Become A Marketing Leader With Marketing Evolution Experience (MEE)

Multiply your skills with the latest thinking, newest developments, and most current examples of data-enriched marketing. Upgrade your ability to harness data for marketing. The Marketing Evolution Experience (MEE) is all about YOU. MEE is a whole new kind of event which includes Keynotes, Sessions, Case Studies, Session-Activities and much more.

Marketing Evolution Experience: London

Date- 17th-18th October 2018

Rising Media will be organizing another event of Marketing Evolution Experience in London after the successful event in Las Vegas. It will give the attendees to learn the basics and advancements in marketing and take a step forward in their specific industry.

The event will also aim at driving meaningful value and empowering marketers of all stripes to upgrade their ability to harness data for marketing. This event will have significant features with step by step guide for the success:

  • Data Diven Culture: Learn how to get your firm to grasp data as a competitive edge.
  • Digital Analytics: Use different strategies and SEO, email strategy, social media to interact with your customer. Optimize your landing page and entire business model.
  • Customer Centricity: Understanding of customer segment in the market is certainly the most important projection method and strategy.
  • Marketing Science: Consider this the bridge to data science that will allow for meaningful, productive conversations between research and applied science.
  • Professional Skills
  •  Attribution
  • AI: Learn the Artificial Intelligence and Marketer learning from the experts.

About Rising Media

Rising Media is a global events and media producer excelling in Internet and technology-related events and content. Events include Inside 3D Printing, RoboUniverse, Virtual Reality Summit, Data Driven Business, Building Business Capability, Predictive Analytics World, Deep Learning World, Marketing Evolution Experience, Digital Growth Unleashed, Email Innovations Summit, Inside Fintech, AllFacebook Marketing Conference, All Influencer Marketing Conference, Search Marketing Expo, AM Days, Influencer Marketing Days, Future of Immersive Leisure, Global Online Marketplaces Summit, SEMY Awards, Search Marketing Expo, and Web Effectiveness Conference in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, India, China, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Brazil.

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