MailPoet vs Mailchimp 2020: Which One Is Best For Newsletter Service?

A tug-of-war between two leading newsletter services: Mailchimp vs MailPoet 2020.

Email is the handiest marketing way to come across your potential clients. It’s by far an effective and leading RoI generator platform and almost every business includes e-mail marketing as their e-mail marketing

Among numerous Email marketing automation platforms, Mailchimp is the most popular email solution. But the years of dominance has been challenged by WordPress’s user-friendly new plug-in called “MailPoet”. It is also becoming more popular email solution among other email marketing automation platforms.

So, what exactly makes MailPoet a tough competitor of Mailchimp?

Mailchimp vs MailPoet

Where does Mailchimp still lead?

There are many platforms like Mailchimp and Mailpoet but in this article, we will dig through the good and bad of both the platform and decide which one to use between Mailchimp vs MailPoet 2020.  So let’s get started here. 

But before that;

Why Email marketing is a must for a thriving business?

Email marketing means gaining your customers’ attention through email. It usually involves sending out a regular email newsletter with new offers, new posts, special offers, information, and advice. If you are a blogger it would help you send your latest posts directly to your audience’s inbox. If you are an eCommerce store owner then it will aid you in informing your customers about the new products. At the end all of your email marketing efforts will pay off.

You can also release some one-off emails to inform your readers about an event, special offer, or urgent news item you want them to know before the upcoming newsletter. To state it clearly, email marketing is a cornerstone of building a digital business. 

Benefits of Email Marketing 

Email marketing has been proven to increase business because;

  1. Everyone checks their email almost daily 

The email has become a primary source of communication and hence we all check our email inbox constantly.

  1. Much cost-effective

Email marketing is proved to be much cost-efficient than in print marketing tactics. You don’t have to spend a fortune of money on printing pamphlets and fliers.

  1. Increase the traffic to your business website 

With relevant website linking and Call to Actions you can compel your audience to click and visit your website.

  1. Better tracking and analysis

You can check exactly how many people are clicking on the CTA buttons, and how many people have opened the email. 

  1. Strengthen relationships with existing customers

You can send emails about the latest offers and discounts to your existing customers. This will help the customer realize their importance.

  1. Gain new customers

When you constantly mail your target audience about your services you gain a spot in their mind. As a result, whenever they will need your service you will get high preference. 

  1. Add a personal touch for every client

With email, you can make your clients understand that the email is written for them and it will make them feel much connected. 

Let’s cut to the chase and compare the two leading email campaigning platform.

A Basic Difference: Mailpoet vs Mailchimp 2020

Mailchimp is a platform on which you can create and manage your mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns and more. Apart from that, it will allow you to utilize an array of email marketing tools all conveniently situated in one place and it is really easy to use.

On the other side, Unlike Mailchimp, MailPoet is a plugin for WordPress. It enables you to create newsletters and manage lists directly from the WordPress dashboard. Which is not in the case of MailChimp. To use Mail chimp you have to Log in to the platform and create your account to get started. 

Mailchimp vs MailPoet- MailPoet PluginLearning Curve 

Though MailChimp has the alluring UI and great user experience, you have to go through a whole lot of configuration like domain verification, linking of the API key to the MailChimp plugin for WordPress , and some other steps as well. If you are a marketing pundit and have been using it for a while it could be exciting for you to play with a third party plugin such as MailChimp but for novices, it could be a bit menacing.

MailPoet Templates- Mailchimp vs MailPoet


On the other hand, the setup process of the MailPoet is as simple as installing a plugin for WordPress . All you have to do is decide on your email delivery partner and you are good to go! There is no need for digging deep into the interface. Even the campaign builder is easy as a cakewalk. Moreover, if there is a need for automated post notification emails MailPoet is the best plugin for WordPress and it lets you send unlimited emails.

Mailpoet vs Mailchimp: Pricing models

MailChimp offers up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 mail per month. But you will have to pay for selecting a plan other than the free plan which depends on number of subscribers. 

It offers subscriber-based as well as a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The plans offer varying degrees of features starting at:

MailChimp vs MailPoet- Pricing MailChimp

  • $9.99/month for 500 subscribers (Essential Plan) 
  • $14.99/month for 500 subscribers (Standard Plan)
  • $299/month for 10,000 subscribers (premium plan)

On the contrary in the MailPoet, the plans are a little cheap compared to MailChimp and depends on number of subscribers. You can send unlimited emails/month to 1000 subscribers.

The paid plans of MailPoet have two premium plans in which;

MailPoet Pricing Plans


The first is an add-on for $149/year that provides all the premium newsletter features without email service. The other plan includes the premium features, plus MailPoet’s email sending service. It starts at about $15/month for 1,250 subscribers. One thing you must note about Mailchimp’s paid plan is first 1,000 subscribers are absolutely free with all the premium features.   

Apart from subscribers in the free plan, there are some other Mailpoet features that are free;

MailPoet Free Services

  • Drag & drop email builder
  • Automated Email notification for your article
  • 50+ templates to select from
  • Welcome email templates for latest subscribers
  • Provides support via chat, email, or WordPress support discussion forums

Going further in Mailpoet paid plans you need to pay $99/year for an unlimited subscriber which includes all the plans and features listed in that plan to use. Which includes, Detailed Analytics, WooCommerce emails, landing pages and priority support.

MailChimp vs MailPoet: Analytics

MailChimp offers users to keep updated with all marketing campaigns. This allows a better understanding of customer behavior; what works for them and what does not. 

MailChimp advanced analytics provides insight like receives email, Open rate and bounce rate of your email campaign. In addition, if there is any hyperlink that redirects to your business in your email it will also give you several clicks on that particular page. Which will be helpful for converting that visitor to a buyer of your product or user of your service.

MailPoet Campaigns DetailsOn the other hand, MailPoet provides you only insights like open rate and click rate in its free plan. For a detailed analytic feature, you will have to pay for the analytic plugin. 


New Post Notification Emails

One of the best things about both platforms is it provides drag and drop email builder which is pretty cool and easy for new users. MailChimp has some alluring templates but for that, you will have to pay according to plan whereas MailPoet has an array of the amazing template that comes free and it is a plugin for WordPress. 

Other than a usual newsletter, you can also set up a drip-email campaign in MailChimp and Mailpoet.

Now both the email tool has little different way of sending new post notification and in terms of displaying the content in the Inbox.

For instance, MailChimp sends post notification emails by splitting the RSS feed of your WordPress site. However, there is an option available in which you can send only the post summary instead of the whole content.

Conversely, MailPoet allows fetching the post information directly from the database of the WordPress. Which ultimately offers a myriad of customization options in its Automatic latest content module. These options are Post title, experts, full post content, author info, featured image, Category/tags, and more. 

Integration of WooCommerce

MailChimp allows a user to integrate WooCommerce through their plug-in. However the reviews of that plugin are sub-par, so there is an issue of reliability on that WooCommerce plug-in.

On the other hand on the site of MailPoet, they have created Woo-commerce features to add in the MailPoet which facilitates online store owners to ease their email marketing.

MailPoet in their premium version has included WooCommerce Email Plug-In which will let you add a GDPR-friendly sign-up form to your WooCoomerce checkout page. Apart from that, you can also send personalized email based on their past purchases which includes beautifully designed templates that can be used to add your products with their category. So, now when your user shops in your WooCommerce store, you will be able to send them automated emails that are useful and relevant to a particular user.

MailChimp vs MailPoet: A/B testing

You can experiment with subject line design and link placement with A/B testing in Mailchimp to make your every email better than before. It ultimately helps you to understand which kind of email works better as per your decided audience and you can further continue that campaigning with the successful sample.

Unlike MailChimp, there is no provision for A/B testing in MailPoet. Which is a little let down in terms of getting maximum conversion rate? 

A bonus point: Rookie mistakes to avoid in Email marketing

Many companies make a lot of mistakes when they start to use email marketing to reach out to maximum customers. Here are the common pitfalls to avoid before sending your email.

One of the first things that affect your operation is the name of the sender. If you send your email with [email protected] or [email protected] then probably your open ratio will below. So try to avoid this.

  • Not considering Mobile

As per the Constant Contact, about 61% of all emails are open on a mobile device. Hence, if your email will not be mobile responsive there are high chances that your email won’t get a high open ratio. If the email is open it won’t get a click on the link you have provided

  • Forgetting segmentation

Not everyone has the same amount of time. Your message must be relevant to the end-reader. If you are pitching to the CEO of any company then you will have to write an email that is personalized. You must study the person’s profile what he does, what field he is in.  

There are stats about segmentation which makes more and more email to impede reaching out to potential customers. Only 11% of the email campaign is segmented. 

So you must categorize and customize your email campaigns to have a better conversion rate.

  • Complicated email content

You users have not much time for long and hard to understand emails. By keeping it simple you allow them to think clearly and take an action that will lead to buying your product or signing up for a blog. So don’t make your email messy.

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Conclusion: Mailchimp vs MailPoet Comparison 2020 | Which One Is Better?

If you are looking for a simple email marketing solution that you can operate within your WordPress dashboard, MailPoet is the best choice for you. If you are tight on budget and can’t afford to have steep pricing then MailPoet is for you.

But if you need a lot more than just email marketing and searching for a holistic marketing platform MailChimp is the right option. Important marketing & advertising tasks like social media paid ads, re-targeting ads, management of revenue can be handled easily through Mailchimp.

Remember, email marketing is for boosting your business by targeting permission-based marketing. You must choose a tool that resonates with your needs.

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