Local SEO Tips for 2014: Improve Your Local Search Visibility

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about getting your website up the search engine results, and local SEO means getting people in your area to see your website. It is especially sexy when it comes to mobile Internet, since it can have people with Smartphone’s and GPS turning up at your door like poor people at Christmas. Here is how you take advantage of local SEO.

Local SEO How to Improve Your Visibility

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Put your actual address on at least two pages

This is just a classic given. If you do it just once then you lose out on your SEO benefit if that page is not indexed highly or is not indexed yet, and if you do it too much–well then Google starts to take the whole mess personally and you are treated like the bad guy. So, keep to just two pages with your address on unless you want to do the whole footer sitemap thing (which is also an okay option for local SEO).

Link from local websites in abundance

Do this because it follows Google-easy-logic, which is a term you have just seen made up but is no less true. If your website is linked to by seven businesses in a tiny village in Alaska, then Google assumes you are from there or at least heavily related to there; even if you are based in Boston.

The point is that if people type in your business and the small village in Alaska, then you are likely to rank very highly. So, logic suggests that you get backlinks from businesses and websites that are based near you so that you appear on the results in the right area.

Have your website inserted into directories

Having your website inserted is not the same as when someone tells you where to stuff it. But, if you are interested like a tiny shrew looking at an apple, you should know that not all directories are bad.

Google has purged the Internet of the bad ones. Oh sure, they still exist but you are not going to find them on the Google search engine results pages.

So, look up established directories (paid and otherwise) and have your website inserted into them. But, and this is a big but, if you have the choice then have your location listed and your address listed. This is not always possible, but if it is then do not let the directory “default” your setting because it may appear that you are currently based wherever the website owner is.

Have your business put on Google locations and maps

In order to be listed with the Google locations (which also puts you on the Google map) you have to donate half of your estate to the Republican Party and sign a paper saying you will disown your son if he turns–rainbow.

Well, not really, all you have to do is follow the Google instructions. It does take a few days to get you listed as there is a confirmation process, but it is well worth taking the time and effort to do.

Use local keywords on roughly 1/6th of your website pages

The whole 1/6th of your website is just a rough guess. It is all a matter of perspective, so here are a few bullet points that help explain the circumstances where most of your pages should or should not be related to your location. “More pages” means have more web pages that mention your local keywords, and “Fewer pages” means you do not have to go so heavy on the location based keywords within your website.

More pages – A business that relies heavily on footfall

Fewer pages – A business that can exist online completely

More pages – A business that relies on both footfall and online business

Fewer pages – A small website

More pages – A large website

Put on the one page – A one page website

Do not forget to put your location based keywords into 1/6th of your Meta data. When you pick your pages to add location based keywords, remember to put the keywords into your Meta data too as well as anchor text, page elements, etc.

Create location based articles and link them to your website

Write articles relating to your target audience and mention your location a few times and then link the article to your website. Create location based blog posts and link them to your website too.

Do not force the keywords into the text. Try to do it organically, but remember that you are trying to convince Google that your business is related to a certain location. Link to pages that you have optimized with location based keywords.

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  1. Getting the best out from local SEO is a matter of ensuring that proper link building is done.

    There are quite a whole lot of actions the marketer should take.

    I guess the ideas shared here somehow reveal some of the best motivating actions.

    Having the website put on Google location and maps is effective, and so is the idea or sharing the website in local directories.

    At least, these are good starting points for easy local search visibility!

  2. Yeah right. I totally agree with your post. Visibility on Google is really important. And we need to do these thing and also local business listing.

  3. Spook SEO

    Thank you for sharing this information. Your tips are quite useful for local research visibility. For making sure that your website gets its proper position SEO is very important. Link your website with other website links. Insert your website into directories this will help you in getting your website popular.

  4. Aman Sareen

    That is really a great post

  5. Nice list Jitendra. Several ideas I haven’t run across before.


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