Mangools Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023: 30% Lifetime Offer

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So here is the biggest sale on powerful SEO tool Mangools( Kwfinder, LinkMiner, SERPChecker, SiteProfiler & SERPWatcher) Get the package of 5 SEO tools with Mangools Black Friday Cyber Monday 30% LIFETIME discount! Deal.

Mangools Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023 30% LIFETIME Discount Special Sale

Mangools is another great tool for keyword research and ranking.

Mangools has an amazing user interface and is very easy to use. In addition, new features are added to make the tool more robust than ever before.

On this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Mangools offers a 30% Life Discount

Mangools is not a simple tool, it is a package. Buy this package and you will get KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, and Linkminer.


Mangools Now 30% Lifetime Discount

Mangools Now 30% Lifetime Discount
347 People Used
Only 102 Left
Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

Up to 44 % lifetime discount on annual plans

Up to 44 % lifetime discount on annual plans
347 People Used
Only 15 Left
Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

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What is Mangools 

Mangools is an SEO toolset that’s great for bloggers, affiliate marketers, SMEs or SEO agencies. It’s particularly popular because of the design and ease of use. Key features include keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking and SERP analysis.

The toolset has a keyword tool that helps SEOs to see competitors’ rankings for the top keywords, find keyword ideas with historical search volumes and trends. It includes search results for more than 50k locations so marketers can optimize the content on their websites accordingly and get more organic traffic.

Mangools Black Friday Cyber Monday
Biggest Mangools Black Friday Sales

Mangools has a Chrome extension that enables you to pull up all of your projects in one click. This lets you monitor your competitors’ SERPS, look up keyword ideas and see what’s trending.

Their rank tracker tells you where they are on the search engine result page. You can monitor them over time to find out if their rankings have improved or declined. It allows you to track keywords with any language or location targeting for both desktop and mobile searches.

Mangools is an SEO toolkit that contains 3 SEO tools


Let me briefly explain what these 3 SEO tools are so that we can analyze them in detail in this Mangools test article. Ready?

1. KWFinder: Are you having trouble finding keywords that generate significant traffic? Then KWFinder is just right for you. This is one of my favorite SEO tools that will help me quickly find lots of profitable keywords.

This is your keyword research campaign. The KWFinder tool offers three search methods: “Suggestions”, “Autocomplete” and “Questions”. Each of them provides amazing results to find hidden long-tail keywords.

2. SERPWatcher: This is a classification tracking tool. Want to find your keyword placement very quickly and accurately? This is the tool you need.

3. SERPChecker: If you want to understand the strategies of your competitors quickly, this tool is for you and helps you analyze your competitors in SEO. This is the only tool you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the competition. It contains more than 45 measurements (including information on Moz, Majestic tools, etc.).

Here you are. This is a brief discussion on Mangools tools that consist of the three amazing SEO tools above. I hope you now have a better idea of ​​what each SEO tool is. Now we go to the details where we will discuss them in detail.

What’s in the package?

Mangools Black Friday Plans & Pricing

Keyword research

Find hundreds of long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty for your website.

SERP analysis

Get local Google search results, analyze SERP features and scan your competitors.

Backlink analysis

Find backlinks you can replicate easily by analyzing the link profile of your competitors.

Rank tracking

Track the overall progress of your organic search positions with one key metric.

Website analysis

Inspect the overall online presence of any website with the most important SEO metrics & insights.

Browser SEO extension now

See the essential data from Mangools SEO tools and useful on-page insights in one click.

Mangools Black Friday 2023 Terms & Conditions

  1. The lifetime discount will be applied to all your future payments as long as you keep the auto-renewal of the bought plan active.
  2. The offer is valid from November 25, 2023 to November 29, 2023 for all new customers and currently subscribed users who will upgrade to a higher plan.

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SE Ranking

SE Ranking

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Mangools Alternatives

1. Semrush 


Sometimes, you may get overwhelmed with the amount of content available on the internet. Not only are there so many different sources of information for businesses to use, but there are also so many ways to implement them!

It can be even more confusing when it comes to tools that promise to provide in-depth insight into your visibility.

Semrush is a leading online visibility management software-as-a-service platform. With over 50 products, tools and add-ons across online visibility management, including tools for search, content, social media and market research, data for more than 140 countries, seamless integration with Google and task management platforms, Semrush is a critical solution for all companies who are serious about online presence.

Semrush in numbers:

– Over 41 trillion backlinks

– 20 billion keywords

– Over 7 million users who have tried Semrush

The way that Semrush functions is simple. You enter your desired keyword into the tool, and it searches Google for you to uncover all of the different places on the net where people are talking about your target keyword.

It also shows you how many backlinks each page has so you can find out which pieces of content are worth pursuing or creating based on their potential for visibility.

However, rather than simply showing you what’s already available, this tool also provides data like search volume, social shares and traffic estimates in order to help inform future decision making. This is critical in finding highly visible targets that will yield the biggest ROI.

In addition to helping you find new content topics worth pursuing, Semrush also makes it easy for you to identify new sources of traffic that will bring quality conversions and revenue into your business.

By finding the right keywords with the right search volume and page authority, you can make sure your online presence is as high as it possibly can be in a given industry!

So rather than wasting time on low-volume or low-quality content, this tool helps you focus your efforts on the best performing options available! This saves you both time and money by ensuring all of your investments are well researched and vetted before they go into effect!

Finally, Semrush offers some pretty amazing upgrades that set them apart from other software tools, like Semrush Promo . This is perfect for detailed social media activity analysis.

It provides in-depth insights into what content you share the most, where your audience really likes to engage with your business, and which specific posts are receiving the most attention.

While this information could be collected manually (and isn’t always accurate), it’s the kind of insight that can actually help grow your online presence because you’re learning how to better cater to your target audiences!

With all that said, there are some limitations to consider when choosing Semrush as an online visibility management tool; including pricing levels and discrepancies between their market research tools and SEO platform data.

Overall though, Semrush is a great option for any business that wants a comprehensive view of its online presence to make future marketing decisions. If you’re interested in learning more about this tool, be sure to check out their website or sign up for a free trial.

The way that Semrush functions is simple. You enter your desired keyword into the tool, and it searches Google for you to uncover all of the different places on the net where people are talking about your target keyword.

It also shows you how many backlinks each page has so you can find out which pieces of content are worth pursuing or creating based on their potential for visibility.

However, rather than simply showing you what’s already available, this tool also provides data like search volume, social shares and traffic estimates in order to help inform future decision making.

2. Ahrefs 

ahrefs review

Ahrefs is a software company that develops online SEO tools and free educational materials for marketing professionals.

We are known to be the largest link database in the world; we track over 11 billion keywords and 400+ billion pages. Our unique algorithm measures backlinks, which helps you to see who’s linking to your competitors and identify where they rank.

With Ahrefs Keywords Explorer you can get keyword ideas and estimations of how much traffic each keyword gets & find the best keywords for SEO & PPC campaigns. The tool also reports keyword difficulty (KD) scores together with SERP data to help you choose your targets wisely. Last but not least, there is Site Audit – our all-in-one tool that will help you with your on-page SEO.

What makes Ahrefs stand out of Google Keyword Planner Tool? 

When comparing keyword suggestions, search volume and costs per click, the aim is to generate more relevant keywords that consumers would use while searching online. There are hundreds of tools available for keyword research but our tool stands out in the following details: We work with data from 3 billion searches each month (and growing).

So it’s huge! Our search volumes are updated daily; thus, we always give you accurate figures You can filter SERP results by country or device type. For example, how many consumers search on mobile devices like phones vs tablets vs desktops?

You can sort multiple metrics like cost per click and search volume. This makes it easy for you to find the best keywords that meet your goals Our keyword difficulty score will show you what level of work it would be to achieve top 10 rankings

How the tool works? 

To generate more relevant and useful keywords, all you need is to go to Keyword Explorer and type in a few words that describe your product/service.

The tool shows estimated search volumes and other metrics like cost per click (CPC), organic CTR (organic click-through rate), and other SERP details (e.g., how many results appear on top positions).

You can sort data by any column or metric: volume, CPC, competition, or rank. Plus there are four filters available: search country, device type, language and top/all categories.

How to get more relevant keywords? 

There are multiple ways of generating relevant keyword ideas:

1) Go to Keyword Explorer and type in some words that describe your business

2) If you have a list of competitors or industry’s site names, enter them into the tool

3) Use our SERP overview report, where you can find hundreds of relevant keywords by entering search terms of your choice 4) Look through your website with Site Audit. This will produce several thousand relevant suggestions for new content

What does Ahrefs do? What is it for?

This SEO software is made to help marketing professionals with their work on finding new opportunities in organic search traffic. It can help with:

– competitor research (reveal your competitors’ organic keywords, backlink strategies and PPC keywords)  – link building (find the strongest backlink opportunities in your niche) – keyword research (get maximum relevant keyword ideas and see how hard it would be to rank for them) – website audit (find what SEO issues your website has and learn how to fix them)

What makes Ahrefs stand out of other tools? 

The main thing that sets us apart is our huge data size. For example, Google Keyword Planner Tool reports search volumes only for a few hundred popular keywords.

Our tool delivers search volume estimations for 11 billion+ keywords from 3+ billion searches each month. And we update SERP data each month so you always have the most up-to-date figures. Also, we have a huge collection of historical SERP data from previous years.

3. SE Ranking


SEO Ranking is an all-inclusive SEO software that offers all the tools needed to successfully complete online marketing projects. SE Ranking is perfect for small business owners, agencies and professionals.

SE Ranking Key Features: All inclusive SEO software that offers a complete set of tools for keyword position tracking and research, website audit, competitor analysis, keyword suggestion and grouping, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, white label options and much more.

Keyword Position Tracking Keyword Research Website Analysis Top 10 Competitor Analysis Link Monitoring Social Media Presence Reporting White Label SEO Solutions

This all-inclusive software offers the following features: – Full system for managing search engine rankings in top search engines. – Allows users to track and monitor keywords and their positions in real time. – Offers a full system for website analysis: checks health, compliance with search engines guidelines, competitiveness and provides comprehensive suggestions on how to increase the site’s ranking.

[This is indeed an example of “keyword position tracking”] – Helps users analyze top 10 competitors and acquire information about their optimization strategies.

The system provides a full set of link monitoring, analysis and reporting tools to receive up-to-date reports on backlinks pointing into the site.

Users can execute social media marketing campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn) with help of ready to use features available in the software.

Professional SEO reporting tool streamlines the process of checking website status, sharing data with clients and presenting results to partners.

This software provides a set of white label options designed for reselling or redistribution. White Label SEO solution is aimed at bringing your customers more customers! The package includes: All-inclusive software license Control panel template HTML code for reselling website Branding images

SEO Ranking – All-Inclusive SEO Software For Search Engine Rankings Tracking & Research, Website Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Social Media Presence and Reporting – A 14 day free trial is available .

Keyword Position Tracking Keyword Research Website Analysis Top 10 Competitor Analysis Link Monitoring Social Media Presence Reporting White Label SEO Solutions SE Ranking, an all-inclusive software that offers a complete set of tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, website audit, link monitoring and automated reporting. The software provides a full system for managing search engine rankings in the top search engines.

Keyword Position Tracking Keyword Research Website Analysis Top 10 Competitor Analysis Link Monitoring Social Media Presence Reporting White Label SEO Solutions SE Ranking, an all-inclusive software that offers a complete set of tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, website audit, link monitoring and automated reporting. The software provides a full system for managing search engine rankings in the top search engines.

Keyword Position Tracking Keyword Research Website Analysis Top 10 Competitor Analysis Link Monitoring Social Media Presence Reporting White Label SEO Solutions SE Ranking, an all-inclusive software that offers a complete set of tools for keyword research, competitor analysis.

Pros & Cons 


  • Intuitive interface with helpful info you might need
  • 100% similar keywords and long-tail terms displayed
  • A comprehensive analysis of each keyword is shown
  • The most accurate result possible
  • Consistent customer support
  • 100% free trial with no catch


  • Cannot target specific locations on the website’s domain name
  • Unreliable user experience for mobile users

FAQs : Mangools Black Friday 2023 Lifetime Discount!

🙋Are the Mangools data correct?

Mangools tools help to provides more accurate data than other popular keyword research tools. That's why I use it personally to find easy-to-classify keywords.

❓What is Mangools?

Mangools is an SEO software with five powerful and easy-to-use SEO tools: KWFinder (Keyword Research Tool), SERPChecker (SERP Analysis Tool), SERPWatcher (Keyword Classification Tracking Tool), LinkMiner (Backlink Analysis Tool). Tool) and SiteProfiler (SEO website). Analysis Tool).

🤩Does Mangools offer a discount on this Black Friday?

Yes, they offer a discount of 30% on the monthly plan and 40% on the annual plan. You can get an additional 10% discount if you apply for Mangools membership within an hour of purchase.

😲Do you recommend Mangools?

Yes, I recommend Mangools because I already use it to provide the best tools for SEO. Provide tools for finding more accurate data and very easy to use.

✅Is Mangools free?

Mangools is not free, but there is a free 10-day trial. The basic Mangools plan starts at $ 29.90 a month when it is initially paid each year. Mangool’s 5-in-1 SEO software is much cheaper than Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and Majest

Over To You: Magools (Kwfinder, LinkMiner, SERPChecker, SiteProfiler & SERPWatcher) Black Friday Sale 2023

Don’t miss this amazing Mangools tools Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2023 30% LIFETIME Discount, you don’t have to pay the lifetime discount price and this will save 30% on all of their plans 5 tools Kwfinder, LinkMiner, SERPChecker, SiteProfiler & SERPWatcher.

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  1. I love how I can see 12-month trends for any keyword by location, city or country on Mangools. It’s really quick and easy to use, but the best part is that once you login there are five other tools included in your membership that are great for lead generation which I don’t traditionally do myself.

  2. Mangools is a powerhouse of SEO and marketing tools! Incorporating everything from keyword research and landing page analyzation to pinging and onpage optimization, this app has you covered. Some bigger names like SEMRush or Ahrefs might offer more in terms of keywords but Mangools covers the basics. My favorite thing about Mangools is how easy it is for me to scroll through my 12 month trends–none of that clicking between tabs trying to get where I want to go stuff. You can even sort by channel (organic search, paid), geographic region (country, state) or popular-site category (news sites). Helpful features we didn’t mention: backlink history with domains ranked by domain authority and nice keyword suggestion

  3. I love this tool, especially for the vast amount of data it has. The keyword trends are very helpful in terms of gauging performance over time which is really essential to website success. I also use the other features but don’t need to work with them very much so can’t give them an honest review!

  4. KWFinder earns its reputation as one of the best SEO tools out there for doing long-tail keyword research. KWFinder can also identify targeted results where you can carve out a valuable page ranking for the long haul. When I use KWFinder to perform my search, it allows me to find exactly what I am looking for and pairing that with broad searches gives me a win win situation when in need. The platform is very user friendly and easy to master after using it once or twice to understand how it works.
    I would recommend this product because not only is the price affordable but the quality of customer service which you receive from their team is top tier – 5 stars!

  5. Mangools is a content marketing tool to find the perfect keyword phrases and long-tail keywords. They also make it easier to map out succession strategies, like having an insurance site generate leads for car quotes as well as healthcare info, increasing your chances of conversion.

  6. If you’re looking for a reliable keyword research tool that will help you find the best long-tail keywords, then look no further. Mangools is right here to make your life easier! I’ve had this powerful, robust software on my computer since it launched and it’s never failed me yet–in fact, more often than not, it has helped make my workload at work quicker and simpler. If you want some great keyword ideas without any of the hassle or difficulty (trust me, who doesn’t?), start KWFinder today with Mangools!”

  7. Mangools is an SEO tools, but KWFinder is the star of the show because it’s so great for doing long-tail keyword research. You can also use Mangools to help identify niche interests to attract people who might not know about you yet

  8. Unlike other SEO tools that only give you the “big picture” on keywords, KWFinder can show you targeted results. It’s really great if you want to invest some time into long tail keyword research for your blog blog because not only will KWFinder help you find relevant information for your interests, it will also save you a lot of effort in ranking higher with quality content.

  9. I am so glad I decided to install Mangools. Nothing makes researching for keywords funner than this site! It’s so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, all thanks to its keyword finder feature. What’s even better is that it already sorts out the most popular-and best-keywords right off the bat! And who would want anything more when it lets us create lists of related keywords that includes our own? Fantastic idea, no? You can then save your list on the site and go back at any time to check up on them all. Now if this isn’t a smooth way of saving content ideas, I don’t know what is!

  10. I was so excited to try this product out, the keyword finding is the best I have come across. It’s easy to use and it always produces precise results. The list feature also makes it incredibly easy for me to go back and see what I have targeted in order to find related content ideas that are tailored just for me.

  11. The keyword finder feature of Mangools is the most helpful thing, which is extremely simple to use, and it consistently produces precise results. Furthermore, its list function makes it very easy for us to go back and target related content ideas because we can store our multiple keywords on it. The information organization system really helps us break down all of the details and stats so you can see what’s working and why without hurting your eyes or making things hard to read. It has a nice clean interface with plenty of room for note taking as well as intuitive design principles built in–for example, we didn’t even know that visualized charts existed until this program started using them!

  12. I’ve never in my life felt this satisfied with a keyword research tool. The keyword finder feature is key to finding the perfect keywords for any post or link, it’s easy to use, and produces precise results every time. It’s also great when I want to go back and target relevant content ideas because I can store multiple relevant keywords on the list. Plus, Mangools makes targeting relevant Instagram hashtags a cinch too!

  13. The best way to find your keywords a breeze. Simply enter a keyword and press “search!” Your percentage of relevance will automatically appear as soon as you type it in, which is really helpful if you’re trying to optimize for specific markets. And with its list feature, Mangools makes it easy to go back and comb through related posts that might be new ideas or long-tail opportunities.”

  14. I’ve been using Mangools for years because of its accuracy with so many lists. It allows me to go back and see keywords I typed before still trending after the last update. The most helpful feature, though, is being able to type in a keyword and have it pull up every list with that same idea in it–very simple, easy to use, practical marketing tool.

  15. I have never been so addicted to a piece of software before in my life. And I’ve tried out quite a lot! but Mangools just blows everything else out of the water. Especially when it comes to keyword research, which is something that’s always been really hard for me. But with this app? It’s just ridiculously easy and it regularly produces perfect results!

  16. This SEO management tool is great for bloggers, affiliate marketers, SMEs or agencies. The design is easy to use and the system has an in-built keyword manager that lets them optimize their website content so they can get more organic traffic.

  17. “I love Mangools because it’s so easy to use. The tools are clear and the design is modern, which I appreciate. You’ll be able to find just what you need in a few clicks without being overwhelmed by things you don’t need.”

  18. Powerful, user-friendly SEO tools to get the traffic you need

    Mangools is a powerful and affordable SEO toolset that includes keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis and SERP analysis. We all know how difficult these things can be for SMEs. But Mangools eliminates the work–no more complicated spreadsheets or having to comb through posts in forums! It has features like an in-depth ranking tracker and backlink analyzer (with competitive data) to make your marketing easier than ever before. You can sit down with your company’s analytics when the time comes for content writers to work on pieces of content–content they’ll convert! We’re sure you’re going to find this such a useful product after only one glance

  19. This powerful toolset is an excellent choice for any blogger. It’s remarkably easy to use and looks great, which means you can focus on your content instead of looking at a screen all day. Mangools has an accurate keyword research feature that saves time and effort by providing relevant keywords with search volumes and trends. With this nifty little tool, marketers always know what people are searching for so they can write content that will get them right up there at the top of Google results page!

  20. Mangools is far and away the best SEO software ever. I’m not kidding, it’s got everything you need to get ranked higher in Google so your visibility skyrockets! With a few clicks, I was able to find my competitor sites with all their backlinks so I could check out what keywords they rank for! And when it comes to keyword research? Forget about Bing – Mangools just has 1000x more data than any other site. Fastest tools, easiest interface, colors that pop – this is THE toolset for boosting SERPS effortlessly! Go-go Mangools!!!

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