Looka vs Wix 2024: Which Is The Best Online Logo Maker Options?

Do you know the difference between Looka vs Wix? Are you trying to figure out which one is superior and why?

If you answered yes, then read this article to discover. Let’s start with the most fundamental comparison!



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Looka Logo Maker is a free online logo maker that lets you quickly and easily design a logo. The user-friendly interface makes it possible for anyone,

It's no secret that millions of people all over the world use Wix to build their websites in the cloud. It won the Best eCommerce Software Award. Wix

  • Create articles and tales that are exactly the right length.
  • A collection of twenty high-quality designs.
  • Create a brand that is consistent and recognizable.
  • Hosting for your website that you can rely on
  • Contextualized Content for Search Engines
  • A combination of Wix coding and Wix artificial intelligence
  • Create a high-quality logo in a few seconds
  • Take full command of the procedure.
  • Free logo design online.
  • Affordable options for pricing.
  • Get everything you need to start building your brand.
  • It's simple to integrate a blog and an e-commerce store.
  • There are multiple languages of support available.
  • Customer service is available around the clock on all plans.
  • Secured with passwords.
  • Wix includes web hosting.
  • There won't be the same amount of one-on-one time.
  • In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), Wix falls short of even the most basic requirements.
Ease of Use

For business owners who aren't graphic designers, creating a logo can be a difficult task. However, thanks to online tools like Looka, it is possible to generate professional-quality logos without having to learn complicated software or pay a designer to do the work for you.

If you don't have any previous web design experience, Wix is a website builder that is easy to use for anyone.

Value For Money

As you can see, Looka's prices are higher than Wix's, but it's safe to conclude that Looka offers superior value for money. It's quite affordable.

Looka's free plan is better than Wix's because it allows you to test the platform's capabilities before making a purchase.

Customer Support

At any time, they can be reached. Users can contact them via phone, email, or assistance manuals.

Wix offers round-the-clock assistance to its users. Wix's contact page will ask you a few questions about your issue before setting up a callback. The English language version of this service is available around the clock.

Are you looking for the best logo-making options? Then stop here and read our guide on Looka vs Wix for better understanding.

As a business owner, you know that having a well-designed logo is important. But what if you don’t have the time or money to hire a professional designer? In that case, you might want to check out Looka or Wix Logo Maker.

These online tools make it easy to create a professional-looking logo without spending a lot of money. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Looka vs Wix 2024: Overview

We’ve covered all you need to know about Looka vs Wix in this post to help you make an educated selection.

What is Looka?

Looka is a well-known AI-powered logo design and brand kit creation software that you can use to generate both your logo and branding materials.

It’s a straightforward and beginner-friendly method for creating professional-looking branding graphics. It is one of the highest-rated solutions on review sites, and you can build professional-looking designs without any design knowledge.

Looka Logo Maker Overview - Looka vs Wix

Looka is a one-stop shop for brand design and development. Once your logo is complete, you’ll have access to hundreds of branding templates including your logo that you can use for day-to-day business transactions.

Along with logo creation, Looka can create business cards and social media designs, as well as provide access to hundreds of perfectly-sized social media themes.

What Is Wix?

Wix is a website creation platform that enables non-programmers to construct their website or online business.

It is a ‘hosted’ solution, meaning it is hosted on its servers (‘in the cloud’). As a result, there is no software to install and no hosting to purchase.

Therefore, as long as you have a web browser and internet connectivity, you may create, manage, and market a Wix website. Wix is a more established website building company, having been formed in Israel in 2006 and presently employing 5,000 people.

Wix Main - Looka vs Wix

Additionally, it has a sizable user base – according to internet analytics business Builtwith.com, it presently powers over 7 million websites.

This makes it a larger business than several of its competitors, such as Squarespace, Jimdo, and Weebly, which all have far smaller user populations.

Wix’s scale is significant since it mitigates the danger of the company collapsing and taking your website with it.

Why do I recommend Looka?

Let’s know about the user-friendly environment the platforms provide to their users for smooth access, understanding as well as installation.

Why do I recommend Looka - Looka vs Wix

1. Market Your Business:

From posters to flyers, digital advertisements, brochures, and newsletters, the Brand Kit makes it simple to produce personalized materials for all types of marketing campaigns.

2. Build Your Website:

Examine professional themes and create a website, blog, or online shop that is tailored to your business’s requirements. Create banners for your blog and email signatures to completely mark your online presence.

3. Make Business Cards:

Choose from 20 high-quality templates and quickly personalize your creations. You may produce fresh business cards at any moment with a Brand Kit subscription—ideal for expanding teams!

4. Grow on Social Media:

Create a memorable social media presence for your company with correctly proportioned social profiles, posts, covers, and stories on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

How Easy is it to Use Looka?

Looka blends your design preferences with artificial intelligence to create stunning logos that you’ll like. Once you’ve created your logo, utilize the Brand Kit to develop bespoke marketing materials, establish a website, and start your company.

Looka Ease Of Use - Looka vs Wix

1. Start With Design Inspiration:

Enter your business’s name and choose from a variety of logo designs, colors, and symbols. Looka’s AI-powered logo generator will draw inspiration from these while creating your logo ideas.

2. Browse & Favorite Logos:

Within minutes, you’ll be viewing 100 % original logos created only for your company. Looka will produce more designs as you scroll depending on your selections.

3. Perfect Your Design:

By clicking on a logo design, you may see variants and alter the color, text font, layout, and symbol. Additionally, you may alter the spacing and size.

4. Preview Logo Mockups:

Favorite a logo to see how it will appear on business cards, T-shirts, and other materials. Previews refresh in real-time as you make changes to logos in the editor.

5. Download Your Files:

After you’ve selected and paid for a logo, they’ll give you all of the materials that a designer would deliver, including high-resolution PNGs and vector logo files for usage online and in print.

Looka vs Wix: How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s start with both platform’s pricing comparisons:

Wix Pricing:

They have three different types of plans to offer.

Website Plans:

  • Combo: This one will cost you $ 16 per month.
  • Unlimited: This one will cost you $ 22 per month
  • Pro: This one will cost you $ 27 per month
  • VIP: This one will cost you $ 45 per month

Business and eCommerce Plans:

  •       Business Basic: This one will cost you $ 27 per month
  •       Business Unlimited: This one will cost you $ 32 per month
  •       Business VIP: This one will cost you $ 59 per month

Enterprise Plans: This starts from $ 500 per month.

Looka Pricing

Looka has two pricing options for you:

Option #1: Logo & Brand Kit:

  • The Brand Kit Subscription will cost you $ 96 per year.
  • The Brand Kit Web Subscription will cost you $ 192 per year.

Option #2: Get Only a Logo

The Basic Logo Package (One low res file) will cost you $ 20 for a one-time purchase. The Premium Logo Package (Multiple logo file types) will cost you $ 65 for a one-time purchase.

FAQs On Looka vs Wix:

Do I own my Looka logo?

As the legal owner of your logo files, you own the whole logo, but not the individual pieces (e.g. symbols). If you need a legally enforceable trademark and want to prohibit others from using your logo, please contact your country's copyright/trademark office.

Can I purchase a Looka logo if I'm outside North America?

All Looka products are accessible worldwide. While being in a foreign nation does not harm your ownership, they do recommend registering your logo as valid copyright or trademark with your local government.

Why you should not use Wix?

For many consumers, the main expense of utilizing Wix is an unintentional one. It is the expense of websites established by people who may not understand how a website works, and hence do not get discovered or perform properly. That deficiency in functioning is almost certainly losing your business.

Is Wix better than WordPress?

Wix is superior for design because of its gorgeous templates that are simple to change. Although WordPress offers far more customization possibilities than Wix.

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Conclusion: Looka vs Wix 2024

So, which one is the best? In our opinion, it’s Looka. It’s more user-friendly and offers more features than Wix Logo Maker. Additionally, the quality of the final product is much better.

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use logo maker, then Looka is the way to go. Whichever tool you choose, we hope you have fun creating your new logo!

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