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Are you looking forward to knowing whether Mentionlytics is the right choice for you? Are you confused whether paying for Mentionlytics would be worth it or not? If yes, I can help you out.

Mentionlytics is an award-winning tool for monitoring the web and social media. It is ideal for both small and big businesses, as well as individuals (artists, politicians, celebrities, etc).

In this article, I will be mentioning all you need to know about Menntionlytics that will help you decide whether it is worth your time or not. So, stay with me to the end.

Mentionlytics Review

What is Mentionlytics?

Mentionlytics Review- Overview

Mentionlytics is a robust and simple-to-use application for monitoring the web and social media. It identifies consumer references across a variety of online and social media, depending on user-defined keywords such as a business name, a product, a rival, or even a subject.

Mentionlytics is designed for small to medium-sized organizations, agencies, and people worldwide. It enables businesses to discover marketing leads and business possibilities in their specialized market, assisting them in keeping ahead of rivals. Mentionlytics may be used to control or even avert an impending crisis by quickly responding to a negative discussion or by embracing and engaging brand fans.

Mentionlytics’ user interface and a plethora of features, including email alerts, top keywords, top mentioners, the share of voice, infographics, and reports, enable users to get a holistic picture of their online presence.

What Can Mentionlytics Do For You?

What mentionlytics Do

1. Detection of Virality:

Recognize a Crisis as it develops so that necessary action may be taken before it is too late. Detect a viral event in progress and ride the wave!

2. Determine Your Competitor & Industry Insights:

Determine which sites are the most popular among your rivals and provide recommendations on how to appear there as well. Grow your competitiveness to increase your market share. Identify influential people and websites in your sector with whom you may collaborate to increase brand awareness.

3. Suggestions for Improving Your Social Media Posts:

Improve your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram postings by following these simple steps. Determine the best days to publish depending on the actual performance of your post. Find hashtags that perform well in your articles and industry and use them more often. Remind you when it’s time to republish your prior excellent material to maximize its effectiveness.

4. Highlight Significant Insights from Your Mentions:

View the most significant online and social mentions by engagement, reach, and sentiment. Identify trolls as well as genuine profiles that say negative things about your business and provide recommendations on how to resolve these problems. Discover fans and advocates for your company who you may have never heard of!

Major Features Offered By Mentionlytics

Idea web monitoring- Mentionlytics Review

  • They are here to assist you; just tell them what you need assistance with!
  • They retain your mentions for one and a half years to reference/analyze them in the future (can extend it upon request).
  • Create your unique tags to use when categorizing your remarks.
  • Utilize their mobile application to keep track of your remarks on the move.
  • View the combined reach of your postings across several media platforms.
  • Identify industry influencers or personalities that often reference your business.
  • Determine the most frequently used keywords and hashtags in discussions of your business or rivals.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly reports of your mentions may be customized and emailed to you or anybody else.
  • Instantly compare your social media and online presence to that of your rivals.
  • Utilize sophisticated Boolean searches to further refine your findings.
  • Access results for mentions, filter them and see graphs and in-depth analysis.
  • Track topics/posts related to your business using keyword terms.
  • Analyze any hashtag across Instagram/Twitter.
  • Completely monitor your rivals’ mentions.
  • Mentionlytics-exclusive. SIA will use her artificial intelligence to deduce patterns and information from your mention data.
  • They go well beyond monitoring news and blogs, giving results from almost any website.
  • They provide the industry’s most comprehensive social monitoring data. However, do not just take their word for it. Prove it to yourself!

Some of the New Features Added By Mentionlytics

Features - Mentionlytics

1. There are three new views in the Mention viewer (Full, List, and Table):

When examining your mentions data, you may now choose between three distinct views: full view (which was previously available), list view, and table view. To enable even more efficient browsing of your mentions.

2. Google Data Studio integration:

The newly integrated Google Data Studio enables you to examine your data in Google Data Studio. You can now build dashboards in GDS that include all of your Mentionlytics mention data, or you can mix Mentionlytics mentions with data from other sources.

3. Improved server and database performance for much faster loading times on big datasets:

They updated all of their cloud servers and databases to increase efficiency, which means you can now examine far bigger mention datasets and period spans much more quickly.

4. Stats on Neutral Mentions:

You’ve previously seen their industry-leading deep learning classification algorithms for sentiment analysis in almost ANY language. As requested, they have now included neutral sentiment in the data.

5. Faster page switching:

They fully redesigned their program as a single page, rewriting the foundation of their architecture, and it was well worth it: moving between various pages of the app now takes less than a second!

6. Additional screen real estate for your data:

They’ve optimized hundreds of Mentionlytics views to make it easier to see more data in a more readable format.

7. Dashboards that can be customized:

You may now rearrange or add/remove any of the mention/status cards on your dashboards, as well as save customized versions that best suit your Mentionlytics business.

8. New design and user interface

They are well aware that their simplicity of use was the most often mentioned attribute by their customers. As a result, they took additional care to enhance it further without sacrificing any of its charms!

Major Integrations Offered By Mentionlytics

Integrations- Mentionlytics

1. API:

Utilize their API to create bespoke integrations to any location. (Available in the Professional and Agency Plans).

2. Data Studio by Google:

Utilize their connection to integrate Mentionlytics data with data from other sources (Available in Pro & Agency Plans).

3. Hootsuite:

If you use Hootsuite, you can see all of your Mentionlytics mentions in one place.

4. Slack:

Receive notifications of new mentions in your Slack channels.

Mentionlytics Pricing

Pricing- Mentionlytics

They have 4 different pricing plans to offer –

  • Essential ($ 99 per month and $ 83 per month if paid annually): This is recommended for small to medium-sized brands.
  • Advanced ($ 199 per month and $ 166 per month if paid annually): This one is ideal for medium-sized brands.
  • Pro ($ 299 per month and $ 249 per month if paid annually): This one is ideal for medium to large-sized brands.
  • Agency ($ 350+ per month and $ 375+ per month if paid annually): This one is ideal for large brands and agencies.

They also offer a 14-day free trial.

Mentionlytics Pros and Cons

Mentionlytics Pros

  • Email alerts and reports are delivered
  • A useful tool for everyday tracking
  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy to monitor
  • SIA advisor has some interesting predictions

Mentionlytics Cons

  • Everything is in one dashboard
  • Loading takes a while


πŸ’₯How is the media regulated?

Media monitoring firms usually offer services such as systematic recording of radio and television broadcasts, social media, and web television, as well as the gathering of press clippings from print media publications and data from online information sources.

πŸ‘‰ How is brand monitoring defined?

Brand monitoring is the practice of scouring various channels for instances of your brand being referenced. Knowing where and how your brand is being discussed enables you to get a better understanding of how people perceive it and to gather important input from your audience.

πŸ‘€ How can social media be used to monitor you?

By monitoring users' Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter likes, as well as their Google searches, media platforms and networks may get a sense of their overall interests. Media sites may track your position at all times by using the location capabilities offered by your device.

βœ” Is there an entry-level membership available from Mentionlytics for startups or extremely tiny businesses/individuals?

Yes! They are now running a limited-time deal for $39/month for a Startup plan that includes basic monitoring capabilities, sentiment analysis, and analytics!

πŸ’₯ Does Mentionlytics provide discounts to educational institutions and non-profit organizations?

Generally, they do! Kindly contact them for further discussion.

πŸ‘ What are Social Profiles and How Are They Tracked?

You may configure a social profile to be tracked, which means that any Posts on this Social Profile will be monitored regardless of the keyword configuration. This is advantageous for monitoring your Social Profiles or those of your competitors (you do not need to provide access to the profile).


With Mentionlytics you can get a comprehensive report detailing what people are saying about your brand on blogs, news, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and ANY other website. Create it in a matter of seconds by just inputting your brand name!

It is an incredible platform and it has all you need at the same place. Please let me know in the comment section whether you like it or not.

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