LIVINVIA: The New Social Network for Bloggers For Sharing Posts

Social networking is a must need thing if you want to be successful in anything and spread your work across various sections of audiences. It is today, the key to success for EVERY BUSINESS you can point your finger at.

Be it anything ranging from DSLR photography to sharing business ideas, Opinions, advertising, hiring people for work, freelancing, million dollar deals, everything goes through a phase of social networking. IT HAS TO!

Social networking simply means growing your work, expanding your audience and promoting your ideas to a wider growing audience. It has become a platform for building your own audience, community, follower base and helps you earn big, both in terms of money and social capital!

Social Networking outside Facebook

A lot of people think social networking is Facebook. No! Facebook is undoubtedly the global leader in Social marketing, but social networking is not ONLY Facebook.

Since the past decade, with the development of Internet and technology, everything has become a business and business is literally everywhere. So much so that even Social Networking has become a business niche, itself.

Linkedin took Social networking to a newer level by focusing primarily on promoting people’s business and networking through social media. Today Linkedin is widely known as “The Facebook for business”. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has an account on Linkedin as well.

LIVINVIA: The social network for Bloggers

LIVINVIA The New Social Network for Bloggers

Just like Linkedin found their niche by making a social networking platform for business, Livinvia found their niche by making a social networking platform for bloggers.

Livinvia is a platform similar to websites like Flipboard or Medium, where you can promote your content and get backlinks to your post. This will gradually help you increase traffic to our blog.

If you are looking for an effective and new way of promoting your content on social media, then this is one place where you can promote your blog posts then Livinvia is your thing.

LIVINVIA: Types of posts you can publish

There are a number of niches and categories that the Livinvia platform currently supports. which means that your blog content would most likely qualify to be posted on Livinvia. Livinvia also adds categories according to new trend if you don’t find your niche you can contact them and they will add it if necessary.

How to join Livinvia and more

Joining and logging into Livinvia is pretty easy. Let me give you a quick step by step guide on how to join Livinvia, with images for better understanding. The best part is that the sign up is completely free.

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Signing up

  • Once you open their website, check on the top right corner, you will find the signup option. You can sign up for an account there.
  • Fill in the essential details and sign up. You will be sent a validation email for your account.
  • Once validated, you can log in and start submitting your posts.

After logging in

  • Insert your blog post URL link in the search bar and click the arrow on the right.
  • This will instantly show a preview of your blog content. You can edit the excerpt according to your convenience and how you want it to look. Then you can submit the post.
  • The post will need to be approved by the Livinvia admins. Here you can say that Posts will be share on our social network (Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Pinterest) to give ore and more visibility to this posts.
  • Once your post is approved and published, it will look like something shown in the following picture.

Visit the Livinvia official website for more information and signing up.

LIVINVIA: Increasing popularity

The idea and concept of a social media platform only for bloggers has garnered a lot of popularity over time. Each blogger in Livinvia has his own profile. When you can find a lot of information about him and his activity.

So brands, readers and other bloggers can contact him or subscribe to his profile to receive his latest posts.  encourage you to give attention to your profile as it enhances your visibility and increases your credibility.


Traffic is the lifeline of any blogs survival and success. Livinvia works on this very fact and helps expand the reach of your blog post to a wider audience.

Yes, you may say that “What’s the big deal? Even Facebook or Twitter can do that.” But what if your blog post on Facebook gets lost in the bundle of other posts like statuses, images, videos, etc.? This is where Livinvia works for you. I can simply put it in front of you by saying that “Facebook is for everything. Livinvia is only for bloggers.”

The only thing you will on Livinvia is blog posts and blog posts. There will be no signs of statuses, selfies, personal videos and images. There sign up is free and have an easy to use interface. I liked the fact that they have an approval system as well so you can’t just post any vulgar, obscene or mal-post on their platform.

Altogether, Livinvia is a relatively new idea for a social sharing platform designed specially for bloggers. If you want your blog posts to reach more and more people, then I strongly recommend you to give it a try!

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