Madgicx vs Hubspot 2024: In Depth Comparison (Our Pick) Pros & Cons Listed

For any business, marketing can be a great challenge. It is often a pain. There are many tools to help us out with marketing. But today we are going to discuss only two of them. Hence, Madgicx vs Hubspot. Also, Check Out Our Ontraport VS Hubspot comparision.

As we progress we will learn more about how these tools will help you achieve your marketing goals. 

As we all know at the end of the day any business only exists to make money. These tools will help you do just that. But of course, before using any tool for your business. You must do one thing. What is that? Research!

Without proper research, you won’t be able to use any tool in a manner that is beneficial no matter how great the tool itself might be!

Which is why we are here today. All of the essential research about features the differences, pricing, and anything else you will want to know should also be available.

Along with our honest opinion and what we think would be a good tool in general, but of course, you must be the one to decide at the end of the day!

 Madgicx  vs Hubspot Overview:

Madgicx Overview

It is an AI-backed omnichannel advancing arrangement with creative bits of knowledge and autonomous promotion buying capabilities that optimize promotions over Facebook, Instagram & Google. It is the computer program that permits the robotization of promoting based on Counterfeit Insights.

The building capabilities which is inbuilt of buying independent advertisements encourage the overseeing of omnichannel advertisement. With the inventive intelligence of Madgicx, you’ll optimize advertisements on any social media platform.

Madgicx vs Hubspot Madgicx

With the able strategy of building notices with the correct commerce KPIs, you’ll be able to adjust your methodologies effectively with the measurements. Too, it accumulates the data regarding the focus on a group of onlookers which can standardize your item at ease. Expanding leads by joining the different online stages is the finest served by Madgicx. It appears the covered up measurements to the clients which leads them to create a beneficial and great choice.

Based on your business goals and KPIs, the software automatically optimizes the account. Hence, Madgicx creativity is powered by Artificial Intelligence which amounts to choose the best content for the Targeted audience.

Hubspot Overview

HubSpot comes out to be the best leading page to evolve marketing. This transformative approach is made conceivable through the apparatuses given by online communications. If your firm is like most, you moved gradually, indeed reluctantly, into the world of advanced showcasing. This implies you as of now have a website, utilize a few e-mail showcasing, and at slightest fiddle with social media. Fair a decade prior, a basic site may include speculation of a few thousand dollars. Most companies settled for getting their brochures online and had small interactivity.

Madgicx vs Hubspot -HubSpot-

On the off chance that you recognize the significance of including successful inbound promoting procedures to our generally promoting budget, you’ll discover HubSpot a reasonable and valuable asset for bringing different apparatuses beneath one umbrella. You’ll sign up for the free trial and speak to learned HubSpot staff to assess its potential esteem for your company. 

Ontraport is also a great competition to Hubspot. Click Here to read a detailed comparison between Hubspot and Ontraport.

That’s very impressive, right?

Common Features Madgicx vs Hubspot

1) Digital Marketing


On social media, Instagram, Facebook enables the marketer to get top advertising opportunities which allows them to optimize their content of the advertisement. It helps in providing social media marketing numerous facilities such as:-

MadgicX- Custom Automation

  •  Publishing automatic content
  • Customers are target with ease
  •  Tracking in conversion
  •  Managing the content
  • Scheduling the post 


Computerized showcasing nowadays is boisterous, swarmed, and getting increasingly competitive each day. The great news is, you recognize the control of how HubSpot can diminish these time-wasting issues, and that’s the primary capable step towards maximizing your productivity and promoting adequacy for your trade. 

HubSpot - Marketing


Yes, Madgicx indeed has some more important and dividing it into effective segments and a marketer needs to know more about his product and promotion activity. 

2) PPC and workflow tool 


It has brought up to set clicking advertising models. The following models are:-

MadgicX- Bid Optimization

  •  Manages the budget
  •  Building URL
  •  Managing the bids


We would at that point utilize HubSpot’s workflow apparatus to create computerized emails that are based on particular client exercises and interface. They are put into an arrangement of distinctive e-mail workflows that are catered particularly for their interface.

Hubspot Features

At that point, the reports start populating with interested leads who are locking in with the substance made for their interesting needs. This makes things less demanding when striking up a deals discourse.


Hence, the better options and tools, the better are the results. So, with Madgicx you get the best outputs as it facilitates you with great models and fosters unique techniques. 

3) Audience target and Content Strategy


Enabling the choices more accurately is what comprises of Audience Targeting. Users in audience target comprise sharing similarities like age, address, and making marketing messages helpful. 

MadgicX- Smart Filter


The HubSpot Substance Procedure instrument gives help that makes a difference us to construct out substance around more progressed look terms, connecting them all to set up esteem so they perform more viably in look comes about for SEO. 

HubSpot - SEO


Madgicx is known to provide you services along with geographic tracking which helps in catering to a large number of audiences.  

4) Tools of Reporting


It is organizing with the help of all tools of reporting and with social media management it is known to maintain, control, record, and guide the social appearance of a product, or brand. 



Successful promoting techniques in today’s computerized scene require that data-driven choices are at the bleeding edge of your endeavors. For speedy reference, the Dashboard zone too gives a see into the foremost critical information, and it can be customized to your needs with anything data is most vital.



Madgicx is better known to provide you with more promoting tools and techniques. You can grow globally with the tools of reporting offered with Madgicx. 

5) Advertising Agency        


It holds the finest advertising agency that helps in producing creative and attractive stuff and taking the brand globally. Describing collaborations and project management which help in expanding their services for a seller or a marketer. 

MadgicX- Add Care


Numerous promoting organizations depend on their information and take some courses to urge begun. Be that as it may, an accomplice agency’s way of doing business will be diverse. When working with a HubSpot organization accomplice, you may get your channel specialist and channel account manager.

HubSpot MArketing Software

 You will be picking up skills on finding the foremost suitable inbound showcasing administrations for your organization, making the landing page, and sending out the contacts in the HubSpot database.


With Madgicx you can promote the best version of your brand and fulfilling the aim of becoming a successful marketer. If you are new and wish to seek support for your business then, Madgicx will be the best choice.

Unique Features Madgicx vs Hubspot


1) Dashboard operating strategically

With the dashboard of Madgicx, users get detailed information. The revenue-driving skills are utilized in decision-making by facilitating hidden measures and navigating the best options. By involving a KPI advertisement strategy you are leveraged to attain great heights by analyzing your advertisement account.

2) Automating Tactics                

With ease, you can target and optimize the advertisements and user’s campaigns with intelligence. It helps in automating the advertisements.

Madgicx- Audiance

3) Handle with Ad care

It is an Omnichannel source backed with Artificial Intelligence. It has an enhancing feature that helps to leverage the ads all over social media and globally too.   


1) Tracks e-mail in the finest way

A log-in always appears in your HubSpot helping you deal, and keeping a record for all the e-mail communications where the sale funnel holds the prospect.

2) Using the Document Tool                                       

With this tool, you can easily link all of your e-mails contacting with updating your sale content and marketing content for your whole team. Any sales team complaint can be solved using a feature like Document Library to get you content right with high marketing efforts.

3) Using Snippets                                                  

If you’re more than once writing the same answers to the same questions, or in case you regularly sort the same closing line, you’ll spare time by making a scrap. Scraps are brief text blocks (limited to 500 characters) that you just can embed into company records, emails, and chats.


Madgicx Pricing Plans

It’s a good thing to offer by Madgicx that they do not ounce their packages in tabular form. They haven’t fixed prices for their clients, but that doesn’t apply the features rendered by Madgicx are free of cost. It offers mainly three plans:-


  • Monthly Plan                           
  • Quarterly Plan and
  • Annual Plan

The prices of these plans are as follows:

  • The monthly plan starts at $49.
  • The quarterly plan starts at $44.
  • The annual plan starts at $39.

It offers a free trial and no credit cards are required here. Their pricing depends upon how much the user is spending on the advertisement.

Avail services for this plan are as follows: 

  • Audiences of Artificial Intelligence
  • Launcher for Advertisements
  • Tactics are Automatized
  • Strategies are scaled perfectly
  • Reporting with White-label
  • Dashboard providing strategies
  • Insights with smart filter
  • Bidding Optimization

Hubspot Pricing Plans 

Hubspot at top levels has three modules which are marketing automation, sales components, and service. So there are three modules where you have to purchase Hubspot, you have to figure out which one of these are suitable for your business and also helps in your business growth by utilizing among the three modules.


The following are the pricing plans as follows:

    1. The starter plan costs $50 per month which includes only 1000 contacts. 
  • Professional Plan costs $800 per month and it will allow you to add another 1000 contacts to your database. 
  • Enterprise Plan costs $3200 per month and it includes 10000 contacts. 

Features of the Hubspot’s Pricing plans :

  • Capture and convert leads. 
  • Understand your leads. 
  • Engagement your leads
  • Automatic and personalize your marketing. 
  • Get found online. 
  • Optimize Conversion Rates.
  • Measure revenue. 
  • Manage your teams and brands. 
  • Extend the platform. 
  • Analyze with full control. 

Madgicx pros and cons 

Madgicx is a full-stack Facebook advertising platform that includes all the advertising technology tools that you neMadgicx acts as a full service advertising platform encompassing all the technology that you need to operate on Facebook as just a single tool. You will now be able to succeed in your Facebooks Ads. To build an audience and have a successful working strategy, you need to test a variety of audience groups. But to gain any kind of success you must test only proven groups.


  • Acquisition Prospecting covers acquisition prospecting from people who have never known you before. Let this algorithm find your next best customers with the highest value for business for all of those audiences which are present. 
  • Pros
      • Based on customer data.
      • Frequent and occasional.
  • Based on website visitors daily 
      • Low conversion probability.
      • High conversion probability.
      • Product category affinity. 
  • Acquisition Engagement: So for all of those audiences are people with the second touch. Video viewers, ad engagers that’s kind of the next stage of the funnel. They already saw you one time and now you want to show them additional content you want to drive them into your website. 
  • Pros
      • Based on social media fans.
      • Based on video viewers, leads to special audiences and niche acquisition.


  • Retargeting: Once you drove the audiences into the website you want to have different content and you want to create for all these audiences to have like multiple visits high, intent visitors 0 to 180 days people are considering browsing, high intent niche retargeting browsing, high intent niche retargeting from your top URLs all selected for you to just click on it. You have a lot of quick setups and you can do this from different angles and all of these are the best retargeting. 
  • Pros
      • Based on the Website visitor’s data. 
      • Niche Retargeting.
      • Product Category Affinity
  • Revive takes care of situations where we have delayed attribution.
  • Retention 
    • Based on customer data 
    • Niche retention.
    • Leads.
    • Product Category Affinity.


  • Better for advanced Facebook advertisers. Novices won’t be able to get the most out of it. 
  • A few minor changes have to be made and optimized to provide an even better experience to users. Still, you can enjoy the product a lot.

Hubspot Pros and Cons 

Hubspot is a leading growth platform that includes sales, service software, automation, sales components, and customer service which helps in the development of the growth of businesses without any compromise. It also offers a full stack of software for marketing sales and customer service with a completely free CRM at its core. 


  • It’s an all-in-one platform in the fields of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support. 
  • It also includes free CRM software for the sales team, social media management, email marketing, and customer service tools. 
  • Marketing and sales tools offer the main benefits. 
  • It is quick and easy to use. 
  • You can get the split testing options that you need to find the process which works best for your brands or business. 
  • You can also grow your email list on your terms. 
  • You can change your plans at any time including upgrading, downgrading, and deleting it. 


  • It is a pre-build site but not a custom build site. 
  • It is quite expensive. 
  • There are few features present in the free version but eventually, you’ll have to buy the pricing plans and choose from the respective plans. 
  • No cancellations or refunds are offered. 
  • Their contracts aren’t flexible. 
  • Hubspot can be effective and impact full-on practical business but not for small businesses that are in the testing period. 
  • Templates are difficult to modify. 
  • Reporting is limited. 


Madgicx is an all-in-one advertising platform where all the marketers who want to grow their business successfully can promote their e-commerce store or business through Facebook Ads and Campaigns. This will bring traffic to your site which in turn brings sales and profits to your business as you promote your products. It also offers optimization which is backed by Artificial Intelligence technology. It is the easiest way to launch hundreds of campaigns. It has brilliant support and automation. It also brings results quickly and the level of support they provide is excellent. 

The software is user-friendly and we can control and set a maximum budget for a single publicity campaign. It is very easy to manage and optimize funnels with Madgicx. All it takes is a few clicks and it’s ready. 

Just a few Thoughts


Madgicx is one such platform where all the required features are available for a successfully running business. As it enables the marketers to advertisers in an all different medium and attract customers and also extend its services in report making, diagram presentation, automation services, and many more.

The updates of the platform keep the user to know and grow according to the market trends and don’t lose an opportunity to gain its output. Madgicx is a user-friendly interface, where a person with no idea about advertising products can also survive in the e-commerce world.


 Hubspot is once a kind of platform with the highest rating in the world.HubSpot is mostly under the deployed platform. It’s mostly recommended to SMB business… Hubspot is a B2B marketing platform as it mainly focuses on content creation, attracting traffic to websites, and publishing. It’s used by both the marketers who already have customers and who are new to the business.

FAQs Madgicx vs Hubspot

👉🏻What is the payment method of HubSpot and Magic?

One can purchase and utilize the HubSpot platform with a monthly payment plan. Whereas even Madgicx does the same, even one can utilize madgicx with a monthly payment plan.

👉🏻Are there any free trials for Madgicx and HubSpot?

Yes, Madgicx and HubSpot provide the users to try the platform for free and get to know the how’s of the platform

👉🏻Do Magic and HubSpot support in mobile platforms?

Before buying any lead management software, it’s important to consider the importance of deployment. Magic is supported in web applications, Macintosh, windows, desktops. Whereas, Hubspot is available on android, iOS mobile platforms, Linux, and windows.

Testimonials Madgicx vs Hubspot

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

Hubspot Customer Review

HubSpot - Customer Review

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Final Verdict: Madgicx vs Hubspot 2024 

Madgicx has become one such platform where it’s just not to serve the needs of marketers but also provide better customer services. The team of madgicx is always available for any technical support. Magic has proved it the one and the only platform can be used to attract customers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The automation feature adds another feather to your business. To do so, the reporting capabilities help an individual in making effective and efficient decisions. The team behind madgicx put all their efforts in improving the platform and providing the best services to the users and help them in reading their targets in the space of social media marketing, social media marketing, attracting customers, creating traffic on websites, and many more. 

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