Marie Forleo B-School Review 2023: Is It Really Good For You?

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There are many online reviews on Marie Forleo B-School program. They tell you how much they have learned, how much their business has grown.
There are also negative comments that only accuse the program, but often they do not analyze why it did not work.
I often think that the reason the B-School does not deliver the desired results is that the program was not really what they needed at the time.
But that does not mean it’s a terrible program for everyone. It’s just not what some people needed when they signed up.
Some have made excellent connections with other students from B-Schoolers (whom they have never known outside the B-School): they became customers, suppliers, or employees.
It’s difficult to measure the value of such links, but if it’s a network Marie Forleo B-School gives you access to an invaluable community that you can use to socialize.
Some others had to renew their websites and systems, and the B-School was a great way to remind them of everything they needed and to follow it.
They could decide what priorities they had and which did not, and they focused on the parts of the program that gave them the most opportunities, implemented the necessary changes and appreciated the results they achieved later.

Marie Forleo B-School Review 2023: Is It Really Good For Work?

What’s Exactly For Marie Forleo B-school?

Of course, no criticism of the Marie Forleo B-School without a precise explanation of the question WHAT B-School is. It’s a business school, but I think “B-School” looks better and became a shortcut qualified Pupils of the B-School B-Schoolers.
Unlike most business schools, you have no degree and nothing to show. You have a business that works better.
The program itself is 100% online, so you can attend classes conveniently at home, either to calm a whimsical baby or to study at night and on weekends.
It’s an eight-week program, but you have indefinite access to the formations so you can see them anytime.

That’s what the B-School understands:

-Access to all member files, lessons, and Facebook groups. It also benefits from the help and support of thousands of high school and alumni students who all have online businesses and diverse experiences.
-Selection for life. You can repeat the B-School as many times as you like, whether you are in a new class or just throughout the year.
The nice thing is that you can stop and restart it as often as necessary, or repeat it with a group of like-minded people for more energy and motivation.

Who Is B School De Marie Forleo?

I do not want to increase the speed in my B-School test for Marie Forleo, but before we realize what you can expect from B-School, we need to determine who will benefit the most.
Marie brought together the best experts to teach at the B-School. Each module is designed to guide a new or existing business through the steps to make the most of online marketing.
The program is aimed at the modern entrepreneur, man or woman who is willing to start a new business on the Internet or who owns a brick or mortar product, service or business and wants to get the most out of the web.

Who leads to B-SCHOOL?

When it comes to investing in yourself and in your business, I have a pretty strict policy. I only work with people who do what I want to do or experience what I want to achieve for their clients.
That sounds easy, but there are a variety of programs and books to choose from. So if I focus on the people who teach people who dominate their work, the choices will be easier and less stressful for me.
Marie Forleo and her programs definitely fall into this category.
What I like about Marie Forleo is her ability to practice what she preaches. She has been in business for over 20 years, perfecting her marketing and training skills and receiving a generous dose of both attending this B-School session.

Why Marie Forleo B-school Is No Other Program

I have a fair share of online programs, and nothing compares to the Marie Forleo B-School.
From the community of men and women that extends to the diversity of businesses and environments, it is truly a spectacle to see how Marie Forleo brings together such a group.
All participants in the program support each other and there is a real sense of cooperation, and many people become partners or providers of services and products.
In addition to the social aspect, which is a big plus and an advantage that I have not seen in many other programs, Bschool really reduces the requirements.
There are many “completed” online programs with additional videos and content to make them more useful. This is not the case with B-School, and the training videos are short enough to be seen and digested.
Few programs offer another benefit of visiting the Marie Forleo B-School: practical support, advice, and criticism.
If you often feel that you are too close to your business to have a perspective, Mary will focus her efforts on your challenges and give you clear advice. She has great intuition and many years of marketing experience.
There are even training for B-School students. If you sign up this year and realize that you can use your comments the following year, Marie and her team will make this possible through the trainer students. !

You Must Buy B School To Marie Forleo

Okay, I surprised the poems and I talked about Marie Forleo and the B-School until the cows come home. It’s time to decide if it’s right for you.
The fact that it is an excellent program does not mean that it is currently the right option for you, depending on the situation in your company.
From my personal experience, it has been very beneficial to work with leaders in your field.
This undoubtedly means Mary (did you know she was named Marketing Officer of the Year at the Digital Marketing Conference?) And that’s absolutely true on B-School.
If you are on the fence or do not know if this is the right investment for your business at the moment. decide whether you are anxious, upset or worried.
If you are afraid, this may not be the right solution for you. It’s good, there are times when it’s right and times when it’s not the right decision.
If you’re more excited and have the financial resources to invest in your business, it’s time to sign up for the Marie Forleo B-School.
I’ll be the first one on board! If you are not sure of the investment or the cost of the Marie Forleo B-School, then I can understand that. It was a great investment for me and I did not make the decision lightly.
But it has been profitable many times and without this education, support, and community I would not be where I am in my business.


Week 1: clarity of income

This module might be more accurately called “what you should do,” but you never take the time to do it because you do not know how (and if you do) you will get paid.
how you understand what you really expect from your life, the B-School, and your business.
For many people, the key purpose of this module is to figure out who they want to work with, not just the demographic information, but also the details of that person’s life, from the books they read to the nature of the relationship. where she is. their strange beliefs about what they can do and why they can not / do not pay you.

Week 2: Website

I had an advantage at the B-School because my website was already a) active and b) pretty good. (It’s far from being “very good,” but it’s far better than leaving nothing, as many B-Schoolers start).
The subject is LOADED, and Mary is really good at treatment, so you do not stop.
Marie deals with the main criticisms such as:
  • Why is it important to take control of your own website?
  • Why do you only have two options in technology?
  • Guidelines for choosing the right web platform
  • A downloadable checklist for hiring a web professional.

Week 3: Communication

After seeing this module, I made an important step in my business: I eventually left Mailchimp (which I’ve never liked to use), signed up for ConvertKit, and began writing a bi-monthly newsletter.
I have not missed a week since then.
It had only 30 subscribers, most of whom were blood relatives. (Yes, I have a big family.)
The biggest obstacle had just started.
I see many of my clients struggling with it, but the best of them all communicate regularly with their audience.
Since Mary creates free and affordable content every week, all year long, and opens the doors of her show only once a year, it’s worth listening to what she has to say. when creating content.

Week 4: office hours and implementation time.

Ugh! Make half the obstacle. Although I did not know it then, I was lucky that I did not have too many customers in the first month of B-School. At that time, I fell into the “do it yourself” camp and did almost everything Marie told me, which took me a long time.

Week 5: A Building list

It was not my first lesson in creating lists, but it was the first time I had learned what I learned. (This is the magic of Marie Forleo B-School). In this module, Marie discusses the operation of design lists as well as other high-level elements such as: For example …
  • How does the listing construction fit your big business situation?
  • Why think that money is “on the list” is completely wrong and what should one concentrate on?
  • How to preach “from the mountains” and get people to join your list

Week 6: Offers

If I had to specify a single module and say, “This has the biggest impact on my business,” that would be it.
Before the B-School, I wrote the lyrics people asked me, and I spent a lot of content.
Although I disliked the content and did not believe it to be my strength, I did not have the courage to reject it.
Marie let me think about how I should put my services together. I did not know how difficult it was for people to buy my services because of them:
a) had to pay an hourly rate or
b) had to design a writing package themselves.
After working on this module, I developed three editorial packages: a complete website from the ground up, a complete edition of the website, and a one-page package. (I did not know that I also did a powerful price comparison, which is ideal for conversions).

Week 7: Marketing

This is the last module of the B-School and it’s the big one.
As if nothing had happened, but I did not know that others also resisted the marketing and I sighed with relief when the topic was mentioned in the first video of this module.
Marie is in the mood for marketing, even if this is not the case at the moment. She spends a lot of time working on the underlying bad beliefs that many of us have about selling our products.

Week 8: office hours and implementation time.

At the end of school B, I was already waiting for something else. # Confession, I still skipped office hours.
I looked at the whole strategy and juicy knowledge that I did not have, and I wanted more.
I wanted more courses that I wanted to track with Todd Herman, Amy Porterfield, and Denise Duffield-Thomas, and I wanted to create more links in private FB groups

Who is not good for the Marie Forleo B-School?

B-School is not for you if one of the following is right for you:
  • You know you want to quit your job, but you do not know what you want to do in your place.
  • They hope that Marie’s program will help you to determine the type of business you want to start.
  • The money is so short that he would have to spend his last dollar on it. Save your money and maybe next year is the perfect time to join!

Pros and Cons


  • The B-School proposes a roadmap for success.
  • go to the bottom of my things
  • wonderful creative community
  • Customer service
  • Quality Course + Multimedia Options.


How much does the B-School cost?

The investment for a B-School is $ 1999. You also have the option to pay in 12 monthly installments of $ 199.

Is there a refund policy?

We believe that you will receive immense value through the B-School. However, if you are not completely satisfied, you can request a refund.

This is what you need to know before registering to receive a refund:

  • The B-School is not a program for “quick enrichment”. You will acquire proven entrepreneurial skills that will serve you for a lifetime.
  • Your training material is yours forever. You can also resume the B-School for free each year. (I went through the program 3 times!)
  • You can try B-School until March 17th. If he does the work and does not get the value, Mary’s team will return the money. Marie demands that you complete your entire B-School assignment among all available modules before returning the money. Why? Because they know that you get results when you do the work. It is so easy

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Conclusion: Marie Forleo B-School Review 2023

So you have it! I hope that this last B-School resource has answered all your questions about the program. B-School is not for everyone. If you are interested in the details of this program, now is the time to start your adventure with B-School!
You can now get all the information on this amazing “Marie Forleo B-School” website. Share your Review about Marie Forleo B-School in the comment section. Have you ever used Marie Forleo B-School for your business?
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