MediaBlam CPM Ad Network: Way To Boost Your Revenue

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The rapid growth and development of the Internet world have led to a rise in importance and value of various forms of ad networks, especially the ones that revolve around CPM ad networking.

Over the years, we have seen the success of many international CPM ad networks, each targeting a specific section of the audience. Today I am writing this post to describe one such online CPM Ad Network that has experienced major success in recent years, MediaBlam CPM Ad Network.

MediaBlam CPM Ad Network

MediaBlam is an online CPM Ad network based in United Kingdom (UK). This ad network primarily focuses on revenue models CPM and Pop. Over the years, this ad network has gained so much popularity and reputation that more than 3000 publishers across the globe today are using this ad network to monetize their sites.

MediaBlam Review - CPM Ad Network

Their services use numerous algorithms to determine the best ad to serve to their publisher sites. With this, they aim to help their publishers by providing the best possible position for our advertisers to get their brand, service or product seen as well as earn more revenue from all impressions they sell as well as.

Over the years, their network has diversified so much that today they work with several leading ad exchanges to provide the best possible solutions to their publishers so they can work on creating great content while they work on making them more money for their sites. MediaBlam review sites before approving them.

With over 2,000+ active publisher sites and over 1,500+ ad campaigns running through our network we look forward to welcoming you on-board soon.


The sites must not

  • Have hosted on free hosting platforms like Blogger and Tumblr.
  • Host any objectionable content like pornography, spam, gambling, warez, malware, adware and spyware.
  • Have made for the advertising purpose.
  • Contain excessive ads.

Mediablam Review- Publisher Requirement

The sites must

  • Be fully functional
  • Meet minimum traffic requirements ( 1000 impressions per month )
  • Have great design, navigation and content.

The publishers must not

  • Click on their own ads or encourage others to do.
  • Use bots or software to manipulate clicks and impressions.
  • Use bots, PTC sites, auto-refreshing sites, proxies, and traffic exchanges to send traffic.

MediaBlam: Publisher Categories

MediaBlam CPM Network supports a wide array of categories for their publishers to choose from. Here is a quick list of the most popular categories they offer.

Mediablam Review - Publisher Dashboard

  • Political News
  • International News
  • Business News
  • Sports News
  • Automotive
  • National
  • Political Commentary
  • Men’s Lifestyle


MediaBlam: Publisher Benefits

The Publisher benefits of MediaBlam revolve around these three aspects.

High CPM Earnings – Easy Set up – Fast Approval

MediaBlam works hard to check each site. They review every site that has been fed in their database by the publishers to ensure you are generating the most revenue you can from your web space.

They offer many ad formats to help you choose what you want to display, as well as give you access to experienced account managers to answer any questions you may have.

Payments are always on time and are made every month. The payments can also be made on a bi monthly basis (every two weeks) for established publishers.

They effectively allow you to manually monitor your site’s performance, view daily earnings, overall earnings within your user dashboard. Apart from all this, you can also see a detailed breakdown of how each ad position is performing.

Everything has been technically crafted and designed to benefit you, the publisher and make monetization of your website as simply, effectively and quickly as possible.

So hurry up! Jump online, Join MediaBlam and see what they can do for you.

MediaBlam: Ad formats

The publishers can have access to the following ad formats:

Mediablam Review- Ad Format

  • 728×90
  • 300×250
  • 160×600
  • 120×600
  • 336×280
  • 300×600
  • 320×100 (Mobile ads)
  • Full page popup ads


Being a publisher you must not use more than 2 ad units per page.

MediaBlam: Highlight features

Global Ad Coverage – 100% Fill Rate

MediaBlam network has tied up with over 100s of ad networks that complete for your ad position. This simply means that no impression will even go unsold.

The good part is that they only sell your ad spot to top brands and HIGH PAYING advertisers, thus ensuring you get the maximum possible revenue for your website’s traffic whenever a new ad is placed on your site.

Optimized Technology Stack

MediaBlam have been using multiple state of the art algorithms technology that have been designed to efficiently detect the highest paying advertisers that match your sites traffic based on various important and key factors such as country, age, gender and recent browsing interests.

Doing so, they are able to display targeted high paying ads to your users which increase your eCPM helping you to easily achieve your sites revenue goals.

Traffic Requirements

(Sites must serve a minimum of 1,000 unique visits per day to qualify.)

It is a very usual trend that webmasters want to start earning money from their sites from day one. Working on this mentality, MedbiaBlam allows all sites from any country to join their network.

You will be accepted into their network as long as your site is in English and fits our ad serving requirements. You can then start serving ads on approved sites from the first day itself. Feature

Support & Optimization Is Key

The MediaBlam team believes in bridging the gap and creating a friendly workspace with all their publishers by working closely with them, to make sure they have the best possible ads showing on their sites to increase revenues.

They are always there to answer your questions and concerns 24/7. Just drop them a message if you need any help or advice.

Quality Advertisers

MediaBlam only aims to serve ads from high paying quality advertisers to ensure adverts being served on your website meet all quality checks as well as industry standards.

Their server automatically and efficiently optimizes each and every ad that is served on your site to help your site earn as much revenue as possible, because they stick always remain in proper trans with the best advertisers, which means they can demand more revenue for your traffic.

Fast Setup

Any new customer, who is looking for better solutions to their business, obviously wants a quick and easy set up. MediaBlam is just that! Simply sign up, then add your site, get your ad code and start earning more revenue from the first day itself. It really is that fast and easy.

MediaBlam aims to take all the hassle out of ad serving and provide publishers with instant ad codes for approved sites ready to install, so you can start serving high-quality top paying ads instantly.

Why should you join MediaBlam?

  • Fast approval
  • Highest fill rates
  • Competitive rates
  • Timely payments. The publishers would always receive their earnings on a weekly or monthly basis on time.
  • The publishers can use their real-time reporting system to track the performance and revenue of their ad.
  • 100% Ad coverage for all countries
  • Industry high CPM rates
  • Fast & Easy Sign Up
  • Get your website approved today.
  • Monitor earnings in real time
  • On time auto payments each month


The publishers get paid on Net 30 basis. The payment options are PayPal and Bank transfer. The minimum payout is $50.

Mediablam Review : Payment

Visit the MediaBlam official website to learn more about their features, services, benefits, payments and more.

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MediaBlam ad matching technology is impressively fast and works in milliseconds every time an impression is created on their publisher’s sites, thus allowing the publishers to benefit from higher revenues and more relevant ads for their audience. It is a good alternative to SkyAdMedia CPM ad network.

MediaBlam offers just the right, suitable and high paying ad campaigns, deals and offers with major brands and publishers so that your website can make the most out of it. With MediaBlam, you get

  • Over 2000+ publishers
  • Over 1500+ advertisers campaigns
  • 35+ Network and Exchange partners
  • 40,000,000+ daily ad views

Along with this, their network provides


Start serving CPM ad units on your site within minutes of joining. Easily add our codes to your approved sites and get started.


MediaBlam has CPM ads from most GEO’s available, so just go ahead and start promoting your brand, product or service more effectively and efficiently across multiple sites for just a fraction of the cost.

Easy, Fast, Simple set up

The developers have designed with publishers in mind. They want to make it simple for you to get started in minutes so try us today.

Altogether, MediaBlam is one of the most promising and reliable CPM ad networks in the market today. Hurry up and try it out yourself!

 All new publishers can get a $10 sign up bonus as well


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