Mallorca Blockchain Days: Best Blockchain Event Save 20% Now

Blockchain has become the most popular in recent years and with the increasing use of digital currency and digital age. There are a number of Blockchain events organised all around the world. Spain will be witnessing the best Blockchain event in 2019- Mallorca Blockchain SL.

Mallorca Blockchain Days: Why Should you Attend It?

Date: 22nd-24th March 2019

Venue: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Mallorca Blockchain Days is another awesome event that will be held from 22nd March till 24th March this year. The 2-day event will focus on bringing the people from Blockchain & Crypto industries together.

Mallorca Blockchain days

The event will be held in legendary Pueblo Español. Pueblo Español is known for its real open-air museum of magnificent Spanish architecture.

The ground-breaking blockchain conference is set on March 23, 2019, in Mallorca, and the event itself will last for a day. However, there will be a day before and after intended for networking and having fun along with Bitcoin experts, as well as blockchain developers and ventures investors.

The event will be attended by a plethora of Blockchain inventors and market specialists to

present their speeches at the

conference. Some of the names include Joshua Scigala (CEO of Vaultoro), Aaron Koenig (Bit-film), Tone Vays (Trader), Gerald Hoerhan (Investmentpunk), Chris Luecke (Cryptonaut), Vit Jedlicka (Liberland), Bastian Fritsche (Mallorca Blockchain, Winiota) and more.

Mallorca Blockchain Days is a conference for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, which aims to bring those to the forefront of blockchain technologies altogether.


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