Top 15 Ways To Make Money Online In Indonesia (2020) | (NEW)

The Top 15 Ways To Make Money Online In Indonesia
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      Surely, everyone knows that the internet has changed the course of doing works and activities.  We use the internet for making most out of our free time that playing some fascinating games and watching videos. Platforms like YouTube and Netflix have become grand when it comes to spending your free time watching some precious movies. However, you have not to think about making money online in Indonesia whenever you have some free time to spend. You might have seen many people doing a wide range of activities just to improve their financial statements day by day. 

      In the beginning, it could be difficult to determine what you should do to make money online in Indonesia because you have never thought about the same concept. There are some apps available you can prepare for when you need to play online games and get the highest ranks to earn money. In a similar way, you can earn money from the comfort of your home by doing some businesses that are easy to be done.

      As a beginner, you can talk about the profession of a freelance writer, editor, consulter, etc. they all work independently on an independent contractor with a wide range of clients globally. It means you are the one who has to determine the working time and your clients. If you have a little hesitation in your brain regarding the things you can do to make money online in Indonesia, you can go through the following points right now:

      List The 15+ Best Way Make Money Online In Indonesia (2020) | (Popular)

      1) Freelancing 

      Freelancing is one of the top ways when it comes to making money online in Indonesia. We all are familiar with the jobs and works that freelancers have to accomplish. This is why you can easily determine the chances of getting rewards and profits in this business. Many people have started working as a freelancer, and now you can see some changes in their current financial statements. 

      How To Start Freelancing CareerThis particular industry needs talented and skilled individuals who can work on different projects. As a beginner, you might have some questions about the kinds of jobs you can get after becoming a freelancer. The most popular job people love to do is the job of a freelance writer. Otherwise, you can work as a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, web developer, graphic designer, SEO expert, and photographer, etc.

      Freelancers can pick a wide range of clients according to their requirements and control the overall workload. Extended flexibility is another wonderful advantage of being a freelancer.

      2) Copywriter 

      The copywriting is one of the best ways you can use to make money online in Indonesia without any doubt. In this particular option, you can earn a heavy amount because organizations and individual clients need you to complete their advertisement projects. As a professional copywriter, your main work is to write highly profitable advertising materials for your clients.

       Make Money Online In Indonesia - CopyWriterYou should also know the different types of copywriting works that you can get from your clients. Sales are one of the important kinds of copywriting jobs you can get from your home. In addition, you can talk about web content, technical writing, PR, and SEO that are some of the other types of copywriting.

      3) Blogging: (Starting A Blog)

      If you try to accept the truth, blog writing is a lucrative and moneymaking business that could be done from any part of the world. As a blogger, you can start earning big from your home by writing blogs on different niche markets. By choosing a lucrative niche market, you can make big money that you have never expected to get through this profession. Blogging isn’t a new kind of home-based job, but it is still that popular all around the world. 

       Make Money Online In Indonesia - BloggingIf you talk about the earning through your blog, you can consider the Google AdWords and affiliate marketing that will support you. Of course, you can get benefited from your blogs with the help of digital advertising done by affiliate marketers and Google AdWords.

      Online blogging is all about monetizing the skills of writing about any specific niche market. Being a housewife, you can write about kitchen essentials and cooking recipes as they become your specific niche to write the blogs.

      4) Affiliate Marketing 

      Even if you do not manufacture your own products or services, you can start earning big money online by being in affiliate marketing. In easy words, affiliate marketing provides you a lot of opportunities to earn big commissions via a sequence of one-time sales. As an affiliate marketer, you can also get paid by your clients on a monthly basis if you want. 

      Simply, you need to promote affiliate products and affiliate services through the links. If your clients get benefits through the affiliate links you have used, they will give you strong commissions. Perhaps, you have understood how affiliate marketing works.

       Make Money Online In Indonesia - Affiliate MarketingThis performance-based work will let you determine whether your skills are enough to make money from your home or not. Once you become quite successful in this profession, you can broaden your audience easily. 

      You get an opportunity to serve more clients, and that’s how you can gain a reputation. In comparison to other similar ways of earning money online, affiliate marketing is quite reasonable. Now, you can compare the pros and cons of making money online in Indonesia by this profession.

      5) Selling E-books 

      Despite your existing profession and way of life, there is probably a book inside you that is blaring to get out. Everybody knows about Amazon’s kindle direct publishing (KDP) that has become the best platform for people who want to publish their ebooks and earn money online. 

      When you use such kind of platforms, you get the opportunity to be noticed by some popular and conventional publishers as well. Today, you can create your own website for Selling Ebook

       Make Money Online In Indonesia - Selling EbookHowever, the platform where you are selling your books should be popular enough to have more reaching and buying orders. On the other hand, when you sell your books on your website, you can set higher prices on their buying.

      6) Sell Products Online 

      Selling products online is a very in-demand and creative way to make money online in Indonesia. At the present time, people want to buy products and services that they need by using the internet. If you have your own E-commerce website, then you can use it for selling the products you make. There is a wide range of products that could easily be sold on these websites. In addition, you can sell your products with the help of affiliate marketers.

      When you start selling your products online, you will not generate money but also you will gain a reputation in your locality. As a beginner, you need to choose any specific niche products that you will sell through your website. You cannot try to be fancy at any cost because most popular eCommerce websites have spent a great amount of time online.

       Make Money Online In Indonesia - Sell Product OnlineIn addition, you need to be confident about the quality standards that customers want in the products you sell. This is why selling products online can become the next big job you will be done in your home to make money online.

      7) App Development 

      Among the best ways to create money online, app development still looks like a highly rewarding alternative. In easy words, app development is a very reliable way of making money online in Indonesia, especially if you have skills to develop apps. Like any other option to make money from your home, this option also asks you to choose any specific Niche. In easy sayings, you have to determine in a niche market for which you will develop apps on a regular basis.

       Make Money Online In Indonesia - App DevelopmentFor instance, if you are good at developing gaming apps, then you should only develop gaming apps. In a similar way, if you are good at developing shopping apps, then this becomes your particular niche market. Hopefully, you have understood how beneficial it is to choose a specific niche for developing the apps.

      Now, you need to talk about the qualifications and training through which you have to undergo for start working as an app developer.

      8) Create & Sell Online Courses 

      In a similar way, you can talk about creating and selling online courses a significant way to make money in Indonesia. Today, we also how students want to get a quality education, especially through online learning classes and courses. Students who are not able to join any physical tuition or coaching class would prefer the online courses you will create accordingly. It needs fewer efforts and time to create online courses and get benefited from them.

      Make Money Online In Indonesia - Online CourseAs a beginner, you should try to determine any specific subject on which you will create an online course. You need a few tools and equipment for creating online courses. By uploading the online you have created on the Internet, you can get regular takings through them.

      9) Proofreading Business 

      Proofreading can become yet another profitable way to make money online in Indonesia. If spelling and grammatical knowledge is improved, then this kind of business is the best choice for you. Being a professional proofreader, you have to proofread some content and articles you get from your customers.

      Make Money Online In Indonesia - Proofreading BusinessYour main accountability is to find out the writing errors and issues, especially related to grammar and punctuation. Make sure that you will move forward in the business after addressing the proofreading skills and knowledge you have.  

      10) Graphics Designing 

      Graphic designing becomes one more promising way to make money online in Indonesia without any kind of doubt. Graphic designers are the transporters who transport the thoughts and messages of their customers through the graphics design. As a professional graphic designer, you have to forward the message of your client through your visual and artistic skills in terms of the graphics. 

      graphic designing


      If you talk about the salary of payment that graphic designers get, you need to know they get higher earnings if their projects are successful. Graphic designing can become the best way to generate money online because it is an enduring work.  Be aware of the skills and knowledge you have in terms of designing the graphics.

      11) Freelance Translator 

      At the present moment, freelance translators are getting more benefits in this profession because multinational companies and individual clients need them. In easy sayings, freelance translators are experts who have better commands in multiple languages in terms of writing and speaking. Translators have to translate the texts written in one language into another language. 

      Make Money Online In Indonesia - Freelance translatorThroughout the translation work, they have to ensure that the meaning and context of the materials do not change. Freelance translators can become extremely successful today because not everyone is capable of translating texts written in one language into another language. It takes years to be trained and skilled as a freelance translator. 

      So, count the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelance translator and then make your final decision on it.

      12) Online Consulting 

      Online consulting business looks quite creative and lucrative because most of the businesses need these services. As mentioned, you need to determine any specific niche market to start giving your consultations and opinions. If you determine how to handle a manufacturing business, you can give online consultation regarding the manufacturing business. In a similar way, you can serve more clients from different niche markets according to their requirements and needs.

      Make Money Online In Indonesia - Online ConsultingThe online consulting business becomes important due to a number of reasons. Whether you talk about the odds of earnings or flexibility and online consulting business is the best way to do so. There is no one who can disturb you, and it means you become more self-assured.

      13) Online Survey 

      Online surveys are better to do from home because they need less time and effort to get completed. It is possible to earn per online survey that you complete throughout a day. Online surveys are the ways used by companies and organizations to determine the effectiveness of their products and services. So, you should always do this work with better honesty. 

      Make Money Online In Indonesia - Online SurveyWhen you start working in this industry, you will get a lot of opportunities from different clients to complete the online surveys. However, you need to be confident about the data you have collected through the surveys. If you successfully complete online surveys, your clients will let you have more earnings without any doubt.

      14) Online Accounting 

      While talking about the best ways to make money online from your home in Indonesia, you can consider online accounting a beneficial way. Online accounting services are needed by businesses that cannot handle their financial matters and statements easily. It means you have to be a bookkeeper who will keep the records of the financial incoming and outgoing of a business.

      In the recent past years, the online Accountants have started earning big because of the complex work they do regularly. If you want to be an online accountant, you have to earn a degree in accounting. In addition, you must go through some special training and programs that can help you to be a successful online accountant.

      Make Money Online In Indonesia - Online AccountingOnce you improve your skills as an online accountant, you will get more clients. Hopefully, you will evaluate the pros and cons of online accounting as work to make money online in Indonesia from homes.

      15) Resume Business

      The resume writing business can become highly lucrative and profitable to do while searching the best jobs you can do from your home Indonesia. At the present time, resume businesses are getting more appreciations and rewards from their clients as they fulfill the requirements of premium quality resumes. We all know when and why resumes are required, especially to impress employers.

      Therefore, resume building can become an enduring business that has more positive sides than negative ones. After being in this business, you will be helping the individuals who want to get their dream jobs by pressing their clients with the help of the resumes created by you. 

      Make Money Online In Indonesia - Resume BusinessOverall, there are thousands of advantages you can count on your fingers in terms of flexibility and money. In the end, you have to make sure that you will not choose this option in a hurry. 

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      Conclusion: How To Make Money Online In Indonesia 

      After reviewing each and every option provided in the mentioned above paragraphs, you can effectively conclude which one is the right way to make money online in Indonesia.  While reviewing the options, you have gone through the introduction, benefits, and disadvantages. It means the final decision you will make on picking any of the suggested options will be yours only.  In the excitement of making money online in Indonesia, you should not do any work that is not legitimate or come under the authorities. Always believe in doing uphill struggle, and be passionate about your specific goals, and that’s how you earn wealth and respect. So, stay top on your game and have the rest of the benefits.  

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