MerchantWords Review 2024 : Pros & Cons


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MerchantWords is the Ultimate tool that offer so many insights on shopping trends and consumer demand. With features like keyword data tools and services, let you uncover immense product opportunities.

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  • Quick Amazon Keyword Research
  • Winning Product Marketing Strategies
  • Detailed Insights on Consumer Demand
  • Easily Measure Demand for the product
  • Brand New Shopper Searches
  • Extensive Database for Shopper Keyword


  • Pricing are bit at higher side
  • UI accuracy is limited


Price: $ 29

 If you are an Amazon seller, you might probably find yourself almost all the time in search of the latest trends and products that are highly sellable so as to get profits.

In the busy life of an Amazon seller, the search for such products is a never-ending thing. If you have ever wondered how other sellers manage to stay ahead in this game, it is not because their intuition is sharper than yours; it is because they put into use data analysis software programs like the MerchantWords.

In order to stay ahead of your competition, such keyword research tools can prove to be helpful in finding those products your customers are looking for. 

Bottom Line Upfront: MerchantWords is the Largest Database of Shopper Search Trends,the Amazon Data on Demand tool offer premium features like Identifying different product opportunities, successfully creating marketing campaigns to grow your business & more. it is a ultimate platform to supercharge your amazon business. To know more about the MerchantWords Software try it Now.

Services like MerchantWords come into the picture because using the regular search engines in order to find the products that can fetch you profits can waste much of your crucial time.

Google can show you the most relevant possible answers to the questions you ask, and the search engine by Amazon is programmed for showing you the products that you are most likely to buy and not what your customer base will be interested in buying. 

Here in this post, we will be putting together all the aspects of MerchantWords.

So let us get started with knowing more about the platform.

MerchantWords Review

About MerchantWords

MerchantWords Review

MerchantWords is the creation of Founder and CEO George Lawrence. A software engineer by profession, he launched the platform in December 2012 in order to help the sellers figure out the products that their buyers are looking for.

Amazon is definitely the largest eCommerce platform across the globe, and almost every retailer has a presence here, making it a pretty diverse store. For an Amazon seller, it would be a boon to get right into the head of your buyers and know the products they are in search of in the Amazon Marketplace. This is exactly the function of MerchantWords. 

MerchantWords gives you an estimate of the total number of searches for a term, and this way, you get to know the products that are very much in demand, making it a potential opportunity.

Merchantword review-Merchantwords customer stats and numbers

The software shows the variations in the keywords along with the corresponding estimated search volumes, which will help you in identifying the products you should be selling as well as the keywords you should be using in the listings so as to make it constantly appear for the maximum number of searches related to it.

If you are successful in matching the way you are describing a product with the keywords that customers are searching for, you are more likely to put the products in front of a wider audience. 

Long story short, MerchantWords is a software that is designed to help you in researching the keywords in the Amazon Marketplace. The main principle it is based on is to create software that is intelligent enough to help the sellers in choosing the products that they should sell in order to get maximum benefits.

It also helps you to find out the ideal terms for the consumer base and craft your product descriptions and marketing campaigns likewise to grab the attention of a wide range of audiences. 

Tools Offered By MerchantWords

MerchantWords Tools- review of merchantwords

In this section, we will be talking about the incredible tools that are offered by the MerchantWords

  • Emerging Trends (ET)

The Emerging Trends tool lets you have an idea about the latest searches on Amazon, and this way, you can find the things trending currently. Every month there are about 25 to 30 million unique keyword suggestions that appear in the search bar of Amazon. MerchantWords lets you find all these new terms way before your competitors do. 

The tool lets you discover the product trends and niches by phrase or category and find the highly saleable products in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, India, Australia, Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, and Spain.

  • Digital Shelf (DS)

The Digital Shelf (DS) is a unique and robust tool that lets you discover unused and new keywords for PPC and SEO, as well as discover the total search share and also the overall search rank.

The DS report shows you the place where your products stand on Amazon’s DS. This way, you can understand the reach of your market, your ASIN ranking among the others in this category, and also the top-ranking keywords that you share. 

It lets you have a look at the main performance indicators of the competitors, images, and titles. You can also gain insights that can improve the quality of the product detail page and also the number of sales and clicks. All in all, it can be of great help when it comes to building a PPC campaign and searching for new products. 

  • Marketing Insights (MI)

The Marketing Insights (MI) is an incredible tool that helps you in understanding the Amazon Landscape in a much better way. With MI, you can learn how you can expand the market share, beat the competition as well as drive your sales. 

All in all, you can improve your profitability and performance as well as optimize the PPC advertising campaigns. It is also helpful in improving product development and sourcing choices. 

  • Keyword Collections (CO)


With the Keyword Collection (CO), you can save as well as curate the keyword research for product research, PPC campaigns, and listing optimization. 

  • Classic Search (CS)

Classic Search is the search tool where it all started. This is the original MerchantWords Amazon Keyword tool that helps you discover the shopper search terms that are used in 11 different marketplaces. 

The tool shows you search volume, keyword depth, category, seasonality as well as the 13-month search history. 

  • Keyword Multiplier (KX)

Keyword Multiplier (KX) can be used for discovering new keywords for PPC campaigns and optimization. With this tool, you can find both synonyms as well as complementary keywords in order to expand the SEO reach

Emerging trends on amazon by Merchantwords- Merchantword review

You need to click on the Kx, which is on the side toolbar, in order to broaden the primary search results and also uncover more keywords. Just enter the seed keyword in the search bar for finding the relevant related and also the complementary keywords for the original search phrase. 

  • Page 1 Products (P1)

The Page 1 Products lets you view those product listings that are on Amazon’s search result’s first page for the keyword you choose. 

  • ASIN Plus (A+)

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, which is a 10-digit alphanumeric code that is given to each and every listing. This can be found in the URL of the product or in seller central. 

ASIN Plus by Merchantwords

For any and every ASIN given, MerchantWords offer all the keywords that have made this product reach the first page of Amazon’s Search Results. During data collection, these are the phrases and words and phrases of the Amazon shopper its search algorithm associates it with.

This information can be pretty helpful in order to understand the scope of the keywords that the competitors are ranking for, as well as verify the popularity and relevance of the keywords that are used for ad optimization and listing. 

The ASIN Plus tool by MerchantWords can help you in discovering the underutilized phrases that made products reach the first page of Amazon’s search results, and you didn’t think your product can be indexed for.

This can open new opportunities for the listing of your products. All you need to do is enter the ASIN in the search bar of the MerchantWords and get access to hundreds of keyword phrases which is empowered by their database of about 1.6 billion exclusive Amazon Keywords coming from the real searches by the shoppers. 

You also get to view the prime performance metrics that will be helpful in analyzing the competition for a particular keyword. Typing the ASIN of a product will fetch you its total reviews, star ratings, SERP position, bestseller status, Amazon’s choice status, and total product results.

ASIN can be helpful for listing optimization, finding low competition keyword opportunities for maximizing the PPC advertising campaigns, and product research. 

  • Bulk Search (BU)

Bulk Search (BU), as the name itself suggests, can help you quickly get the search volume for various keywords all at once. In order to begin with Bulk Keyword Search, you can simply click on the Bulk Search Button on the side toolbar. As the window opens, you need to toggle to keywords, opt for the marketplace of your country, create the name of this collection, and you can enter about 1000 keywords in one go. 

The platform also offers, 

→ Data Services for manufacturers, investment companies, and brand agencies. You can get in touch with their custom data specialist. 

→ Listing Advisor, which is available for the US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Italy, India, Canada, and Australia Marketplace. Here you get a data-driven listing that can help you in sales and exposure on Amazon. The cost is as follow:

  1. Parent ASIN: $649
  2. Parent ASIN: $1289
  3. Parent ASIN: $1919
  4. Parent ASIN: $2519
  5. Parent ASIN: $3099
  6. Parent ASIN: $3659
  7. Parent ASIN: $4199
  8. Parent ASIN: $4719
  9. Parent ASIN: $5219
  10. Parent ASIN: $5689

→ Keyword Advisor for US and UK marketplaces. It costs $159.00 per report. Here you get all the Amazon Keywords needed for PPC, SEO, and Product Research. 

Keep reading ahead to know about the pricing plans of the MerchantWords.

Pricing Plans of MerchantWords



MerchantWords offer three pricing plans, viz Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Let us get into the details of the pricing plans.

  • Silver Plan

The Silver Plan offers Amazon Data from one single country and can have just one user per plan. You get 500 searches per month as well as CSV downloads in this plan. With the Silver Plan, you can have 5 Reports of Digital Shelf, 25 searches for Marketing Insights, and 10 Keyword Collections.

You also get to lay hands on features like Bulk Search, Classic Search, Keyword Explorer, ASIN Plus, and Page 1 Products. It costs $29 per month and $290 per year.

  • Gold Plan

The Gold Plan offers Amazon Data on a regional level. Here you can have just one user per plan (monthly plan) and two users per plan (annual plan). You get 1000 searches per month as well as CSV downloads in this plan. With the Gold Plan, you can have 50 Reports of Digital Shelf, 100 searches for Marketing Insights, and 100 Keyword Collections.

Just like the Silver plan, you also get to lay hands on features like Bulk Search, Classic Search, Keyword Explorer, ASIN Plus, and Page 1 Products. Along with these, you also get the benefits of features like Keyword Multiplier as well as Emerging Trends. It costs $79 per month and $790 per year.

  • Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan offers Amazon Data globally. Here you can have just three users per plan (monthly plan) and five users per plan (annual plan). You get unlimited searches per month as well as CSV downloads in this plan. With the Platinum Plan, you can have 500 Reports of Digital Shelf, 10,000 searches for Marketing Insights, and 1000 Keyword Collections.

You also get benefits of all the features in Gold Plan like Bulk Search, Classic Search, Keyword Explorer, ASIN Plus, Page 1 Products, Keyword Multiplier and Emerging Trends. It costs $149 per month and $1490 per year.

MerchantWords offer a 14 days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service. 

Merchantwords Customer Reviews & Testimonials

MerchantWords-Customer Reviews

Merchantwords reviews by customers and sellers

FAQs on MerchantWords

👉How Frequently Is The Data Updated On The MerchantWords?

The Amazon Keyword and SERP metrics are collected on a daily basis, and all data in the database gets updated every 3 to 4 weeks.

👉 Is There An Affiliate Program Offered By The MerchantWords?

Yes, the platform offers an affiliate program. You can get in touch by contacting [email protected]

👉Is There A Free Trial Offered?

No, MerchantWords does not offer a free trial

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Wrapping It Up: Is MerchantWords Worth It? MerchantWords Review 

MerchantWords is a software that provides its users a humongous volume of keyword data across the 11 marketplaces of Amazon. This tool can make a massive difference in your presence on Amazon’s marketplace if you can teach yourself how to read, analyze as well as use the data provided to fetch maximum benefits.  

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