Mailigen Review 2023: Is It Worth To Use ?? (Free 30-Day Trial)

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Only the best email marketing tool will help you grow your list and keep subscribers engaged.

And just recently we stumbled upon a good one.

Drum roll, please..

It’s Mailigen.

Mailigen is an email marketing software that has several strong features, able to elevate your business’s success.

Not only will it help you improve the level of engagement you have formed with your customers, but it will also help achieve your goals more efficiently.


Buckle-up, we’ll go through that in a bit…

So, if you value ease of use and like to focus on the most important tasks, all while improving your customers’ experience, then choosing Mailigen is a no brainer.

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Bellow, we will take a look at the features that make this powerful software worth investing in.

Mailigen’s features :Mailigen Review 2023: Is It Worth To Use ?? (Free 30-Day Trial)

Using Mailigen will help you optimize your current email marketing efforts while limiting the time you spend on them. Here are some features we love about Mailigen:

Automated Emails

One of Mailigen’s strongest features is automation. With this option, you will be able to create beautiful emails that are sent automatically based on triggers of your choice (opt-in boxes, triggered responses, time-scheduling etc.)


Use Segmentation to achieve the highest level of engagement. Create separate categories based on readers’ demographics, location, buying behavior and a broad range of other options that you can observe through the tool.

Simply hover over Lists and click on Segments:

Mailigen review - listing

Build effective emails

With Mailigen, you can build eye-catching emails as easy as playing Tetris.

There are 10 content blocks to remove or adjust according to your preference in order to build the perfect email:

You can add the following blocks:

  • Title blocks to enter and adjust your title
  • Text blocks to write the body of your content
  • Image blocks to improve readability
  • Social Media links blocks to improve your following
  • Social profile links blocks to personalise your emails
  • Button blocks to create strong calls to action
  • Horizontal divider blocks to improve readability
  • Video block to create a thumbnail preview for videos
  • RSS content blocks to add an RSS feed link.
  • Dynamic content blocks for multiple choices

You can also choose between 1-4 columns for your emails. While we generally recommend one column for simplicity’s sake, you could play around with this one.

And if you’re not feeling like putting in a lot of effort, you can also choose one of the premade templates and start sending instantly. Simply click on Predesigned templates on the Design step of your campaign creation:

Mailigen review- sites

Once you have your emails automated and designed to perfection there are few more features to explore.

Use convenient plug-ins

Mailigen’s platform has managed to integrate various plugins and integrations to create an even more advanced range of options.

You can add tools to observe your metrics, connect your social media, write better content and, in general, improve the outlook of your emails. To do this, click on Features -> Integrations & API

Mailigen review - features

Online Surveys that bring results

Then to build an even better understanding of your fan base, you can utilize Mailigen’s Online Survey Tool.

This feature has 9 building blocks that you can use to your preference in order to create custom surveys for your audience:

Mailigen review - services

Not only will Mailigen’s survey tool help you communicate with your audience in a better way, it will also help you optimize your email marketing strategy.

Multi-user account

Last but not least, Mailigen can help you to create a flawless business workflow by using a multi-user account. You can set different permission levels to each user.

Simply hover over the Settings icon, click on User management and add as many users as you’d like:

Mailigen review- exit statement

By altering permissions and setting user roles, you can achieve an undisturbed workflow for you and your team.

Other features

Of course, it’s not possible to recap the whole spectrum of features in a few paragraphs. And as you might have guessed, there’s a lot more to explore:

  • With Mailigen, you are able to see real-time reports immediately after sending your newsletter.
  • Another great feature of Mailigen is A/B split testing. This is an easy way to test which campaign works better for each segment of your list.
  • On top of that, you can use integration with Twitter and Facebook accounts to post automatically on your social media accounts.
  • A feature that is often overlooked is SMS marketing. Thanks to Mailigen you can create an even stronger bond with your subscribers by using custom text-messaging service and delivering SMS worldwide.
  • And another aspect that deserves to be mentioned are custom subscription forms that can be personalized to match your brand and increase your signups.

You can find helpful tutorials to get you started by clicking here.



Coupled with the functionality for businesses of all levels, Mailigen offers a customizable pricing policy.

You can choose various subscription plans according to your needs. To explore this further you can see the available subscription plans below or simply click here.

Mailigen review- pricing

On top of that, you can get a 30-Day free trial to test the service and see if it fits your needs and preferences.

A quick recap :  Mailigen Review 2023: Is It Worth To Use ?? YES

Mailigen is a powerhouse software that is built to help you scale up your email marketing efforts. And in addition to its flexible pricing policy, it gives plenty of features to choose from.

If you are ready to take this tool for a spin and check how Mailigen could help you gain more engaged subscribers while minimizing the time you spend on email marketing – there is no better way to do that, than by getting a  30-day free trial, right?

Go ahead and explore how Mailigen can improve your email marketing game – there is really nothing to lose!

So, go get all those subscribers 😉

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