Lurn Review 2024 Is Anik Singal Legit? And Better Alternatives?

Lurn review

Overall Verdict

Lurn serves a twofold purpose; first, it provides a platform for Entrepreneurs to share and discuss valuable information about digital marketing. Second, it gives everyone an opportunity to learn from each other and collaborate together for sharing tips and tricks that are currently working in the digital marketing world.

Out of 10


  • Help over 250,000 students with building an online business...
  • Generate over $120 MILLION in digital sales!
  • Build an online business you can be proud of
  • Power Start-Up 101 The 5 "Mind-Secrets" 95% of Successful Entrepreneurs Share
  • Monthly Mastery Sessions:
  • The training, mindset, and process needed to BUILD & SCALE an online business


  • Lot of upsells in the courses
  • Some courses are expensive for beginners
  • You need to be dedicated in order to achieve the success


Price: $ 29

Are you looking for Lurn review ? I will help you decide whether to buy it or not.

If you find an ad when scrolling through Facebook, watching YouTube or get an email from someone who promised to tell you the secret to your success for free, then that person is a financial or business guru. Then you must know Anik Singal. Lets start this post by asking some questions.

Do you want to start your business but don’t know where to start?

You’ve tried everything you can think of to make money online. You’ve bought every e-book, watched every video course, and still have nothing to show for it.

You know it doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve a better life and you deserve a better business.

Why not join Lurn? It’s free and connects you with experienced Entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and expertise you need to get your online business on the right track and start making money.

Here is the definitive review of the Lurn Insider. Rather than you having to spend hours researching Lurn Insider, I reviewed its platform and training materials.

So let’s begin.

If you are looking up how to make money online, you will find many results. It is likely that you’ll go through a number of websites offering you a variety of information relating to this term.

Cookies may be installed by some of those websites. In your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media, you’ll see a lot of ads promoting “Make Money Online”.

My research is focused exclusively on “Making Money Online” I have seen ads for Lurn Insider a lot recently.

Then I decided to test it out. There is not a day that passes without seeing Lurn Insider ads. Here is the Lurn Insider Review, which tells you the most important things you should know before registering.

Richard branson with Anik Singal
Anik Singal With Richard Branson

My finds are all good, some bad, and some ugly. Do not register before you read this review from beginning to end.

If you have the following questions in mind, which I’m sure you all would have:-

  • How much can you earn money online by joining Lurn Insider?
  • In 2021 and in the future, the Lurn Insider training will still be effective?
  • What do People complain most about the Lark Insider?
  • Whether or not the Lurn Insider is legitimate?
  • Is Anik Singal: A Scam or Not?

Table of Contents

What Is Lurn? Lurn Review 2024:Is Anik Singal a SCAM?

Lurn is founded by Anik Singal, who is a digital marketer. He basically formulated and mastered digital marketing techniques that really made him millions of dollars at a constant speed.

Anik Singal reviews Anik Singal Scams

And here comes the Lurn. Lurn designs an online entrepreneurship platform that will help you start, launch and grow your successful online business and it will also help you in taking your business who are a whole new level.

Basically, Lurn is a community of Entrepreneurs who are willing to share valuable information along with strategies that are currently working in the digital marketing world. Lurn was founded by Anik Singal in 2004. Lauren has been there in the industry for 15 years it has currently 10,057  members along with 649,651 members.

Lurn Review- A Transformational Home for Entrepreneurs

Vision of Lurn

Lurn is the future of online education for entrepreneurs. Currently, they are in a“Test phase” and they are looking for all of the “early adopters” to join this amazing platform along with giving their true reviews.

Lurn Review- Learning Home for Entrepreneurs

They are offering free entrepreneurship training courses that will help you in getting a step ahead and your entrepreneurship career. Here with this platform, you can start, launch and grow your successful online business and the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything here in order to join Lurn platform.

  • Empower others in order to create and grow the passion-based business
  • Encouraging many big ideas that have the ability to change the world
  • Educate people on how to become successful entrepreneurs- no matter where they are on their journey.

Lurn has the following  platforms:

  • Community: here it will enable people to come together.
  • Coaches:  they will help you in making the dreams come true of many entrepreneurs.
  •  Courses:  it will teach the best system along with Technologies to break all the obstacles that come your way.

As I have used this amazing platform to learn many new things with Top Notch entrepreneurs all over the world.  Don’t wait you can also be one of them just get yourself registered for their free course.

How To Register with Lurn Insider?

Creating your free Lurn account is easy when you visit Below are the details you will need:

  • Your first name,
  • Last name,
  • E-mail address
  • and create your password.

Activation of your account can be accomplished by clicking a link in the email you received. You can then select the training you wish to take once everything has been configured.

What’s Inside Lurn Insider

Lurn Reviews Anik Singal

I was able to look around the entire course while I had early access. The content isn’t overwhelming, despite having a lot of it.
In contrast to Anik’s famous Inbox Blueprint course, the initial 21-Day courses are, of course, basic, and you can’t expect advanced marketing lessons.
It is laid out in bite-sized chunks that can be consumed section by section.

The Dashboard

Anik’s welcome message is the first thing you see when you log in for the first time, as well as Les Brown’s message and Robert Kiyosaki’s commentary.

After you have been blown away by all the love you have received so far, you stumble upon the Skills Mastery Training section. Rather than registering for each session you wish to attend, you only have to click the button once.
Every week Lurn’s top coaches will run a Power Hour during the month where you will learn the “Skill of the Month”.

Email Marketing, Copywriting, and Facebook Ads are the skills scheduled for May, June, and July, respectively. It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it? Also the much NEED OF THE HOUR!

When you have completed the 21-day transformation (more here), you are eligible to join the “Insider” Facebook Group.

The Core Modules

Lurn Courses Reviews

The main course consists of three major sections.

Day Zero: Power Start-Up 101

Let’s rewire our brains so we can succeed. This is the beginning of something new for you. With that uncertainty comes doubt, frustration, and uncertainty.

Day zero lurn


Embrace the mental challenge and the challenge will come BEFORE you learn even the simplest bit about business creation.
The videos inside this module are Les Brown: Stop & Think, Gratitude, Goals, Prepare to Fail, Sacrifice, and Focus.
After watching a few videos, and completing an assignment, you’re done! Now, be ready for the coming Day 1 & 2.

Day 1 & 2: Scaling Mind

day 2 scaling

You will experience a Bootcamp workshop during the next two days.

This is to give you an understanding of the terminology, the basics, and how to build a business online.
In this module, Anik teaches you about his Scaling Mind methodology, which helps you prepare your mind for scale and growth.
To ensure that you watched Day 1’s video, they made Day 2’s video motivational.
Simple as that. Another assignment. You’re good to go!

Day 3-21: Profit Labs

You are now ready to learn and implement what you have learned.

This is of more importance than the former.

Lurn Anik Singal

It can be overwhelming to deal with the monstrosity of information available.
You won’t have to worry about that headache as you are provided with daily progression by LURN Insider.

Below is a peek at the drip feed content schedule day-wise:

  • Day 3: Internet Businesses
  • Day 4: Niche Selection
  • Day 5: Niche Selection
  • Day 6: Monetizing
  • Day 7: The “Chosen” One
  • Day 8: Creating Your Opt-in Page
  • Day 9: Sign Up For Sendlane

I’m taking things one by one. STEP by STEP.
Upon obtaining the 21 drops, you may apply for your certification, as well as the next step toward becoming a master.

The $10k Formula (Upsell)

Lurn Anik Singal Daymond

In addition to Lurn Insider, a $10k Formula is available as an upsell:

An A-Z course that teaches you how to choose a niche, create an opt-in page for your niche, drive traffic, choose affiliate offers, and write email marketing messages for your list.
In addition to case studies, there is an overview of how to scale your opt-in page into something you will be proud of when you’re done.
No fluff in this course, just pure content.
There are PROVEN concepts in here (I developed a profitable list of over 8000 people in the Personal Development niche using the same concepts I teach here)
This is great value for the money.

Email Mastery (Upsell)

Email mastery Anik Singal

It was Anik’s teaching on how to write emails that SELL that was my favorite part of the training since I truly believe he is a master at copywriting.
Right from: Determining your role as an email marketer, using your personality, choosing your voice, and examples from previous campaigns that resulted in massive revenue. This course has everything!
A webinar promotion he recently conducted with stupendous results is among the numerous case studies he provides.

Next Steps:

The Lurn team will guide you through the fields of abundance and profit after your 21-day transformation, as well as get you access to the insider group on Facebook.
There was a little too much emphasis on that.
Now, you must be wondering who is Anik Singal and why should we trust him?

Review: Who Is Anik Singal?

Circle of profit Anik Singal Reviews

He is the founder and creator of his company Lurn. His company relies on affiliate marketing as its business model.

In addition to maintaining the platform’s online training courses, he is also the mastermind behind the courses. This online course might be able to help you get started in the field of internet marketing.

His family wanted Ankit Singal to proceed in medicine, rather than becoming an entrepreneur when he was a young man like most successful ones.

His family initially wanted him to become a doctor, so he enrolled in a pre-med program. However, after dropping out he instead enrolled in business school.

Singal had to wait almost two years before he started making money online when he started his online entrepreneurship. Anik Singal appears more credible in this light than most entrepreneurs.

Anik Singal’s Net Worth

Lurn reviews by students

According to current estimates, Anik Singal has a net worth of $23 million. A digital marketing expert, he is the man to go to.

After navigating through the business world and the lengthy process of dropping out of med school, I found myself earning money online after dropping out of med school.

Several business journals like Bloomberg, Inc. 500, and Reuters took notice of Anik Singal’s reputation and credibility. Online training and coaching are what generate the majority of his wealth.

Review: Anik Singal Lurn Nation Courses/ Products

Anik Singal created The Lurn Nation, online entrepreneurship and marketing library where members can access more than 100 courses.

Lurn online courses are being taught by Anik Singal to nearly 400,000 students.

Apart from these courses, Lurn Nation members also have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs through the online community.

Free And Paid Lurn Courses

Following a free trial, people are more likely to commit. Because Annik understands this mindset, Lurn offers both free and paid courses to its members and students.

On the training platform, you can find the following free courses:

  • Influencer marketing Bootcamp geared towards influencers
  • How to improve your sales skills with the Pitch Formula
  • Online boot camp that teaches the basics of running an online business

Lurn’s platform offers courses of various lengths. Others can take as long as 100 hours to complete but can be completed within two hours

Experts at Anik Singal are exemplifies authority in their respective fields and niches. Among his personal development books are Les Brown’s and Robert Kiyosaki’s. Digital marketing is Ankit’s area of expertise.

Examples of the paid courses as discussed above are:

  • A program designed to help you improve your e-mail marketing abilities
  • The 30-day book publishing course is designed to help you set up your own online business
  • Ads on Facebook: FB Academy
  • …and so much more!

However, I need to warn you. I believe Anik Singal’s prices are a little overpriced – more than what is usually available on the market.

One of Anik’s very expensive Lurn courses, the Email Startup Incubator, is $997.

The pricing for Lurn’s courses is really questionable since most of them can be found online for free.

In contrast, if you’re looking for a way to get a business up and running quickly, Lurn might be for you.

Anik Singal shares a selection of courses he highly recommends in the next section of this review.

Anik Singal’s Highly Recommended Lurn Courses

Publish Academy [Free] By Anik Singal

Free courses are available on the Publish Academy website for entrepreneurs wanting to start an online business by offering their own knowledge.

You could also create, design, and sell your own training course outline.

It takes 121 hours to complete this material.

This video features Anik Singal discussing the importance of sales funnels for businesses. An effective way for online marketers to increase sales is through sales funnels.

Inbox Blueprint [$997] By Anik Singal

There are 600 hours in the Mail Startup Incubator, also known as the Inbox Blueprint!

Eight modules are included in this course, together with interviews with successful email marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.

Throughout it, you will learn how to gain the best results from your email list by learning from the experience of these email marketing experts.

Copywriting Bootcamp [Free]

Marketing’s most important element is this Copywriting Academy.

A copywriter with excellent skills can make their target audience or visitors take action as soon as possible, or what is called “direct response.”

An accomplished piece of writing cannot be easily achieved. We are offering an absolutely free Copywriting Bootcamp that promises great results. Copywriting skills can increase the level of traffic your site receives.

The traffic you generate can easily be converted into sales with such strong copywriting.

In addition, he talks about how he personally converted traffic with tips and techniques he used in the past.

Free Traffic Bootcamp [Free]

Anik Singal’s Traffic Bootcamp is another highly recommended course in this review.

As cheaply as possible, online entrepreneurs and influencers want to attract visitors.

Digital marketers and entrepreneurs can take advantage of many free social media platforms available to them.

However, organic traffic just gets harder and harder to get as the algorithms of search engines change.

We cover every method of getting organic traffic from Google, Instagram, YouTube, and other major sources in the Free Traffic Bootcamp.

Beginners will be interested in this course because it is free and covers both SEO for Google and other major platforms.

ECom Bootcamp [Free]

Another free Bootcamp that Anik Singal personally recommends is the eCom Bootcamp.

Training at this Bootcamp is provided by Fred Lam. You can make your business run full-time and long-term if you sell physical products.

To succeed in your online business venture, there are several ways to make money and even more training courses available.

The guide will walk you through the basics, including the role of advertising and marketing.

Besides tripwires, Fred will discuss Facebook Pixels as key elements to the success of eCommerce. This video content is absolutely free and runs for five hours.

How Can Lurn Help You? Reviews By Students 

Lurn Reviews online

When you will get a membership of Lurn,  you will be able to get access to New Training that includes many important topics related to digital publishers along with online marketing.

Lurn Also offers a subscription-based and appreciative market that is really suitable for experienced digital marketers. Basically, each of the training packages holds step by step easy setup guide along with the greatest online marketing and many application structures in order to help you out.

Lurn Review- Courses For Entrepreneurs

As this training helped me a lot and trust me it can help you too.  With this training, you can always stay right on the top of latest trends in the digital publishing and online marketing world.

 Following courses and training you will get:

That’s not the end here you will get so much more. Here you will also get access to Lurn,s  highly trained team of coaches. Pros & Cons 


  • Will get access to free content.
  • Extremely easy to be set up.
  • Easy to understand and inspiring courses.
  • It has a reputable founder to help you
  • They also provide a jumpstart that is ideal for beginners who are willing to enter this amazing world of digital marketing.
  • They also introduce too many new tools and software that will make your business easier than ever before.
  • They also have a return policy and if you are not satisfied with the program can also get   But here terms of refund vary on the course that you have chosen.
  • They also provide many factors that will help you to maximize profit right with information-gathering techniques and also help you in getting new customers.
  • Provides refined courses along with offering the use of the latest digital marketing techniques that will help you to become successful.


  • A Bit expensive
  • Customer support is ok but not up to the mark.
  • Basic for all of the experienced
  • Some of the tools do not work at all. Pricing:

Here you have to pay  $ 67 for the whole 21-day program and after 21 days you will get the following things:

  1. Weekly check-in calls:  With this, you can easily get your question answered by professional entrepreneurs who are generating huge revenue.
  2. Monthly Mastery sessions:   Each month you will get 1 specialized topic of online marketing.  As they will be bringing experts in multiple fields.
  3. Lurn insider community ( certified students only): Basically this feature is only for the members who have completed the 21-Day program.  After you will get certified you will be able to get yourself into this insider community.

Lurn Insider

Basically, it is an Entrepreneur,s  Toolkit-  a 21-day entrepreneurship training course that is basically designed to transform the mind and businesses.  And here these courses will be directly delivered to your inbox over the course of 21 days.

Lurn Insider- 21 Day Tool-Kit

Here this toolkit is not just a bunch of tips rather than it is a totally transformative experience that will show you what to do and how to do and it will really frame your mind in an extraordinary way toward a successful entrepreneur mindset.

Proven Tactics + The Right Mindset =  Successful Entrepreneur

You will  learn the following things:

  • Get your mindset right ( they will tell you how to do it)
  • Building an online business easily.

And here we just have to give one hour a day for 21 days.  That’s pretty simple as we have to spend an hour.

 Should You Go For Lurn Courses? Lurn Insider (Should You Join

Anik Singal News and Anik Singal Courses Reviews

Basically, these courses are suitable for everyone who is willing to explore digital marketing and willing to earn a good amount of money.  These courses really helped me a lot and will boost your mindset too. This one is a proven way to launch an effective money-making email marketing strategy along with maximizing profit.

And somehow if you are new to today’s digital marketing era then trust me these training courses are beginners friendly.  And trust me You will be able to cope with these courses in a super easy way as they provide easy-to-follow instruction in each of their modules.

Is Anik Singal A Scam? Anik Singal Reviews

Lurn Education Anik Singal

Credits: Cision

We have now come to the ultimate question: “Is Anik Singal and his training program a scam?”
It is far from being a scam to use Anik Singal’s training platform. His website shows how many members are enrolled in the program.
There’s no scam involved – at all.

Aspiring business people are also trying to make money through Anik Singal’s methods and the products that he uses.
Entrepreneurial success cannot be a shortcut, and it will always depend on how much time, effort, and money one is willing to invest. Taking on more risk means making more money. Anik Singal gave his 100 percent to the project. His net worth is now $23 million.

Is that what you were looking for?

You can, however, build a profitable and successful online business by joining his courses!

Are Lurn Insider Courses Worth It?

Lurn Anik Singal Daymond John Reviews

Image Credits: Cision

Lurn Anik Singal Users Reviews

Sure thing! These training materials you find inside the Lurn Insider platform have a lot of potential and a high chance of success.

Anik Signal, the CEO of Lurn Insider, and Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad poor Dad, provide you with the training you need to start your own digital marketing business.

There are too many items to buy and too many upsell for people who have a mild budget; consequently, this training is not for them.

Compared to an ethical teaching platform, this platform treats you as a potential customer rather than a student interested in learning how to start an online business.

I won’t tell you what it is like without you trying it out for yourself. Joining is totally free. The investment you need to make to start an online business is definitely worth it if you have the money.

However, if you are on a tight budget and want to start your training with Wealthy Affiliate, I would advise you to do it there instead

Founded in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate is an online community with over 1.5 million members worldwide.

Lurn Insider Complaints

You can find complaints about every company, including Microsoft Office, Apple, and Samsung if you research complaints about them. These companies are not bad because of that.

Lurn Insider is also listed on BBB (Better Business Bureau) and I will analyze a few of those complaints

False Ads

Have you ever seen someone spend time and money on creating a product or service, then giving it away for free?

The company is not a non-profit organization (NPO), but a private company that makes money by selling products.

There is a basic introduction to the paid versions of those free courses, with the intent of getting your contact information and promoting the paid versions.

Low Ticket to High Ticket

There are courses that start at $1.99 and say everything you need to succeed, but most are really upselling, and you will spend thousands.

Spammy Email

If you are a potential customer, you’ll receive tons of email advertising.

Who is Lurn for?

Lurn would be beneficial to complete beginners in online business.
Learn about new aspects of online business if you are already proficient in some.
Online business materials are sought by people seeking legitimate options.
There is a lot of content available on the Premium Lurn for people willing to spend a lot of money.

Who is Lurn not for?

Online business courses are not for those who are unable to afford a large sum of money. People who are unsure of the type of online business they want to start (Lurn offers many options, so people may become confused). Alternatives 2024

Looking for Lurn Alternatives Here are some :

1) Commission Hero  By Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero review - Overview

If you want to learn about making money online, Robby Blanchard can teach you. He has an online course called Commission Hero. This course teaches people how to make money online through affiliate marketing. There are many reviews on Trustpilot and the sales page says that it is possible to earn up to $1000 per day by working online.

Commission Hero is a good course that teaches you how to work with landing pages. Most of the information here is for beginners, but there are more advanced members who can learn from the guru himself. For people who want to take this course, it might be worth it because most of the information here is very important and could be well-valued.

Check out Commission Hero Review.

2) Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

If you want to start a website, then this Affiliate Lab course will teach you how. The course has videos that will show you how to rank your website in the search engine for high-difficulty keywords. You can also earn money by selling these websites. Plus, the course comes with other bonuses like webinars and flipping labs. With this program, I got my site ranked at #1 for a keyword that is very competitive and I didn’t even have any links back to it yet!

Get a proven blueprint for how to rank, monetize, and flip high-competition affiliate websites. It has everything you need to make yourself a site that earns you freedom and income every month.

Affiliate lab matt diggitty reviews courses Affiliate Lab Facebook group

Try Matt Diggity Affiliate Lab Now.

FAQs Related to Lurn Inside Review

Does Anik Singal email marketing work?

Anik has built his highly successful business around excellent email marketing - you can see why after watching the course. Knowledgeable and articulate, he is able to successfully convey information through clear and concise explanations.

Who is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is the founder of Lurn and Sendlane, and a highly successful American Internet entrepreneur. BusinessWeek recognized Anik as one of the Top 3 U.S. Entrepreneurs Under 25 for these astounding achievements. His company has twice been listed among America's Fastest Growing Companies.

Is LURN com legit?

Online entrepreneurship platforms like Lurn Insider are legit. With a proven track record and struggles he went through, Anik Singal has made over ten million dollars online. The person you are contacting is a real individual and he is not a scammer. As a Lurn Insider student, you have a high chance of succeeding.

What is Anik Singal worth?

According to our estimates, Anik Singal currently has a fortune of $23 million.

Is Lurn Insider Courses Worth It?

Yeah, yeah! Lurn Insider gives you the opportunity to start your digital marketing business with everything you need. Every training course is specifically made by an online Guru like Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Anik Signal, the CEO of Lurn Insider.

Who is Lurn best suited for?

Lurn is best suited for those who are brand new to online business, as well as those who are familiar with the industry, but are interested in learning new branches of it.

Who should stay away from Lurn?

Lurn’s Online business courses are not for those who are unable to afford a large sum of money. People who are unsure of the type of online business they want to start (Lurn offers many options, so people may become confused).

How Does Lurn Nation Work?

There are over 100 courses available on this online entrepreneurship platform. After becoming a member of Lurn Nation, you'll find two types of courses: free and premium courses.

What is the best alternative to Lurn?

Wealthy Affiliate is the best alternative to Lurn. It is highly suitable for those who are on a strict budget.

What are Lurn Training Course Details?

Over 400,000 students have enrolled in nearly 100 online courses offered by Lurn currently. Additionally to the courses, you can learn from other entrepreneurs with similar interests in the Lurn Nation community.

On what topics do the Lurn courses focus?

Basically, the Lurn has courses on Affiliate marketing. Online marketing. Starting an online business. Digital marketing courses. Email marketing training. Training on starting coaching businesses.

Should You Trust

Features: is a platform designed for people who want to start their own business and earn money online while building up their reputation as an expert in niche areas.

Advantages: The Lurn community is highly active and provides valuable resources to help you with any questions you might have about starting your business or gaining knowledge about the Internet marketing industry.

Benefits: The Lurn community has been built around providing valuable information and insights on a wide range of marketing topics, but there are some things you can’t learn from other sites without actually joining the community yourself.

Conclusion: Lurn Insider Review 2024

As I have already listed the pros and cons of this amazing platform so-called Lurn.

I have used this training and it helped in numerous ways. And if you are new to this whole Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing world then you should go for this without having any second thoughts. It will help you to become a successful entrepreneur.

Have you used What are your reviews for Share in the comments below.

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36 User Reviews on Lurn review

  1. I am so impressed with Lurn because it offers all the education I need to build my online empire. All I have to do is search for what I want, whether that’s courses or webinars, and then sign up. The best thing though has got to Email Startup Incubator course which has me set up and positioned for massive success in the affiliate marketing space!

  2. I can’t believe I wasted my time and money on it. And the customer service is no help either! They don’t help or support you. You get nothing from them but a bunch of ads, spam mail, and e-mails every day about their other products too because they want to sell them to you REALLY bad even if your not interested!

  3. Lurn is full of content that will help you to build and scale your online business. This platform offers everything you need to know, so whichever aspect of building an online enterprise is throwing you for a loop, there’s the perfect module to help out. If it all confuses you too much there’s courses on anything from email marketing with Lurn’s Email Startup Incubator course or Facebook advertising with their Facebook Advertising 101 program. Thank you for what they do!

  4. Lurn is the best business resource on the internet. I’ve learned so much from Lurn in just a few weeks and can confidently say that they are changing my life for the better.

  5. Lurn is an amazing company that offers classes on being a successful entrepreneur. Here, you get to learn about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and more! There are free workshops available so you can try them out before deciding whether or not they are the right fit. I just completed their one-week event for free which convinced me of LURN’s awesomeness!

  6. When I was a student in a Lurn Academy I was learning about SEO and all the basics of marketing. And it has been lifesaving! When most my clients find out they need an online presence for their business, they come to me because I’ve learned from Anik Singal, founder of Lurn. When most people think that corporate America is where success sits–that’s not true. If you’re concerned with how to work smarter but faster then really what you should be doing is finding ways to reaching more people–whether that’s through advertising on social media or even starting your own blog!

  7. Lurn is a movement that’s shaking the world. Literally. LURN and Anik want to teach you how to be an entrepreneur and offer some awesome digital marketing, affiliate marketing, webinar series, and more!

  8. I think he is awesome because you can get stuff for free and he is funny! You can also buy new things for more money. I have not heard any complaints yet!

  9. Lurn is a one-stop shop for the modern day entrepreneur. Their courses are simple, easy to comprehend and they have an outstanding customer service team. I’m so glad that my company choose Lurn as our business partner from now on!
    This course helped me a lot with all things related to how I can excel in my lines of work by giving me information about what tools and skills they recommend. They offer a variety of courses that will fit your needs individually which is really helpful because that way you won’t feel obligated to take more than you need—which is totally my type of people. Believe it or not, their prices are EXTREMELY reasonable which was another key factor why we went through them instead of any other companies!

  10. Every time I’m having a hard day or need some extra motivation, the Lurn podcast lifts me up.

  11. Lurn is the place to go if you are looking for classes on how to be an entrepreneur, or want to learn about digital marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. I can’t forget that he offers some pay-to-play workshops for those who really want to take their business up another notch! As someone who just got started with Lurn and Anik (that’s his name), I am so glad that starting out was easy since several free workshops were offered during this other one-week event. I just took the 3rd day of a massive power class on making money online and it has me feeling very motivated!

  12. My journey with LURN and Anik has just begun. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, this is the place to be. With free workshops available for beginners, I’ve already completed a one-week event that covered digital marketing topics like affiliate marketing. There are many more courses for all levels of entrepreneurs – perfect for when I go into business on my own! The best part about it? Right now you can take advantage of his launch offer to receive 50% off your first course purchase!

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  14. I can’t rave about LURN enough! I love that the company is made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It’s really cool to see that their continued growth means they are supporting more people all over the world with entrepreneurship. If you want to start your own business – LURN has the most valuable tools and knowledge in one place. Ian Singal is truly an inspiration!

  15. Lurn has helped me grow and change my business and personal life for the better. I’ve been a bonafide member since they launched, and it’s amazing to see how far this company has come in such short period of time – all thanks to their incredible staff! The Lurn community is an extremely motivating one; especially with forums like shoutouts. Love them or hate them (they know who they are), you cannot deny that their content helps entrepreneurs grow themselves as well as other people’s businesses. They also have courses on entrepreneurship, growth strategies, and other general topics related to self-development — amongst many others — for those who want a little extra guidance when taking things into their own hands.”

  16. I really love the email templates in the Lurn courses. There is so much information when I need it, and when I don’t know how to do something they give me an example so I can follow through with doing it on my site or blog.”

  17. LURN is a great place to learn more about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and more. The workshops are free so you can get started right away. I had no idea how much fun learning could be until I attended this workshop!

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  19. Anik Singhal is a genius. I mean, who else comes up with a site that gives out free stuff that doesn’t even need to be “upgraded”. At first I thought it was going to be heavy sales on the gogobs of detailed steps and eBooks they offer at Lurn – but he didn’t try to force anything on us. In fact, he offered no opportunities for shopping. You can measure his success by how annoying people are getting about not being able to upgrade from free offers fast enough!

  20. Finally, a one-stop solution for all of your online needs, from planning and creating courses to staying up on the latest updates in leadership development.

    Lurn is a shop that offers every tool you need to be successful in building and scaling your online business. Lurn provides access to courses on anything from website design to eCommerce content creation. If you’re looking for help starting an affiliate marketing career or just want some tips on how effective email marketing works this site has what you need!

  21. Thank you for writing this very helpful post! I have never heard of Anik Singal before. You gave a lot of good background information on him and your opinions are well stated. I don’t believe in get rich schemes. If anything is worth it, it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Then your time and effort will pay off.

    I am just starting out with this online marketing thing, but I am interested in learning more about it and want to keep researching to create my own website. Thank you for the review! Good luck with everything!

  22. I’ve been a Lurn member for about six months and I absolutely love it! As someone who was already an avid learner, I appreciate the variety of courses. They help me grow as a freelancer or stay engaged after scaling my revenue up to where I thought I had hit my growth ceiling. It’s like getting unlimited access to all these high-level entrepreneurs and teachers with your membership fee!

  23. I have been using Lurn for a while now and I feel like they are not meeting my needs. In addition, the courses are difficult to understand at times. A lot of them make you want to run away from entrepreneurship altogether!

  24. Lurn is the newest company that promises the world. It was founded by a guy with a ton of experience as an entrepreneur but doesn’t have much proof to back it up. This might sound good on paper, but there’s always risks investing with entrepreneurs who don’t know how to manage their own business and come from difficult backgrounds.
    – Lurn isn’t cheap or affordable, at least not for you or me, someone who simply wants some helpful advice without spending hundreds of dollars annually.
    – The fees are absurdly high considering they put so little work into their courses and academy opportunities which you can find elsewhere online for free if you wanted them here!

  25. Lurn has been a great long term investment of mine. I’ve had the opportunity to go to live events at their center and have even learned from some of their courses. I love being apart of one of their academy’s and am thankful for the growth they’ve allowed me to experience over the past couple years!

  26. I have never felt more confident or smarter throughout this course. Learning about the different ways power comes was eye opening for me and I feel so fulfilled now! I know now what my purpose is in life. This course has helped me find peace with the direction of my life, work through any mental blocks, and learn how to love myself unconditionally. Lurn has changed my perspective on large corporations that are making unethical decisions to try and control the world because now I see them for who they truly are- frail human beings just like me just trying to do their best at building a future by exploiting people’s fears.

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    I really like that Lurn is always there when you need them. Like they helped get my course more exposure on Pinterest by helping publish it more often than just weekly! That was a huge help of growth for me and my business. They also have live events all the time where we get together and share our successes with each other and talk about what we can do better in ourselves or businesses which has helped me grow tremendously as an entrepreneur. Lurn does such a good job at marketing themselves too, everyone around town knows how great Lurn is because their campaign manager walks around handing out flyers every weekend. It’s hard to find marketing partners these days like LURN.

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  30. To be honest, at least he is giving away a lot of stuff for free! There is not really any heavy sales going on. Plus he is entertaining enough to watch. If people want to upgrade, they can. They do not need to buy anything for the free stuff. I have no complaints so far! I love your Anik Singhal review & Lurn Review.

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  34. Lurn by Anik Singhal is not your typical startup. The idea of the product is to provide users with some free content and advertise on properties where they can’t do so legally. At first, people might think it’s a sketchy move for him to give away something for free while simultaneously advertising himself, but he really does deliver on his promises of giving you more than just one thing that costs money.

  35. Fellow entrepreneurs, I started my very own businesses about a year ago. At first, I was overwhelmed with all the information and tutorials on different platforms out there yet after discovering this resource from Lurn Inc., it has been a breeze to grow my business! It’s immersive content delivered in an easy-to-follow manner is perfect for individuals like me who are struggling to get going. Their professional videos at YouTube have become real gems for me when I’m trying to figure out the best course of action. Thank you, Lurn Inc.
    Their customer service is also among the best that I’ve encountered which just makes everything much more convenient for me as a user! They offer support via email and social media so everyone can access them whenever they want.

  36. Lurn offers everything I need to know that helps me to build and scale my online business.
    The best place to start an online business. The courses are given in a systematic manner that you don’t need another source, all like a one-stop-shop for your business. I love the experience I had, totally transformational with amazing coaches like Jeremy Lurn Inc is a wonderful company. They offer relevant information on what really works in the area of online business. Their customer service is really good, and they reply pretty quick with support emails. The coaching staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

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