Madgicx Review 2021 Features & Insights | $39/mo (Free Trial)

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Ease of Use
Value for Money
AI Audiences
White Labeling


  • AI-backed omnichannel marketing platform
  • AI-powered creative intelligence
  • Budget optimization
  • Bid optimization
  • Ad-spend based pricing that fits every advertiser
  • 360° audience coverage
  • Data-driven targeting
  • Placement optimization
  • White-labeling features included in every plan


  • More pricing options needed
  • White labelling is expensive

Price:$ 49

What’s up to the reader? Let me ask you a few questions before getting into the crux of this article.

Do you own an online business or brand?

Do you run ads on Facebook for your online brand?

Ever thought of what all you need to do to make your Facebook Ads campaign a success? 

The last one is the most important question that you should probably have an answer to. Why? Because social media marketing is one of the most profitable ways to promote and publicize your business in today’s internet-savvy world if done the right way!

Whenever we hear the term “Social media marketing”, the first thing that comes to our mind is “Facebook Ads”. Rightly so! Facebook is the global leader or pioneer of social media that has enabled billions of people around the globe to connect with one another instantly with a click of a button. Looking at this “Power of Connectivity” that FB possesses, online brands and businesses have made Facebook their home for promoting their products and services to the masses through Facebook Ads.

Marketing through FB Ads! 

Research studies have revealed that over 95% of online businesses today prefer marketing their products on Facebook. This includes businesses of all types and sizes. Facebook is the best place for start-ups and small-scale businesses to advertise themselves.

Some of them know pretty well how to manage these ads, especially the medium and large businesses, who have a team designated specifically to handle the social media ad campaigns. But there are many businesses you often struggle to manage their ad campaigns on Facebook. The main reasons may be because:

  1. They don’t have enough manpower to handle the ad campaigns.
  2. They don’t have an idea of how ad campaigns work on Facebook.

The best solution to either of the two problems mentioned above is “Automated FB Ad tools”!

(Madgicx Social Media Marketing Software Reviews, Features, Cost, Alternatives & Comparison)

Madgicx testimonials

We all want to get more juice out of our marketing campaigns on Facebook, but there are plenty of obstacles in the way. Some of us struggle to identify what changes we need to make in order to make our Facebook posts more accessible and tractable. Others know exactly what they want to do, but they don’t have the money or the staff to pull it off. Thankfully, there are a whole host of Facebook marketing tools out there to get rid of these burdens!  You can check out best facebook ads spy tools.

Here is a complete review of a super-effective Facebook ad marketing tool that I have personally used for managing my Facebook ad campaigns and will help you advertise on Facebook for a very affordable and pocket-friendly price. The tool we are about to examine is called Madgicx!

Madgicx Review 2021 Features & Insights | $39/mo (Free Trial)

Madgicx review Facebook ad tools

Pricing Plans Of Madgicx

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About Madgicx!

Madgicx is a full-stack Facebook advertising platform that offers online business owners to manage their Facebook ad campaigns flawlessly using 7 Advertising Products in one powerful Platform. 

Madgicx Review- Madgicx

Yahav Hartman Co-Founder of Madgicx ✅( Fb Ads Automation Tool)

Their current module offers the following tools for clients to use:

1) Automation Tactics:

Once you have created an ad set and launched your campaign, someone has to manage it whether it’s you or the ad agency you hired. 

Madgicx Review- Automation Tactic

But wait, Madgicx has created a set of Automation tactics and strategies as well. Actually, these strategies are created on the basis of industry experts and really these are proven to work and improve your Facebook Ads Performance.

So let’s see what automation tactics are being offered by Madgicx. 

  • Stop-Loss (Assets & Ad Level): Basically, it protects your budget simply by pausing the low-performing ad sets. Also, it turns the ads set back on to give it a second chance the next day. 
  • Surf: Here this one actually identifies strong performance trends and simply capitalizes on the positive momentum by increasing the ads sets budgets beyond any original limits. 
  • Revive: Revive mainly activates any of the pauses ad sets right at the moment it detects any kind of positive activity when it finds out the ad set has become profitable again. 
  • Sunsetting: Sunsetting monitors the performance over time in order to identify all the under-performing ads sets. And it also protects your budget over time by taking some serious steps. 

2) Bid Testing:

Actually, it’s a scaling strategy to improve your performance. Using this feature you can just run Bid campaigns in order to find what’s your best-performing bid is. You can have all the data thereafter launching your bid campaigns also you have the option to choose b/w manual and automation bidding settings. 

3) Creative Cluster:

Here creative clusters analyze creative combinations that are based on the elements of the merged ad. Simply by discovering, analyzing and also comparing other creative clusters, here, you will be able to find out the single ad element that literally drives high performing ads. 

Madgicx Review- Creative Cluster

Also, you can just use the creative clusters in order to easily analyze winning creative factors and also compare clusters as well. 

4) Mass Creation:

Using Mass Creation you can just launch 100+ AI-based Audiences like you can create a new audience based campaigns easily with the help of this feature. It lets you build a full-funnel targeting strategy.

Madgicx Review- Mass Creation

And once you launch all these campaigns, just let these campaigns compete right against your account setup.  

5) Automated Reporting: With the help of this feature you can simply automate the agency reporting that generates reports directly right to your clients. Also, the report can be shared directly to your inbox on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can set the timing and on which basis you want the reports delivered to your inbox. 

Madgicx Review- AI Audiences

Since Facebook ads are their target niche and Facebook has fundamentally transformed the way they market, the developers of Madgicx are committed to providing quality performance and customer satisfaction as they unite all the knowledge, skills, and technology required to succeed with Facebook Ads under one automated execution platform. 

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From Automation tactics 💵’Stop Loss’ 🙏and 🤑’Surf’ 🏄‍♂to launching 💯of audiences, across Acquisition, Retargeting and Prospecting campaigns.

Launch more than hundreds of ✅HIGH-QUALITY proven audiences NOW 👉 🚀👨‍💻💸

To squeeze out every last drop of performance from assets we put together a series of short term and long term revenue maximization tactics.

🏄‍♂ SURF


SURF identifies strong performance trends and automatically capitalizes on positive momentum by increasing the available adset budget beyond the original limits. At midnight it then reverts to the original budget.

Madgicx Review- Surf

Surf NOW 👉



Stop-Loss protects your budget by pausing low-performing adsets with negative momentum as soon as it identifies them. At midnight it turns the Asset back on.

Madgicx Review- Stop Loss

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Revive automatically reactivates any paused adset the moment it detects any kind of positive activity indicating that the adset has become profitable again.

Madgicx Review- Revive

Start your FREE Trial today 👉



Sunsetting monitors performance over time to identify under-performing adsets and then takes a series of steps to protect your budget over time.

Scale today with 👉

Madgicx Review- Sunsetting

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Madgicx Facts & Figures

The facts & figures for any business itself speaks volumes about how good (or bad) they really are. Here are a bunch of facts and figures about Madgicx that you should know about to have an idea of their outreach, reputation, goodwill, and performance.

  • Rising Star Award – 2019 (Awards by Finances Online)
  • Premium Usability Award – 2019 (Awards by Finances Online)
  • Managing an average of $50 Million on Facebook monthly
  • Filled with Polyglots! Their team can speak 8 international languages
  • Catering to over 4000 customers worldwide
  • International offices located in 3 cities: Vienna, Tel Aviv and Kiev

Madgicx Knowledgebase!

 Apart from their extremely responsive customer support service, they have also put together a very useful knowledge base in the form of an online video training course and a blog.

The Madgicx Video Training Course is a full-fledged video library where you can find tutorials and demo videos about useful features and tools of their products. Here you can find 6 steps that focus on the jobs will do for you, featuring best practices to help you work better. Ideal for those who like to see how it’s done, rather than read the manual.

Video Training Course - Madgicx com

In case you are unable to find what you were looking for, you can contact their success team and learn everything there is to know about from someone. Furthermore, they have curated a blog that has free articles, guides, and tutorials to help you to grow your business & knowledge as a Facebook, Instagram and Google Advertiser. 

Some Useful Madgicx Tutorial Videos to help you out

Facebook Ads AI Targeting: The Power of eRFM Lookalike Audiences

2.1 - Introduction to Mass Creation

Improve your Facebook ROAS: Case Study

5.1 - Creative Clusters - All of Your Creatives at one-click distance

Pricing Plans Of Madgicx

What’s interesting to note here that Magidcx has not put together any “Fixed” pricing package for their clients. Though that doesn’t mean their services are all free. It’s just that they do not offer their packages in a “Tabulated” form. Which is actually a good thing!Pricing Plans Of Madgicx



Obviously because when it comes to ad marketing, the factors that influence the results of a strategy ARE NOT FIXED. There are always fluctuations. And the biggest fluctuations in this niche come from two fronts:

  • Estimated Monthly Fee
  • Monthly Ad Spend

Keeping these two aspects in mind, the developers have designed Madgicx’s pricing structure in the form of a slider meter. If you visit the Pricing section on their official website, you’ll find a slider on the page which denotes the estimated monthly fee. You can slide the button left or right to set the value according to your requirement. The difference lies in the no. of ad accounts included in a plan.

  • For Estimate Monthly Fee from $49 – $149, No. of Ad accounts is 1
  • For Estimate Monthly Fee from $379 – $849, No. of Ad accounts is 3
  • For Estimate Monthly Fee from $1299 – $11699, No. of Ad accounts is 10

And so on!

Please note, the figures mentioned above are for the Monthly plan. The values will be different if you choose the Quarterly or Annual plan. You can even jump in for a free trial of their services. It’s damn easy, with No limits, no credit card required, no strings attached.

Why do I recommend Madgicx?

Madgicx Testimonial by customers

Madgicx reviews
Madgicx reviews

Madgicx reviews

Now coming to how I know so much about Madgicx and what all they can do for you. I personally have been using Madgicx ad marketing tools to automate and manage my Facebook ad campaigns for quite some time now, and to be dead honest, their performance has been really great. The reality of ad marketing is that, as your business or brand keeps expanding with time, managing the ad campaigns and other marketing aspects manually becomes a tedious task.

What Madgicx does is that they blend artificial intelligence with ad automation to learn, understand and act for you without you even being physically present all the time to do the same stuff manually. This has saved me a lot of time and effort and of course the money to hire an ad marketing official. In other words, with Madgicx, you are able to have full control of your business ad campaign anywhere, anytime.

  • Take control of your business

The dashboard’s unparalleled level of detail exposes secret metrics so that company KPIs can be matched with Facebook Ad strategy to really revolutionize the performance.

  • Automated Tactics to Scale your Business with A.I. has put together a series of short-term and long-term revenue maximization tactics to run your ads 24/7 to squeeze out every last drop in performance from ad sets.

  • Create a Full-Funnel Strategy in 5-clicks

Mass Creation allows you to build a complete campaign that wouldn’t even be set up for you by an elite ad-agency. + 100 AI eRFM module-based audiences.

  • Enjoy Agency Class Reporting

Madgicx boasts of a zero-effort reporting function that gives you an in-depth performance overview at all times by providing you rich reports triggered on daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

Customer Review:

Madgicx Review- Customer Review

Customer Reviews

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CONCLUSION!: Madgicx Review 2021 | Should You Go For It??

Madgicx is an AI-backed omnichannel marketing platform with creative intelligence and autonomous ad buying capabilities that optimizes ads across Facebook, Instagram & Google.

All in all, Madgicx is a complete package that can help you efficiently leverage your Facebook remarketing to gain more conversions from those who have already demonstrated an interest in your site. Although Revealbot is another ads automation tools which enables you to manage your ads campaigns effortlessly. 

So, if you are ready to give it a whirl, then jump online on and give them a shot. IT’S TOTALLY WORTH A TRY!


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