MailMunch Review With Coupon 20% OFF 2023 : Grow Email Subscribers By 200%

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Every online business needs a constant stream of loyal traffic to sustain and thrive. Therefore, an email list is an online marketer’s best friend. With this email list, you can get news, promotional offers and deals to your customers in no time. It is widely known that bigger the email list, bigger will be the conversions and thus income will be better!

But, the real question comes when one wonders how to build a strong email list. That is where MailMunch comes in with a host of awesome features and tools that help people build strong email lists and conduct smooth and successful online marketing campaigns.  Check out MailMunch Review With Coupon 20% OFF 2023 : Grow Email Subscribers By 200%.


What is MailMunch? MailMunch Review With Discount 20% Off 2023 : Grow Email Subscribers By 200% |Pros & Cons

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MailMunch is a web-based firm which provides comprehensive online solutions for online businesses and blogs to grow their email marketing by adding beautiful opt-in forms. It has a host of them which can be accessed through its freemium based model.

With MailMunch, you get a lot done about your email marketing at one place

It provides all in one solutions for your lead generation. MailMunch allows you to create multiple types of opt-in forms. This way, you instantly get multiple ways to collect leads and emails. You have access to popups, embedded forms, top bars scroll boxes and a lot more.

Optin Forms on MailMunch

Here is a video about how to increase your email subscribers with MailMunch

Video Credits: MailMunch App

They have a unique feature called exit-intent technology which detects the exact moment when a visitor to your website and immediately opens a beautiful light box popup which asks the visitor for your desired CTA.

MailMunch Retain Leaving Visitors

MailMunch provides numerous themes and templates to go with the various kinds of opt-in forms. They can be fully customized to match your website or blog. You have total control of the background, colours and fonts.



MailMunch Embedded Themes
MailMunch Embedded Themes
MailMunch Optin Popovers
MailMunch Optin Popovers
MailMunch Scrollbox Themes
MailMunch Scrollbox Themes


MailMunch Top Bar Themes
MailMunch Top Bar Themes

That is not all; you also have strong analytics to support your campaigns. You get full analytics and reports. This way you can monitor the exact results and real time performance your forms generate. You get the right statistics which helps you make strategic and profitable decisions. This enables you to get more leads and increased conversions.

Mailmunch Monthly Reporting

MailMunch also gives you the power to capture mobile visitors. All the forms and themes which it provides are mobile optimised so that responsive mobile opt-ins allow retention of mobile visitors. You also have advanced display tools which allow you to place the opt-ins at the place you want. You can create different forms for different posts or pages to build a much targeted campaign.

Advanced Display Features of Mailmunch
Advanced Display Features of Mailmunch

You can also time your pop-ups. MailMunch tracks the visitors’ activities and shows the opt-in forms exactly when the visitor is most likely to convert. You can add awesome floating bars to your pages, blogs and posts which stick to the top or bottom of a page as visitor scrolls across and generates good CTA.

You can also add scroll boxes which slide in when some user is about to finish reading your page and asks them politely subscribe. They are a statistically proven way to maximize conversions.

All in all, we see that MailMunch has a lot of goodies to offer!

Let’s delve into the intricate details and see how smooth working with MailMunch is

Well, if you ask me to sum it up in a line then I will say that working with MailMunch is as easy as spreading molten butter on a piece of bread. The basic dashboard is very well defined. You can choose from various opt-in forms like Popovers, embedded, top-bar and scroll-box.

Next you need to choose the theme with respect to the opt-in form which you have chosen.

You can see the preview of how that opt-in will look like. Once you are satisfied with what you have chosen you can easily navigate to the next step.

Pop-up Preview on MailMunch
Pop-up Preview on MailMunch

Next is the designing part which is literally child’s play if you know what you want. You can change the headline, description and also add notes in the footer. You can then choose the layout where you can add your own HTML text to customise the opt-in as much as you like. You can set the button colour and the colour and format of the text inside.

Mailmunch Optin Form Designing 1

You can also add success headlines and allow for more personalisation of your messages in the opt-in forms.

Mailmunch Optin Form Designing 2

After you are completely finalised with your opt-in form, you can go ahead and configure it according to your website. After that you are all set to publish the form and install it on your website.

MailMunch compatible platforms
MailMunch compatible platforms

Now that we know that MailMunch is worth the effort, let’s check if it is worth the cost!

It has a host of plans divided into two major plans: Monthly and Annual. These two are virtually the same only that you get a goodly discount on the annual plans. The model is entirely freemium based where the free package allows forms on one site. This increases with the starter plans (Silver, Gold and Platinum).

Mailmuch Monthly Pricing
Mailmuch Monthly Pricing

However, with the free packages you will have the MailMunch logo inscribed on your forms. This may be a shortcoming but is overshadowed by the relatively cheap pricing on other packages.

Mailmunch Annual Pricing
Mailmunch Annual Pricing

Conclusively, I think that the pricing is justified and people looking to grow the email list of your blog or website will find the results much more profitable over the investment you make here.

Here is another video about growing email lists using MailMunch

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Conclusion: MailMunch Review 2023 : Should You Buy It ?

Email marketing is the one evergreen way to have success online. Over the years new and targeted methods have emerged but email marketing has never lost its importance. Therefore, building in an email list which delivers should be one of the main agendas for any internet marketer and online enthusiast.

MailMunch provides a one-stop solution for online careerists to build resources and software to increase your reach in the form of email subscribers. Therefore, if you are looking for something in your budget, give it a try. There is always the 100% money back guarantee if things go south. I Hope you like our Mailmunch Review with Discount Coupon 20%, do share your reviews about Mailmunch if you have used in the past 🙂

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What are you waiting for, Try it now!

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