Managed Hosting Providers 2023: Which Is The Best Choice

Managed Hosting Providers- Apart from fully managed hosting there are partially managed web hosting also available in the market.

In this also the support staff of the hosting provider looks after your website but the user to has to perform certain administrative functions in order to maintain the website.

Here the user has more control and management over their own server. So, it is recommended to prior check how much support your hosting provider is providing before you jump on to a final decision.

Looking for Best Managed Hosting Providers, you are at the right place.

🎁What Is Managed Hosting?

Best Managed Hosting Providers

Answering this question exactly would be a little ambivalent. Managed Hosting Providers This leads to every service provider to deliver a different version of service under the same heading of “managed hosting” with a slight change in service provided.

Dedicated hosting extension is basically a managed hosting where the hosting provider owns the server and further gives it on rent/lease to the client for usage.

But this doesn’t mean at all that the management and maintenance of the server is handled by the client. NO. The hosting provider himself handles it.

Service providers use different-different words such as fully managed to showcase their managed hosting plans. This creates ambiguity among users.

Few assume the plan is fully managed while others think that the technical support received from hosting companies Managed Hosting Providersis not sufficient. So the end conclusion is: higher the price, more is the technical support provided.

When you opt for a fully managed hosting package or plan, your website is managed and taken care of regularly by an experienced webmaster.

The crux is you don’t have to worry about the bugs and errors, when the server is down or any other technical problem. Managed Hosting Providers The hosting provider will take care of it. What you have to do is sit back and relax.

Managed hosting is considered good for small and medium sized business as it is not feasible for them to hire a full-time in house webmaster.

Since every business demands proper attention and care, it is advisable to opt for managed hosting so that the entire maintenance is taken care by the professionals and provide you with best solutions.

✨List Of Best Managed Hosting Providers In Detail:

1) 🙌Bluehost:

Bluehost overview

Bluehost has got one of the best managed hosting services in the industry. With easy provision and scaling of the servers, you can manage all you servers easily. Managed Hosting Providers All the features that are required for the VPS server are available to you. All this comes at much affordable price.

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 30 GB SSD storage
  • 1 TB bandwidth allowance
  • 1 dedicated IP address

Extreme Performance

Using open source technology like OpenStack and KVM, we offer VPS that is both powerful and easy to Bluehost. Managed Hosting Providers The servers are designed with the NGINX architecture and the KVM based machines makes your site faster.

Bluehost guarantees 99.9% uptime with its SSH access and cron job management. Besides this, your page loading time and bounce rate reduces with its caching tools.

Customer Support:

While reviewing the product, I consider the customer support as one of the most important aspects. Bluehost’s customer support is immense and too extensive.

You need not to worry about even if you are a newbie. It has 24/7/365 live chat option as well as phone support helpline numbers. You can also contact the customer support team through email or ticket system.

The average response time for the live chat as well as the phone support was 5-10 seconds while the email team takes maximum 24 hours to reply which is quite ideal.


All the servers with bluehost are secured and are monitored 24/7 by the team of experts. Managed Hosting Providers It offers the SSH access to secure your files and all your information are password protected.

You can have separate passwords each for the ownership, server administration and one for master password.

2) 🌏Cloudways:


Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting platform takes away the complexities of setting up your website and allows you to go live in minutes. Cloudways live and breathe WordPress.

Their managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting help you sort out cloud server issues Managed Hosting Providers so you can customize your website as you want. 

Their next-generation Web hosting features include advanced caching combined with Breeze, simplified Cloudways cache and CloudwaysCDN for fast performance. 

The Managed Cloud Hosting is committed to deliver fast performance, ironclad security, and seamless scalability for your websites.

They offer to troubleshoot 24/7/365 for everyone. To choose a closer partnership, choose the High Support plugin to enhance your support or the Premium Support plugin where their higher support techniques act as an extension of your in-house team.

Features Of Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting:

Simplicity And Choice:

  • 5 Cloud Providers
  • Unlimited Applications
  • All PHP Apps Supported
  • Innovative Control Panel

Worry-Free Experience:

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Managed Security
  • Automated Backups
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Performance That Scales:

  • Optimized Stack
  • Built-in CDN
  • Auto-Healing Servers
  • PHP 7 Ready Servers

3) 👩‍🚒GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks’ managed hosting is perfectly designed for the high traffic websites. Managed Hosting Providers The servers are deployed instantly and even after running on the green energy, it does not lack in functionality.

VPS Management Control Panel:

In GreenGeeks you will be able to control all aspects of your VPS through their proprietary VPS management portal which makes managing your virtual private server a piece of cake.

CPANEL/WHM License Included ($200/YR VALUE):

In GreenGeeks your VPS will come pre-installed with cPanel/WHM allowing you to easily manage web hosting accounts, email addresses, MySQL databases and more.

You can get access to a number of tools to manage your website. Managed Hosting Providers You can easily find the apps and tools by searching in the search bar. Track your website by looking over the website stats in the left hand corner.

You can install as many apps and CMS programs with just one click using the softaculous app installer.

The account management screen allows you to manage your email accounts, domains, sub domains and handle billing requests at one place.

Powerful Performance:

GreenGeeks guarantees 99.99% Uptime to the users for its VPS hosting. Managed Hosting Providers The data monitoring systems, redundant hardware and enterprise level servers are competitive enough to match the top notch performance of the VPS.

Along with this, the RAID 10 storage, dual power grids and backup generators keep your site online 24/7.


The data centres of the GreenGeeks are fully secured with raised security systems, fire suppression, water detection systems and generators.

Also, it has RAID 10 storage servers to make sure that your data is safe. You will also get your site protected from the DDoS attacks by using the Cloudfare basic security tool.

You can also get the Free SSL certificate and Sitelock for your website with each plan. It also scans your IP and removes it if it is in the blacklist.

The systems create nightly backups to make sure that no data is lost and it is safe even under any circumstances.

Customer Support:

Customer support

A team of expert assists you to monitor your server. You can generate the ticket as well as ask for the issue resolving through email support system.

The email team takes 24 hours to reply which is pretty decent. Sometimes, Managed Hosting Providers it may reply within 20 minutes. The live chat and phone support system are equally responsive with the response time of 5-10 seconds.

To make it more clear, the company gives you the detailed knowledge base for resolving any issue.

4) 😃RedSwitches:

RedSwitches Review online

Dedicated servers, bare metal servers, VPS hosting, and PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings are all available at reasonable prices from RedSwitches.

KVM virtualization is included in many VPS hosting options, ensuring complete isolation for each VPS. This signifies that no other users have access to the same resources.

RedSwitches’ comprehensive server infrastructure is available to customers that don’t want to deal with the hassles of running and maintaining their own servers.

RedSwitches offers lightning-fast speed without sacrificing security since it uses a single-tenant server strategy.

Regardless of the client’s location, the company’s servers are located on both coasts of the United States, Europe (Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands), Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong), and Australia.

For their web hosting services, Managed Hosting Providers RedSwitches offers a wide range of intriguing features, a respectable server architecture, and first-rate customer care.

It’s something in between basic and advanced hosting. Compared to other web hosts, RedSwitches offers free website migrations with every plan.

There are no hidden costs when you sign up for Nexcess hosting and get 24 hours of free auto-scaling every month. If you need to manage a large amount of traffic, Advanced Auto Scaling can do it.

Pros & Cons:


  • Multiple Data Center Locations
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Topnotch Security


  • Limited/Lack of reviews
  • Limited information available online

5) 👍BionicWP (Best WordPress Host):

BIONICWP - Managed Hosting Providers

BionicWP Managed Hosting solution offers a genuine website management experience to its users. With BionicWP, website owners can literally off-load their hosting management to the BionicWP support team and focus on their actual business.

BionicWP empowers users to focus on growing their businesses and leave the menial tasks of site management to the BionicWP team.

BionicWP was made with the aim of providing the best in class hosting management to its users that’s why it offers guaranteed page performance, unlimited site edits, hack-promise, daily malware scan, weekly performance reporting, high-performance CDN, and white label hosting solution. 

Guaranteed Page Performance:

  • Hyper optimized performance
  • BionicWP CDN 
  • 90+ Google page speed Insight score

Unlimited WordPress Edits:

  • 30-minute edits of all types except code
  • 24/7 User Support
  • Interaction by call, WhatsApp, social media, email, and tickets


  • Daily website backups
  • Daily malware scans
  • Free SSL 

24/7 Support:

  • Weekly performance reporting
  • Daily malware scan
  • Availability at all times

WordPress Core Updates:

  • WordPress Core Update Monitoring
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Single-Click Update of themes, plugins, and core
  • Auto testing Malware in plugins and themes
  • Auto testing Spam Plugins

Pricing Plan:

BIONICWP - Pricing

6) 🏆InMotion:

InMotion Hosting


  • High Availability: Even if your server goes down, Inmotion will instantly spin down the server into a new functioning server so that your site doesn’t go down.
  • Scheduled Snapshots: Use this feature to make a full copy of your web container so that you can create a replica anytime. Everything including the technology versions, contents are copied.
  • Mailing: What’s more better with Inmotion is that it allows you to send up to 3,600 emails per hour. Also, it is secured IMAP and you can have unlimited email addresses in your account.
  • Faster processing: You can distribute the CPU load by using your as many CPU cores as you want thus increasing the processing.
  • E-Commerce Optimised: Install your CMS with just one click. The VPS servers are deployed as such to make it compatible with the Presta, Magento and WooCommerce

Platform Optimization:

With extensive platform optimisation experience, InMotion can implement the right solution for you. From setting up Varnish caching and APC, to tuning your LAMP environment, InMotion has you covered.

Giving You Back Time:

Many tasks can and should be automated. InMotion can help you setup server side crons to take care of these needlessly time consuming tasks for you.


Inmotion’s VPS hosting servers are online 24/7. The company guarantees that the servers are online with excellent uptime. You can contact the customer support team via live chat, phone, email or by submitting the ticket.

They use Dell servers and routers from Brocade and Cisco to keep you online. Managed Hosting Providers The team of experts is trained for at least 160 hours in the LAMP stack before getting in contact with the customers.

InMotion VPS Packages:

Resource Monitoring Dashboard
Unlimited Domains and Websites
Free Solid-State Drives
Custom Advanced Policy Firewall
SSH Access

E-Commerce Optimised
Optional Root Access
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Reseller Access with WHM

7) 👀Justhost:


Justhost offers Linux- and Windows-based servers, easy-to-use website builder &  good 24/7 customer service with no setup fee.


  • Instant provisioning
  • Multi Account Management.
  • Root Access

Cloud Technology:

Justhost VPS solutions are built on powerful cloud technology that allows them to offer you more features and options in the future, giving you a guaranteed growth path.

Enhanced cPanel Control Panel:

Justhost popular VPS configuration uses enhanced cPanel environment with a better feature set than their competition.  The company uses its own cPanel with all the icons clearly visible.

You can access everything here including the domain information, sub domains, transfer new domain name, assigning domains to your cPanel, domain re-directions and various others.

In the cPanel, you get access to all the available plugins, Google G Suite, marketplace and themes for your site.

You can also perform the following tasks in your cPanel; CDN, one click installs, FTP manager, programming access, SSH access, Database tools and upgrades.

Excellent Performance:

With KVM hypervisor virtualisation, your servers are scalable and you can purchase any resource you want to. The use of cloud technology like Open Stack and KVM, your servers are enhanced and upgraded regularly. Managed Hosting Providers Boost your website with high traffic using CPU protection and Cloudfare CDN.

Customer Support:

Justhost’s customer support is exceptional. They have custom tailored support with phone support and email access. You can also submit ticket for any issues.

They will break your queries into categories which includes affiliates, billing system and tech support. The live chat option is available 24/7 with a team of experts.

8) 👨‍💼Rackspace:

Rackspace- Managed hosting providers

Rackspace provides three types of cloud servers: open, private, and hybrid cloud. Managed Hosting Providers The choice of services you get with cloud servers is just stunning.

Data Centres:

Rackspace has got a number of data centres and global location. These servers combine with Tier 1 service providers. These data centres are thus available at every corner of the world.

Higher Performance:

Get the raw performance of dedicated servers, storage, and networking — and customise your solution for high performance and I/O intensive applications.

Multi-cloud Facility:

Scale your dedicated hosting environment to the cloud of your choice — AWS, Microsoft Azure, or the Rackspace cloud — with RackConnect.

Greater Control:

Your dedicated servers, storage, network capacity, and other solution components aren’t shared with noisy neighbours.

The bare metal servers have different features in its product portfolio:

Databases: MYSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL

Security: Firewalls, SSL Certificates, Load Balancers, Custom Switches

Storage: SAN, NAS, Managed Backup

 Cloud Servers:

Rackspace has the virtual cloud servers that are designed to scale your business. Managed Hosting Providers It is one of the best in the cloud computing industry. You can have three types of cloud computing such as;

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Dedicated Servers

Customer Care:

Rackspace gives the customer support 24/7. It gives responsive live chat and phone support. You can also contact via Skype for sales purpose.

😎Advantages Of Managed Hosting Providers:

The fully managed hosting usually includes, but is not limited to, the following features:

  • Server Monitoring – This feature of managed hosting helps scan the servers in case of any irregularities or potential failures. These problems can be rectified before they take any major issues or service disruption.
  • Security – When you are dealing with personal or vital data and information, it becomes very much important to keep it secure. Managed hosting helps scan virus, spam filtering, firewall configuration and operating system updates in order to keep your data protected.
  • Full Back-up and Storage – Losing vital and crucial data is a big loss for any company irrespective of the size. That is the why it is necessary to keep back up and store the data safely. Managed Hosting Providers Managed Hosting Providers provide both the physical and technical capabilities in place to carry out the back-up/storage process correctly in order to avoid losing the data.
  • Server Configuration and Maintenance – The benefit of taking a managed hosting is that the user is provided with a dedicated webmaster to manage and maintain their website to keep it error free. They ensure that the hosting solution is initially configured properly which meets the user’s requirements effectively and subsequently in order to perform the necessary server maintenance to keep the platform running smoothly.
  • Support – The most important feature of managed hosting is a dedicated staff for all technical support. If there is an issue, the qualified support will always take care of it. Managed Hosting Providers The support is provided either over the call 24*365 or via emails or both. It depends upon company’s policies and terms and conditions.
  • Flexibility – Managed Hosting is not a one size fits all service. It can be customised and altered as per the need of the client in order to offer a solution tailored to suit the budget and requirements of their business.
  • Reduced cost of operation – Managing everything is not everyone’s cup of tea. To manage technicalities one must be an expert. The resources required to manage hosting in-house can be very costly; with many businesses, the cost outweighs the benefits. So buying it from a hosting provider reduces the cost of operations and is manged and taken care in the most effective and professional manner.

The savings done by not hiring the webmaster in house can be utilised in an effective way to grow the business and reach out to more potential clients.

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💥Final Verdict: Managed Hosting Providers 2023: Which Is The Best Choice?

Managed Hosting Providers- After reviewing each of these hosting providers, I’m a strong proponent of these 5 hosting providers.

Bluehost is for developers and bloggers who want features such as Git integration, staging area, and SSL support at low prices.

If you want a bit of everything, go with GreenGeeks or InMotion. This option is for you if want to scale without compromising the quality of support and loosing developer-friendly tools.

Their infrastructure technology includes HHVM, automatic daily backups, real-time malware monitoring, built-in redundancy, developer friendly tools (SSH + GIT + Staging + WP-CLI + REST API), SPDY SSL acceleration, PressCDN, and Press Armour.

Justhost & RackSpace are having very advanced features which are required for enterprise business level.

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