Melio Payments Review 2021 Top 5 Features & Pricing (Melio Reviews & Product Details)

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Ease of use
Payments tracking


  • No sign up or registration fees.
  • Users do not need to sign any contracts.
  • Users can avail support at any hour of the day.
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • High Paying Affiliate Program
  • Unlimited companies/clients AP/AR management
  • Unlimited users per account
  • Seamless recipient updates of preferred payment method


  • Managing your vendors is a difficult task.
  • Melio is not integrated with Zapier.

Melio's advantages include the no-cost plans tailored to companies and accountants. It works with standard accounting tools like QuickBooks, so you won't have to come up with something new to better the invoicing.

Price:$ 2.9

Small business owners in the US, who are looking for a platform for collecting online payments, we can bet you Melio is a prime choice for you. Currently, the services are available to all the small business owners and entrepreneurs through the United States. Now, you can easily collect your invoices. Customers can pay via debit cards or a bank transfer, for free. You can even collect payments for vendors who accept only paper checks.

Bottom Line Upfront :

Melio provides quick and hassle free transactions. They have flexible options for payments, where payments via bank transfer are free. There is a small fee of 2.9% on transactions made via credit cards and with the help of Melio feature of payment scheduling, you can avoid any late payment charges. There is no need to create a Melio account, to make payments. There is no monthly subscription charges. If you face any issues, you can reach out to their customer service agents, who are extremely helpful and will solve your issues at the immediate time. Try Melio Now

Melio Payments Review 2021: Overview

Melio Overview- Melio Payments Review

Melio Payments Key Features

Features Melio- Melio Payments Review

Scheduling of the Payment

Collecting the payment on the decided date is a very difficult task. They understand the pain of late payments. This is why Melio will assist you to collect all your payments on the proper schedule to minimize the fuzz and chaos payments cause.

Payment with the help of a credit card

While you are running a business, you need to make transactions more often than you can imagine. Melio understands that it is difficult to maintain a surplus of money in your account at times, which in turn increases your desire to pay via credit cards.

They know that not every client or service provider accepts credit cards. So, in order to ease this process for you, you can now pay them via a bank transfer or a check with the help of Melio. Confused?

Let us explain it to you. All you need to do is, make the payment at Melio, with your credit card, and they will pay your vendor on your behalf. Simple, isn’t it?

Integration of QuickBooks with Melio

Well, here is good news for all the users who are registered at QuickBooks. Melio has tied with QuickBooks now. All the mutual customers can now be benefitted from the sync between them.

All your accounting and their payments shall be taken care of in a single place. In fact, you can even use the same credentials to log in to Melio as that of Quickbooks.

Melio me is the fastest to accept and track payments online. Your customers will not even need to register at Melio and create their account to be able to make a payment to you.

Users can also make a payment with the help of a bank transfer, which happens with no deduction or with the help of a credit card.

Create an Affiliate program

Here is an amazing use for all the Melio users, who are linked with an affiliate program as well. With the assistance of melio, it is very easy to create and broadcast your special and unique link to all your buyers and interested customers.

With the help of accepted cookies, Melio tracks and makes a list of all your potential customers. A potential customer database shall be available with you for a minimum of ninety days.

Not only this, you shall even receive a referral fee of two hundred dollars, each time a new customer makes their first transaction with Melio.

At the end of every month, you shall be able to see these references after which you can credit the amount to your bank account with servers such as Stripe or PayPal. This process takes around ten to fifteen days.


Once you are registered with Melio, you need not take any kind of tension in relation to your security. They take this as their main motto. They are constantly working monitoring their data centers round the clock where they have stored their servers.

They use AES and HTTPS to create encryption that is industry-leading in nature. To bring to your notice, we would also like to tell you that Melio is compliant with PCI.

With this system, all your important and sensitive data is stored and protected. Regular tests are conducted within the system, both automatic and manual.

This system ensures that fraud is the least possible. Moreover, the usage of TabaPay, a credit card processor which is a third party also reduces the chances of fraud. Hence, we can positively say that your money and data are safe with Melio.

Ease of Use

The support that Melio offers to its customers is off the charts. With all its plans, you shall be provided with round-the-clock live support. In fact you shall even be able to gain services from a live dedicated accountant to cater to all your doubts.

You can also mail or reach out to Melio on all of their social media pages. 

What are the Key Benefits of Melio?

  1. The first thought that came to our mind, while thinking of Melio is that most of its services are free, and there are no sign up or registration charges that the users need to pay. All of the bank transfers that are made are completely free, that is the ACH payments are free. For the other transactions, there is a small transfer fee applicable, which is as low as two point nine percent only.
  2. Next, is definitely the ability to pay through Melio, with the help of your credit card.
  3. Third, is the integration with QuickBooks, with the help of which you can sync your accounting and payments at one place. This eliminates the reason to maintain separate data lists.
  4. Next is definitely that you can have unlimited users and receive payments with no limits at all. You can even add separate dashboards for your clients.

How does it work?

How it works Melio- Melio payments review

To step up an ACH with Melio is pretty simple. There are a few steps that you need to follow.

  1. Open Melio and your bill in it. It will automatically get synced. 
  2. Next, switch to the Melio Dashboard and open it.
  3. Go to the bill’s section and click on your bill.
  4. Then all you need to do is schedule your bill payments, and select the bank account from where you wish to schedule your bill payment.

Post this, all you need to do is wait for your vendor to accept your bill in the section of the ACH invite.

Pros and cons


  • There is no sign up or registration fees.
  • Users do not need to sign any contracts.
  • Users can avail of support at any hour of the day.
  • You can easily fill out all the forms, related to your taxes.
  • You do not need to pay any delivery charge for the paper checks.
  • You can easily manage your account as it is extremely user friendly.
  • There is no limit on the number of users that you can add.
  • Melio is now integrated with QuickBooks.


  • Managing your vendors is a difficult task.
  • There is no provision to make the  OCR data entry automated.
  • There is no option to sync the ERP to real-time.
  • It is not possible to add a Chrome extension.
  • Melio is not integrated with Zapier.
  • You can not do the accounting automatically.
  • There is no reporting made in terms of built-in expense.


Pricing Melio- Melio pricing review

At Melio, you will have the option to choose from the two plans that they have. Both of them are completely free of charge. They have one Business and one Accountant plan. If you have a closer look at them, they are quite similar to each other and have the same kind of features.


Melio Business Features:

  • Melio allows you to send checks free of cost, as well as Free bank transfer (ACH) & bank deposit.
  • The Business account allows unlimited users per account, which is convenient to use and also sync your process with QuickBooks Online. 
  • Apart from that, it is easy to schedule payments and easy payment tracking is available.
  •  If there are any hindrances or complaints, the software allows live support options for ease of clearance. 
  • All the payments through cards charge a fee of 2.9%, which also applies to payments received. 
  • The software supports unlimited companies, Clients, and AP as well as AR management.

Melio Accountant Features:

  • This feature requires no sign-up or subscription fees, it is also free to send checks. However, like a business account, this also charges a fee of 2.9% in sending and receiving credit card payments. 
  • The bank transfers charge no fees. Melio offers free check sending, as well as free money transfer (ACH) and bank deposit. 
  • The Accountant’s account allows for an infinite number of users per account, making it easier to use and synchronizing the processes with QuickBooks Online. 
  • Aside from that, scheduling payments is easy, and payment monitoring is simple. 
  • This also includes features like dedicated live support for help and FAQs with quick and easy update of all the preferred payment methods and processes

Melio Customer Reviews & Testimonials

“Melio has been a great solution. It has been very easy to train my clients how to use Melio. With the recent development of the accountant’s portal, I can manage all my clients in one spot. I anxiously await any & all new updates!”

Stephanie Mack

‍Account Mobility


״Finally, a simple electronic payment method to streamline bill pay. We’re one step closer to getting rid of checks all together! The Melio dashboard takes convenience to the next level.״

Amy Walker

‍CPA CEO, Walker Agency


“It’s really good, also because we can set days payable, so we can officially have a 30 days payable policy, without me setting calendar reminders.”

Costa Gurevich

Owner Road Runners Team


“We started using Melio for the credit card, but now we use it to pay all our vendors and we love the simplicity.”

Jeff Segal

Domestique Wine


“One of the challenges of being a small business owner is keeping our expenses low and still being able to provide high-quality service. Melio helps me speed up the process of payment delivery and offers the possibility of using a credit card, to have more cash flow for the company. ”

Stanislav Nikolov
Founder and CEO of SPN EVENTS

FAQs on Melio Payments

👉 How do I verify my business with Melio?

After the first payment, you will be asked to enter your organization’s legal information. Like business name, address, Tax ID type, and number. Sole proprietors can enter their home address as a business address.

✔ Do I have to notify all of my vendors that I’m using Melio?

When submitting payments with Melio, you do not need to contact any of your vendors. Melio does not require vendors to register in order to be aware of pending fees or to collect funds.

🔥What will my vendors see when I use Melio?

Melio never gives out the bank account information since the check is paid into Melio's account. Your seller can send you an email confirming that the invoice has been sent.

💥 Can Melio schedule my vendor payments in advance?

Yes, really. Melio's top priority is keeping you on board with suppliers and assisting you with cash flow management.

👓Does Melio support international payments?

Melio currently only accepts transfers between businesses in the United States. Payments from outside the United States are not approved, and only credit cards issued in the United States are accepted.

✌ Does Melio work on mobile or desktop?

Both are true. Melio transactions are available on both your smartphone and your desktop pc..

🙄 Is it possible to pay Mortgage with Melio?

Yes, you can pay a mortgage with Melio, for your business with a Mastercard or Discover. Currently, American and Visa cards are not acceptable.

✅ Where is the headquarters of Melio?

The headquarters of Melio is in New York.

😍Is Melio a part of QBO?

No, Melio is not a part of QBO. You can use Melio, even if you aren’t using QBO. However, if you are using QBO, you shall be benefitted while using Melio

😍 Is Xero in sync with Melio?

No, Xero is not in sync with Melio.

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Conclusion: Is Melio Worth It ? Melio Payment Reviews

Melio’s advantages include the no-cost plans tailored to companies and accountants. It works with standard accounting tools like QuickBooks, so you won’t have to come up with something new to better the invoicing.


Melio also has unlimited monitoring and users, which is a function that not even the costliest accounts payable solutions can match. You’ll still never be required to sign a contract or pay a postage fee.

Melio is in charge of tax forms and offers live assistance. Melio, on the other hand, has certain disadvantages. It actually lacks vendor control and automatic OCR data entry, all of which may be deal-breakers for larger businesses.

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