Madgicx vs Adzooma: The Ultimate In-depth Comparison (2023)

Madgicx vs Adzooma

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Madgicx and Adzooma both are very useful Ad management platform, they both play important role increasing the performance of your ad. Still we have compared these two platform to choose the best one for you.

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Madgcix is an advertising platform which create and project your ads in Facebook and Instagram. Madgicx plays a very unique roll in increasing the per

Adzooma is an Ad management company which simplify and divert the workload of PPC of every of its users.

  • User Friendly
  • Ease Of Use
  • Reliable
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Features
  • Ease Of Use
  • Award Wining
  • Userfriendly dashboard which provides all your ad related in
  • Free trial of all of their features to improve your confiden
  • Laser accuracy on audience targeting and conversion strategi
  • Unique ways to impress your customers
  • Excellent ad management software to reduce your stress.
  • Free trial versions for their products to gain your trust.
  • Unlimited Ad spend
  • The automated process from end to end.
  • Ad management software is not in par with their competitors
  • They don’t have any premium plans for premium users
  • No winning approach for audience targeting.

Wait a minute!! Wait a minute!! If you are looking for that one perfect company that has the capability to create a Jaw-dropping ad for your business, how can you miss this duel between these two Madgicx vs Adzooma!!!, customers don’t call them the best in the business for nothing? I don’t have to tell you how the ads are revolutionizing all industries.

If Facebook Ads and Google ads can change the course of elections how can’t they change the course of your company? Not all ads are achieving success, ads that are made with precise calculation of People’s mindset gets the dub. I know, if you are searching this much seriously, then you are seriously looking for that one perfect company. Unlike other comparison articles on the internet, where you still don’t get an answer after reading. Here, I can assure you, YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER at the end of this article!!!. So, Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it.

Overview of the companies:

Since this competition is going to be brutal, Let’s have some fun with it.

Introducing first, into the ring, The rising star in the business the one and only

Madgicx vs Adzooma Overview:

Madgicx Overview

Madgicx is our first competitor. Madgicx creates and projects your ads in every platform available like Facebook, Telegram, Google, Youtube, etc.. It was founded in 2018.

  Madgicx is an Ad buying machine which means they will give you all the insights to make a perfect ad and not only that they will purchase all the potential timeslots and promote your ads in all the venues which have a potential market. 

Madgicx Overview

 Madgicx has individual platforms for Execution and Insight where they have unique features to make your ad stand out among the rest. Before comparing, Let’s see some of the features which you can find only in Madgicx

Adzooma Overview

Adzooma is an ad management company that primarily focuses on PPC(Pay Per Click) management. This was the company that was founded in 2015 and it focuses on simplifying and diverting the workload of PPC of every one of their users. 

Adzooma Overview

Adzooma automizes most of your daily tasks you find time-consuming, and complex. They achieve this using their own unique features and Let’s see some of them here

Unique features of Madgicx:

 Madgicx has exclusive features in both Execution and Insight. Let’s see some of them on both of these platforms.

In the Execution platform

Audience studio:

This feature helps you to identify your targeted audiences with laser accuracy using AI optimized software. This tool will find the right amount of audience based on your requirements like Profitability and ROAS(Return on Ad Spend) and various other factors.

Madgicx- Audiance

Like this image, you can see your targeted audiences for each of your products in each country.

Bid optimization:

This tool will help you to find which one of your ads are performing well compared to others and it helps you to optimize your budget according to that. You can vary your budgets on your ads depending on these data and it will save you a ton of money.

MadgicX- Bid Optimization

      Similar to this image, you will get the viewer numbers for your own ads and you can optimize your budget accordingly. This will prevent you from spending your budget on low performing ads.

Like this, there are several other features on Execution Platforms which we can see during the comparison.

In the Insight Platform

Strategic dashboard:

 Strategic dashboard is a single stop feature to get all the information regarding your ads. This tool will give all hidden insights into how much new audience you have gained? How much have you got from ad spend? Etc…

Madgicx - Dashboard

It gives an answer to every question you have regarding the performance of your ads.

You get clear stats for all the key performance indicators you need to create a successful ad.

Smart Filters:

Smart filters help to optimize your ads for different stages of your audiences. There will be different stages of audiences for your ads like 

  • New audiences
  • Repeated audiences
  • Interested audiences

MadgicX- Custom Automation

You can’t show the same ad to all of these audiences and this tool helps to optimize your ads differently for each and every one of these audiences.

Introducing our second competitor to the ring, 

The one and only!!

Unique features of Adzooma:

Opportunity Engine:

Adzooma has its own search powerful search engine called Opportunity which gives powerful insights to your business and it will tell you all the way to have maximum ROI(Return of Investment)

Opportunity Engine

This is a sample page of the opportunity engine, Like this, you will get every bit of information about your ad performance in this engine.

Continuous optimization of your ads:

Adzooma continuously analyzes your ads and it will constantly give you some valuable suggestions to update your ads like Keyword intensity improvement, Budget inquiry, etc.. 


This tool will help you to improve the performance of all your ads all year long.

Automated Ad control:

Automated Ad control constantly monitors the amount that has been spent on ads and compares it with your budget cap daily. If the spend cap reaches your budget cap then this tool will automatically pause your campaign till you update your budget cap.

Automated Add Control

Like this, you can fix your budget cap and you don’t need to worry about overspending on your ads.

MadgicX vs Adzooma

Comparison of Basic Features

Having unique features alone does not make a company the best in the business. How are companies using their unique features to their advantage in getting more audience to the users? really makes the difference. 

To be a successful Ad creator and promoter company, they have to nail the following features. Let’s see how these two companies are performing in the following portion of the article.

Finding the right audience for you:

Finding the right audience is the basic criteria needed for any Ad optimizer or promoter to be the best in the industry. No one will trust a company, which waste their money on the non-profitable market. So, Let’s see how these two companies are doing in finding the right audience for you.


MadgicX has some of the best autonomous software which will provide data-driven results based solely on your inputs. MadgicX provides you a feature called Audience studio which will give the targeted audience with laser accuracy by distinguishing the audiences with several factors like country, Gender, Age, etc…

Similar to this observation, You can get your perfect audience(Not even Potential, you will get Perfect!!) for your products.


Adzooma offers a feature called opportunity Engine which will provide you valuable suggestions to improve your ads which may help you to find the right audience for you.


You may think that I have not written enough about Adzooma’s abilities on Audience finder, But frankly, Adzooma does not focus on finding audiences. So, regarding Finding the right audience for your ads, choosing MadgicX will be a profitable decision for you.

Ad Management:

Managing your Ad campaign daily will be the most tedious job for you and automizing most of your daily tasks can save you a lot of valuable time and can reduce your stress. So, Let’s see how these two companies are managing their client’s ads.


For Ad management, MadgicX offers a variety of features to reduce your work on managing the ads.

Strategic Dashboard:

This is a dashboard provided by MadgicX to analyze all your ad-related revenue in one place. It also gives you all the hidden metrics you need to improve the performance of your ads.

Automation Tactics:

This feature ensures an end to end automation of all of your ads from purchasing timeslots for your companies to promoting them in the targeted areas.


Adzooma is the front runner in this feature. Each and every feature focuses on reducing and simplifying the workload of business owners. These are some of the features they are excelled at

Intuitive UX for user efficiency:

        Adzooma’s UX(user experience)software feature has a variety of time-saving features like you can create various possible scenarios at once with just a few clicks, and when you are ready you are just one click away from doing it.

Adzooma - Features

Like this, you can create alternate scenarios ready for the disposal.

Connected Accounts:

 Adzooma makes it easy to connect all your ad accounts from Facebook, Youtube, etc… in one single page so you can get all your data in one place.


Though MadgicX has more features to automate the whole process Adzooma has perfected the technique of Ad management with its simple and userfriendly process. So, Adzooma has a better Ad management ability than MadgicX.

Converting the Audience:

Converting the audience to your customers is as important as finding the right audience for your product. Not just publishing an ad can add customers to your product, the strategy needs to be constantly updated for pitching your products to different audiences. So, Let’s see how well they can convert an audience.


For converting the audience, MadgicX has many amazing features in its pocket. Let’s see some of them in detail

AI audiences:

This tool gives you a considerable amount of audiences who will convert to your products in just a few clicks. This will make your data look like one high converting lookalike which will impress the audiences who are interested in your products and it will give you whole new customers to your products.

Smart Filters:

These filters help you to optimize your ads for different audiences and it will give the audience a personalized experience. These filters constantly monitor your audiences and it feeds your ads at the right time in the right way to make the conversion as high as possible.

MadgicX- Smart Filter

As shown in this image, These filters will feed your ads in a personalized manner.


Adzooma gives powerful suggestions to increase the conversion of the audience by recommending 

  • New keywords
  • By suggesting profitable bidding strategies
  • Improving accuracy on location targeting etc..

Like this Adzooma provides 24*7 solution for all the problems you have as a business owner related to the performance of your ad.


Adzooma only suggests you the way to improve the conversion rate for your products but MadgicX comes hand in hand with you for converting the audiences which I think is an appreciable effort. So, clearly for audience conversion, MadgicX will be the wise decision.

Return on Ad Spend(ROAS)

This is the most important criteria for any ad promoting company to be successful. To help you get as much money as possible from your ads. This is the reason you partner with a company and this is what they have to do. So, Let’s see how they do in ROAS.


Like other basic criteria, For this also MadgicX has some unique features up in the sleeve. Here are some of the features they offer you for maximum ROAS

Bid optimization:

Bid optimization basically helps you in managing the investment of your ad campaign by increasing or decreasing the budget caps for specific ads depending upon their performance and the viewership it is gaining after a pre-fixed time.

This will help you to reduce the money spent on non-potential areas and you can invest more in the areas where you can find a potential market for your products.

Like this image, you will get an audience size and recent performance trend of all of your ads so you can make your decision easier.

Budget optimization:

This feature constantly monitors your set budget and the budget you have currently spent to give you an update on your campaign daily. It also gives you the statistics of all the hidden metrics to ensure your better performance and to reduce your spending.


Adzooma also has some features to maximize your return on investment for ads. They have a rule-based automation software that monitors your monetary spending on ads constantly and it temporarily pauses the campaign if it exceeded your budget cap. 

This way you don’t get to lose money by displaying ads more than the intended time and it will help you to focus on your business.

Customer Review:

For Ad promoting companies, Customer review is the most trusted information you can get regarding the success of these companies. You will not invest in a company solely based on their features, the suggestions from the customers who have previously used all of their features and have seen the performance of these tools will give you confidence in investing in them. So, Let’s see what customers are telling about these companies.


For MadgicX customers are appreciating its performance of their features and are very much happy with their Audience targeting and conversion strategies. There seems to be no complaint regarding the return on investment for any MadgicX customers. They only feel that MadgicX needs some development in the automation of ad management.


For Adzooma, customers are very happy with its performance on ad management abilities but they need a lot of development in optimizing ads and Audience targeting.

Pricing Madgicx vs Adzooma

Regarding Pricing, both companies have a different approach in offering their features.


MadgicX offers a 7-day free trial version of its tools and provides all of its features based on the validity of the plan. Let’s see what it looks like


As you can see from this image, MadgicX provides a three plan system


  • Monthly plan-$49
  • Quarterly plan-$44
  • Annual plan-$39


Even though there are three different plans, the features offered by MadgicX in all the plans are the same.


Adzooma also offers a free trial version and these are the plans Adzooma has to offer

There is no much difference in their features for their plans and they are also extending their features validity for high premium plans



For the pilot plan

Adzooma charges $49 a month for these features

  • Monthly spend up to 1000 dollars
  • 24*7 assistance and much more

For their other plans

The monthly spend budget varied from 1000 to 100k dollars and no variation in any other features.

Pros & Cons Madgicx vs Adzooma



  • Laser accuracy on audience targeting and conversion strategies
  • Userfriendly dashboard which provides all your ad related information in one place.
  • Free trial of all of their features to improve your confidence in their products
  • Unique ways to impress your customers



  • Excellent ad management software to reduce your stress.
  • Free trial versions for their products to gain your trust.
  • The automated process from end to end.



  • Ad management software is not in par with their competitors
  • They don’t have any premium plans for premium users
  • Their automation in some areas needs to be improved.



  • No winning approach for audience targeting.
  • They don’t have more unique features to make them stand out.
  • Their techniques on automation are not easily visible to the customers.

FAQs On Madgicx vs Adzooma

👉Can I trust these companies for investing my money?

Yes, of course, you can, These are the companies which have a good consumer review and above that you will be in the control of all your money throughout the entire process.

👉Is this data any accurate?

Yes, these data are driven from fully-automated AI software which drives its results based on consumer survey and customer feedback, and much more.

👉Can I get a high return on investment for ads?

It depends on the companies you are working with, For the above companies there are studies of proven growth in ROI and you can withdraw your budget at any time in these companies.

Testimonials Madgicx vs Adzooma

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

Adzooma Customer Reviews

Adzooma Customer Review

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Conclusion:Madgicx vs Adzooma 2023

It’s a hard-fought fight and both competitors have landed their punches, But in the end, if you compare these two in the following features, you can have a clear winner.

Based on unique features:

I don’t need to tell you but from this article, you can even see that MadgicX has a wide variety of unique features to offer to make your investment a successful one. So, For unique features, MadgicX prevails!!

Based on Performance:

MadgicX plays their unique features in a way that it is helping them in increasing the performance of your ads so much. Even though Adzooma has some suggestions to offer, but it comes no way near to MadgicX practical and hands to hand approach. So, MadgicX prevails again!!

Based on Management:

In this category, there is a tough competition between these two, both of them are offering high userfriendly dashboards with all statistical data at a single page. But Adzooma prevails in its simplicity and automation approach.

So, As you can see, there is no suspense in finding the winner. Clearly MadgicX will be the best choice to go to for Ad optimization and promotion.

Madgicx and Adzooma both are very useful Ad management platform, they both play important role increasing the performance of your ad. Still we have compared these two platform to choose the best one for you.

Price:$ 49
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