Mailtrap Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2023-70% Off Any Email API Plan

Are you looking forward to the Mailtrap Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale? If your answer is yes, we can help you out.

Mailtrap, an email delivery platform, comprises an Email API and Email Sandbox that allows you to keep your app’s email infrastructure in one place. Mailtrap offers a huge deal on its Email API service during this year’s Black Friday sale!

Sign Up with Code BFCM2023 and Get: 

💥 70% OFF Email API for all pricing plans

🚀 The discount that lasts for 6 months 

🔥 The Promo code that is valid for 2 weeks

How To Use Mailtrap API Black Friday Deal?

Mailtrap Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Using the Mailtrap Email API Black Friday deal is very easy — you just need to complete 2 steps to activate 70% off of your email API plan:

Step 1. Sign up for Mailtrap on the platform’s website.

Step 2. Apply the code BFCM2023 in the promo field.

And here you are — you can now enjoy Mailtrap Email API at a reduced price! 

Note that the promo code is only active for 2 weeks, from November 18 to December 2, 2023. So be sure to catch the deal while it’s still on 😊

How much can we save on the Black Friday Sale?

Generally, Mailtrap Email API comes in 5 plans, 4 of which are paid:

  • Free plan
  • Individual — $10/month
  • Business — $85/month
  • Enterprise — $750/month
  • Custom — price calculated individually

But the generous deal for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday will give you as much as 70% off of the plan you sign up for. The price will stay reduced for 6 months. 

So, for the next 6 months, you’ll be able to get:

  • Individual plan for $18 instead of $60 in total ($3 instead of $10 per month)
  • Business plan for $153 instead of $510 in total ($25.50 instead of $85 per month)
  • Enterprise plan for $1,350 instead of $4,500 in total ($225 instead of $750 per month)
  • Custom plan at a reduced price with 70% off

As you can see, it’s an amazing opportunity to save that you just can’t miss!

Why choose Mailtrap Email API?

While there are different email delivery platforms, Mailtrap offers a convenient set of features to manage your outbound emails.

With Email API/SMTP Service, you can achieve greater control over your domain authority, get timely email deliverability alerts, store up to 60 days of email logs for better troubleshooting, and so much more. 

Using Email API, you can get your deliverability performance’s ins and outs via critical in-app stats and weekly reports filled with rich data. 

  • Mailtrap Email API Features: Mailtrap offers various email API features, from API and SMTP replay configurations to your outbound email analytics. Let’s discuss some of the most beneficial features of the service.
  • Deliverability alerts: As soon as any issues related to your email deliverability occur, you immediately get an alert. This means you can shoot troubles as soon as they happen and act upon the issues to resolve them before they start to affect recipients.
  • Detailed stats overview: Besides the analytics and reporting features, you get a single dashboard to see the full image of your outbound mail performance. You can easily get a detailed overview of all email categories and mailbox providers with insightful statistics. The data will also help determine emails that do well or need troubleshooting.
  • 60 days of detailed logs: Hard data stays available for 60 days so that you can do the analytics at your own pace. Detailed logs include email previews and statuses, event history, statistics, and HTML sources of the emails. 

Using Email API: Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss the different sides of using an email API service like Mailtrap Email API. What are the pros and cons you should expect?

Pros of email API services

Here are the benefits you get from using email API services.

  • Fast delivery — there is only one communication session between servers for emails sent via API, so it reaches the recipient quickly, which is crucial for bulk emails. 
  • (Almost) No blockage — most firewalls allow HTTP connections, so there won’t likely be any stalls with the sending. 
  • Optimized security — API keys create an additional stage of authentication, hence increasing the security of your emails and protecting your email address from being blacklisted.
  • Analytics capabilities — Email API services enable metric tracking, which includes data on deliverability and open rates, among others.
  • Plenty of documentation — email APIs usually come with documentation that helps set the API up and make the most use of the service.

Cons of email API services

Probably the most essential cons, or rather inconveniences, associated with using email APIs are the need for coding to configure the API and the lack of a single way to implement it for all email service providers.

  • Need for coding skills — While you don’t have to be an expert engineer, you must do some coding to start using an email API.
  • Different implementation solutions — Every email service provider will offer another email API implementation solution because there is no standard way to configure it.

FAQs on Mailtrap Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

What kind of discounts can I expect during the sale?

Mailtrap typically offers discounts on its various pricing plans, such as monthly or annual subscriptions. The specific discounts and deals may vary from year to year.

How can I access the Mailtrap Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale?

To access the sale, you can visit Mailtrap's official website during the sale period. They may also send out promotional emails and announcements to subscribers.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the discounted plans?

It's important to review the terms of the sale to understand if there are any limitations, such as usage restrictions, plan duration, or other conditions that may apply to the discounted plans.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind after purchasing during the sale?

Mailtrap's refund policy may vary, so it's advisable to review their terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellations before making a purchase.

Where can I find more information about Mailtrap and its services?

For detailed information about Mailtrap, its services, and the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale, you can visit their official website or contact their customer support.

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Conclusion: Mailtrap Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2023

Mailtrap Email API Black Friday discount Sale in 2023 is a generous deal — you can get 70% off with a promo code for all plans. Applying the promo is easy: just sign up for the service and activate the code starting November 18. And then you can enjoy 6 months of a significantly reduced price for the service!

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