Media venus Review 2022: Is it the Best Native Advertising Network??

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I have tried a handful of good and reputed advertising networking services and programs to increase traffic and drive sales for my blog. They all have their own sets of features and advantages that worked for me according to my requirements.

It depends from user to user, what you are looking for. When I look for effective and reliable advertising networks, I am primarily looking for solutions that

  • Efficiently bridge the gap between publishers and advertisers.
  • Supports a wide range of internet traffic.
  • Involves no middlemen.
  • Offers timely and secure payments.



There are very few networks that successfully serve these requirements. One such popular advertising network is MediaVenus. Here is a quick review about its features, tools and comparison with other popular advertising networks.

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What is Media Venus?

MediaVenus is a native advertising network that provides the right technology and services to advertisers and publishers to execute high yielding affiliate campaigns and brings them together. It employs unique and powerful technology of adjusting the ads to fit every website perfectly.





                                       Detailed Review of Media Venus


With the plethora of choices, you need the best advertising network in order to drive your sales.

Highlight features

MediaVenus today is one of the best and leading advertising networks in the market today. It has all the right tools and services in place to make your advertising and publishing powerful and profitable.

  • Flexible format

Your widget will have great appearance and will be suitable for different devices

  • Easy login and setup

MediaVenus provides an easy login for both Advertisers and Publishers. The service is easy to login and setup.

  • Powerful targeting

Target your ads by countries, devices, categories, gender, age and interests of the audience

  • Wide categories of internet traffic

MediaVenus covers a wide range of ad traffic in their network including Beauty products, Health products, Weight loss & Diets, Utilities, Mobile Apps, E-commerce, Casino & Gambling, Sweepstakes, Dating, Adult and more.

  • Trending advertisement

Top tier advertisers and their goods

For Publishers

Here are the reasons why MediaVenus is the best choice for publishers.

  • MediaVenus is trusted by more than 110 000 publishers in 30 countries.
  • No Shock Ads and malware codes, thus ensuring utmost safety.
  • Monetization of all different verticals, themes and categories to work with.
  • MediaVenus services range over more than 200 countries in 50 languages.
  • Native Ad Network ensures maximum and better income than banner networks.
  • Supports many popular ad forms including Targeted ads. The service also provides efficient tools to adjust each Ad and its appearance.
  • Excellent support team consisting of Personal managers who speak your language!
  • Regular and on-time payments. MediaVenus make payments every week.

For Advertisers

When it comes to advertising, MediaVenus helps advertisers exploit the internet world with a host of powerful and efficient features.

MediaVenus covers a wide range of ad traffic in their network including

  • Beauty products
  • Health products
  • Weight loss & Diets
  • Utilities
  • Mobile Apps
  • E-commerce
  • Casino & Gambling
  • Sweepstakes
  • Dating
  • Adult


Apart from this, advertisers get to play with powerful targeting tools to maximize your income.

  • GEO-targeting

More than 250 countries, where you can target every city or village

  • Device targeting

Desktop, mobile and tablets

  • Browser and operation system targeting

Choose mobile or desktop browsers

  • Mobile operator targeting

Fresh database of IPs from mobile operators

  • Targeting by placement

Show your ads on profitable websites only

Why should you use MediaVenus?

Certain unique advantages which I found that;

  • It absolutely works on all major native languages.
  • CSS and JS minified (no longer time to load our web page).
  • They provide top-tier advertisers in every category.
  • Instant approval and also they approve adult content or viral content blogs.
  • Compactable for any devices.
  • Flexible formats like Adsense.
  • It works on CPC as well as CPM models.
  • Higher CPC/CPM rates.
  • You can manually customize your ad’s size, color, appearance, numbers, language, etc.
  • Best ad network to find the behavior of our visitors. It helps us to optimize the ads according to our readers.

MediaVenus VS others

It would be wrong on my part to say that MediaVenus is THE BEST AND ONLY Native Advertising Network you should go for and abandon the rest. NO! It all depends on what your thinking and requirements are. I’m just writing this section to give you a comparison of MediaVenus with some of the leading Advertising Networks.

There are numerous Native Advertising Networks like MediaVenus & NativeAds in the market that are gaining popularity among webmasters as they help to make maximum use of ad space on our websites. This Ad format is popular with internet users as well as an average visitors give up to three times more attention to native ads than to standard banner ads.

As compared to traditional banner ads, Native Advertising Networks do not annoy or distract visitors and help to provide them with a pleasurable user experience. That’s why the CTR of native advertising networks is on average 45% higher than that of traditional banner ads.

Also, native advertising network like MediaVenus is based on RTB system and we can choose our mode of collaboration freely be it CPC or CPM that we prefer

MediaVenus and NativeAds are similar in their operations and CPC/CPM rates are also competitive. But you may face certain difficulties when you apply for NativeAds. Those are;

  • They do not approve you instantly.
  • You must be having a decent traffic which is more than 50,000 in a month. It is minimum.
  • Content language must be English.
  • They prefer quality content blogs.
  • No referral income for new webmasters

But when it comes to MediaVenus;

  • They approve you shortly.
  • There are no minimum traffic standards.
  • Any language blogs are welcome.
  • Very good CPC/CPM rates as NativeAds.
  • They provide referral income for the next one year if anyone join by clicking your link.
  • Also, they have promotional prizes for all new webmasters who join now.

If you looking for other better options. You may want to read this MGID review carefully. Click here to read the full review.

Thinking of Joining it:  Sign Up here


Is Media Venus Worth?

MediaVenus is one platform that provides publishers and advertisers the opportunity to enter the global market and increase their revenues. Their services are clean and user friendly. The sign up and setup is easy and quick. Payments are clean and on time. Customer service is excellent. There are no middlemen involved whatsoever.

Above all, it is a NATIVE advertising network, which is a lot more flexible and profitable than the traditional banner ads. It supports and powers targeted ads which has better outreach and drives more sales.

Altogether, if you are looking for better and more powerful advertising alternative to NativeAds, then MediaVenus is definitely worth signing up to.


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