Mango Animate Review 2023 : Best Animation Maker Software

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Ease of Use


  • Great image editor
  • Add Filter to Video
  • Social media Integration
  • Scene Transition Effects
  • Customize Backgrounds


  • Better pricing options needed

Price:$ 7.99

Provides Easy-to-Use Animation Maker Software

animation maker

The Mango Animate team has continuing to develop free animation maker software so that anyone can easily create animated videos.
Professional animation services are becoming more expensive as animation becomes a more popular technique to generate more engaging content for business, education, and personal usage.

You may always use animation software to make videos, but many of them are both expensive and difficult to use. Mango Animate has created Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animate AM), a free animation maker software that is suited for both novices and experts.

This free animation maker software includes professionally created templates that eliminate the guesswork from making fantastic animated videos. It’s simple to customize the templates to meet one’s individual requirements.

The user-friendly multi-track timeline allows them to drag and drop all of their video’s parts onto the timeline, giving them complete control over the editing process from start to finish.
In the free animation maker software, users can choose from thousands of multimedia assets to enhance their videos. To compliment any subject, choose from a variety of backdrops, SVG pictures, symbols, shapes, and charts.

Media from the user’s PC can also be imported and added to animated videos. With the simple record button, users can produce stunning voiceovers straight in the software, including audio is a breeze. There’s also the option to include subtitles.

Over 300 animation effects and hundreds of transition effects bring any topic to life and allow for a smooth transition between animated video segments. Backgrounds, media, characters, and text can all be animated to capture and maintain the audience’s attention. The free animation creation software also includes realistic characters that may be used to depict any theme.

All of these fantastic features sound like they’d set you back a small amount. However, the software is free to download, and users can create an account for free. This free animation creation software will also help you save money on performers, equipment, and video shoot venues.

Provides Text Video Maker to Bring Text to Life

Mango Animate- Mango Animate Review

Mango Animate Text Video Maker brings together sound, motion, and graphic design in a way that complements each other and results in amazing products.

It’s easier to start an internet business in today’s technology-driven society, resulting in fierce rivalry in practically every field. To compete in this increasingly competitive environment, brands must boost their digital marketing game in order to reach their target demographic.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, isn’t low-hanging fruit, and its trends are always changing. Marketers’ ideas may now be readily and more successfully presented using animated typography clarifying the imagery or topic at hand, thanks to this text video maker. This frequently leaves a written imprint in the minds of the audience, making the message more memorable and compelling.

The simple-to-use text video creator features a user-friendly interface with pre-built templates created by pros, or users may get creative and create their own using the many animation tools provided.

The text video creator makes it simple to pick a style, convert text to video, edit the video, export it, and distribute it in a variety of formats. Users may quickly post their videos to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and others.

The generated output is suitable with most social media networks thanks to the specific formatting given. Motion typography formats, simple kinetic typography editors, strong voice-over capabilities, animated cartoon characters, and much more are among the software’s features.

“You don’t need highly paid people or affiliations to transmit all messages,” Mango Animate’s CTO Ivan Leung adds. Occasionally, the simplest means can depict a story far more effectively while maintaining the story’s integrity.”

The increased demand for video viewing necessitates a flow of improvements that respond to people’s desire to easily absorb content and comprehend its significance. As recognized and worked on by Mango Animate, this text-to-video converter gives just the appropriate method.

Provides Professional Animation Software Program

Testimonials - Mango Animate

Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animated AM) is a cutting-edge animation program that goes above and beyond for its customers. It enables users to make cutting-edge animations and share them with a larger audience.

This free animation software promotes a culture of creation and provides millions of people around the world with a variety of inspiring opportunities.

This software constantly empowers users to make stunning animated videos while also providing the most advanced technological problem-solving capabilities available.

With pre-built templates and built-in capabilities that function on both Apple and Microsoft systems, it has an impact on people’s lives. This is a user-friendly animation software tool for personal and commercial usage for both novice and professional users of any age.

This free animation software allows even new users with no design knowledge to create great animations in minutes. There are also several configurable canvas and camera options available, allowing users to push their work to new heights.

This animation software has a huge library of pre-built and well-designed free media elements. It’s simple to use all of the photos, animation effects, widgets, shapes, and charts. It’s a cutting-edge animated video software application.

The animation software from Mango Animate allows users to employ more than 40 characters to act out a given script. Users can select from a wide range of characters from a variety of industries, including teachers, business people, doctors, and students.

Mango Animate’s technology improvements are the result of extensive study and testing. This animation software improves video distribution by maximizing scene transitions.

Users can personalize their artwork by adding personalized captions and recording settings, which lend an emotive touch to any movie. Users have complete control over the background, foreground, and animation in this animation software, allowing them to make unique videos.

“We aspire to empower millions of people by producing a life-changing, world-class product that helps encourage potential enterprises and thriving professionals to succeed through a varied style of communication,” says Ivan Leung, Mango Animate’s CTO.

Provides a 2D Animation Software Program with Character Library

Pricing- Mango Animate Review

Users can choose from a variety of animated characters with the 2D animation software. Mango Animate is known for providing innovative and cost-effective tools for animators of all levels, and their 2D animation software is one of its most recent offerings.

Mango Animate Animation Maker is a bundle of materials, templates, and features that promises to make animation film creation accessible to businesses and individuals alike.

Since its release, the software has been used by companies all around the world searching for a competitive advantage over larger organizations by creating an inspiring animation movie.

This powerful 2D animation software enables users to create animated videos even if they have no prior experience with animation. It’s a full-featured 2D video animation software with everything even expert animators require to express their stories.

It’s simple to get going. Simply choose a template and customize the content for a more seamless experience, or start from scratch with an empty canvas for a more personalized film.

Users can either use the built-in internet library of free media assets or contribute their own.“Animated videos are an excellent method to stimulate people’s interest in a product, business, or educational information.

Animated videos, unlike live-action videos, do not require performers or special equipment, saving both time and money. “Using a library of unique characters, assets, and unique features, our free 2D animation software creates a video in minutes,” explains Ivan Leung, Mango Animate’s CTO.

Mango Animate’s 2D animation software is ideal for creating animated videos, marketing content, and training materials, among other things.

The software includes around 40 real-life characters, such as doctors, teachers, students, business people, and others, to help users of different professions understand the material in a more interesting and relatable way.

Producing animated videos is a breeze with this 2D animation software’s powerful technology and simple UI. It’s simple to move sequences from one video to the next.

Users may easily produce professional videos with the use of a multi-track timeline, subtitles, and recording options. Finally, users can effortlessly export their projects in a variety of common formats for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, as well as offline.

Provides Powerful and Free Animation Video Maker

Mango Animate Animation Maker features a huge library of free multimedia elements, a multi-track timeline for customization, and voice recording to bring characters to life on the screen, among other things.

The animation video maker will assist in the creation of compelling video content to promote its clients’ work. It has ready-to-edit templates for a variety of businesses that may be utilized as is, or users can modify their own animated movies using the built-in animation and effect tools.

This animation movie creator has a lot of tools that allow you to have a great editing experience, produce videos quickly, and share them on social media or any other platform using HTML links. With an accessible and engaging user interface, storytelling is made simple, allowing viewers to convey emotion and excitement, which is at the heart of these videos.

Users can now take advantage of the company’s current product line to improve the synergy of their work with the addition of this animation video maker. This animation movie maker will now be available to digital marketers, graphic designers, and other businesses for both commercial and personal usage.

“We have incorporated the most up-to-date features on our animation filmmaker as we expand with technology and take a customer-first strategy. The software is intended to take the role of the labor-intensive traditional animation method.

It’s also designed to take animators from a blank canvas to a polished animated video in a single step, according to Mango Animate’s CTO, Ivan Leung.

The animation filmmaker has a growing library of ready-to-use free multimedia components. Vector pictures, animation effects, icons, forms, and symbols are all included. The hundreds of assets available are more than enough to build something unique that will connect with viewers.

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