MarketerMagic Review 2022: Top 5 Features & Pricing (Pros & Cons)

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Ease of use
Value for money


  • MarketerMagic is the most used Chat Marketing Platform
  • Spend Less Time Tracking
  • Validate email, Increase deliverability
  • Track and Optimize Every Touchpoint
  • Generate Automated Transcription
  • Reliable team management for your business
  • Background Trimmer
  • Supercharge Your Ad Agency with Quality Leads FAST
  • Generate Automated Transcription for Business Growth


  • More pricing options

Trusted by Over 1M+ Businesses MarketerMagic is the #1 "Social Proof" app designed to give your customers a serious case of FOMO! With it's lean design, Clickproof is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile. Set up takes less than 5 minutes and requires ZERO technical skill.

Price:$ 37

You, as a marketer, need the right tools to overcome competition.

You’ve spent so much time, money and effort to get your website up and running, but you’re not getting the results you want. You’re not getting the visitors and conversions you need to make your business successful.

You don’t have to worry about that with MarketerMagic. Their platform is the best at tracking marketing and conversion activity, so that you can analyze your performance with our reports and dashboards.

This is why MarketerMagic makes me so excited. A platform that is actually a series of various, completely useful features used every day by digital marketers around the globe.

The days of 100 different applications and subscriptions to run a digital company are gone. MarketerMagic is here to change the game by bringing you the most competitive rates, most intuitive efficient devices, all under one hood! So, let’s dig deeper into what this software is and how it can help you improve your company’s marketing campaign.

Man Behind MarketerMagic Kevin David is an 8+ figure entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, and coach to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and students around the world.

Kevin David Marketer Magic

MarketerMagic Review: Top Pros & Cons Of MarketerMagic

MarketerMagic is a software suite designed for marketers that have 6 much-needed tools integrated into one platform, Kevin David creates them. These built-in tools make everything from lead generation, email marketing, connection shorteners, job platform, & social proof simply for you.

Marketer Magic-Overview

It is a marketing tool optimized for marketers. It’s a fascinating and useful tool and MarketerMagic is software that Kevin David used to make millions in his own business, so after checking out the tools and videos, I signed up to find out what exciting features it has to offer. I was really amazed.

The tools are user friendly and the dashboard looks fantastic and is also very positive.

MarketerMagic Features :

MarketerMagic is a tool for exponentiating new business leads to development and less time spent monitoring. With much less effort it makes you do more. You will double your income with MarketerMagic, double your productivity, and make your life so easy and so much easier with tools like:

  • Click Proof


Now Click Proof is a social proof app that allows real users to submit a real proof to add to your accounts, it’s fascinating because many people are involved in buying instantly put in the buying alignment. Everything you need to do is add the page URL to the MarketerMagic dashboard, create the widget, paste the code on your profile, call the “verified Instagram account” button that the widget pops up as checked-in IG. This app displays actual consumer behavior and more to their purchases.

  • Live Pic

Live pic is a way to make your email campaigns personalized. This helps you to add client names live to make it look like personalized emails, connecting to the future consumer makes it much more humane. Through customizing their photos, advertisers have gotten 10 times the productivity of email ads, sounds easy but you can get a lot out of it. You can simply edit the templates, and the personalized email is ready for you.

  • Email Verifier :

Problems with fake emails are real and every digital marketer knows that, this MarketerMagic email verifier is to your rescue. Email verifier lets you keep fraudulent emails out. There are several ways to do this with email verifier the first ways you can regularly clean your list by deleting emails by uploading a list, which will give you back, which will be checked.

Work Hub : 

Is a feature that allows you to keep track of any company efficiently you can see how workers work and how well they work and how much you paid out it can even automatically capture every employee screen at a given time period to let you know whether they work or claim to work it’s like a bad Upwork version.

You can monitor payments on working hours, and the best thing is that you can add or invite people to manage who is working on what project you can have several on a single working platform for a single project.

Many Leads : 

The most exciting feature all these days, if you want to find local businesses to whom you can provide service, you have to google it and open all the website looking for contact information, accessing their social media or trying to somehow reach them waiting for the response that is a tedious process, but now with this MarketerMagic app, but now all you have to do is pick a keyword that is the local.

But now you have a full list of highly targeted leads that can reach out to all the contacts that rely on phone number details and social media accounts.

All of the above features free training and tutorials to deliver on your business goals. Overall, it does its job very well as being a suite of resources that help marketers get rid of costly and inefficient resources that can make work simpler and also save precious time with a lot of capital.

Using MarketerMagic to boost your marketing campaign!

As already mentioned earlier in the post, MarketerMagic offers some very cool and useful features for digital marketers under one hood. Once you have signed up and created your account, you can access your dashboard, which will give you all the main features and tools listed on the left. Every of the features you see has many open sub-features under the related headings.

Here’s all you can do using MarketerMagic.

ClickProof– To Leverage your brand’s Social Proof :


Believe it or not, most customers have this herd mentality to do what the crowd does. Everyone else will do as they want. This is what makes social proof, evidence of the success of your company, is so important in boosting sales. It causes FOMO in your audience (fear of losing out) and persuades the customers to go for your deal even though they are not completely persuaded of its usefulness.

ClickProof is a very useful feature by MarketerMagic that lets you attach various creative ways of adding social proof to your landing pages and website. For instance, you might show other users the latest activities on your website and show latest sign-ups and product purchases. Or you may be able to show live visitors counting on a page to generate excitement among their guests.

Marketer Magic-Clickproof

You may also show a custom message that highlights the recent sales and other elements that confirms social proof for your company. Each message produced using ClickProof is studded with a “MarketerMagic checked” badge which adds more credibility and sense of trust to it.

ClickProof makes this effective marketing tactic easy to exploit. And the most amazing part is that to start viewing ClickProof messages you just have to copy a small code and paste it into your pages. No needed technical expertise.

Source: SquareLovin

When you wonder how successful such messages are, remember that large companies such as Shopify and use similar kinds of messages on their various sales and landing pages on a daily basis. These messages speed up the decision-making process and give the final boost to the prospects to turn visitors into clients.

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LivePic – Personalizing your Email Marketing made easier:

Here’s how an image created with LivePic looks.


Email marketing is perhaps one of the topmost effective ways of keeping consumers involved and boosting sales. But even more successful is the personalized email marketing. 75 per cent of the active marketers have stated that email personalization improved their click-through rate in a recent survey while 56 per cent said that it helped boost sales.

As per a statement by Oberlo, simply customizing the subject line of email will increase the open rate of email by 50%. In MarketerMagic,


LivePic is a revolutionary feature that lets you create highly customized and visually appealing emails for your target audience. Instead of only customizing the email receiver name or subject lines, LivePic is adding an image for your subscribers with a custom post.

Marketer Magic-Livepic

You can also use the {First Name} tag instead of the subscriber ‘s name to use this for mass email campaigns too. Uploading an image of your choice or adding a crisp and attractive message for your subscribers and then simply customizing it using various tags will help you boom your conversion rate! You ‘re just about to go. Only copy / paste the LivePic file and add it to your email campaign.

LivePic sample gallery photos can also be used. It includes all the common tools for email marketing such as ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, etc. Simply pick the appropriate program from the drop-down list, record the code and get your photo. It’s a small but very useful feature which can theoretically significantly improve your email marketing strategy ‘s effectiveness.

Email Verifier – Boost your brand’s Email Deliverability Rate :

One of the most critical aspects in digital marketing is creating an email list, which takes significant time, energy and money. But what in case you end up with a list of bogus email addresses which simply don’t exist, even after spending thousands of dollars to attract email subscribers?

I know that this is a crucial issue for a marketer. People often us fake email IDs to sign up to various lists to get easy access because most email marketing systems do not have a program in place for on the spot validation of emails. It not only contributes to wasted resources but also reduces your email delivery rate, which has the potential to hurt the long-term progress of email marketing efficiency.

Marketer Magic-Emailverifier

But don’t worry! MarketerMagic comes with one more cool feature called Email Verifier, which has been designed to help you get rid of all fake and unauthentic emails. It provides a few different choices you can utilise to build a clean mailing list.

  • First, you have the choice to upload your entire email archive and automatically remove all of the fake emails.
  • Live Email Verifier is the second choice which is far easier and more useful.
  • Visitor emails are checked by this tool when they fill in sign-up form on your website.
  • Fake emails will be detected automatically and cannot be signed in.
  • Just like the other features in this list, you simply have to copy a code snippet and paste it into your website.

It is one small feature that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run because most email marketing tools charge you per user and any fake user means wasted money.

WorkHub- To Scale Your Business :

Will you know what characterizes overs of successful brands and business the most? They are practitioners of the art of externalization and outsourcing. Instead of getting themselves trapped in the daily business activities, they outsource to skilled but cheaper resources whatever they can and direct their focus on scaling their business.

Marketer Magic-Workhub

WorkHub, MarketerMagic’s native tool designed for project management, making outsourcing an easy task by offering you full control over your remote squad. Here’s how it operates.

  • The latest project is added to WorkHub
  • Contact and invite freelancers and remote employee by sharing an invite connect.
  • The workers are allocated to related tasks.
  • Every employee must install a WorkHub Chrome extension for project monitoring.
  • This extension randomly keeps taking desktop screenshots of your team and sharing them with you, so you are always aware of what they’re up to.
  • This feature gives you important details such as schedules for the project, work done by every employee, time spent, progress and completion rate for the project etc. When you have completed the project, you should mark it as published.
  • To pay your workers, freelancers, simply go to the payment tab, pick the name of the employee, the project/milestone you are paying them for, and process the payment.

This is it! WorkHub bring you everything under a single hood as you can access every detail from one dashboard. When someone is outsourcing many items such as advertising, design, production etc. I just love that feature and indeed believe in the long run it will help you save thousands of dollars.

Can I Trust MarketerMagic Tool ?

Yes you can trust this tool and author of this Kevin David is very well respected in internet marketing space check out his Youtube Channel :

Kevin David review Marketer Magic

ManyLeads – To find Qualified Leads for your brand :

Freelancers, digital marketers, consultants no matter with whom I talk, their main challenge is still seeking clients and creating appropriate leads. It costs hundreds of dollars to buy various devices, run ads and hire virtual assistants to do the job for you.

All that changes ManyLeads. I would buy MarketerMagic for just ManyLeads even if it had no other useful feature. What’s it up to? It finds leads that are highly important for any niche or industry and area you want. It fetched me 951 leads from New York for example for “Online Advertising.”

Marketer Magic-Manyleads

The tool gives you access to websites, social media pages, phone number with any lead, which is a real-world company, and even informs you if it has the Facebook Pixel built on its site. Think how valuable this is to someone who is willing to sell digital marketing tools in a specific area for a particular industry.

You can also send emails directly from ManyLeads if your email marketing program is integrated with MarketerMagic, too. Otherwise, with your bid, you can export the entire list as a CSV file, and manually hit all prospects.

MiniMe–Tracking Your Audience on the go! :

Another unbelievably useful feature offered by MarketerMagic, MiniMe, looks from the outside like a basic connection shortener. But it is only when you start using it that you truly appreciate this tool ‘s true usefulness.

Marketer Magic-Minime

MiniMe offers the following useful features:

  • Link Shortener

If you ever feel the need to shorten long and complicated links, the functionality of Link Shortener is something that will surely suffice your purpose. The benefit of Link Shortener over other similar tools like and more is that as it’s a new device, there are plenty of high-value and promoted connections up for grabs.

You will get simplified links like, or, for example, since no one has grabbed them till now. When a connection is shortened, you can easily track all the clicks and get feedback from the audience, like every other shortener.

  • Retargeting Link

That’s a very cool feature. In all obviousness, a retargeting link lets you create a shorter version of your link which can be used with different ad networks, in social media articles, or any other place on the web. You will be able to track each and every click that occur on this link and then retarget Facebook users even in case the link is not pointing to your own website.

  • Link Tree

You can use only one URL in your profile on most social media sites, forums, and public platforms. With Link Tree, you can create a single connection that will lead visitors to a list of other relevant links that you want them to see in all of your profiles. Instagram influencers use link trees regularly, but you can do it anywhere on the internet.

MarketerMagic Pricing Scheme

MarketerMagic is seriously a feature-loaded marketing tool which is suitable for digital marketers as you know it now.

  • In my view also the pricing scheme is very fair.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial, that gives you unlimited access to all the listed features.
  • Once the trial period ends, you have the option of signing up for the paid packages.

Here is a brief info about the various pricing packages offered by MarketerMagic.

Their most common plan gives you 500,000 monthly ClickProof searches, 500 K monthly Live Pic impressions, 500 K clicks every month for all the combined MiniMe features, 750 monthly Many Leads searches, 100 email verifications using the Email Verifier, and up to 5 active users in the WorkHubspace. All that for a $47 monthly fee.

You also have the option to choose annual billing option, which will drop the monthly charges to $37 per month, thus saving you $120 a year.

Marketer Magic-Pricing

Marketer magic gives all users access to a free trial to understand the platform and helps us decide if we’re comfortable using it or not, which I feel is too good for a product like this and overwhelms me. Until buying, it’s necessary to get the feel of that.

Who is Kevin David ? Man Behind MarketerMagic

Kevin David is a self made eCommerce multimillion dollar Entrepreneur He is inspiring people all over the world to get freedom from soul destroying office jobs.

Kevin David tools Kevind David products

Who should use MarketerMagic?

MarketerMagic is a program that is beneficial to online marketers and is certainly an amazing tool kit. Many of the apps are so exclusive, and for the first time ever available. First of all, you don’t have to download or install everything when using MarketerMagic, rather everything is cloud-based, which simply means that anywhere in the cloud you don’t panic because you’re never going to lose data.

There are some very interesting claims about MarketerMagic that allow you to make better deliverability of emails, weed out fake emails and employ conversions of your choices across your landing pages. To enable you to find thousands of potential leaves by clicking a Retarget People button.


MarketerMagic lets you measure every step of your marketing funnel to make sure you are reaching the right customers

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Get real-time stats on your calls to action, leads and sales.

😩  Cons

More pricing options needed for beginners


With MarketerMagic, you can focus on your marketing, instead of worrying about how to track it

Overall Rating 4.5/5

MarketerMagic Testimonials By Users

marketer Magic kevin david marketer Magic kevin david

MarketerMagic is a great investment for

Quick Links: 

Kevin David MarketerMagic Founder Videos on Youtube :

Conclusion : MarketerMagic Review 2022 Is MarketerMagic Worth It?

Having this software is so appealing because the dashboard looks amazing with the colors of light green and dark blue, they look so cool and serene as the most important way to feel when working on the left sidebar, you get access to the settings support section and all the devices.

Alternatively, you’ll only have access to some of the tools depending on the price plan you later selected in the top section of your account marketer and there’s a link to their Facebook group for you to chat with other users and get more real-time help if you need it.

– MarketerMagic lets you measure every step of your marketing funnel to make sure you are reaching the right customers.

– You will get a complete view of your marketing spending and conversion rates.

– Test and optimize any mailing list for higher email open rates and conversions.

– Your website is more than just an e-commerce site. It also includes products, services, affiliate links, social media traffic and analytics data.

– MarketerMagic can be used for lead generation or SEO purposes to reach your audience.



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Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living digital nomad lifestyle and founder of  internet marketing blog & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years long expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide & contributor of “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2”. He had trained 10000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven.  Investor in Imagestation Newsmartwave . Check out his portfolio( Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.

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  1. Marketer Magic is a marketing tool created by marketers for marketers. It is an interesting and useful tool and MarketerMagic is software that Kevin David has been using in his own business to make millions, so I signed up to check what exciting features it has to offer, after checking out the tools and the videos. I was really amazed. The tools are straightforward to use, the dashboard looks great and is also very constructive.

  2. MarketerMagic is a feature-rich marketing platform that’s ideal for digital marketers.
    Its pricing structure is also quite reasonable in my opinion.
    It comes with a free 7-day trial during which you get access to all its features.
    500k monthly searches for ClickProof, 500K monthly impressions for LivePic, 500K monthly clicks for all MiniMe features combined, 750 monthly searches for ManyLeads, 100 email verifications for Email verifier, and up to 5 users in Workout, all this at a very affordable price!

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