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Ease Of use
Zero Setup Required


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Merch Graphics Vector Pack (100/month)
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Trademark Tracking
  • Listing Optimization
  • Bonus: Merch Academy
  • Master The Listing Process -
  • Free Access To The Single Upload Interface Automation
  • Zero Setup Required


  • More pricing options needed

Merch Informer is one of the best All-In-One Tool For Selling Merch On Amazon, From niche research to trademark protection, start and grow your Amazon Merch business with 10k+ customers. Merch Informer is one of the trusted brand to ahead for your Merch Amazon business. We highly recommend you to check Merch Informer.

Price:$ 19

In this article I will do detailed Merch Informer Review 2021 & this software includes all the tools you will want to have in your toolbox to increase your sales on Amazon. Also dont forget to check out Merch Informer Discount coupon May 2021.

Merch Informer Discount Coupon codes 2021 (Merch Informer Free Trial)

Merch Informer Free Trial

Selling on Amazon is a LOT easier than it used to be with the introduction of the Merch by Amazon platform. When Amazon released the Merch portal, it allowed artists and business-minded people to simply upload artwork or designs, that Amazon would then list for sale on different clothing types.

After you upload your artwork and list it for sale on Amazon, there is a live listing for anyone to purchase from

When someone purchases, Amazon handles ALL of the work. They print the product after the sale occurs, they package the product and ship it to the customer, and they even deal with any customer interactions. This is called print on demand, and it requires zero inventory and zero startup costs!

There are many people out there earning full-time incomes from simply uploading designs to Merch by Amazon and many more simply paying their bills, mortgage, and car payments from their royalty income.

It is very easy to get set up and started but to make sure you are selling the RIGHT products, that you have the RIGHT optimization, and that you are tracking your success properly, you are going to need a tool that will help and cut down on the time you spend on this business.

You can always purchase an expensive course that will teach you all of this, or you can take a look at an all-inclusive software that will NOT break your bank and includes a course, tutorials, and guides to make sure you have all the assistance you need while building your Merch by Amazon business.

So let check out in-depth review of Merch Informer and I will also share an exciting Merch Informer discount coupon that you can use and save 50% on your purchase.

Merch Informer reviews online

Detailed Merch Informer Review 2021

Now we are going to go through all of the tools inside of Merch Informer to give you a complete and detailed Merch Informer review. This will give you an idea on the pricing, some of the features and functionality and how you can use each of these tools in your business.

Lets get started!


Bottom Line Upfront : Merch Informer is a software suite of tools that contain over 20 different modules and plugins that will help Merch by Amazon or any print on demand sellers find out how to increase sales in their business. This helps by finding different keywords that are profitable, look at the competition to see what they are doing so you can find success, optimize your product listings, identify trends, and a whole lot more! Try for Free Now

Merch Informer Review

Outside of the tools in the software, Merch Informer offers multiple chrome plugins such as the Merch Informer Lister, the Merch Informer Book Hunter, as well as the Merch by Amazon trademark protection plugin. We will go into detail on how to use all of these and why they are helpful for your business below.


Merch Informer is launched a brand new tool called the Single Upload Interface which allows users to upload Merch designs to multiple platforms and hundreds of products across the internet with just a click of a button! Currently, the tool supports PrintfulTeespring, and Redbubble all from a single uploading interface that is 100% free for anyone with a PRO tier subscription to Merch Informer.

Upload POD Products Where Your Customers BUY - Single Upload Interface


Here is what Forbes has to say about Amazon marketplace :

merch by amazon

More than 300,000 U.S.-based small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) sell through its Marketplace service.

For small and mid-sized businesses, selling through Amazon Marketplace is a gamble.

Features of Merch Informer

Merch by Amazon Research


When you first log in to Merch Informer you are presented with the homepage screen which has all of the tutorials on how to use the different modules. I would highly recommend you go through these short videos as they describe the best way to use each feature inside.

Merch Informer Review - Tutorialsac

Merchant Search

The Merch Search can be thought of as a brand search. This module will let you enter a t-shirt brand into the search bar and then select what type of products you want to look at. It defaults to the Merch by Amazon t-shirts, but you can also use the drop-down to select:

  • Long Sleeves
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Popsockets
  • V-Necks

The tool also offers you the ability to search the 3 different marketplaces that Merch by Amazon is currently in: US, UK, DE.

Merch Informer Review - Select Marketplace

After you enter in a brand name, you will get detailed information on their best selling designs so help you decide if a specific niche or phrase is worth creating your own unique products:

Merch Informer Review - Create own products

You can take a look at how they structured their titles, the reviews that each product has, the pricing strategy, sales rank, and an estimate of how many they are selling each and every month.

Under each product, there are a few different buttons as well. You can click for more details which will open up a nice sales graph so you know how the product is doing overtime, as well as add the product to favorites, see how many results have the same title, do a quick trademark check, and report the infringement.

Merch Informer Review - Trademark check

Product Search

The product search is very similar to the Merchant Search. It allows you to enter in a keyword and search different Amazon marketplaces where Merch by Amazon clothing is being sold. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable Amazon Product research tool then Jungle Scout worths your try. Check our in-depth Jungle Scout review.

This search will allow you to pull back real-time data from Amazon, and in order of the BEST seller. There is no reason to search page after page in Amazon when Merch Informer will bring back all of these details for you in order.

There is also the ability to select “search in title only” which will allow you to filter out all the results that do not have your target keyword in the title.

Merch Informer Review - Product Search

You can use the product search to find keywords that may be selling well on Merch by Amazon as well as take a look at what customers are actually purchasing so that you can sell your own unique products in those same niches.

Merch Hunter

Searching by keyword is great if you have an idea of where to start, but what if you wanted to see the BEST selling Merch by Amazon designs on Amazon with the click of a button?

That is what the Merch Hunter does! It is a recreation of the Merch by Amazon database and allows you to search the best sellers with a sales rank and a category/marketplace. It also allows you to look at certain price ranges so you can find the very best sellers for your query.

Merch Informer Review - Merch Hunter

Simply enter the information you want, and click on search!

Merch Informer Review - Best Seller

One of the features that the Merch Hunter has that is different from all the other modules is that it will show you the average best sellers rank over the last 30 days and give you a sales estimate based on that number. This will give a more true representation of how well a product is selling since it is averaged out over a month. This is a good way to tell if a product is in demand with the customers that you want to reach.

Also, read:


When doing your research, you will want to make sure that you have access to the products you found in the future!

The favorite module lets you build category trees by dragging and dropping them. Once you have a category tree all set, you can then add products to them when doing your research in other modules.

Merch Informer Review - Favorite

When you fill up your categories with products, you are able to download these into a nice excel file which you can then use to reference in the future when creating your own designs.

Competition Checker

When it comes to doing research, knowing just how many other products and people are competing for certain keywords is a must.

This is where advanced competition checker comes in. You can use this module to search all of the marketplaces that Merch by Amazon offers by keyword.

It will then break down the keyword/phrase by how many products have that keyword in the title, how many products have that keyword in the features, how many have it in the description, and how many different brands have that keyword in their brand name. This will give you a good idea on how many other products you are competing with.

It will also give you a total score from A-F on how easy the product is to rank on Amazon if you were to put up a design competing with that keyword/phrase:

Merch Informer Review - Competition Checker

Keyword Finder

The keyword finder is an excellent place to start your research session if you are really not sure what to look up or what to target.

This module makes use of both a search feature and a favorite keywords module.

The search feature works based on Amazon auto-complete but only for the clothing category. Since we know that Amazon is a data engine, the keywords that it will auto recommend are keywords that are known to lead to more sales!

You can start off by entering in a seed keyword, and it will pull back all the results for clothing. Further, it allows you select Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Etsy, Cafepress, or all of the above. If you select all, it will load a bit slower but you will get a LOT more keywords to take a look at:

Merch Informer Review - Keyword Finder

When the results are pulled back, you will see the keyword/phrase, search volume, CPC, competition score, and some actions you can take on the keyword.

The competition is based on the advertisers that are running ads for those keywords and phrases. If it is high, you know there is a lot of buyers intent there.

If you click on the details button in the right hand corner, the keyword finder module will give you further information on estimated monthly sales, competition score, a quick trademark check, and related keywords to that query based on what is currently ranking:

Merch Informer Review - Related keywords

If you find keywords that you like and want to download for later, simply add them to your favorites and you can download the complete list from the favorite keywords module in the left hand menu.

Listing Optimizer

The listing optimizer is broken down into 2 separate modules; the listing score checker, and the synonym suggest.

The listing score checker is useful for helping you figure out how well optimized your Merch listing is. Simply select the ASIN of one of your products, the marketplace in which it is selling, and the keyword you want to optimize for. It will then let you know how you are doing as well as give you some suggestions on how you could improve.

The Synonym Suggest tool is great for finding words that mean the same thing. You can then use these when listing your products to make sure you get as much traffic and the right eyeballs on your products as possible.


The trademarks module is also broken down into two different tools. The trademark alerts and the trademark hunter are both incredibly helpful for protecting your account as well as monitoring intellectual property to make sure you are compliant.

First, the trademark alerts module lets you enter in a keyword and phrase and then save them to Merch Informer. Each and every day the system will check these keywords or phrases to see if they are trademarked or not.

Make sure to come back daily to check to see if anything became trademarked. If it has been, you can take the product down before your account gets hit with a violation:

Merch Informer Review - Current Ranking

The trademark hunter on the other hand, is very useful if you have products selling on Merch by Amazon. You can upload a list of your ASINs and the system will go through and read your title, bullet points and description to make sure nothing in your product becomes trademarked.

Merch Informer Review - Check trademark

Once you have uploaded your ASIN list, the system will then check once per day. The listings you upload should be monitored for any changes:

Merch Informer Review - Trademark Words

Merch Tracker

The Merch Tracker was built into Merch Informer to allow you to track your products over time allowing you to optimize your listings and crawl your way to the front page. First, you enter in an ASIN and then save it into the system.

From there, it will begin tracking the product every day for BSR and price changes.

You also have the ability to add keywords and see a graph of how the product is doing over time!

Tracking your keywords every day to see what position they are will allow you to optimize the listing properly to get the most eyeballs on the product as possible:

Merch Informer Review - Merch Tracker

Merch Archive

The Merch Archive was created to give you an idea of what the best selling shirts were on a particular day in the past.

This becomes insanely useful when you want to look at holiday-related items, that may not be trending at the moment. It will pull the top 500 best sellers for that particular day.

So for example, we can select November 1st, 2018 from over a year ago and see on that date, exactly what was selling with all of the examples below!

Merch Informer Review - Merch Archive

You will notice during this time a lot of Christmas related items have started selling and you can use that information to create your own designs in the same niches.

Quick links:

Keyword Cloud

The keyword cloud functions in a similar way to the Merch Archive. It has the same calendar approach to check back in time. However, it will not show you products for sale, but instead the phrases and keywords that were most used on a specific day for the best sellers!

This lets you know what keywords and phrases the best sellers were using in order to get search traffic.

As an example, selecting the same date as above, we can see the most popular one, two, and three word phrases:

Merch Informer Review - Keyword Cloud


Trend Hunter

The trend hunter is actually 2 different modules. One is called the the movers and shakers module while the other is called the trend tracker.

Both of these are useful in finding trends and finding evergreen designs.

Finding Trends and Unsaturated Niches Is EASY - Over the Shoulder Merch Research

The Movers and Shakers module is what you want to be using when you first start off to find designs that are JUST starting to take off. You can use this module to find trends that might just be starting to hit, but that not everyone knows about yet. This gives you the opportunity to upload your own designs and get a piece of the action.

First, you select daily, weekly or monthly. This will allow you to see the biggest drop in sales rank (meaning more shirts sold). Then you select the category such as merch shirts and the marketplace. Once you run it, you will see results with the biggest drop in sales rank over the time period you selected:

Merch Informer Review - Trend Hunter

Make sure to check this module daily to see if you can identify any trends that you might want to jump on.

On the flip side, we have the Trend Tracker. This module is great for finding trends that are going strong as well as evergreen designs that continue to sell.

Start by selecting the time period, the average BSR, and the category and marketplace.

As you can see, we selected a period of 1 month, an average sales rank of 100k-200k, and merch by Amazon shirts:

Merch Informer Review - Select Trend Range

The results that show below are going to be the products within that 1 month period that stayed between the sales rank that you selected.

This shows you that these products are continuous sellers and that they are making money each and every day!

Merch Informer Review - Money Making Products


Social Hunter

The social hunter is a way to do some print on demand research OUTSIDE of just Amazon. This allows you to search for keywords and ideas on both Etsy and Pinterest.

Simply enter in your keyword, select the search engine you want to take a look at, and then click on search.

Where this module really shines is that it allows you to sort everything it brings back by SOCIAL PROOF. This means you can search for repins, likes, and comments depending on the search engine you select.

If you select by the number of repins for example, you can find ideas that you can turn into shirts that you already know that other people like. If they like a product, you know you can sell some!

Merch Informer Review - Social Hunter

A good example is the image above. It is a dog matt, but the phrase can be turned into your own design and you know people like it because there are over 1600 repins!

Merch Analytics

Do you want to know how your Merch by Amazon account is doing? Sure, you could take a look at your dashboard, but this will not give you all the detailed information that the Merch Analytics module will give you.

Simply upload your CSV reports from Amazon, and then use those to take a look at products sold, royalties, average royalties, unique designs and much more!

This will also show you how you are doing everyday in graph form!

Here are the results from one of the Merch Informer users below:

Review of Merch Informer- Merch Analysis

Not bad!

Merch Informer Courses

Merch Informer offers two full courses inside of the Merch Informer software. These are called the Merch Academy, and the Merch Academy 2.0.

Both of these are full video courses that cover almost everything you would want to know about getting set up and starting in the world of print on demand. Each one goes over a little bit of information but Merch Informer gives all of this for you for FREE inside of your Merch Informer subscription.

No upsells here and is all included in your monthly price.

Merch Informer Review - Merch Informer Course

Merch Informer Designer

The Merch Informer designer is one of the most easy to use and intuitive designer interfaces that we have found.

If you are not comfortable creating designs or editing images in programs like Photoshop, then the Merch Informer designer is what you need!

This stand-alone web designer will allow you to drag and drop, upload, add text, customize, and make amazing looking t-shirt designs in minutes. There is really no learning curve and is what a lot of Merch Informer users use exclusively for their business:

Merch Informer Review - Merch Informer Designer

Just this one feature alone makes the Merch Informer software well worth it.

Most designers cost between $10-$20 a month while this designer is included in your Merch Informer subscription.

Merch Informer Plugins

Merch Informer offers 3 different Chrome plugins.

Merch Informer Lister

The Merch Informer lister is something that every Merch by Amazon will want in their toolbox. This chrome extension lets you upload products to Merch by Amazon about 10 times faster than a normal human without the use of this tool could do.

To use it, simply install the plugin, log in to your MI account, and then create profiles.

What this plugin will do is allow you to create profiles for each of your shirts and then hotkey it to a button on your keyboard.

Whenever you are uploading to Merch, simply click on the hotkey and it will fill out all the information on your design such as the price, the colors, the title, description, bullet points and more.

Merch Informer Review - Merch Informer Lister

Merch Informer Book Hunter

The Merch Informer Book Hunter will allow you to search for t-shirt ideas outside of Amazon and on Facebook. This is helpful for finding out if products are being posted if they are running ads, and see how different designs are doing on other marketplaces based on search terms.

Merch by Amazon Trademark Protection

If you are a Merch by Amazon seller, this is a must-have plugin!

What it does it search your title, bullet points, and descriptions of products you are uploading to Amazon word by word, phrase by phrase, and sentence by sentence to see if anything is trademarked.

It will check if any of this information is trademarked BEFORE you upload anything making sure that your account remains safe.

If it does find something that is trademarked, it will highlight it and give you information and links to where you can read about the trademark on the government’s USPTO website:

Merch by Amazon Trademark Protection

Merch Informer Trademark Protection

What People Say About Merch Informer

Merch Informer Review by Ken Reil

Making sure your designs are properly researched and optimized is the key to success. Merch Informer streamlines the process from beginning to end and ensuring your merch business grows and stays within the Merch by Amazon guidelines.

-Ken Reil Tier 50k Merch by Amazon Seller



Merch Informer Review By Chris Green

Merch Informer is the gold standard for Merch by Amazon content creators. If you are not utilizing MI in your daily workflow, you are falling behind.

-Chris Green Amazon Seller/Coach



Merch Informer Review by Chris Green Amazon Seller

After taking on 100k of student loans to go to nursing school I quickly learned that I’d need supplemental income not to drown in interest and monthly payments. Merch Informer has completely transformed the way that I run my MBA business by making my research more efficient. Having the ability to track trends, better prepare for Q4 and understand keyword research has been invaluable. MI has allowed me to take my MBA account from zero to up to 5 figures a month over the course of two and a half years.

-Melissa Money Monarch


Merch Informer Review - Melissa Money Monarch

No matter if you are a new seller of a seasoned seller in the top tiers, Merch Informer is a must-have tool. It speeds up my workflow and helps me uncover all the little niches that no one else is targeting. I consider it my secret weapon.

-Matt Carlett Merch Early Adopter



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Merch Informer Coupon Codes (Merch Informer Free Trial)

Using the following two codes you can save some money when you sign up and begin using Merch Informer.

Coupon: BID20 Gives you 20% off every month

Coupon: BID50 Gives you 50% off for the first month only

Merch Informer comes with a 3 day trial for everyone who uses it so these codes will take effect after you sign up and use your free trial.

When it comes down to it, the lowest plan Merch Informer offers is perfect for almost everyone starting out. It starts at $9.99 a month and is incredibly affordable for everything that they offer inside!

Merch Informer Reviews FAQs

What tools are included with a Merch Informer Subscription?

The Merch Informer software is actually a collection of over 20+ different tools and plugins that will assist you in building your Merch by Amazon business. These include brand and product searches, trademark protection (to make sure you are not infringing on other brands), finding and checking trends, analytics, full video courses, a drag and drop designer, and many more. These are included together in your Merch Informer subscription.

Does Merch Informer offer tutorials for beginners?

Yes they do! In fact, they not only have training tutorials for each tool inside of the software, but they currently have multiple full length video courses that were created by the founders. Each video will teach you a specific aspect of the Merch business. They are included for FREE for anyone who is a subscriber so you are not paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for just a course.

Wrapping It Up: Merch Informer Review  (Merch Informer Coupon Codes 2021)

Merch Informer is the most powerful software tool for Amazon sellers that are using the Merch by Amazon platform. It helps you find trends, shows your products where customers are spending their money, lets you look at competing brands, and includes tools such as their web-based designer that are incredibly easy to use to create products that make you money.

If you are selling on Amazon or planning to get started with Merch, you will want to sign up for Merch Informer to take advantage of some of the courses they offer along with all of the tools they provide. Using all of these together will save you time and increase your sales.

After this Merch Informer review, we highly recommend Merch Informer but if you are worried about what is inside or how to use these tools, you can still sign up and take advantage of the 3-day FREE trial. This free trial is fully featured and everything can be used to make sure that it is a great fit for your business!

We have also shared some great Merch Informer discount codes with you that you can use and save up to 50% on your purchase.

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