcaster. I hope you can simply figure it out what each of them is for.

Just like the OBS and the Wirecast here, Xsplit can really do everything. It basically lies in between of the features along with ease of use and getting the lifetime access just for $199. It seems to focus on video games and it basically works quite remarkably for all the stream content. It also allows Skype along with the video call integration and the desktop sharing and many of the overlays. It will also work on Windows that you cannot do with other video software like Emma Live.

List of Best Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress [Plugins]

Till now you may have already downloaded and configured your software. Here you have done all the preparation and here wait a minute what about getting that stream right to your WordPress site.

How will you broadcast your live steam on your WordPress site? Don’t worry with the help of these plugins you can simply use these awesome plugins that are listed below.

1) Divi Code Module

The Divi Code Module- Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress

Most probably this one is the easiest way to live stream right to WordPress site using this amazing plugin called Divi. Here you have got two options one is Facebook Live and the other one is YouTube Live, here you will be given a prep area before you will actually go live.

Here all you need to do is to simply copy and paste that right into the Divi Code Module and simply publish/update your post or the page. Right when the stream goes live here the video will start play right on your website through the WordPress automagically and it will remain there as it will remain on Facebook or YouTube whatever you say.

2) VideoWhisper

VideoWhisper Video Presentation — Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress

Unlike many of the other streaming software here, VideoWhisper live WordPress Streaming plugin will never rely on you in order to be using the Facebook or YouTube or the Twitch tv in order to host all your stream. You can simply do all of it right through your WordPress installation.

It has built-in compatibility with many of the external software and the encoders like the Wirecast and the OBS along with many WordPress plugin like BuddyPress really makes it a must having plugin. And if you really want to have full control of the live streaming with WordPress then you should go with this amazing plugin as it is the best option you have got.

3) YouTube Live Stream Auto Embed

Youtube Live Stream Auto Embed — Live Streaming Software and Plugins WordPress

Here whenever your channel goes live this plugin will embed a stream right into your WordPress site. To do this task all you need to do simply use the shortcode and simply point your users right to the page and the tell them to keep it watching.

The best thing is that it is automatic so that you can easily send your audience right to the same URL in order to catch the most recent streams.  As it goes through YouTube here any of the software above will simply make sure that all of your streams are handled efficiently.

4) EmbedPress

EmbedPress — Live Streaming Software an Plugin For WordPress

Here another masterpiece live streaming WordPress plugin as it provides full control over the content you will embed here. It is really ultra-easy to embed the content with this amazing plugin jus paste the URL.

But here the biggest downfall for this plugin is YouTube, Vimeo along with Wistia embeds are the add-ons that must be purchased. Here mainly the platforms like Facebook and Twitch are free.

On the top, you will get bunches of the non-stream embeds that is really useful like the Google Drive, Hulu along with Reddit and the Scribd.


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EndNote: Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress

Hopefully, now you are feeling confident that no matter what kind of the Content you are planning on streaming, here you have got the way to record and simply broadcast just by using these plugins and software that we have listed above.

Here the thing is that streaming live video is something that anyone can easily do with any budget right with these awesome software. Feel free to add quality Live Streaming Software and Plugins For WordPress right in the comment section. Do share this post on the entire trending social media platforms.

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  2. I am currently using Xsplit Gamecaster and it record games in very nice quality!

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