Manhattan Prep GMAT Free Trial 2023 Is It Worth It ?

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Manhattan Prep GMAT Free Trial

Manhattan Prep GMAT Free Trial 2023

The first class session of any Manhattan Prep GMAT course, whether it’s in-person or online, is on the house. In fact, you’re free to sample as many MPrep GMAT courses as you like. It’s a great method to choose the right course for you (and you’ll pick up some useful information even if you don’t wind up enrolling). In this article, we will discuss what to anticipate from and how to make the most of your free trial class with Manhattan Prep GMAT.

What to Expect ?

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The duration of your trial class will be three hours long. The free trial class isn’t an out-of-the-ordinary event; rather, it’s the first meeting of one of our regular GMAT classes, either online or in person. What you go through here is representative of what you may anticipate from the whole nine-week course.

It is possible to gauge whether or not you will enjoy working with a particular GMAT instructor by taking a sample session provided by that instructor. This page contains teacher biographies for those interested in learning more about us before attending a session (or checking out their GMAT scores!).

Neither the GMAT nor a study group of highly driven and inquisitive individuals can be prepared for in the same manner as a traditional classroom setting. The amount of time spent in discussion, writing, and problem-solving will likely be greater than in other classes. The mood will be friendly and open, with people asking and answering questions openly.

Therefore, you will need a computer equipped with a microphone in order to participate in a free online GMAT practice exam class (and ideally a camera). Class is more like a business Skype conference than a recorded lecture, so treat it as such! Try out the virtual classroom setting with a free sample class. Check out Manhattan Prep Coupon Codes

The Activities and Lessons

Expect a combination of conversation and problem-solving in your demo class (and in any class session, really). The tasks you will complete in class can be grouped into the following categories:


The GMAT math, language, and logic standards will be drilled into your head. This is because the first class is a trial, therefore Manhattan GMAT don’t want to overwhelm students with too much material on day one. Instead, they apply a variety of subject areas to the sorts of questions you might expect to face on test day. You should anticipate to cover some ground in the areas of subject-verb agreement and modifier use in your sample lesson, as well as numbers, exponents, and inequalities.


The GMAT tests your ability to swiftly and accurately apply your knowledge of mathematics and English grammar to questions you have never encountered before. This requires you to acquire knowledge of the GMAT problem-solving process, which is covered in each and every lesson. The sample class will teach you the strategies you’ll need to tackle the Data Sufficiency and Sentence Correction sections of the GMAT, as well as the ins and outs of the test’s scoring structure.


Many studies on effective learning have been conducted in recent decades. Since most of your preparation for the GMAT will take place outside of class, we devote some time to teaching you effective study techniques that will allow you to devote more time to the material while still making progress. For this reason, the topic of timing on the GMAT — should you clock yourself as you study? — is always discussed during the trial class. What can you do to solve difficulties faster?

How to Getting Ready for first GMAT Class

The first class meeting will be helpful even if you know nothing about the GMAT. (In fact, your professor, Elaine Loh, penned an essay explaining why you won’t need to brush up on your arithmetic skills before the first day of class.) There are other things you may do to get ready except crack the math books if you have a little bit of time.

What next?

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Does the schedule of this class fit my schedule?
  • Was I able to stay focused and motivated during the class session?
  • Does the class move at an appropriate pace for me?
  • Will I be able to consistently complete the homework and prepare for class?
  • Did I feel comfortable making mistakes and asking questions?
  • Did I get the amount and type of help that I need from the instructor?
  • Will this class make it easier for me to master the GMAT?

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