Loaded Commerce Review 2023: Does It Worth To Buy ? (Pros & Cons)

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It’s a complete shopping cart e-commerce solution and the ideal e-commerce software for legitimate retail websites.

This open source shopping cart platform gives users the ability to make adjustments and make specific changes to customize the package, making it truly responsive storage for their needs. Requests.

In this article, we will talk about Loaded Commerce Review 2023. Let’s get started here.

Loaded Commerce Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype? (Pros & Cons)


Loaded Commerce offers an open source e-commerce platform designed specifically for online businesses. Free and paid expenses are available for the software.

It has a sensitive mobile theme, mobile payment, payment, mobile commerce, and customizable design. In addition to the free version, there is a pro version with three price options: monthly, annual and one-time payment.


What does the trade cost? The open-source design allows users to easily create an online store/shopping cart that meets their business needs and personal preferences. Here are some other benefits that Loaded Commerce offers:

  • Themes and reactive stores ready and optimized for mobile devices.
  • Cash and mobile payments help turn mobile traffic into real sales.
  • Integrate functional content into the interface. Add press articles, frequently asked questions, surveys, and forms.
  • Google Analytics integration gives you the information and figures you need to help you make business decisions.

Loaded Commerce is version 6.5 of the software developed by the CRE Loaded Team. Loaded Commerce, based on the popular CRE Loaded program, contains security changes.

Loaded Commerce Community Edition (CE) is a shopping cart for small office, home office (SOHO) store owners who want to add transaction functionality to an existing Web site.

This e-commerce solution offers a number of functions for managing products, customers, orders, and content. It is very customizable. Therefore, you can change the design of your site by selecting from hundreds of templates, changing customer data, orders, invoices, and more.

The EC is the free version of the online shopping cart software and is compatible with the Loaded Commerce community. Downloading Loaded Commerce requires a customer account.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use but powerful e-commerce solution to boost your online presence, you’ll find a product called Loaded Commerce. Loaded Commerce is based on the popular Magento platform and is a very smart solution that simplifies the creation of an online store. Also, platforms like ThriveCart enable you to add high converting pages check out pages which enables you to get more conversion and sales rolling in.

In this review of Loaded Commerce, I’ll take you on a tour of the product to give you an idea of what to expect when you try it out.
It will be created almost immediately and you will be asked to provide basic information such as your address, the name of your business, and the option to choose a topic for your website.

Inventory management for e-commerce is a challenge.

In addition, there is inventory management for electronic commerce. Small order capture can impact inventory policies and processes for mass sales and bulk shipments.

The entire process of Production Resource Planning (MRP) and the ERP process begins with demand and inventory including raw materials and parts as well as finished products.

It is also managed and deployed for these volumes. Adding a demand for finite products, which is inherently volatile and low in volume, is problematic. In fact, many manufacturers are already seeing their spare parts in a similar situation.

There are planning systems to provide parts for production. However, these plans may be disrupted if the demand for replacement parts unexpectedly distracts some of these parts. And if a customer’s equipment fails, the customer needs it as fast as possible, not the next replenishment.

The resulting lack of parts can lead to production disruptions, cause chaos in the store and lose shipping data from customers or shipments that are too short for large orders from customers.

How do manufacturers see their volume as well as the demand for spare parts? The short answer is “not very good”. Most manufacturers face this problem and end up with excessive inventory: a safety stock to protect them from this small but important additional demand. Some reserve these extra quantities in a separate warehouse that is not available for production.

But you know how it works: If production is short and you do not want to disappoint a good customer, use the stock of spare parts if it suits you.

Outstanding inventory management for e-commerce.

The smart approach to inventory management for e-commerce is to update your planning processes to accommodate mixed demand and better forecasting. It is known that it is difficult to accurately predict a small temporary need.

Most MRP and ERP systems can handle mixed demand, but the software and people required to effectively track and manage inventory are not included in the software. It requires discipline and understanding, as well as good planning and foresight, to provide good customer service for mass and direct sales without excessive inventory.

In addition, there are advanced inventory management systems with more sophisticated features and better forecasting systems that are particularly well-suited to managing temporary low volume requirements.


  • ID, SKU, Name, Description, URL Key, Qty, Stock Status, Model, Weight …
  • Base Image, Additional Images
  • Variants: can be grouped with related variants together to form a product
  • Assign to Product Categories
  • Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Options (Size; Weight, Color )
  • Base Price, Special Price
  • Extra Fields ( Checkboxes, Dropdownlist, Radiobuttons)



  • Affiliates Program
  • Content Management
  • Inventory Reports
  • Customer Registration
  • Design Features
  • Digital Goods
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Edit Customers
  • Newsletters
  • Edit Product Order
  • Email When Sale is Made
  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Add Product Attributes
  • Mobile User Interface
  • Multi-Store Support
  • Wish List
  • One Page Checkout
  • Product Reviews
  • Sales Reports
  • Spreadsheet Database Upload
  • SSL Support
  • Unlimited Products

Core Features:

Open Source Code: View and distribute the code base. Use it for free on your website.

Customer Account Portal: Your customers can view their orders and manage certain aspects of their accounts in the Customer Accounts portal.
Simple Product Options: Enable your customers to choose product options when ordering.

Vouchers: Offer your customers a discount code that you can use when ordering.

SEO URL: Automatically generated and search engine optimized URLs.

Social networking tags: Open Graph supports sharing optimized on Facebook and other social networks.

Word Press Bridge: Start your shop on your Word Press site.

Category Pages: Easily create content pages and link them to your main navigation.

Discount Customer Groups: Define customer discounts by groups.

Order Status Types: Organize the status of your orders a step further by defining pending, approved, and declined statuses for your orders.

Letter Manager: Send e-mail bulletins with the registration to your customers when you place the order.

Special Price: Sell your products at special prices in time.

Embedded AddOn Store: Easily find add-ons from your administrator, add them, check them and uninstall them.


Pro features:

Professional Support: Get support from the Loaded Trading Team.

Multiple Product Options: Create product variants based on a combination of options and track available inventory.

Byproduct Options: Create simple product variant options and track available stocks.

Product Classes: Organize the assets of your products with effects, categories, options, and calculators for shipping product classes.

Single sign-on support: Add your client credentials to your main website application and work with our SSO add-on loaded for WordPress

Pros and Cons


Open Source The main advantage of Loaded Commerce is its open source. You can take the time to make all the necessary changes and easily customize the platform. In the end, you get the store you really like.
Integration This shopping cart provides an excellent way to integrate functional content into the user interface. Creative and e-commerce features enrich the user experience. Traders can add press articles, frequently asked questions, surveys, and forms.
Marketing Loaded Commerce contains friendly URLs for SEO and descriptions of meta tags. Plus, you do not have to worry about coupons, discounts, customer payments and a variety of payment/shipping methods. All are available. Loaded Commerce also has Google Analytics integration.


Development This basket is intended for small and medium-sized businesses. If you own the store with a variety of products, you can not easily manage Loaded Commerce customers and orders.
Ease of use Loaded Commerce contains many modules. However, many of them are rarely used. Some are not required for average users and others are too complicated to configure.
Pay too much The presence of a large number of modules does not mean that you will find everything you need. In addition, the recommended modules are only available in the paid business package.

Prices: How much does the loaded Commerce cost?

Loaded Commerce offers many opportunities for customers to use powerful e-commerce software. Customers can choose from a variety of loaded trading solutions and register for a monthly or annual subscription, or choose a lifetime license with support and updates for one year.
Charged 6.5 per month – 15 USD / month
Monthly subscription of the PRO software with support and updates to the latest version.
Loaded 6.5 Annually – 150 USD / year
An annual subscription of PRO software that includes support and updates to the latest version.

Charged 6.5 lifetime – $ 375
The Pro Lifetime license includes one year of support, updates, and discounts in future releases.

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Conclusion: Loaded Commerce Review 2023 (Pros & Cons)

Loaded Commerce is cost-effective e-commerce software that helps you build a profitable online business. The platform offers extensive and ready-to-use features that are appreciated by many traders. However, there are some who want to change Loaded Commerce.

The most powerful e-commerce platform you can host. Loaded Commerce 6.5 has been developed over the last decade for the most aggressive online store owners of the Internet. Loaded not too long ago.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “Loaded Commerce“. Share your Review about Loaded Commerce in the comment section. Have you ever used Loaded Commerce for your business

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