MageNet Review 2023: Does It Really Works For Blogs ?

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Find out how to monetize your blog, put ads for your website, and other useful features that can boost your business online. Read our MageNet Review now!!

In the event that you run a blog, you may pursue a few legitimate objectives. You need to share some essential data and connect as many readers as could be expected under the circumstances.

MageNet review


Since you realize that the more readers you have, the higher pay you’ll get.


MageNet Review 2023: Is It The Reliable Platform To Make Money?

MageNet gives you an ideal chance to gain more with your site. You can securely adapt your website and get income sans work for putting valid promotions inside your substance.

You should make a record with MageNet, achieve a couple of steps, and voilà – the primary benefit is here for you. Sounds incredible, isn’t that right?

MageNet Website optimization tool


However, how about we start toward the first steps and get to the base of how, to begin with, MageNet.

In this article, we will give definite directions on the MageNet main features.

MageNet Features:

1. Your First Step to Start Earning on MageNet:

The absolute initial step while in transit to getting cash from your site is making an account with MageNet in case you’re not a functioning distributor yet.

In the event that you have a record with MageNet, sign in by tapping the catch in the upper right corner.

Subsequent to signing in, you will jump on the fundamental page of the MageNet stock. Here you will locate the itemized proposals on your further strides alongside an initial video.

MageNet Introduction


To get benefit from MageNet, add your site or sites in our stock by clicking Your locales tab and from there on picking the Add new site line.

Subsequent to clicking Add new site line, you’ll get the accompanying popup window. Here you have to show your site’s URL, the stage it deals with, and significant class so advertisers could without much of a stretch to find and pick your site for ads position.


MageNet dashboard fro IP uniqueness


When you fill in all the vital information, click the Add catch to affirm your proprietorship rights. You can do it in two different ways: physically or consequently with the assistance of modules.

After all these done, you have to hang tight 48 hours for us to list your site. If you don’t mind note that MageNet doesn’t acknowledge sites that advance escort administrations, sex entertainment, adult, or other destructive substance.


MageNet site confirmation box


When your site pages are filed, you’ll see them recorded in the stock. (Your destinations – Already added locales).


MageNet list of sites



This interface gives you complete information on your added sites:

  • In the main segment, you’ll discover the URL of your added site and the classification of this site in the next to each other segment.
  • A charge example is a redone or default cost for your administrations. The default charge is a standard duty proposed by MageNet for your site administrations. This cost depends on SB Rank of your site and the number of outbound connections. The better rankings you have, the more significant expenses you’ll get for your administrations. In any case, you can set your very own costs too.
  • Ads situation mode implies the manner in which you introduce ads on your site. MageNet offers you to appreciate three different ways of ads situation: manual, and programmed, with the assistance of modules – WordPress Monetization Plugin or Universal Ads Placing Plugin.
  • The rate section demonstrates the number of situations that fizzled. Note that the higher rate you get, the most appealing you’ll be to your clients.
  • The quality segment reveals to you how quality your site is and what commission you will get.


Ad Status dashboard- MageNet


This interface gives you significant data on the statuses of ads put on your site. In particular, you can check:

  • The page of your site with an ad put
  • The interactive content for your clients
  • Kind of backlink position: manual when you deal with all ads by your own, and programmed with the assistance of MageNet modules that spare your time and spot ads without annoying you.
  • SB rank of your page
  • Your month to month charge for the ad set Whether your connections are perpetual
  • Status of the ad. This is the section you should give cautious consideration to. Since you can get cash just if the set ad is dynamic.
  • Start/end date of adposition


2. MageNet Respects Quality Websites & Content

MageNet rewards distributors for good page quality. In figures it implies that you get an additional business reward in such cases:


  1. 60% reward for 31-49 Quality Rank
  2. 80% reward for 50+ Quality Rank

You get your reward on the first day of the accompanying schedule month.

For example, in the event that you’ve figured out how to win $1000 from any page of your site with Quality Rank 40in March, you would get an extra $600 for this page quality in April.

The Reasons to Use MageNet Right Now


To summarize, investigate the advantages you can get by utilizing MageNet:

  • Protected and simple automated revenue only for setting ads: All you have to do is simply add your site, pass our control and hold up until the advertiser will pick your site for the position of their ads.If you don’t mind note that MageNet has no impact on the selection of advertisers. That is the reason the measure of cash you can win with MageNet may fluctuate contingent upon your site specialty, page quality, SB Rank, and numerous different elements.
  • Rich insights into your income progress: MageNet stage offers you helpful and all-sided data concerning your salary. You can assess the elements and fame of your site without anyone else. Based on this data, you’ll choose which steps ought to be taken to pick up prominence with the advertisers.
  • Absolute power over put ads: All you have to think about put ads on your site is exactly readily available. Status, value, span, and arrangement of each ad are unmistakably called attention to in the interface of our stock.
  • Get paid normally: You’ll get a chance to get additional standard installments. The more appealing your site for advertisers is, the more cash you will get. Each first day of the following month you get paid for the past one.
  • Foolproof and straightforward interface: MageNet serves you helpful and educational interfaces that furnish you with all the important data so you can have an unmistakable vision of your further strides towards pay increment.
  • Site Value Calculator: Utilize this free apparatus to uncover the amount you can win with your site subsequent to joining MageNet.
  • Quality Rank enables you to gain more: Check the amount you can additionally procure only for adding a quality site to our stock.
  • Join MageNet Referral Program: You may support your benefit when alluding companions to MageNet.
  • Add the same number of sites as you wish for FREE. The last however not a minimal advantage of utilizing MageNet is that in the event that you run more than 1 site, you can adopt them all! More sites on different points increment your odds to lift benefits.

Keep in mind that a decent starting makes a decent consummation. So start getting a charge out of the advantages of utilizing MageNet immediately!

How to Improve Your Website by Using MageNet Services?

What to do if your site isn’t yet of good quality?

As we referenced above, there are a few parts of your site you can impact to rank better inside the Quality reward program. You can begin by improving your on-page SEO. It’s not pretty much each one of those labels you need to work with on each page of your site.

They are without a doubt significant, however, what makes a difference as far as quality improvement is the sign that your site esteems its current and potential readers.

MageNet Dashboard for sales


  1. Ensure you give a security strategy to the clients and reveal to them what data you’re assembling about them assuming any.
  2. Watch out for the ricochet rate and put forth a valiant effort to diminish it by having an easy to understand format and structure, and by making the pertinent substance.
  3. Have your contacts displayed on the site, this will upgrade your believability according to Google and our framework too.
  4. Work on your marking regardless of whether you’re a private company of two individuals. Make a brand name and start utilizing it reliably, be available via web-based networking media and have connections to your profiles on your About Us page.Haven’t got an About Us page yet? The opportunity has already come and gone to make it!
  5. Assume responsibility for your connections. Both inbound and outbound connections are a sign of your site’s quality. Or on the other hand its nonappearance.That is the reason do exclude connections to locales of low quality, as they will bring you down. What’s similarly significant, don’t permit low-quality locales to put backlinks indicating you.
  6. Examine your space. You may already realize that an area that has been enlisted a long while prior is a decent sign for a site, and the “new” space may harmfully affect your site’s validity.
  7. In addition, it has an exceptionally enormous effect when you claim a paid adaptation of a site. For example, MageNet’s modules don’t chip away at free forms under WordPress or Blogspot. Try not to be modest, make your site keep running on a quality area, as you’ll have the option to recover your cash soon.


These are the fundamental factors that you can streamline without anyone else’s input and benefit from ad arrangement as well as from quality improvement too. We esteem our clients and ensure they get an appropriate reward for all the work they put into their sites.


Get Monetization Plugins for WordPress and Start Earning Immediately

Website Monetization Pluin for MageNet


What advantages will you get utilizing Monetization Plugins by MageNet?

  • Naturally introduce ads on chose pages
  • Spare you from errors which happen during manual ads arrangement
  • Increment your Performance Rate, so you have more opportunities to get an offer
  • Full control of pages that are accessible for advertising
  • You shouldn’t put yourself to ads establishment/evacuating trouble
  • You can viewpoint by point measurements of your ads and pages
  • Expel the ads dropped by the purchaser, so the website pages are not overpowered with logical ads
  • Spare your time and brings more benefit


In the event that you know, the estimation of time and admire to make your sites adapting process simpler, introduce one of the adapting modules. It’s up to you which one to pick.

Additional Professional Plugins that Can Help You to Earn

Everybody is searching for this enchantment button, which brings the surplus benefit from the site. We haven’t got such catch, BUT starting now and into the foreseeable future, you have an entrancing chance to expand your income with MageNet. The adaptation procedure has never been that simple.

MageNet video calculator


Go through 10 minutes to introduce the module once and sign in just to pull back your equalization. Spare your time and vitality for the sake of entertainment, family, or different business issues!

The Universal Plugin is pertinent to the sites dependent on numerous kinds of motors (not just WordPress).

General Plugin permits picking the area and measure of the ads to put on the site page, not at all like WordPress Plugin. Instructions to introduce the Universal Plugin peruse the Universal Plugin Installation Guide.

The Best Features to Know –

  • Pertinent for the sites dependent on different sorts of motors (not just WordPress)
  • Permits picking the area and measure of the ads to be set on the page
  • Сhanges the stay content or the hyperlink if a few amendments are required.
  • Progressively adaptable than WordPress Plugin
  • Hader to introduce, what makes it a progressively dependable instrument


How to Make Your Website IP Better with MageNet?

Observing cautiously over your Performance Rate?

We wager you do and which is all well and good. However, 93% of our clients state that there is one more thing that issues… IP address uniqueness.

A one of a kind IP address attracts clients to your site like honey bees to nectar. Since backlinks from different IP addresses are SEO-accommodating, while backlinks from comparative IP addresses are definitely not. It’s insufficient and suspicious of web indexes. No big surprise that clients lean toward uniqueness over dull sameliness.

In any case, an extraordinary IP address is advantageous for your clients’ backlink profile as well as for your site execution too. Some time back there was even a widespread doubt that a remarkable IP address encourages your site to rank higher in web crawlers.

In spite of the fact that this legend was busted, you shouldn’t pass by procuring a one of a kind IP. What’s more, here the 5 additional reasons (aside from the capacity to win more clients and benefit) to demonstrate it:

  • Exceptional IP address offers access to your site whenever
  • Exceptional IP address is gainful for your email battles
  • Exceptional IP address represents your business personality and brand mindfulness
  • Exceptional IP address decidedly impacts your site load speed
  • Exceptional IP address gives higher security of your site


Try not to search for reasons and quit burning through your time, cash, and clients. Check your IP address uniqueness and be glad! Log in with MageNet (or sign up if you are a new user) and choose Your sites tab, then choose Already added sites tab.


What Customers Say About MageNet?  [Verified Users]

MageNet Customer Testimonials



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Conclusion: Is MageNet Really Worth Try? {MageNet Review}

MageNet is indeed an amazing source to earn money by optimizing your website. It gives you an ideal chance to gain more with your site. You can securely adapt your website and get income sans work for putting valid promotions inside your substance.


It has got a lot of unique features right from IP uniqueness to website optimization. Hope you have liked our MageNet Review 2023 in detail.


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